HACKETT (Hacket, Hecket, Heket)

George[Hecket] and Mercy Fuller, int.Oct.6,1785.

Gideon[Hacket] and Lydia Peeso, int.Feb.7,1796.

Hannah[Hacket] and Isaac Barlow, int.June30,1792.

Lidia[Hacket] and Daniel Harkness, int.Oct.6,1785.

Presila[Heket] and Allexander Torrance, Mar.2,1781.*

Ruth[Hacket] and Ichabode Hayward, int.Apr.15,1790.


Elisabeth and John Blair, June14,1770.*

James and Jennet Hunter, Nov.23,1760.*

John of Chesterfield, and Eloner Calester, Dec.27,1764.*

Mary and Timothy Rice, July25,1769.*


Amelia M., d.Lemuel, and William C. Rankin, Dec.31,1843.*

Caroline A., 17, d.Levi B., and Allen Fairfield, Feb.25,1845.*

Clarisa [int.Clarissa] A. and Rufus Grout, Jan.27,1825.*

John B. and Jane W. Ballou, int.Dec.14,1843.

Levi B. and Mariah Draper, int.June9,1827.

Levi B. and Mrs.Susan E. Parker, int.Apr.26,1849.

Mary and Silas C. Newell, int.Mar.30,1833.

Sarah J. and Cooledge Comins, int.Dec.10,1849.

Submit of Amherst, and Arther Crozier, int.Oct.25,1819.

Susan A. and Austin Grout, int.Mar.30,1829.

Susanna and Smith Arnold, int.June26,1807.

Vienna and Ansel A. Rankin, int.Dec.17,1832.


Phibe of Amherst, and Micah Prett Jr.,末蔓末,1778.

HAMILTON (Hamelton)

Anna and John Lewis, May31,1825.*

Anne and Pattrick Peebles, int.Jan.3,1802.

Augustus, 27, s.Joseph and Sylvia, and Jane L. Gould, Apr.12,1848.*

David [int.N.], 21, b. Shutesbury, s.David and Hannah of Shutsbury, and Mary L. Fish, May5,1847.*

Eli of Greenfield, and Avis Southward, int.Oct.21,1787.

Elizabith and David Peebles, int.Nov.6,1803.

Betsy and Benson Bigelow, int.Apr.8,1833.

Ephraim [int.Ephriiun] of Blanford, and Margaret Hamilton, July7,1768.*

Frank and Charles Kid, Nov.30,1773.*

Harriet A. and Heman Fuller, int.June7,1845.

Isaac and Rachel Hoar, int.Feb.2,1811.

Isabel and Lamond [int.Lawman] Gray, May26,1778.*

James and Sarah Lucore, Jan.19,1758.*

James of Colrain, and Phebe Henderson, Feb.14,1764.*

Janet[Hamelton] and Nathaniel Tagert, Jan.16,1753.*

Joel and Abigail Hoar, int.Feb.23,1811.

John [int.Jr.] and Agness Sloan, Dec.27,1759.*

John Jr. and Mary Thomas, int.May21,1786.

Joseph and Ann [int.Anne] Oliver, Nov.11,1773.*

Joseph, Dea., and Eunice Cowan, wid., int.Oct.24,1812.

Joseph and Silvia Cowen [int.Cowan], May3,1818.*

Margaret and Ephraim [int.Ephriam] Hamilton, July7,1768.*

Margaret and Asa [int.Ese] Cooky, Feb.2,1775.*

Martha and Henery McCollock, int.Jan.6,1787.

Martha of Shutsbury, and Isreal Crossett, int.Oct.30,1788.

Oliver and Battsey Gray, int.Nov.15,1801.

Rebekah and William Cooky, Nov.17,1755.*

Rebakah of Shutsberry, [int.Rebekah of Shutsbry] and James Cowdin, Jan.9,1778.*

Robert Jr. and Elisabeth Kid, Apr.19,1757.*

Robert of "Rutland Destrict," and Margaret Conky, Oct.1,1767.*

Robert and Isebel [int.Isebal] Cooky, May6,1768.*

Thomas Jr. and Jennet McColloch, Dec.9,1762.*


Benjaman of Belchiertown, and Anne Edson, int.Nov.10,1781.

Ira and Almira Gun, int.Mar.1,1830.

James 2d and Sophrona Oldes [int.Olds], May4,1842.*

Samuel C. of Enfield, and Arminda Randall, int.Nov.6,1848.

