Jonathan H., 26, farmer, s.Nathaniel and Sybil, and Mary Parsons, 24, d.Maures and Amanda, Jan.18,1848.

Maria and Benjamin Brewster, Apr.1,1829. [Mariah.CR]

Nahun and Sarah Jeneson of Worcester, int.May30,1771.

Relief and Ames Burr, Nov.13,1822.


Medad and Mary Anable, Oct.27,1824. [Medad of Hinsdale.CR]


Justice of Cummington, and Lydia Hunt,末蔓末, 末末[rec. after Apr.19,1821].


Abraham and Olive Daniels, Apr.22,1804.

Albert L. and Susan B. Hathaway,末蔓末,1838.


James of Chester, and Betsey Prentice, Dec.7,1807.


Cornelius of Becket, and Ruth Turner, May27,1812.

Stiles E. of Norwich, and Laura Cole of Chesterfield, Oct.7,1839, in Chesterfield.


David P. of Granby, CT, and Mary Marble, Jan.23,1840.


Olive and Dwight Stone [ch.John Jr. and Lora (Parish)], May25,1841.PR20


Andrew and Betsey 末末, Feb.7,1803.PR12

Edwin and Mary Thayer, May27,1834, in Williamsburg.PR12

Betsey S. and Johnson G. Stebbins, Mar.末,1836.

Emily and John Everett, May7,1835, in Newburgh, NY.PR12

Emily and Oliver Everett, Aug.2,1838, in Princeton, IL.PR12

James and Phebe Clark, Feb.21,1803.PR12

James Smith and Harriett C. Hyde, Dec.11,1836, in Princeton, IL.PR12

Jason of Chesterfeld, and Lucy Abbott, Nov.1,1832.CR

John and Emily Everett, May7,1835, in Newburgh, NY.PR12

Julia and Cyrus Bryant, May13,1834, in Cummington.PR12

Laura and Alden Tower, Dec.13,1832, in Cummington.PR12

Linus S. and Sophia Moore, Sept.18,1816. [Sept.19.CR]

Maria and Lucius Bartlett, June16,1841.PR12

Mary S.C. and William F. Leonard, Jan.6,1825.

Melissa and Francis H. Dawes, Nov.13,1847, in Albany, NY.PR12

Oliver and Emily Everett, Aug.2,1838, in Princeton, IL.PR12

Oliver and Bessie Law, Feb.5,1845, in Dixon, IL.PR12

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