Talcot, of Middlefield, and Lydia Randall, Mar.4,1805.

MAINARD (Maynard)

Mary of Montgomery, and Elias Monk, June15,1792.


Alvah B. and Jane M. White, Oct.11,1849 [? in Worthington].PR1

Aurelia B. and Nathan C. Brewer, Apr.5,1837 [? in Worthington].PR1

Eunice W., 24, d.Silas and Harriet, and Abner W. Witt, 29, farmer, of Easthampton, s.William and Bulah, Oct.28,1847.

Joseph B. and Jerutia Ann Morgan, June11,1846 [? in Worthington].PR1

Lucy A., 20, d.Silas and Harriet, and William R. Searl, 25, carpenter, of Southampton, s.Samuel and Zeruah, June22,1848.*

Mary and David P. Eno of Granby, CT, Jan.23,1840.

Permelia and Jonathan Prentice, Apr.5,1837 [? in Worthington].PR1

Sarah W., 26, d.Silas and Harriet, and Charles F. Moor, 29, farmer, s.John and Anna, Oct.28,1847. [Moore, Oct.15.PR1]

Silas and Harriot Warner, Dec.15,1808 [? in Worthington].PR1


Daniel and Cloe Norton, May30,1787.

Job and Elisabeth Smith of Hadley, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Joseph and Zipporah Brewster, Sept.28,1780.

Ruby and James Kelly, Feb.12,1807.

Rufus and Polly Adams of Canterbury, CT, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Thomas and Charlotte Huntington, Feb.19,1792.

Zipporah S. and Dr. Enoch Pierce, Dec.5,1816.


Ichabod of Cummington, and Brianthy Hunt, July24,1817.

Orra R. of Cummington, d.末末 of Cummington, and Ephraim Burton, farmer, June3,1845.


Mary A. of Norwich, and Theodore Drake, widr., cordwainer, Nov.17,1844. [Mary Ann.CR]

MAYNARD (Mainard)

Arnold and Lydia P. Rice, May23,1831. [Arnold of Pottsville, PA, and Lydia G. Rice.CR]


James of Cumington, and Susanah Patridge, Jan.14,1790.


Andrew T. and Elizabeth Brewster, Aug.末,1835. [Andrew T. of Detroit, MI, and Elizabeth M. Brewster.CR]


William and Lydia Leonard, Nov.30,1803.


Cyprain and Polly Rowe, May31,1798.

Cypian and Eunice Drewry, wid., Mar.17,1822. [Cyprian Meach and Eunice Drury, wid.CR]


Reuben of Cumington, and Achsah Smith, Dec.20,1790.


Hollowell of Wells, VT, and Mehitabel Clemmons, Mar.9,1789.

METCALF (Mettcalf)

Eliphalet and Elmira Burr, Nov.1,1820.

Orpha and Epaphroditus Partridge, Nov.2,1820.

METTCALF (Metcalf)

Laura and Solomon BUrton of Norwich, 末末. [Metcalf, Oct.17,1816.CR]


Allexander, Lt., and Mrs.Roxey Tayler, int.Mar.23,1775.

Lydia of Granville, and David Ingraham, int.末蔓末, 末末.


Benjamin and Eliza Brewster, July24,1826. [Benjamin of Vandalia, IL.CR]


Horrace of Peru, and Elizabeth Brown, July15,1823. [Horace Miner of Peru, and Elizabeth Bruce.CR]

MITCHEL (Mitchell)

William and Mary Ward, Aug.末,1776.

MITCHELL (Mitchel)

Elisha of Cummington, and Lucinda Brewster, Jan.7,1818. [Mitchel.CR]


Gidion [int.Gideon] and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Sarah Morse [int.Mors], May30,1769.


Elias and Mary Mainard of Montgomery, June15,1792.

Rachel and Edmond Pettingill Jr., Dec.29,1790.

MOOR (Moore, More)

Charles F., 29, farmer, S. John and Anna, and Sarah W. Marble, 26, d.Silas and Harriet, Oct.28,1847. [Moore, Oct.15.PR1]

MOORE (Moor, More)

Duandler F., iron founder, of Chesterfield, and Catharine E. Anable, d.末末, of Chesterfield, Nov.28,1844. [Catherine E.CR]

Lydia M., 20, d.Anna, and Gideon W. Rhodes, 20, Merchant, of Chesterfield, s.Jacob and Sarah, May17,1848. [Rhoades, May18.CR]

Maria E. and Albert G. Campbell, Sept.末,1836. [Albert G. of Chester.CR]

Martha E. and Charles C. Leonard, farmer, Mar.4,1847.

Nahum and Sally Leonord, Apr.17,1814. [Leonard.CR]

Nancy and Jonathan Burr, Jan.3,1815. [Moor.CR]

Alivia and Ezra P. Wilber, Mar.末,1835. [Wilbur, Mar.12.CR]

Sally, wid., and Azariah Parsons Jr., Sept.13,1818.

Sarah L., 22, and Charles W. Taylor, 24, farmer, of New Salem, May21,1845.

Sophia and Linus S. Everett, Sept.18,1816. [Sept.19.CR]

MORE (Moor, Moore)

Harriet and Chester Annibal, Feb.16,1814. [Moor.CR]


Jerutia Ann and Joseph B. Marble, June11,1846 [? in Worthington].PR1


Harriet A. and Horace Ames Bartlett, Mar.19,1849, in Canaan, NY.

MORS (Morse)

Elisibeth, Mrs.[int.Elisabeth Morse, omits Mrs.], and Josiah Fisk [int.of "the New Plantation Called Number two"], Dec.6,1770.

MORSE (Mors)

Elijah and Mary Morse, Sept.18,1788.

Mary and Elijah Morse, Sept.18,1788.

Nancy and Jesse Bussey of Windsor, Feb.12,1791.

Sarah, Mrs.[int.Mors, omits Mrs.], and Gidion [int.Gideon] Mixer, May30,1769.

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