Horace Addison, s.Richard and Lucinda, Dec.20,1836.

RANDALL (Randal, Randell, Randle)

Alonzo Cutler, ch.Benjamin and Lucy, Jan.1,1826.

Amos[Randal], s.Gideon and Zukiah, Oct.17,1815.

Arminda[Randell], ch.Elijah and Henrietta, Apr.30,1829.

Clarisa Adeline, d.Elisha Randal and Bethiah, Nov.23,1829.

Damna [?][Randell], ch.Arba and Esther, Mar.5,1823.

Dexter[Randle] [dup. Randell], s.Ephraham [dup. Ephrian] and Hannah, Mar.15,1816.

Elijah Jr.[Randell], s.Elijah and Henrietta, Sept.9,1833.

Emeline[Randell], d.Joseph and Sally, Aug.14,1823.

Fidelia S., d.Arba and w., Aug.末,1824.

Fidelia[Randell], ch.Arba and Esther, Aug.9,1825.

George Washington[Randle], s.Joseph and Sally, Sept.17,1819.

George Nelson, ch.Benjamin and Lucy, Feb.10,1828.

Hiram[Randell], s.Joseph and Sally, Dec.22,1820.

Joel[Randell], s.Elisha and Bethiah, Sept.22,1822.

Merilla[Randle], d.Benjamin and Lucy, May29,1818.

Mary[Randell], ch.Elijah and Henrietta, Feb.16,1818, in Belchertown.

Mary Ann[Randell], d.Ephrian and Hannah, Apr.14,1823.

Malindy[Randal], d.Ephraim and Hannah, Feb.11,1811.

Marcy[Randle], d.Benjamin and Lucy, Jan.17,1813.

Nancy[Randell], ch.Elijah and Henrietta, Jan.31,1816.

Naomi[Randell], ch.Elijah and Henrietta,. Sept.21,1819, in Belchertown.

Octavia[Randell], ch.Arba and Esther, Jan.27,1831.

Silas[Randal], s.Gideon and w., Oct.24,1812.

Thankfull[Randell], d.Gideon and Zeviah, Apr.8,1823.

Tryphena, d.Arba and Esther, Nov.10,1836.

Warren[Randell], s.Elisha and Bethiah, Dec.19,1817.

RANKIN (Rinken)

末末蔓[Rinken], s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.12,1749.

末末蔓[Rinken], d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Mar.2,1755.

末末蔓[Rinken], d.Joseph and Elisabeth, Mar.12,1758.

末末蔓[Rinken], s.Joseph and Elisabeth, July6,1760.

末末w[Rinken], s.Joseph and Elisabeth, Feb.2,1751.

末末y Ann, d.Silas and Sarah, Apr.16,1819.

Abial[Rinken], s.John and Mary, Apr.2,1796.

Adaline, d.Zebina and Nancy, Oct.9,1821.

Amos[Rinken], s.John and Mary, May1,1790.

Angeline Amanda, d.Abiel and Mary, Oct.21,1826.

Ansel Augustus, s.John and Anna, May9,1807.

Augustine Hall, s.Ansel and Vienne, Oct.27,1835.

Austin Hinkley, s.John Jr. and Anna, July4,1813.

Austin Loring, s.Zebina and Nancy, Aug.30,1819.

Chaster[Rinken], s.James and Sarah, Jan.21,1805.

Cyntha[Rinken], d.John and Mary, Jan.15,1794.

Cinthia[Rinken], d.John and Anne, Nov.15,1803.

Edwin Harkness, s.Silas and Sally, Nov.27,1813, in Belchertown.

Betey[Rinken], d.John and Mary, Apr.3,1786.

Elizabath, d.Silas and Sally, Oct.23,1823.

Emeline Diantha, d.Abiel and Mary, Oct.10,1823.

Esther[Rinken], d.Matthew and Martha, July29,1785.

Hinkley, s.Silas and Sally, Oct.2,1821.

Hiram, s.James and Margaret, Dec.11,1817.

Ira Packard, s.Zebina and Nancy, Jan.10,1817.

James[Rinken], s.James and Sarah, Aug.27,1795.

John Gray, s.Silas and Sarah, Dec.11,1815.

Julia Green, d.Ansel and Vienne, Aug.15,1837.

Patty Millen, d.John and Anna, Dec.30,1816.

Polly[Rinken], d.John and Mary, July12,1788.

Polly[Rinken], d.James and Sarah, Aug.23,1797.

Mary Carline, d.John Jr. and Anna, Sept.11,1810.

Mary Caroline, d.John Esq. and Abigail, Nov.18,1834.

Melinda[Rinken], d.James and Sarah, Sept.2,1793.

Nancy Jane, d.Zebina and Nancy, Jan.5,1824.

Otos[Rinken], s.James and Sarah, Sept.28,1802.

