James and Sally Phillips, Nov.21,1811.

Philip and Lovisa Guardner, Feb.末,1836. [Baily, and Lovisa Gardner.CR]


Luther of La Fayette, NY, and Diana M. Bryant, Apr.15,1840.

Joel of Hawley, and Angeline B. Taylor of Norwich, June7,1843, in Norwich.CR


Abigail of London, and David Clark, int.末蔓末, 末末.


Joseph and Sally Parrish, Oct.5,1815. [Parish.CR]

John M. of Whately, and Samantha Perry, Oct.21,1834. [John Morse Bardwell and Semantha Perry [ch.John and Amy (Bowen)], Oct.9.PR5]


Margaret and Israel Allen of Suffield, CT, Mar.6 [dup. Feb.末], 1809.

William C., farmer, of Dalton, s.末末 of Dalton, and Lucy A. Geer, Nov.13,1844. [Lucy Ann.CR]


Ethan, ande Mary Niles, Apr.24,1837.


Myrick, Capt., and Sarah Crosby, Oct.25,1829.

BARTLET (Bartlett)

Silas of Northampton, and Hannah Parish, Feb.17,1787.

BARTLETT (Bartlet)

Mary and Otis French, Nov.10,1801 [sic, ? 1831]. [Otis of Peru, Nov.10,1831.CR]

Rebecca and Gilman Cushing, Apr.6,1820. [Rebekah.CR]

Calvin and Lydia Drewrey, Aug.2,1820. [Drury.CR]

Edmond M. and Laura Randall, Dec.6,1821. [Edmond M. of Northampton, and Laura Randal.CR]

Sarah and Elijah C. Benton, Jan.11,1825. [Elijah C. of Lee.CR]

Tilson and Permelia Tower, July8,1830.PR21

Hiram and Celemna Tower, May末,1835. [Celemna of Cummington.CR]

Asa R. [and] Polly Bartlett, Apr.末,1836.

Polly [and] Asa R. Bartlett, Apr.末,1836.

Lucius and Maria Everett, June16,1841.PR12

Loyd and Independence Gleason, Oct.18,1842.CR

Stephens, widr., carpenter, and Abba Dyas, wid., of Peru, Feb.11,1845.

Horace Ames and Harriet A. Morrison, Mar.19,1849, in Canaan, NY.


Olive P., Mrs., and Hiram Holmes of Cummington,末蔓末, 末末.

Mary, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs], of "the New plantation Calld Number 5," and Simeon [int.Simon] Farr of "the New plantation Calld Number 5," Nov.21,1771.

Bersheba and Joseph Ford of Cummington, Feb.10,1789.

Calvin and Mary Bemiss, Nov.17,1791.

Jarum and Lucy Leonard, Feb.4,1793.

Isaiah and Mary Grayham, Jan.10,1804.

Sally and Samuel Reed Jr. of Chesterfield, Mar.7,1805.

Jane, wid., of Cummington, and Ebenezer Childs, Sept.18,1817.

Zilpah and Charles Burr, Dec.16,1830.

Welcome and Chloe Granger, Feb.17,1833.PR8

Emily and James T. Church of Middlefield, Feb.14,1839, in Cummington. [Emily L.CR]

Chloe and Gordon Parish of Hinsdale, Apr.21,1842.CR [Chloe G.PR8]


Samuel of "No 5," and Mrs.Sarah Sanders of Mendon, Worcester Co., int.Aug.20,1774.

Polly and Jonathan Burr, Apr.末,1831, in Ashfield.PR24

Hiram and Rebecca O. Axtell, Apr.末,1834. [Hiram of Cummington, and Rebekah O. Axtell, Apr.29.CR]


Betsey of Preston, CT, and Jonah Brewster, Mar.15,1807.


Nathan of "No 5," and Mrs.Meriah Hill of "No 5," int.Apr.9,1778.

BEMIS (Bemise)

Joshua, Capt., of Chester, and Mary Clark of Chester, Dec.18,1828.CR

BEMISS (Bemis)

Mary and Calvin Bates, Nov.17,1791.


James and Eunice Worthington, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Delight and John Skiff, Apr.1,1773.

Prcillah [int.Mrs.Precillah], and Samuel [int.Samull] Clapp, Oct.5,1773.

Elisha and [int.adds Mrs.] Amy Curtis, Jan.18,1774.

