Allen of New Canaan, NY, and Elvira Parrish, Mar.8,1818. [Parish.CR]


Polly and Edmond Hubbard, Oct.17,1815.


Albert G. and Maria E. Moore, Sept.末,1836. [Albert G. of Chester.CR]

William B., merchant, of Norwich, and Mary Ann Granger, May18,1843. [May22.PR8]


L., of Preston, CT, and Hannah Partridge, June25,1804.


Ezra and Sarah Searl, Apr.20,1830. [Ezra of Windsor.CR]


Betty, Mrs., of Abbington, and Ezekiel Garner, int.Feb.20,1775.


Lydia [and] Ira Daniels, Oct.4,1810.CR

Cyrus and Mariam Sylvester, Dec.12,1813.

Ebenezer and Jane Bates, wid., of Cummington, Sept.18,1817.

Rowena and Edmund Taylor, Mar.22,1827. [Tayler.CR]


Franklin of Middlefield, and Angeline Higgins,末蔓末,1838. [Dec.末.CR]

James T. of Middlefield, and Emily Bates, Feb.14,1839, in CUmmington. [Emily L.CR]

CLAPP (Clapp)

Stephen, Capt., and Keturah Wheeler, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Lucindy, Mrs.[int.Lucenda, omits Mrs.], and Asa Cottrel [int.Cottril of Saulsbury], Dec.6,1770.

Samuel [int.Samull] and Prcillah [int.Mrs.Precillah] Benjamin, Oct.5,1773.

Chloe and Solomon P. Fitch, Nov.9,1817.

Abigail and Fordyce Sampson, Apr.8,1820. [Apr.3.CR]

Levi and Laura Drewry, Oct.15,1821. [Drury.CR]

Julia M. Simeon Clapp, Aug.21,1826.

Simeon and Julia M. Clapp, Aug.21,1826.

Sarah W., 35, d.Charles and Abigail, and Austin Ware, 22, farmer, of S. Deerfield, s.末末 of S. Deerfield, Nov.27,1844.

CLARK (Clerk)

David and Abigail Baldwin of London, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Margaret, Mrs., of Stirbridg, and Elijah Dix, int.Mar.20,1773.

Esther and John Buck, int.May9,1780.

Phebe and James Everett, Feb.21,1803.PR12

Eber, Rev., and Mary Starkwather, Sept.8,1812. [Clarke of Chatham, CT, and Mary Starkweather.CR]

Joseph H. of Auburn, NY, and Chloe Benjamin, Jan.8,1822.

Mary of Chester, and Capt. Joshua Bemis of Chester, Dec.18,1828.CR

Elvira and Dr. Otis Boise, May28,1829.

Lucretia B. and Thomas Ring, Apr.末,1837.

Mary E., 21, d.Joel and Eliza, and Stephen S. Wadsworth, 27, farmer, of Becket, s.Stephen and Rachel, Sept.15,1847.


Surviah ahd Thomas Bruce of Cambridge, NY, Oct.28,1787.


Mary and Dan Howard, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Mehitabel and Hollowell Merrils of Wells, VT, Mar.9,1789.

CLERK (Clark)

Shubel and Zipporah Gates, Dec.30,1789.

CLEVELAND (Cleavland)

COATES (Coats)

Charles of Middlefield, and Samantha Hyde of Williamsburgh, May18,1842, in Williamsburgh.CR

COATS (Coates)

Easher and Robert Handy, int.末蔓末, 末末.


Mary Ann of Cummington, and Edmund W. Tillson, Dec.8,1840, in Cummington.


William and Huldah Watt, Mar.16,1806.

Harvey of Norwich, and Nancy Stone, Dec.4,1816. [Hervey.CR]

John H. of Bennington, VT, and Betsey Brewster, July7,1822.

Gurdon C. and Sophronia Stone, Oct.8,1828. [Gurdon C. of Macon, GA.CR; Gurdin C. and Sophrona Stone, ch.John Jr. and Lora (Parish), Oct.9.PR20]

Martha E. and Jason Sexton, Apr.末,1836. [Jason of Buffalo, NY.CR]

Charles, 23, farmer, s.John H. and Betsey, and Emeline H. Root, 23, d.Selden and W. Irene of Middlefield, Nov.26,1846. [Emiline H.CR]


Moses and Mary Buck, Apr.2,1776.

Jonathan of Windsor, and Silence Keith, Oct.9,1791.

Ansel and Lydia Cole, July28,1812. [Ansel of Chesterfield.CR]

Lydia and Ansel Cole, July28,1812. [Ansel of Chesterfield.CR]

Nancy and Lot Drake of Chesterfield, Jan.2,1814. [Lot Jr.CR]

Daniel and Hannah Niles, Mar.27,1814.

Horace and Sarah king, May9,1820, in Brooklyn.PR6

Pamelia of Chesterfield, and Job S. Bryant of Chesterfield, July5,1820.

Isaac and Martha Hamblin, Jan.26,1832.

Merrick and Cinthia Higgins, May末,1836. [Merrick of Chesterfield, and Cynthia Higgins.CR]

Betsey of Chesterfield, and Henry Crosier of Peru, May9,1837.

Martha H., Mrs., and Samuel Dyer, June末,1837. [Samuel of Plainfield.CR]

Laura of Chesterfield, and Stiles E. Ellis of Norwich, Oct.7,1839, in Chesterfield.