William of Enfield [int.of Belchertown], and Nancy Randall [int.Rendell], Oct.29,1833.*

William 2d and Eliza A. Cummings, int.Aug.11,1841.


Grove Wright and Amelia Brown Newell, Apr.4,1820.*

Henry and Mitty Abell, int.Apr.9,1820.

Moses and Mary Maria Vatakin, int.Mar.4,1848.

Pleney, of Belchertown, and Polly Arnold, int.June9,1808.


Anna and Levi Cook, int.Nov.2,1806.

HARKNESS (Harknes, Hartness)

Abigail, Mrs., and Esq. John Rankin, int.Nov.12,1832.

Anne and George Macomber, int.Aug.30,1801.

Chloe and Josiah Smith, int.Jan.29,1814.

Daniel and Lidia Hacket, int.Oct.6,1785.

Daniel[Harknes] and Battsey Holland, int.Aug.23,1801.

Esther, 20, d.John, and Alden Bicknell, Dec.24,1845.*

Isabel and James Bell, int.Apr.10,1791.

James and Nancy Gray, Apr.7,1757.*

James and Betey Edson, int.Sept.15,1784.

James of Salem, NY, and Polley Rhoads, int.Dec.29,1798.

John and Cuziah Edson, int.Sept.1,1781.

John 2d and Rachel McNall, int.Oct.28,1781.

John Jr. and Esther Wilson, int.Dec.8,1810.

John and Amy Wilson, int.Mar.6,1837.

Jonathen and Elizebeth Thompson, int.July31,1789.

Lovicy and Oliver Smith, int.Jan.29,1814.

Polly and Joseph Rinken, int.Nov.17,1805.

Nancy and Nathaniel Samson [int.Sampson], Sept.21,1780.*

Nancy and James Hood, int.Aug.21,1813.

Sally and Andrew Gray, int.Dec.1,1805.

Sumner and Mrs.Mary A. Perkins, int.Jan.17,1845.

Vesta and Daniel Wilson, int.Dec.8,1810.

William[Hartness] and Anne Gray, July28,1748.*

William Jr. and Isabel [int.Isebal] Gray, June11,1778.*

William and Easter Bridge, int.Aug.31,1783.

William and Abigail Turner, Dec.12,1816.*


Sally and Silas Ballou, Mar.22,1821.*

Thomas and Salley King, int.Mar.11,1792.


Elisabeth of Lancaster [int.Lancester], and David Thomas, Nov.18,1755.*

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Almira and Alanson Chapin, Nov.21,1819.*

Fathfull[Herrington] and Nathaniel Wheeler, int.June25,1808.

HARRIS (Herres)

Deborah[Herres], of Roadtown, and John Frost, int.Apr.19,1754.


Phinehas P. of Westminster, and Abigail D. Polly, int.May28,1846.

HASKELL (Haskel)

David[Haskel] and Polly Gray, int.Feb.15,1794.

Eli of Belchertown, and Betsy Tower, int.Feb.16,1808.

Mary [int.Haskel] and John Berry, Sept.21,1780.*

Polly of Belchertown, and Isaac Tower Jr., int.Feb.17,1809.

HASKINS (Haskens)

Bashaba[Haskens] of New Salem, and Samuel Briten, int.Nov.17,1799.

HATHAWAY (Hathay, Hatheway, Hathway)

Dexter[Hathway] [int.Hathaway] and Sally Hooker, Dec.30,1819.*

Battsey[Hatheway] and William Conkey Pratt, int.Nov.11,1804.

Mary and Daniel There, int.July12,1777.

Samuell[Hathay] of Midelberry [int.Middelberry], and Sarah Stevens, Aug.24,1780.*


James A. and Ruth Peaso, int.Oct.22,1842.


Martha of Amherst, and Harmon P. Hoar, int.Aug.18,1832.

HAYDEN (Haden, Haydon, Heydon)

Fanny and Johnthan [int.Johnathan] Wood, Mar.3,1842.*

Poly[Haden] and Seth Draper, int.May11,1800.

Phebe[Heydon] and Cyrus Kingman, Mar.27,1817.*

Richard[Haden] and Ellis Hyde, int.Aug.25,1783.