Prissilla [int.Prisscilla] and Simon Huntington, Nov.6,1783.

Asa and Polly Brumbly, Jan.4,1787.

Eunice and Spencer Parish, Jan.26,1812. [Eunice, in 24th y., and Spencer Parish, in 24th y.PR16]

Polly and Elijah Curtis, Dec.30,1816.

Jonathan and Nancy Parrish, Dec.4,1817. [Parish.CR]

Keziah and Jesse Stone, Jan.1,1818.

Jonathan and Susan Hazen, Jan.1,1821.

Chloe and Joseph H. Clark of Auburn, NY, Jan.8,1822.

Eliza and Benjamin Bryant of Chesterfield, June26,1823.

Eli and Sally Kingman, May10,1827. [Sally, wid.CR]

Nancy P., Mrs., and Salmon Loomis of Hinsdale, Mar.3,1841.


James and Nancy Lyman, June4,1818.PR17

Elijah C. and Sarah Bartlett, Jan.11,1825. [Elijah C. of Lee.CR]

BISBE (Bisbee)

Susan and Ephraim Prentice, Mar.9,1831. [Bisbee.CR]

BISBEE (Bisbe)

James and Dollouisa Parish, May11,1830. [Dellouisa.CR]

Lydia and Luther Gear, May30,1832.CR

Martha and Capt. James Kelly, Mar.10,1842.

James, widr., 46, farmer, s.Jonathan and Susanah, and Martha Brewster, 45, d.Moses and Lucy, Nov.18,1847.


Irene and Shubal Parish, June末,1836.


Ralph E. and Sophronia Smith, May末,1837. [Ralph E. of Clayton, NY.CR]

David, 28, farmer, of Chester, and Eunice Niles, 32, d.Peter and Rebecca [dup. Rebbecca], Oct.16,1845 [dup. 1846, sic].


Otis, Dr., and Elvira Clark, May28,1829.


Amy and John Perry, Sept.22,1805 [? In Worthington].PR5


John and Eunice Loveland, Sept.27,1827. [John of Northampton.CR]


Alfred and Mary Brewster, Oct.28,1824.


Samuel of Wendell, and Fanny Watt, July3,1808.

Nathan C. and Aurelia B. Marble, Apr.5,1837 [? in Worthington].PR1


Zipporah and Joseph Marsh, Sept.28,1780.

Elisha and Sarah Huntington, Apr.24,1788.

Moses and Lucy Watt, Dec.5,1793.

Jonah and Betsey Belcher of Preston, CT, Mar.15,1807.

Moses, Dr., and Chloe Adams, Aug.4,1807.

Theodosia and Eliphalet Parish, May24,1809.

Sally and John W. Stanton of Norwich, Dec.13,1813.

Lucretia and Azariah Parsons, Dec.31,1815.

Lucinda and Elisha Mitchell of Cummington, Jan.7,1818. [Mitchel.CR]

Betsey and John H. Coit of Bennington, VT, July7,1822.

Mary and Alfred Branch, Oct.28,1824.

Andrew and Phebe Parsons, Apr.13,1826.

Eliza and Benjamin Mills, July24,1826. [Benjamin of Vandalia, IL.CR]

Zipporah and Eliphalet Parish, May23,1827. [Eliphalet of Bergen.CR]

Lucy and Elbridge Hazen, Oct.1,1828.

Benjamin and Maria Eager, Apr.1,1829. [Mariah.CR]

Elisha H. and Sophronia M. Kingman, June8,1831.

Elizabeth and Andrew T. McReynolds, Aug.末,1835. [Elizabeth M. and Andrew T. McReynolds of Detroit, MI.CR]

Martha and Darwin Gleason, Mar.2,1841.

Jonathan Jr. and Eliza Prentice, Apr.28,1842.CR

Martha, 45, d.Moses and Lucy, and James Bisbee, widr., 46, farmer, s.Jonathan and Susanah, Nov.18,1847.


Edward of Westhampton, and Sarah C. Sherman, Jan.14,1840. [Edward C.CR]


Abigail and Roswell Cushing, Nov.20,1821.

Huldah [and] W.H. Draper, July末,1835. [William H. of Abington.CR]


Abner and Desire Kinne, Sept.25,1788.

Milcah and Daniel Gates, of Kanedague, NY, Feb.9,1794.