Horace and Maria Cole Kinne, Oct.14,1839.PR6

Eliza of Chesterfield, and Elkanah Ring Jr., Oct.18,1840

Louisa and George Smith of Northampton, Sept.14,1841.

Nancy and Benjamin Niles, May19,1842.

Angeline, 23, d, Elijah and Freedom, and Nathaniel Healy, 30, mechanic, of Nassau, NY, s.David and Polly, July4,1846.

Lewis, 22, farmer, s.Daniel S. and Hannah, and Sarah Scevens, 16, of New York City, Nov.16,1847.

Oliver of Chesterfield, and Dorcas Pettingill, Oct.27,1893.


Eliphalet of Chester, and Patty Kelly, Oct.24,1805.


Mercy and Jedediah Dwelly, int.Apr.6,1782.


Calvin and Ama Prentice, Oct.23,1788.

Daniel and Anna Williams, Nov.27,1788.

Prentice of Hinsdale, and Lois Persons, May27,1813. [Parsons.CR]

COMAN (Coleman)

Freeman of Lanesboro, and Sarah M. Slade, Feb.23,1843.CR

CONVERS (Converse, Conves)

Polly and Phinehas Bruce, Jan.14,1819. [Phineas.CR]

CONVERSE (Convers, Conves)

Sarah and Erastus Pease, Mar.27,1827. [Erastus of Chester, Mar.28.CR]

Lucy and Lyman J. Tower, Mar.21,1832.

Betsey H. and John F. Pease, Nov.末,1835. [Dec.3.PR22]

Elisha R. and Harriet Wickham of Avon, NY, Dec.22,1842.CR

CONVES (Convers, Converse)

Horace, 27, farmer, s.Elisha (Convers) and Lucy, and Laura W. Ladd, 23, of Norwich, d.John and Sarah, Nov.11,1847. [Converse.CR]


Joseph of Windsor, and Fanny Scott, Apr.6,1815.


E[zra] H., widr., 36, tailor, of Chicopee Falls, and Paulina Smith, 28, d.Rufus and Salome, Nov.6,1847. [Ezra H.CR]

COTTERILL (Cottrel, Cottrell, Cottrill)

Lucy and Zaccheus Hanchet Jr., Dec.22,1793.

Dwelly and Peggy Cotton, May31,1798.

Nicholas of Cummington, and Nabby Warner, June24,1806.


Peggy and Dwelly Cottrill, May31,1798.

COTTREL (Cotterill, Cottrell, Cottrill)

Asa [int.Cottril of Saulsbury] and Mrs.Lucindy [int Lucenda, omits Mrs.] Clapp, Dec.6,1770.

COTTRELL (Cotterill, Cottrel, Cottrill)

Mary and Orren Granger, farmer, June1,1843. [Mary M.CR] [Mary and Orrin Granger.PR8]

John, farmer, s.Rufus, and Cordelia Burnham of S. Egremont, Oct.8,1845.

COTTRILL (Cotterill, Cottrel, Cottrell)

Asa and Hariett Stephens, Nov.30,1815. [Cottrell, and Harriet Stevens.CR]

Charlotte and John Smith, Nov.5,1817. [Cottrell.CR]


Job and Cynthia Pomeroy, June1,1826. [Job of Norwich.CR]

Samuel and Minerva Austin, Jan.10,1827. [Samuel of Chesterfield.CR]

Sybil and Nathan S. Stevens, Jan.1,1846.PR9

William L., widr., 27, farmer, of Williamsburgh, s.Thomas and Patience, and Electa Leonard, 21, d.Lonson and Flavia, Mar.22,1849.


Luna and Daniel Arms of Conway, July29,1792.

Sarah and Capt. Myrick Barrett, Oct.25,1829.PR12


Henry of Peru, and Betsey Cole of Chesterfield, May9,1837.


William and Waty Ann Newton, May26,1831.PR15

Sherman of Washington, and Susan Furgerson of Cummington, Jan.13,1841, in Cummington. [Ferguson.CR]


Edwin and Flavia Fuller, Feb.2,1832.


Beriah and Mrs.Amey [int.Amy, omits Mrs.] Leonard, Nov.15,1770.

Amy [int.adds Mrs.] and Elisha Benjamin, Jan.18,1774.

Delia and Eleazer Hazen, Apr.8,1798.

Elijah and Polly Benjamin, Dec.30,1816.


Priscilla and Shubel Parish, Sept.10,1805.

Cynthia and Abner Kinne, May2,1813.

Gilman and Rebecca Bartlett, Apr.6,1820. [Rebekah.CR]

Roswell and Abigail Briggs, Nov.20,1821.

Eunice and Jotham Randall, Nov.26,1823. [Randal.CR]

Solomon, see Solomon Cushman.


Solomon and Betsey W. Prentice, Nov.1,1824. [Cushing.CR]

Permelia and Curtis Warner, Nov.2,1824. [Curtis of Suffield, CT.CR]

Thankful P. and Daniel Higgins, Dec.24,1824. [Daniel of Chester.CR]

Alanson of Southwick, and Eunice E. Partridge, Oct.30,1832.CR

Eunice H. and Phineas Prentice of Middlefield, Oct.31,1832.CR

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