Sarah[Heydon] and Charles Billings, Feb.5,1817.*

Thomas Jr.[Heydon] [int.omits Jr. and adds Lt.] and Chloe Wallis, Nov.27,1823.*

William[Haydon] and Eliza Gray, both of Belchertown, Aug.25,1830.

HAYES (Hase, Hayze, Heas)

Elisabeth[Heas], of Belchiretown, and Eligah McFarland, int.Sept.9,1770.

Jeremiah[Hase] and Levince White, int.June10,1791.

Sarah[Hayze] and John Holtwood, int.Oct.21,17840.

HAYWARD (Haward)

Elihu[Haward] and Tryol Hayward, int.Apr.19,1789.

Ichabode and Ruth Hacket, int.Apr.15,1790.

Mary[Haward] and Jonathan Ingraham, int.July11,1788.

Polly and John Thayer 3d, int.Mar.16,1807.

Rhoda and David Clarey, int.Jan.20,1792.

Tryol, of Milford, and Elihu Haward, int.Apr.19,1789.

HEMINGWAY (Hemenway)

Harding[Hemenway] and Mary Henry, int.May11,1836.


Mary and Starling King, int.Sept.3,1769.

Phebe and James Hamilton, Feb.14,1764.*


John [int.Henriks] of Shelbom, and Margaret Gray, Oct.27,1768.*

HENRY (Henrey)

Joseph[Henrey] [int.Henery] of Colrain, and Margaret McColluch, Nov.29,1774.*

Margret of Shutesbury, and Lewis L. Draper, int.June17,1827.

Mary of Priscott, and Harding Hemenway, int.May11,1836.

William [int.Henrey] of Coldrain, and Isebel Gillmore, Jan.15,1760.*


Oliver of Cambrige, and Molley McCollock, int.Jan.1,1787.


Alvan of Shutsbery, and Polley Cleavlin, int.June24,1814.

Oliver of Shutesbury, and Susan M. Thurston, int.Apr.17,1843.

Rebeckah and Benjaman Bartlet, int.May8,1785.

Sampson and Prudence Rugg, int.Aug.17,1764.

HINCH (Hench)

John[Hench] and Parses Blair, int.Dec.15,1788.

HINDS (Hind)

Anne and Barna Brigham, int.Mar.11,1805.

Jacob and Thankfull Davies, "Both of Quabin So Called," int.Aug.23,1749.

Joseph of "Jorman flats," NY, and.Jinnet Croset, int.July22,1793.

Mary[Hind] and Nathen Fallen, int.Sept.7,1800.

Nehemiah of Greenwich, and Anne Pebels, Dec.1,1774.*

Sarah and Elihu Graves, int.July9,1808.

Vesta and Isaac A. Conkey, int.Aug.13,1807.


William and Mary Moss, int.Aug.18,1749.

HOAR (Horr)

Abigail and Joel Hamilton, int.Feb.23,1811.

Adah[Horr] and EIkanah Doane, int.Apr.8,1843.

George Washington of Prescott, and Mary Thompson, int.Mar.8,1834.

Harmon P. and Martha Hawley, int.Aug.18,1832.

Harriot [int.Harriet][Horr] and William Brigham, July27,1839.*

Maryann[Horr], Mrs., and John Cooley, int.Apr.1,1848.

Mercia[Horr] and Isaac Thompson, int.Apr.14,1822.

Nelson[Horr], of Enfield, and Mary Cowan, int.Mar.10,1832.

Nelson [int.Wilson][Horr], widr., b. Prescott, S. John, and Caroline Rhodes, Dec.19,1849.*

Rachel and Isaac Hamilton, int.Feb.2,1811.

Sarah[Horr] and James Fay, Apr.2,1843.*

HODGKINS (Hodgekins, Hodgkin)

Clarissa[Hodgkin] and Absalom Lord, Apr.24,1816.*

Joseph Jr.[Hodgekins] and Roxsa Wedge, int.Aug.12,1821.


Berijah of Hadley, and Sarah Peeso, int.Jan.10,1796.


Josiah N. of Prescott, and Nancy P. Dodge, Dec.27,1848.*

HOLLAND (Holan, Hollan)

Ana and Dr. James Wpod, Sept.25,1784.

Elihu[Hollan] and Elizebeth Bradshaw, int.Mar.19,1789.

Battsey and Daniel Harknes, int.Aug.23,1801.

Hanah[Holan] and Levi Smith, int.July1,1781.

