Eliashib, ch.Eliashib Jr., bp. Jan.3,1802.CR

Sarah Ann, ch.Henry, bp.末蔓末,1836.CR

Chester, s.Henry and Sophia,末蔓末,1838.GR6

Mary, d.John, farmer, and Mary A. [Mary Ann.CR], Jan.26,1839.

John C., s.John, farmer, and Mary A., Sept.9,1840. [John Chester Adams.CR]

William W., s.John, farmer, and Mary A., Oct.1,1842. [William Wilberforce Adams.CR]

末末, s.Ansel, farmer, and Lovisa, Oct.21,1843.

Howard, s.John, farmer, and Mary Ann, Jan.3,1845.

Eliza C., d.John, farmer, and Mary Ann (b. Chesterfield), Oct.29,1848. [Eliza Crosby Adams.CR]


Harriett, d.Peter, farmer, and Achsah, Nov.3,1843.

Eliza Ann, d.Peter, farmer, and Achsab, June1,1847.


Augustus A., s.Walter F., farmer (b. Norwich), and Cynthia (b. Rowe), July16,1849. [Augustus Jones AllenCR]


William, "for Nathan Hazen. a child living in his family," bp. July25,1802.CR


Ansel, ch.末末, bp. Sept.17,1775, in Chesterfield.CR

ANABLE (Anibal, Annabal, Annable)

Augustus Barstow, [ch.] Charles, bp. Oct.27,1824.CR

Catherine, [ch.] Charles, bp. Oct.27,1824.CR

Ephraim A., s.Samuel, carpenter, and Welthy, Oct.25,1843.

Susan Caroline, d.Samuel, farmer, and Wealthay, Jan.25,1847.

ANIBAL (Anable, Annabal, Annable)

Nathaniel, [ch.] Chester and w., bp. Sept.22,1816.CR

ANNABAL (Anable, Anibal, Annable)

Samuel Barstow, [ch.] 末末 and w., bp. Aug.23,1818.CR

ANNABLE (Anable, Anibal, Annabal)

John Franklin, ch.Chester, bp. Sept.3,1820.CR


Mary, ch.Moses and Sarah, July13,1767.

Elisha, ch.Moses and Sarah, Nov.6,1768.

Sarah, ch.Moses [and] Sarah, Nov.7,1770.

Stephen, ch.Moses and Sarah, Feb.24,1773.

AYER (Ayres)

Stephen, s.Nathaniell and Desier, Nov.3,1757.

Esther, d.Nathaniel and Desier, May21,1763.

Joseph, s.Nathanel and Desier, Feb.18,1765.

Thankfil, d.Nathaniell and Desier, Jan.10,1768.

Sarah [dup. Sara Ayres], d.Nathaniell and Desier [dup Dezire], June25,1773.

Achsah, d.Nathaniel and Desire, Aug. "27:17," 1775

AYRES (Ayer)

Elisabeth, ch., Nathaniell (Ayrs) and Deziah, June25,1771.

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