William Jr. of Chesterfield, and Mrs.Lucinda Whitting of Chesterfield, Feb.14,1815.


Silence and Jonathan Cole of Windsor, Oct.9,1791.


Elizabeth and John Smith Jr. of Chester, June14,1804.

Harte and Joseph Burr, Jan.7,1834. [Hearty and Joseph M. Burr, Feb.末.CR]

James and Ruby Marsh, Feb.12,1807.

James, Capt., and Martha Bisbee, Mar.10,1842.

Louisa and Clement Burr, Sept.21,1826. [Sept.10,1827.PR7]

Patty and Eliphalet Coleman of Chester, Oct.24,1805.


Anna and David P. Hadsall, Dec.2,1824. [Kelsa, and David P. Hadsall of Hancock.CR]


F.C. and Sophia L. Stone, ch.John Jr. and Lora (Parish), Jan.6,1840.PR20


John [int.of "No. 5"] and Patience Kennon [int., Patience Goss of "No. 5"], Apr.25,1773.

Patience [int.Patience Goss of "No. 5"] and John Kennon [int.of "No. 5"], Apr.25,1773.


Elezar and Abegil Josling of Pembrock, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Isaac of Chesterfield, and Lucinda Worthington, Nov.20,1806.

Sarah and Horace Cole, May9,1820, in Brooklyn.PR6


Alphonso and Sally Parsons, May13,1824.

Lucy W. and Jonathan Dawes, Sept.末,1836. [Jonathan Jr.CR]

Sally and Bela Warner, Jan.16,1812.

Sally and Eli Benjamin, May10,1827. [Sally, wid.CR]

Sophronia M. and Elisha H. Brewster, June8,1831.


Abner and Cynthia Cushing, May2,1813.

Desire and Abner Brown, Sept.25,1788.

Dorothy and Timothy Lyman of Murreyfield, int.May26,1769.

Hannah, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Thomas Holbert [int.of Chesterfield], Apr.26,1770.

Judith and Gershon Randel [int.Gershom Randle], Mar.31,1774.

Maria Cole and Horace Cole, Oct.14,1839.PR6

Mary of Chesterfield, and Elijah Higgins of Chesterfield, Nov.23,1820.

Thomas and Mrs.Eunice Towgood of Providence, RI, int.Feb.27,1775.


Jacob and Annis Burton, Oct.27,1803.

Maddison, 36, farmer, s.Jacob and Annis, and Mary E. Sherman, 20, d.George and Betsey, Nov.11,1847. [Madison.CR]

Persis M. and Franklin Burr, June20,1844.PR7


Betsy and Samuel Ayers, Apr.19,1829. [Samuel C. Ayer of Amherst.CR]

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