CABOT (Cabott)

Sebastain Collumbus[Cabot], Rev., and Electa Osburnne, int.Sept.9,1809.


Dolley and Joseph Whipple, int.Feb.23,1806.

Hannah of Greenwich, and Calister Gray, int.June27,1802.

Mary of New Salem, and John Falton, int.Oct.21,1805.

CAMPBELL (Cambel, Cambell)

James[Cambel] and Maryann [int.Mary Ann] Dick, June7,1770.*

William [int.Cambel][Cambell] of Murrayfield [int.Murriefield], and Mary Young, Nov.18,1766.*


Jason of Hardwick, and Sarah Gray, May27,1821.*

CARRUTH (Keruth)

Elijah of Barre, and Patty Ayer, int.Dec.9,1820.

Samuel[Keruth] of Barry, and Martha Thompson, int.Sept.16,1786.

Samuel Jr. of Barry, and Susannah Thomson, int.Mar.23,1806.


Lucinda and Samuel Abercrombie, int.Dec.12,1802.


Judiath [int.Judath] E. and Patrick Millen, Nov.28,1819.*


Alanson and Almira Hariington, Nov.21,1819.*

Alanson, Lt., and Amy Westcott, Mar.28,1825.*

Calvin and Amy Wedge, int.Oct.30,1840.

Chester of Heath, and Pamela Gray, int.Oct.1,1814.

Eli W. and Martha Peirce, int.Nov.4,1831.

Esther W. and Cumming [int.Cummings] Fish, Mar.29,1825.*

Luther Jr. of Enfield, and Hannah Conkey, int.Nov.12,1831.

Luther, widr., 70, b. Chickopee, and Charlotte [int.Charlottee] Eaton, wid., Oct.21,1847.*

Polly and Lewis [int.Lewis B.] Fish, Oct.13,1828.*

Rachel and Cheney [int.Chene] Abbot, Nov.29,1827.*

Rhoda of Heath, and Naham Wedge, int.Mar.10,1812.


Daniel of Belchertown, and Nancy Smith, int.Apr.4,1809.

George W. [int.Chatman] of Maryland, and Abigail J. Whipple, Nov.3,1836.*

CHASE (Chace)

Agustius[Chace] and Mary Arnold, int.Oct.24,1802.

Emeline and Hiram Blackmore, int.Feb.10,1849.

Judah and Andrew Johnston, int.Nov.11,1804.

Robert S. and Olive Jones, Dec.4,1832.*


Lovica of Enfield, and Chester Dodge, int.Mar.7,1824.

Polly and Lockard Barry, int.Sept.29,1800.


William Jr. and Mary Conkey, int.Oct.25,1786.


Abigail of Walpole, Norfolk Co., and Lt. Oliver Smith Jr., int.Sept.6,1817.

Lucius of Northampton, and Dorothy King, Sept.14,1824.*


David of Levereet, and Rhoda Hayward, int.Jan.20,1792.

CLARK (Cleark)

Adam and Jean Stewart, int.Sept.3,1773.

Clarrisa and Aaron Cook, int.Aug.21,1843.

Elisabeth and Jonathan Sprague, June17,1766.*

James of Colrain, and Mary Clark, Feb.19,1765.*

Jean[Cleark] and Andrew Smith, May18,1748.*

John[Cleark] and Sarah Gray, int.Dec.5,1746.

John of Blanfoard [int.Blanford], and Ann Meklem, Feb.2,1762.*

John and Abigel Brooks, int.July13,1776.

John of Buckland, and Susannah Clark, int.Dec.3,1801.

Katuran and John Thompson Jr., int.Aug.21,1788.

Lucy and Stephen Graves, int.June22,1800.

Lydia and Mosess [int.Moses] Fulton, Nov.18,1777.*

Margaret and John Brooks, Dec.18,1777.*

Martha and Thomas Morrieson [int.Murrieson], Feb.11,1762.*

Martha and Job Packard, int.May23,1805.

Mary and James Clark, Feb.19,1765.*

Polly and Uzial Taylor, int.Nov.28,1802.

Mary, Mrs., and Abijah Fales, Feb.28,1828.*

Mary, Mrs., and Abijah Fales, Oct.15,1840.*

Mary N. and Sanford Boyden, int.Nov.2,1842.

Matthew and Hannah Stevens, int.Sept.14,1771.

Prudence [int.Cleark] and John Thompson, Dec.13,1757.*

Robert and Mary Patrick, Mar.2,1762.*

Samuel Jr. [int.Clerk] and Susan [int.Susanna] Gray, Nov.27,1815.*

Susannah and John Clark, int.Dec.3,1801.

