John of "Number 5th," and Catharine Power of "Number 5th," int.Dec.9,1771.


Luther of Dalton, and Olive Freeman, Jan.29,1792.

GARDNER (Garner, Guardner)

Job and Lucy Gates, Nov.28,1788.

Seth and Eunice Patch of Chesterfield, int.末蔓末, 末末.

GARNER (Gardner, Guardner)

Ezekiel and Mrs.Betty Chibbock of Abbington, int.Feb.20,1775.

Lydia and Stephen Silvester [int.Sylvester of Chesterfield], Mar.17,1774.

Reuben and Sarah Hunt of Abbington, int.Feb.15,1774.


Daniel of Kanedague, NY, and Milcah Brown, Feb.9,1794.

Lucy and Job Gardner, Nov.28,1788.

Zipporah and Shubel Clerk, Dec.30,1789.

GEAR (Geer, Geers, Gere)

Luther and Lydia Bisbee, May30,1832.CR

GEER (Gear, Geers, Gere)

Dolly Ann, 24, d.Luther, and Daniel R. Porter, 27, farmer, s.Jacob and Hannah, May19,1848. [June1.CR]

Lucy A. and William C. Barker, farmer, of Dalton, s.末末 of Dalton, Nov.13,1844. [Lucy Ann.CR]

Rosilla J. and Spencer Stewart of Middlefield, Sept.16,1840. [Rosilla G.CR]

Susanna and Luther Granger, Feb.25,1813.PR8

GEERS (Gear, Geer, Gere)

Joseph and Lydian Dalmer of Murreyfield, int.Sept.30,1771.

GERE (Gear, Geer, Geers)

Benjamin S. and Amelia C. Abbott, Feb.23,1831. [Benjamin J. of Peru, and Amilia C. Abbot.CR]


Lewis Nicholas, Dr., and Mary Phelps, Jan.1,1790.


Lucy M. [and] William E. Tower, Apr.末,1836.


Darwin and Martha Brewster, Mar.2,1841.

Emily and Dexter Howard, May末,1836.CR

Independence and Loyd Bartlett, Oct.18,1842.CR


John T., 25, farmer, of Savoy, s.Calvin and Hannah, and Chloe Ann Turner, 27, d.John and Chloe, June23,1847.

Lucy A. of Dover, VT, and Hiram Russell, farmer, of Hoosick, NY, Aug.30,1846.

GOODELL (Goodwell, Goodwill)

Aaron and Minerva Tinker, Nov.30,1826.


Mercey and Charles E. Wood of Middlefield, Sept.30,1840. [Mercy.CR]

GOODWELL (Goodell, Goodwill)

Justin of Chester, and Lydia Tinker, June7,1816. [Justus Goodwill of Chester, and Lydia H. Tinker.CR]

GOODWILL (Goodell, Goodwell)

Ruth and Luther Granger, Sept.11,1790 [? in Worthington].PR8


Patience, see Patience Kennon.


Dorothy, wid., and John Hamlin Esq. of Planfield, Nov.10,1819. [John Hunter Esq. of Plainfield.CR]

Dorothy M. and Justus T. Herrick, widr., farmer, of Twinsbury, O., Mar.23,1848. [Dorothy Maria.CR]

Betsey and William Ward, Feb.10,1805.

GRAHAM (Grayham)


Almarin, 21, farmer, s.Luther and Persis, and Ella McCoy Hewitt, 19, d.Daniel T. and Matilda P., June4,1845. [Hewett.CR] [Hewitt.PR8]

Anna and Lyman White of Ludlow, Nov.19,1815.

Chloe and Welcome Bates, Feb.17,1833.PR8

Luther and Miriam Wait, Jan.11,1778 [? in Worthington].PR8

Luther and Ruth Goodwill, Sept.11,1790 [? in Worthington].PR8

Luther and Susanna Geer, Feb.25,1813.PR8

Luther and Persis Smith, June6,1833.PR8

Lyman and Electa F. Pierce of Peru, May16,1840, in Peru. [Lyman G.CR] [Lyman and Fidelia Pierce, May6.PR8]

Mary Ann and William B. Campbell, merchant, of Norwich, May18,1843. [May22.PR8]

Orren, farmer, and Mary Cottrell, June1,1843. [Mary M.CR] [Orrin and Mary Cottrell.PR8]

Sarah Ann and Emerson S. Frissell of Peru, Apr.21,1842.CR

Susanna and Otis Jones, May30,1832.CR [Oct.24.PR8]


Israel A., 27, farmer, of Northampton, s.Israel and Fanny, and Jane E. Stone, 18, d.Oren and Jane, Apr.26,1849.


Mary and Isaiah Bates, Jan.10,1804.


Benjamin Elery [dup. crossed out, omits Elery, adds of Warwick, RI.] and Lucy Huntington, Mar.22,1776 [dup. crossed out, Mar.21,1775].

GUARDNER (Gardner, Garner)

Lovisa and Phillip Bailey, Feb.末,1836. [Gardner, and Philip Baily.CR]

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