Laura W., 23, of Norwich, d.John and Sarah, and Horace Conves, 27, farmer, s.Elisha (Convers) and Lucy, Nov.11,1847. [Converse.CR]


Bessie and Oliver Everett, Feb.5,1845, in Dixon, IL.PR12


Benjamin and Mrs.Anna Danils, int.Nov.25,1771.


Hannah, and Amos James of Windsor, int.末蔓末, 末末.


John, Rev., of Peru, and Anna Parrish, wid., Apr.2,1822. [Ann, wid.CR]

LEONARD (Leonord)

John [int.of Preston "Collony Conecticut and County of New Lond"] and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Sarah Pierce, Apr.26,1770.

Amey, Mrs.[int.Amy, omits Mrs.] and Beriah Curtis, Nov.15,1770.

Jonas and Eunice Herrick of Preston, May31,1781.

Lucy and Jarum Bates, Feb.4,1793.

Lydia and William Meader, Nov.30,1803.

Olive and Joseph Starkwather, Jan.30,1805.

Branch and Sally Follet, Nov.26,1807.

Betsey and William Williams, Nov.19,1809.

Eben Jr. [and] Betsey Burr, Jan.27,1811.CR

Mercia and John W. Brown, Apr.2,1815. [Mar.2.CR]

Abigail and William Hatch, Dec.28,1820.

Elizabeth, wid., and Seth Porter of Cummington, May22,1821.

William F. and Mary S.C. Everett, Jan.6,1825.

Robert B. and Abigail Sampson, Oct.4,1830. [Oct.2.CR]

Charles C., farmer, and Martha E. Moore, Mar.4,1847.

Electa, 21, d.Lonson and Flavia, and William L. Cowing, widr., 27, farmer, of Williamsburgh, s.Thomas and Patience, Mar.22,1849.

LEONORD (Leonard)

Sally and Nahum Moore, Apr.17,1814. [Leonard.CR]


John G. Esq. and Ermine Starkweather, Oct.26,1829. [John G. of Ashby, and Ermina Starkweather.CR]


David, see David Ives.

LOOMIS (Loomiss)

Salmon of Hinsdale, and Mrs.Nancy P. Benjamin, Mar.3,1841.

LOOMISS (Loomis)

Nathaniel of Suffield, and Bethena Brunson, int.末蔓末, 末末.


Joshua of Cummington, and Sarah Tower, May21,1807.


Eunice and John Boyd, Sept.27,1827. [John of Northampton.CR]

Ambrose O. of Middlefield, and Eliza W.B. Turner, Nov.28,1839.CR

John W., 28, farmer, of Hinsdale, s.Alfred and Polly, and Amelia H. Shepard, 24, of Hinsdale, d.Narcissus, Apr.5,1849. [John M. of Hinsdale, and Amelia H. Shepherd of Hinsdale.CR]


Timothy of Murreyfield, and Dorothy Kinne, int.May26,1769.

Nancy and James Benton, June4,1818.PR17

Henry B. of Vergennes, VT, and Mary L. Wood, Aug.4,1825.CR

末末蔓<'[Isaac] and Jane P. Watts, Dec.末,1837. [Lyman of Southampton.CR]

Ahira of Northampton, and Theresa Lyman of Easthampton, Feb.6,1841, in Easthampton.

Theresa of Easthampton, and Ahira Lyman of Northampton, Feb.6,1841, in Easthampton.

Daniel F. widr., 38, farmer, of Easthampton, and Almena Smith, 37, d.Rufus and Saloma, Oct.7,1847.

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