Zebina[Rinken], s.John and Mary, June5,1791.

Salley[Rinken], d.James and Sarah, Oct.9,1791.

Sarah Ann, d.Chester and Anthea, Feb.1,1838.

Silas Merton, s.Chester and Antha, May4,1834.

Susanah[Rinken], d.James and Sarah, Jan.31,1790.

Walthey[Rinken], d.James and Sarah, Aug.9,1800.

William Conkey, s.James and Margaret, Sept.5,1815.


Nancy Adelia, d.Hosea and Tirzah Mariah, July16,1827.

RENIFF (Renieff)

Ephriam, d.Morrey and Sally, Sept.17,1812.

Eunice, d.Abisha and Huldah, Apr.19,1804.

Eunice, d.Morrey and Sally, May19,1809.

Huldah[Renieff], d.Abisha and Huldah, Mar.10,1800.

Lorenzo, s.Daniel and Rhoda, July24,1819.

Mary, d.Morrey [dup. Mowry] and Sally, June16,1807, in Holden.

Nancy, d.Abisha and Huldah, Oct.13,1797, in Worcester.

Sarah, twin d.Daniel and Rhoda, Feb.15,1815, in Shutsbury.

Susannah, twin d.Daniel and Rhoda, Feb.15,1815, in Shutsbury.

RHODES (Rhoades, Rhoads, Rodes)

Abigal[Rhoads], d.Solomon and Elinor, May3,1802.

Amos[Rhoads], s.Solomon and Elinor, Sept.16,1792.

Caroline Emerancy[Rhoades], ch.Joel and Lucy, July25,1829, in Leydon.

Chaster[Rhoads], s.Solomon and Elinor, July10,1799.

Battsey[Rhoads], d.Solomon and Elinor, Apr.11,1801.

James[Rhoads], s.Solomon and Elinor, May31,1789.

Levi[Rhoads], s.Solomon and Elinor, Sept.6,17944

Lucyann[Rodes], d.Joel and Lucy, Mar.5,1845.

Paty[Rhoads], d.Solomon and Elinor, Oct.25,1797.

Nancy[Rhoads], d.Solomon and Elinor, Feb.15,1796.

Nancy Maria, d.Joel and Lucy, May20,1848.

Relief[Rhoades], ch.Joel and Lucy, Mar.23,1831.

Silas[Rhoads], s.Solomon and Elinor, Mar.8,1791.


Carroline Elisa, d.Moses and Mary, Dec.24,1829.


Enos S., ch.末末 and Hannah, Dec.28,1828.

Fanna, d.Jonathen and Naby, May10,1805.

Henry Jr., s.Henry and Saloma, July31,1816.

Hiram, s.Jonathan and Nabby, Oct.4,1807.

Massinia B., ch.末末 and Hannah, Sept.15,1834.

Olivia E., ch.末末 and Hannah, Nov.10,1830.

Rinaldo, s.Wyatt and Hannah, June4,1837.

Sinnus [?] J., ch.末末 and Hannah, Oct.23,1826.

William, s.Henry and Saloma, May22,1818.


Ann Maria, twin ch.John and Rebeca, Oct.28,1835.

Edna, d.Isaac and Olive, Mar.15,1809.

Betsy Wood, ch.John and Rebeca, Sept.10,1828.

Harriet Elmira, d.John and Cynthia R., June12,1847.

Isaac, s.John and Rebecca, Nov.20,1820.

Isaac, s.John and Cynthia R., Mar.21,1849.

John Jr., ch.John and Rebeca, Oct.31,1822.

Lucinda, ch.John and Rebeca, Mar.20,1833.

Marshal, twin ch.John and Rebekah, Oct.22,1835.

Martha, twin ch.John and Rebekah, Oct.22,1835.

Nancy, d.Isaac and Olive, Dec.19,1806.

Nehemiah, twin ch.John and Rebeca, Oct.28,1835.


[John‡], s.Ebenezer and Jean, Aug.9,1758.


Albert Brown, s.Abiel and Mary Ann, Apr.12,1835.

Ellen Stone, ch.Abial and Mary Ann, Jan.7,1829 [sic].

Henry Pond [?], s.Abial and Marian, Oct.15,1840.

Sanford Mason, ch.Abial and Mary Ann, Sept.27,1829 [sic].

Sanford Mason, s.Abiel and Mary Ann, May30,1833.


Daniel Dwight, s.Constant and Sarah, Jan.1,1812.


Chloe E., d.John and Mary, July15,1836, in Granby.

Ester M., d.John and Mary, May17,1848.

Lyman E., s.John and Mary, July10,1840.

Mary E., d.John and Mary, June13,1834, in Amherst.

Sarah F., d.John and Mary, May9,1843. [Dup. rec. 1851, Sarah C., May22.]

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