Alfred and Paulina Spalding, Jan.12,18末.PR19

John w.and Mercia Leonard, Apr.2,1815. [Mar.2.CR]

Elizabeth and Horrace Minor of Peru, July15,1823. [Bruce, and Horace Miner of Peru.CR]

Christopher and Mary Sherman, Nov.26,1829.

Timothy H., Dr., and Ermina Drury, Oct.17,1839.

Louisa and Mortimer L. Higgins, Oct.18,1840.

Mary S. and Capt. William Starkweather, Oct.18,1840.

Martha H. [dup. omits H.] 22, d.Alfred and Pollina, and David Jones, 29, carpenter, s.John and Nancy, June12,1845. [Martha H.CR]

BROWNSON (Brunson)


Thomas of Cambridge, NY, and Surviah Cleavland, Oct.28,1787.

Phinehas and Polly Convers, Jan.14,1819. [Phineas.CR]

Elizabeth, see Elizabeth Brown.


Polly and Asa Benjamin, Jan.4,1787.


Bethena and Nathaniel Loomiss of Suffield, int.末蔓末, 末末.


Job S. of Chesterfield, and Pamelia Cole of Chesterfield, July5,1820.

Benjamin of Chesterfield, and Eliza Benjamin, June26,1823.

Cyrus and Julia Everett, May13,1834, in Cummington.PR12

Sarah and Caleb M. Damon of Chesterfield, Dec.12,1837.

Mary Ann and John Adams, Jan.1,1838.

Diana M. and Luther Baker of La Fayette, NY, Apr.15,1840.


Samuel and Susannah Palmaar, Feb.14,1771.

John and Elisibith Selfridge of Pelham, int.Dec.25,1772.

Mary and Moses Cole, Apr.2,1776.

John and Esther Clark, int.May9,1780.

Relief of Chesterfield, and Ira Torry of Hinsdale, Oct.10,1841.

Franklin, farmer, of Chesterfield, s.末末 of Chesterfield, and Bethiah Smith, June8,1843. [Bethia C.CR]


Cordelia of S. Egremont, and John Cottrell, farmer, s.Rufus, Oct.8,1845.


Betsey [and] Eben Leonard Jr., Jan.27,1811.CR

Calvin and Fanny Warner, Apr.18,1814.

Jonathan and Nancy Moore, Jan.3,1815. [Moor.CR]

Hannah and Jacob Porter, Feb.7,1816.

Elmira and Eliphalet Metcalf, Nov.1,1820.

Rebecca and Lyman Purdy, Feb.13,1822. [Rebekah.CR] [Rebecca A., Feb.12.PR7]

Ames, and Relief Eager, Nov.13,1822.

Clement and Louisa Kelly, Sept.21,1826. [Sept.10,1827.PR7]

Charles and Zilpah Bates, Dec.16,1830.

Jonathan and Polly Beals, Apr.末,1831, in Ashfield.PR24

Joseph and Harte Kelly, Jan.7,1834. [Joseph M. and Hearty Kelly, Feb.末.CR]

Louisa K. and S. Nelson Parish, Oct.18,1840. [Louisa H.CR]

Betsey and Elkanah Ring Jr., widr., toolmaker, Nov.30,1843.

Franklin and Persis M. Knapp, June20,1844.PR7

Jane E., 22, d.Ames and Relief, and George M. Rice, 23, farmer, s.William and Wealthy, Sept.6,1848. [Jane C.CR]

Franklin E., 25, farmer, of Blueker, NY, s.Ames and Relief, and Emily A. Robinson, 22, d.Silas and Cynthia, Oct.11,1849.* [Franklin E. of Bleeker, NY.CR]

Robinson, 22, d.Silas and Cynthia, Oct.11,1849. [Franklin E. of Bleeker, NY.CR]


Zenas H. and Lucy Thomas, Apr.21,1830. [Zenas H. of Pittsfield.CR]


Sabra and Asa Sherman of Providence, RI, Apr.12,1792.

Annis and Jacob Knapp, Oct.27,1803.

Sally and Rosiel Parish, Feb.13,1812. [Rossel.CR]

Solomon of NOrwich, and Laura Mettcalf, 末末. [Metcalf, Oct.17,1816.CR]

Ephraim, farmer, and Orra R. Mason of Cummington, d.末末 of Cummington, June3,1845.


Walter R. of Albany, and Rebecca C. Rice, Apr.24,1838.


Jesse of Windsor, and Nancy Morse, Feb.12,1791.

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