Polly and Stephen Niles, Nov.9,1788.


Lydian, of Murreyfield, and Joseph Geers, int.Sept.30,1771.

DALY (Daley)


Caleb M. of Chesterfield, and Sarah Bryant, Dec.12,1837.

DANIELS (Danils)

Chloe M. and Lot Wilder of Chesterfield, Jan.19,1820. [Lot J.CR]

Frances, d.Ransloe and Nancy, and E. Andrew Hubbard, Aug.19,1844. [E. Andrews Hubbard.CR]

Ira [and] Lydia Childs, Oct.4,1810.CR

Lodemia and John Austin Jr., Sept.4,1806.

Olive and Abraham Edwards, Apr.22,1804.

Ranslo and Nancy Starkweather, Dec.14,1822. [Ransloe.CR]

DANILS (Daniels)

Anna, Mrs., and Benjamin Leavens, int.Nov.25,1771.


Elizabeth and Richard L. Howard, M.D., of Elyria, O., Apr.20,1843.CR

Thomas W. and Deborah Eager, Apr.末,1835. [Thomas West Darling of Chesterfield, Apr.2.CR]


Francis H. and Melissa Everett, Nov.13,1847, in Albany, NY.PR12

Jonathan and Lucy W. Kingman, Sept.末,1836. [Jonathan Jr.CR]

Sophronia of Cummington, and Joseph W. Rodgers of Cummington, Mar.25,1840, in Cummington. [Sophronia C.CR]


Henry F. and Cinthia Niles, June末,1837. [Dewey of Southampton, Cynthia Niles.CR]

DIAS (Dyas)

Abram of "No. 5," and Ruth Nash of "No. 5," int.末蔓末, 末末.


William of Hadley, and Elizabeth Worthington, Apr.11,1808.

William and Sarah Ann Hancock, Nov.25,1841.


Elijah and Mrs.Margaret Clark of Stirbridg, int.Mar.20,1773.


William and Mary Prouty, Nov.16,1788.


Abraham and Lucy Follet, May26,1828. [Abraham Jr.CR]

Jotham, farmer, and Mary Sanderson, Dec.3,1843.

Coziah and Epharhum Randall, int.Aug.21,1778.

Keziah and Chancey Hathaway of Windsor, May20,1819.

Lot of Chesterfield, and Nancy Cole, Jan.2,1814. [Lot Jr.CR]

Orril R. and Joseph M. Smith, widr., farmer, of Cummington, Aug.5,1844. [Aug.15.CR]

Sophia and Alonzo S. Sanderson, Nov.25,1834. [Sophia D. and Alonzo S. Sanderson.PR10]

Theodore and Roxana Spelman, Jan.23,1822.

Theodore, widr., cordwainer, and Mary A. Mayhew of Norwich, Nov.17,1844. [Mary Ann.CR]


W.H. and Huldah Briggs, July末,1835. [William H. of Abington.CR]


Francis, farmer, of Goshen, and Corinth D. Higgins, d.Luther and Lydia of Goshen, Feb.16,1847.

DREWREY (Drewry, Drurey, Drury)

Lydia and Calvin Bartlett, Aug.2,1820. [Drury.CR]

DREWRY (Drewrey, Drurey, Drury)

Eunice, wid., and Cypian Meech, Mar.17,1822. [Drury, and Cyprian Meach.CR]

Laura and Levi Clapp, Oct.15,1821. [Drury.CR]

DRUREY (Drewrey, Drewry, Drury)

Elijah and Betsey Parsons, Nov.30,1809. [Drury, and Elizabeth Parsons.CR] [Drury, and Elizabeth Parsons, Nov.28.PR25]

DRURY (Drewrey, Drewry, Drurey)

Abel P. and Almira C. Huntington, Nov.14,1844.PR25

Ermina and Dr. Timothy H. Brown, Oct.17,1839.


Mercey and Akish Pool, Aug.2,1776.


Joseph and Lydia Webster, Mar.17,1808.


Jedediah and Mercy Collimer, int.Apr.6,1782.

DYAS (Dias)

Abba, wid., of Peru, and Stephens Bartlett, widr., carpenter, Feb.11,1845.


Samuel and Mrs.Martha H. Cole, June末,1837. [Samuel of Plainfield.CR]

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