William of Colrain, and Mary Petteson, Nov.22,1764.*

CLEAVELAND (Cleavlin, Cleveland, Clevland)

Battsey[Clevland] and Georg Smith, int.May2,1803.

Battsey[Cleveland] and David Griffen, int.Feb.8,1807.

Polley[Cleavlin] and Alvan Hill, int.June24,1814.

Simeon and Arthusa T. Daverson, both of Ware,末蔓末,1836.

CLOUGH (Cluff)

Ester of Balchertown, and David Gray, int.Nov.25,1805.

Jonathan[Cluff], of Belcherton [int.Belchiretown], and Elisabeth Croset, Nov.25,1773.*

Joseph of S. Hadley, and Lucy Humphrey, May24,1832.*

Rhene and Nathen Thayer, int.Jan.5,1805.


Agness and Thomas Torrance [int.Torrans], Oct.9,1766.*

Robert of Benningtown, and Mary Gillmore, June18,1767.*


John of New Salem, and Sarah Thompson, int.Jan.19,1795.


Sarah of Springfield, and David Goodale, int.Nov.19,1819.


Anna and Learned [int.Lerned] Draper, Dec.6,1821.*


Elisabeth of Grotton, and Robert Pebels, int.Jan.30,1761.

CONKEY (Conky)

Allexander[Conky] and Sarah Maklem [int.Meklem], Jan.7,1748.*

Allexander Jr.[Conky] and Mary Pebels, June11,1776.*

Allexander and Eloner McConnel, int.June18,1791.

Alexander Jr. and Lucy McColough, int.Jan.2,1808.

Andrus of Shutesbury, and Martha Slarah [?], int.Nov.24,1787.

Anne and James Stevenson, int.Nov.2,1806.

Asa [int.Ese][Conky] and Margaret Hamilton, Feb.2,1775.*

Austin W. [dup. Conky] and Charlotte WaIlis, Apr.29,1830.*

David[Conky] and Sarah Hunter, Apr.29,1773.*

David 2d and Eunice Tompson, int.May25,1797.

David Jr. and Pattey Washburn, int.May31,1801.

Elinor [int.Elenor] and Robert Barton, Dec.25,1817.*

Elisha and Susanah Thomson, int.Oct.28,1782.

Elizabeth and Eli Gray, int.Oct.24,1807.

Esther M. and Stillman Thurston, Apr.14,1842.*

Eunes and Samuell Williey, int.Feb.17,1783.

Ezekiel and Elizebeth Thompson, int.Dec.24,1784.

Hannah[Conky] and John McCreelless [int.McCreelles], Oct.21,1760.*

Hannah and Isriel Conkey, int.Mar.31,1799.

Hannah and Luther Chapin Jr., int.Nov.12,1831.

Isaac[Conky] and Rebekah Makem [int.Maklem], Dec.5,1780.*

Isaac A. and Vesta Hinds, int.Aug.13,1807.

Isebel [int.Isebal][Conky] and Robert Hamilton, May6,1768.*

Isriel and Hannah Conkey, int.Mar.31,1799.

James[Conky] and Isabel [int.Iseball] Maklem, Apr.16,1747.*

James and Battey Cowan, int.Jan.9,1803.

Jennet and William Dunlap, int.Mar.11,1788.

Jemima and Antoney Cuttler, int.Sept.6,1789.

Joel and Molley Thompson, int.Jan.2,1796.

John Jr.[Conky] and Margaret Abercrombie, June4,1772.*

John, Maj., and Polley Dolan, int.Sept.8,1805.

John 2d and Sila Cowan, int.Apr.30,1813.*

John Esq. and Joanna Dickinson, int.May10,1817.

Jonas[Conky] and Ruth Bridge, May26,1778.*

Joshua[Conky] and Dinah Dick, Apr.13,1762.*

Joshua and Melicent Bridge, int.Mar.14,1782.

Luria[?][Conky] and Miner Gold, int.Aug.30,1833.

Margaret[Conky] and John Young, Feb.22,1759.*

Margaret[Conky] and Robert Hamilton, Oct.1,1767.*

Margret and Robert Gitte, int.Jan.29,1797.

Margary[Conky] and James Abercrombie, Nov.15,1780.*

Merthew and Micaih Prate, int.Aug.14,1781.

Martha and Job Smith, int.Nov.12,1831.

Mary[Conky] and Andrew Abercrombie [int.Ebercrombie], Nov.22,1773.*

Mary and William Chote Jr., int.Oct.25,1786.

Mary and Warren Conkey, int.May18,1806.