Mary and Jonathan Kellogg, int.Mar.22,1783.

Oliver and Martha Rinken, June1,1775.*

Ruben and Sarah Conkey, int.Nov.15,1782.

Sarah and Jonathan Hood, Oct.3,1774.*


James and Easter [int.Ester] Gray, Apr.2,1747.*

James and Nancy Harkness, int.Aug.21,1813.

Jennet and William Ferguson, Dec.20,1770.*

Jonathan and Sarah Holland, Oct.3,1774.*

Nancey [int.Nancy] and Robert Croset, Dec.8,1782.*


Esther and John Hunt, Feb.15,1816.*

Sally and Dexter Hathway [int.Hathaway], Dec.30,1819.*


Sally, wid., and Levi Gates, widr., July2,1849.*

HOUSTON (Housten, Huston)

Anna and Levi Gates Jr., int.June29,1823.

David[Housten] of Londonderry, and Mary Pebels [int.Pebbels], Apr.26,1757.*

David and Sarah Pebbles, int.Jan.26,1785.

David[Huston] and Martha Prat, int.Jan.10,1792.

John, Rev. [int.Husten], of Bedford, and Mrs.Ann Peebles, Nov.17,1757.*

John O. and Lucy Taylor, June17,1819.*

Mary and Charles T. Brown, int.Nov.22,1843.

Sarah and Capt. John Taylor, July1,1827.*


Davis of Boston, and Martha Southworth, Mar.15,1825.*

Joseph and Olive Lanord, inL May20,1805.

Rebekah and Marvel Leach, int.Oct.14,1798.


Amanda of Leverett, and Lt. John Gray, int.Mar.16,1823.

HULETT (Hulet)

Joseph[Hulet] of Belshireton, and Jean Johnston, int.Apr.27,1776.

HUMPHREY (Humphry)

Lucy and Joseph Clough, May24,1832.*

Sarah P. [int.Humphrey][Humphry] and Rev. Benjamin C. Phelps,末蔓末, 末末. [rec. during the year preceding Apr.13,1839; int.May31,1838].*


Caroline Augusta of Northampton, and Dr. Daniel Thompson, int.June2,1827.

John of Belchertown, and Esther Hooker, Feb.15,1816.*

Obed of Shutsbury, and Polley Barloe [see Barloe, Mary], int.Feb.12,1786.

Obed of Shutesbury, and Lucy Whitney, int.Apr.28,1787.

William of Shutesbery, and Polly Orzen [?], int.Sept.22,1793.


Anne and John Rinken Jr., int.Oct.17,1802.

Elisabeth and James Cowan Jr., Dec.22,1757.*

Isaac and Ketrin Dick, Oct.27,1763.*

Isaac Cowan of Greenwich, and Allice Wilson, int.Feb.16,1795.

James and Susanna Ferguson, Dec.11,1766.*

James of Ware, and Polly Edson, int.Apr.4,1808.

Jennet and James Halbert, Nov.23,1760.*

Lowes of Greenwich, and Pattrick Gray, int.Aug.9,1795.

Lucy and Horice Vint.n, Oct.20,1824.*

Margret and James Cowan, Jan.4,1757.*

Mary of Greenwich, and Nehemiah Dunbar, int.May12,1788.

Sarah and David Conky, Apr.29,1773.*

Sarah and James Rinken, int.Aug.21,1788.*

Stephen of Hadley, and Hannah Boynton, June15,1836.*

Susannah and John Gray, int.Mar.25,1792.

William and Abigal Andros, int.Sept.28,1801.


Mary and Allexander Line, int.Aug.3,1751.

HYDE (Hide)

Andrew and Mary Morton, int.Jan.18,1193.

Chester of Bethleham, NY, and Catharine Pacckard [int.Katherine Packard], Dec.6,1821.*

Ellis and Richard Haden, int.Aug.25,1783.

Eunice and Rufus Millen, int.June6,1807.

Hannah and David Billing, int.June28,1788.

Isabel and Joseph Pack, int.Aug.11,1799,

James and Martha Thompson, int.Feb.11,1787.

Polly and John Lindsy [int.L.] Millen, July4,1816.*

Samuel[Hide] and Hannah Meklem, Dec.19,1765.*

Samuel and Rachel Peebles, int.Nov.10,1792.

Samuel, Dea.[Hide], and Pagay Dickenson, int.Oct.29,1797.

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