Ruth of "No. 5. " and Abram Dias of "N. 5," int.末蔓末, 末末.


Waty Ann and William Cross, May26,1831.PR15

NIELLS (Niles)

Mary of Chesterfield, and William Roods, int.末蔓末, 末末.

NILES (Niells)

Stephen and Polly Daley, Nov.9,1788.

Lewis and Charlotte Phelps, Mar.16,1807.

Hannah and Daniel Cole, Mar.27,1814.

Mary and Ethan Barns, Apr.24,1837.

Cinthia and Henry F. Deney, June末,1837. [Cynthia and Henry F. Dewey of Southampton.CR]

Benjamin and Nancy Cole, May19,1842.

Eunice, 32, d.Peter and Rebecca [dup. Rebbecca], and David Blair, 28, farmer, of Chester, Oct.16,1845 [dup. 1846, sic].


Cloe and Daniel Marsh, May30,1787.

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