Polly and James Crosett, int.Dec.1,1812.

Mehetable and Andrew Sloan, Jan.20,1818.*

Prudence and Rozel Knowlton, int.Aug.12,1809.

Rebekkah and Pattrick Peebles, int.Sept.11,1813.

Sarah[Conky] and John Peblels, int.May2,1752.

Sarah and Ruben Holland, int.Nov.15,1782.

Sarah and James Forbs, int.Mar.7,1791.

Sarah and Robert King, int.Nov.10,1794.

Sarah and Daniel Thompson, int.Nov.15,1801.

Thomas and Elizabeth Paluske [?], int.May21,1784.

Warren and Mary Conkey, int.May18,1806.

William[Conky] and Rebekah Hamilton, Nov.17,1755.*

William [int.Jr.] and Mary Maklam, Mar.30,1786.*

William Hunter aild Olive Bryent, int.Oct.29,1804.


Aaron of Hadley, and Clarrisa Clark, int.Aug.21,1843.

Ammon and Harriet [int.Herriat] Whitemore, Apr.7,1825.*

Amy Ama and George L Shaw, int.May11,1841.

Angelime, d.Lewis and Nancy, and L George Blaisdell, June22,1847.

Emeline and Lucius E. Wilder,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. during year preceding Apr.13,1839]; int.July20,1838.*

Hannah and Harvy [int.Hervey] Spear, Mar.26,1823.*

Hannah and Giles Rider, int.Mar.27,1830.

Eseek 2d and Elmira Ward, int.Dec.7,1844.

Eseek, widr., and Lucena Cook, Oct.31,1847.*

James and Martha Moodey, int.Mar.1,1810.

Lavinia and Sumner Griffin, Aug.27,1837.*

Levi and Anna Hamen, int.Nov.2,1806.

Levi and Anne Montgomery, int.Nov.23,1806.

Lewis and Nancy Fales, Mar.1,1821.*

Louisia and John B. Ward, int.Apr.17,1837.

Lovina [int.Lavina Cooke], 21, d.Zibe and Sally, and Albert L. Draper, July4,1848.*

Lucena and Eseek Cook, widr., Oct.31,1847.*

Lyman V.B. and Elsa Donning, int.Sept.29,1848.

Maria A. and Manley Jillson, int.Sept.2,1837.

Polly and Samuel Kiniboll, int.Jan.12,1811.

Moody of Amherst, and Olive F. Jilson, int.Nov.4,1837.

Nancy F., d.Lewis and Nancy, and Samuel L. [dup. and int.N.] Miller, Nov.31 [dup. 30], 1843.*

Nathaniel [int.Nathanil] and Bethiah Ward, Nov.23,1834.*

Oney and Emily Draper, int.June1,1828.

Zebina and Mary Gray, Jan.15,1818.*

Silas and Sina Rawson, int.Mar.9,1816.

Silas, "lame," s.Silas dec. d, and Mrs.Daphna Mack, Dec.21,1843.*

Simon and Louisa Pierce,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. during year preceding Apr.2,1827]; int.Apr.27,1826.*

Simon, 44, b. Cumberland, RI, s.Eseek, and Susan E. Babbott [int.Babbitt], May2,1844.*

Susan Jane, b. Baltimore, MD, d.Fenner and Susan dec. d, and Ralph K.* Dodge, Dec.27,1848.*

Whipple and Asenath Grout, Apr.2,1817.*

COOLEY (Coolley, Cooly)

Barnes[Cooly], of Petersham, and Eloner Sloan, int.Aug.12,1777.

Cheney and Relief Aldrich, int.Jan.20,1822.

John of Prescott, and Mrs.Maryann Horr, int.Apr.1,1848.

Lucy and Cullen Warner, Oct.10,1819.*

Moses[Coolley], of Petersham, and Sarah Sloan, June16,1774.*

COWAN (Cowen, Cowin)

Elisabeth [int.Elisebath] and David Thomas, Apr.24,1750.*

Battey and James Conkey, int.Jan.9,1803.

Eunice, wid., and Dea.Toseph Hamilton, int.Oct.24,1812.

James and Margret Hunter, Jan.4,1757.*

James Jr. and Elisabeth Hunter, Dec.22,1757.*

James[Cowen] and Mary Dunbar, int.Sept.8,1781.

James and Lovina Millen, int.Sept.3,1814.

John and Abigail Page, int.Nov.29,1834.

Margret and Francis Brakenridge, int.Mar.29,1755.

Mary and James Tompson, July24,1766.*

Mary and Nelson Horr, int.Mar.10,1832.

