Henry Clay, s.Levi B. and Merah, Sept.29,1833.


末mes, "formerly of Worcester,"末蔓末, 末末.

Rebekah, wid., May25,1759.

末末, d.Thomas and Jannet, Aug.6,1766.

末末, s.Robert and 末bel, Sept.16,1772.

Anna, w.Joseph, June17,1811.

Eunice, w.Dea.Joseph, Mar.4,1813.

Vina Franklin, d.Oliver and Elizabeth, Aug.25,1829.

Oliver, Sept.13,1829.

Willice, May4,1833.


Ira, Nov.29,1826.

John Marshall, s.John and Esther, Jan.3,1830.

HANNUM (Hannam)

Nathenial Little[Hannam], s.David and Elizabeth, Dec.24,1806.

Leonard Arnold, s.David and Elizabeth, Feb.7,1808.

Pliny Jr., s.Pliny and Polly, Sept.11,1817.

末墨y Jr., s.Pliny and Polly, Sept.11,1817.

John Qincy Adams, s.Grove W. and Pamelia, Dec.25,1825.

Henry C., s.G.W. and Amelia, inflamation of bowels, Apr.6,1845, a.6y.10m.


Elizabeth Nancy, Jan.31,1835.

HARKNESS (Harkniss)

James 末末y (Harkness)[Harkniss], Apr.16,1776.

Lyda, d.Daniel and Lyda, Mar.15,1800.

Lyda, w.Daniel, May15,1800.

Isaac, s.John and Keziah, May26,1807.

Lonzo Oliver, s.Daniel and Betsey, May20,1810.

Dexter Right, s.Daniel and Betsey, Nov.6,1811.

Susanna, d.David and w., Nov.17,1815.

David, Mar.19,1816.

Grove, s.John and Esther, Feb.13,1817.

John, June4,1821.

Sarah, w.David, July19,1825.

Polly, wid., Sept.11,1829 [This entry has been crossed out.]

William, h.Abigail, Dec.18,1831.

Amy, d.John and Esther, July30,1835.

Adeline, Sept.26,1836.

Esther, w.John, Nov.5,1836.

Edward, Feb.17,1839.

Ambrose, s.John, Feb.24,1840.


Sarrah, w.Thomas, Jan.21,1812.

Thomas, Sept.21,1826.

HAYDEN (Haden, Heydon)

Josiah[Haden], s.Thomas and Molley, Aug.6,1799.

Thomas[Heydon], Sept.21,1827.

Chloe[Heydon], w.Capt. Thomas, Nov.4,1833, a.34.

Thomas[Heydon], Capt., Aug.30,1836.


Lezetta, d.Dr. Nehemiah and Ann, Apr.5,1807.


Elizabeth, wid.Calvin of Prescott, Jan.3,1838.


Mary Carline, d.Joseph and Sally, Aug.25,1811.


Esther, w.James, Feb.4,1811.

Sally, w.Jonathan, Apr.26,1819.

Sally Ann, d.James and Nancy, Feb.19,1823.

Jonathan, Jan.7,1827.

HOUSTON (Houstin, Huston)

David[Huston], h.Mary, Oct.29, [1765?].

Mary[Huston], w.David, dec., Mar.末,1766.

John[Houstin], s.Robert and Catharine, Feb.20,1814.

Martha, wid., Oct.21,1839.


Charles Carrol, Sept.16,1838.


Lucresha, d.Elijah and Abi, Jan.8,1801.


Agnas,末蔓末, 末末. [Recorded after Susanah, w.James.]

Susanah [dup. Susannah], w.James, Dec.18,1780.

John, s.James and Susannah, Aug.29,1803.

James, July14,1807.


Samuel, Dea., Jan.1,1810.

Charles Austin, s.James and Martha, Aug.27,1810.

Ruben, Nov.4,1819.

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