Amelia C. and Benjamin S. Gere, Feb.23,1831. [Amilia C. and Benjamin J. Gere of Peru.CR]

Lucy and Jason Everett of Chesterfield, Nov.1,1821.CR


Chloe and Dr. Moses Brewster, Aug.4,1807.

John and Mary Ann Bryant, Jan.1,1838.

Polly of Canterbury, CT, and Rufus,末蔓末, 末末.


Benjamin T. and Sarah Prentice, Feb.10,1831. [Benjamin T. of Suffield, CTCR]

Erastus G. 21, farmer, of Windsor, s.Josiah and Sarah, and Julia A. Robinson, 23, d.Silas and Cinthia, Jan.20,1848.

Israel, of Suffield, CT, and Margaret Barker, Mar.6 [dup. Feb.末望, 1809.

ANABLE (Annable, Annibal)

Catharine E., d.末末 of Chesterfield, and Duandler F. Moore, iron founder, of Chesterfield, Nov.28,1844. [Catherine E.CR]

Laura and William Whitney, June19,1815. [Anabal.CR]

Mary and Medad Eames, Oct.27,1824. [Medad of Hinsdale.CR]

ANNABLE (Anable, Annibal)

Philura and John Watt Jr., Sept.2,1804.

ANNIBAL (Anable, Annable)

末末, wid., and Capt. William Peirce of Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., Aug.20,1807.

Chester and Harriet More, Feb.16,1814. [Moor.CR]


Daniel of Conway, and Luna Crosby, July29,1792.

Thomas and Martha Roads, Apr.11,1773.


John Jr. and Lodemia Daniels, Sept.4,1806.

Minerva and Samuel Cowing, Jan.10,1827. [Samuel of Chesterfield.CR]


Rebecca O. and Hiram Beals, Apr.末,1834. [Rebekah O. and Hiram Beals, of Cummington, Apr.29.CR]

AYER (Ayers)

Nathaniel and Desier 末末, Dec.9,1756.

AYERS (Ayer)

Samuel and Betsey Knowles, Apr.19,1829. [Samuel C. Ayer of Amherst.CR]

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