Preston and Lorana S. Sloan, int.Sept.18,1848.

Sarah and Robert McColloch, Feb.8,1750.*

Sarah [int.Saram] and Samuel Wilson [int.Samuell Willson], Nov.24,1761.*

Sila and John Conkey 2d, int.Apr.30,1813.

Sila [int.Silence][Cowan] and Isaac Packard, Nov.10,1840.*

Silvia [int.Cowan][Cowen] and Joseph Hamilton, May3,1818.*

William and Eunice Dunbar, int.Mar.13,1787.

COWDEN (Cowdan, Cowdin)

Elisabeth and Samuel Rush, July28,1774.*

James[Cowdin] and Rebakah [int.Rebekah] Hamilton, Jan.9,1778.*

Jennet and Allexander McColluch [int.McColluh], Oct.10,1771.*

Martha[Cowdin] and Thomas McMullen, Jan.29,1778.*

Mary [int.Cowden][Cowdin] and James White, July4,1776.*

Samuell[Cowdan], of Worcester, and Margret Gillmore, Dec.11,1755.*

William and Jean Maklem, int.Apr.2,1774.

William [mt. Cowden][Cowdin] and Sarah Crawford, Dec.3,1778.*


Sarah M. [int.Cowles], 18, b. Amherst, d.末末 [and] Roxana, and Joel Austin, May27,1847.*


Hannah and Eliot Gray 2d, int.Feb.11,1787.

John Jr. and Sussannah [int.Shusannah] Kelso, Feb.8,1753.*

Levi, and Marthew Gray, int.Nov.20,1796.

Sarah and William Cawdin [int.Cawden], Dec.3,1778.*

Susannah and Daniel Car Gray, int.Jan.19,1795.

CROSIER (Croser, Crozier)

Allexander[Croser] and Ezube Bartlet, int.June4,1780.

Arther[Crozier] and Submit Hall, int.Oct.25,1819.

Caroline, 23, d.Arthur, and Wiley Aldrich, Feb.19,1846.*

Mary[Crozier] and Epharim Arnold, int.Sept.23,1808.

Moses [int.Crozier] and Lucinda Danfarth, Oct.8,1821.*

CROSSETT (Croset, Crosett, Crozet)

Catherine A. of Prescott, and Chancelor L. Wheeler, int.Jan.10,1848.

Elisabeth[Croset] and Janathan Cluff, Nov.25,1773.*

Unice[Crozet] and John Madam, int.May8,1785.

Isa[Crosett] and Robert Stutson, int.Feb.19,1795.

Isreal and Martha Hamilton, int.Oct.30,1788.

Jacob[Croset] and Eloner English, Dec.3,1772.*

James[Croset] and Sarah 末末, int.June13,1778.

James[Crosett] and Polly Conkey, int.Dec.1,1812.

Jinnet[Croset] and Joseph Hinds, int.July22,1793.

Lavina of Prescatt, and Dr. Irael H. Taylor, int.Dec.10,1842.

Lidia[Crozet] and Thomas Gray, int.Oct.6,1785.

Margaret[Croset] and Jaseph Thampson, June30,1774.*

Martha[Croset] and Samuel Finten, Dec.9,1773.*

Mary[Croset] and George Tampsan, Dec.5,1765.*

Mary[Croset] and William Ree, May19,1774.*

Rebekah[Crosett] and Epheriam Wheeler, int.Nov.11,1798.

Robert[Croset] and Nancey [int.Nancy] Hood, Dec.8,1782.*

Sarah[Crozet] and Matthew Gray 3d, int.July16,1786.

William[Croset] and Jenney Thomas, Dec.10,1778.*

William[Crosett], of Hebron, NY, and Margret Gray, int.Sept.30,1792.


Tisdall [int.Tisdle] of Shutesbury, and Joanna Thurber, Dec.22,1825.*


Salley of Barkley, and John Eaton Jr., int.June23,1794.


Cooledge[Comins], of Sunderland, and Sarah J. Hall, int.Dec.10,1849.

Eliza A. of Leveret, and William Hanks 2d, int.Aug.11,1841.

Rhoda[Comins], of Shutsbery, and DanIel Reniff, int.Oct.3,1814.


Mary [int.Cuningham] of Brookfield, and John Pebels [int.Pebles], Aug.17,1759.*


Samuel of Belchertown, and Malinda Danforth, Apr.12,1818.*

CUTLER (Cuttler)

Antoney[Cuttler] and Jemima Conkey, int.Sept.6,1789.

Robert and Mrs.Esther Garnsey, Dec.23,1773.*


Hannah and Timothey Leach, int.Dec.12,1802.

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