Lucy and Jason Everett of Chesterfield, Nov.1,1821.CR

Amelia C. and Benjamin S. Gere, Feb.23,1831. [Amilia C. and Benjamin J. Gere of Peru.CR]


Polly of Canterbury, CT, and Rufus,末蔓末, 末末.

Chloe and Dr. Moses Brewster, Aug.4,1807.

John and Mary Ann Bryant, Jan.1,1838.


Israel, of Suffield, CT, and Margaret Barker, Mar.6 [dup. Feb.末望, 1809.

Benjamin T. and Sarah Prentice, Feb.10,1831. [Benjamin T. of Suffield, CTCR]

Erastus G. 21, farmer, of Windsor, s.Josiah and Sarah, and Julia A. Robinson, 23, d.Silas and Cinthia, Jan.20,1848.

ANABLE (Annable, Annibal)

Laura and William Whitney, June19,1815. [Anabal.CR]

Mary and Medad Eames, Oct.27,1824. [Medad of Hinsdale.CR]

Catharine E., d.末末 of Chesterfield, and Duandler F. Moore, iron founder, of Chesterfield, Nov.28,1844. [Catherine E.CR]

ANNABLE (Anable, Annibal)

Philura and John Watt Jr., Sept.2,1804.

ANNIBAL (Anable, Annable)

末末, wid., and Capt. William Peirce of Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., Aug.20,1807.

Chester and Harriet More, Feb.16,1814. [Moor.CR]


Thomas and Martha Roads, Apr.11,1773.

Daniel of Conway, and Luna Crosby, July29,1792.


John Jr. and Lodemia Daniels, Sept.4,1806.

Minerva and Samuel Cowing, Jan.10,1827. [Samuel of Chesterfield.CR]


Rebecca O. and Hiram Beals, Apr.末,1834. [Rebekah O. and Hiram Beals, of Cummington, Apr.29.CR]

AYER (Ayers)

Nathaniel and Desier 末末, Dec.9,1756.

AYERS (Ayer)

Samuel and Betsey Knowles, Apr.19,1829. [Samuel C. Ayer of Amherst.CR]

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