Adam of Cumington, and Abigail Porter, Nov.11,1790.

Laura S. and La Fayette Stevens, Sept.10,1826.PR9

Fordyce of Cummington, and Catherine M. Stevens, Nov.17,1842.CRPR9


Susannah and Samuell Buck, Feb.14,1771.

PARISH (Parrish)

Hannah and Silas Bartlet of Northampton, Feb.17,1787.

Betsey and Cyrus Richmond, Apr.4,1803.

Shubel and Priscilla Cushing, Sept.10,1805.

Lora and John Stone Jr., Nov.26,1807.

Eliphalet and Theodosia Brewster, May24,1809.

Hannah and Eliphalet Williams, Aug.30,1810.CR

Spencer and Eunice Benjamin, Jan.26,1812. [Spencer, in 24th y., and Eunice Benjamin, in 24th y.PR16]

Rosiel and Sally Burton, Feb.13,1812. [Rossel.CR]

Eliphalet and Zipporah Brewster, May23,1827. [Eliphalet of Bergen.CR]

Solyma and Rufas M. Wright, Nov.27,1828. [Rufus M. of Hinsdale.CR]

Dollouisa and James Bisbee, May11,1830. [Dellouisa.CR]

Sarah Ann W. and Elisha R. Searl, Mar.22,1832. [Elisha B.CR]

Shubal and Irene Bishop, June末,1836.

Spencer and Semantha Thompson, Mar.26,1839.PR16

Elvira and John H. Tinker, Oct.18,1840.

S[hubael] Nelson and Louisa K. Burr, Oct.18,1840. [Louisa H.CR]

Charles C. and Rosamond H. Pierce of Goshen, Dec.16,1841, in Goshen.

Gordon of Hinsdale, and Chloe Bates, Apr.21,1842.CR [Chloe G.PR8]

PARRISH (Parish)

Sally and Joseph Bardwell, Oct.5,1815. [Parish.CR]:

Nancy and Jonathan Benjamin, Dec.4,1817. [Parish.CR]

Elvira and Allen Cady of New Canaan, NY, Mar.8,1818. [Parish.CR]

Anna, wid., and Rev. John Leland of Peru, Apr.2,1822. [Ann, wid.CR]

Matilda and Daniel T. Hewitt, Sept.12,1822. [Parish.CR] [Parish, and Daniel Tyler Hewitt, Sept.13.PR23]

PARSONS (Persons)

Mary and John Wentworth of Hinsdale, Feb.7,1805.

Phebe and Jabes Wilder of Chesterfield, June30,1809. [Jabez Wilber.CR]

Betsey and Elijah Drurey, Nov.30,1809. [Elizabeth and Elijah Drury.CR]

Azariah and Lucretia Brewster, Dec.31,1815.

Azariah Jr. and Sally Moore, wid., Sept.13,1818.

Elijah and Wealthy Sherman, Apr.3,1822.

Sally and Alphonso Kingman, May13,1824.

Betsey and George Sherman, Jan.5,1826.

Phebe and Andrew Brewster, Apr.13,1826.

Mary, 24, d.Maures and Amanda, and Jonathan H. Eager, 26, farmer, s.Nathaniel and Sybil, Jan.18,1848.

[Elizabeth and Elijah Drury, Nov.28.PR25]

Elizabeth (see Betsey).

PARTRIDGE (Patridge)

Hannah and L. Carter of Preston, CT, June25,1804.

Ebenezer L. and Lydia Taylor, Nov.21,1816. [Eben Leonard Partridge Jr.CR]

Epaphroditus and Orpha Metcalf, Nov.2,1820.

Eunice E. and Alanson Cushman of Southwick, Oct.30,1832.CR


Eunice of Chesterfield, and Seth Gardner, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Penelope of Chesterfield, and Joseph Ring, Dec.7,1780.

Nancy of Chesterfield, and John S. Taylor of Chester, Oct.12,1837.

PATRIDGE (Partridge)

Susanah and James McKenney of Cummington, Jan.14,1790.


Erastus and Sarah Converse, Mar.27,1827. [Erastus of Chester, Mar.28.CR]

John F. and Betsey H. Converse, Nov.末,1835. [Dec.3.PR22]

PEIRCE (Pierce)

William, Capt., of Hinsdale, Berkshire Co., and 末末 Annibal, wid., Aug.20,1807.


Joel and Eunice Fuller, Jan.14,1790.

Darius M. and Delia B. Tinker, Mar.20,1832. [Darius M. of Becket.CR]


John and Amy Bowen, Sept.22,1805 [? in Worthington].PR5

Alden [s.John and Amy (Bowen)] and Hannah C. Young, June12,1832 [? in Worthington].PR5

Samantha and John M. Bardwell of Whately, Oct.21,1834. [Semantha [ch.John and Amy (Bowen)] and John Morse Bardwell, Oct.9.PR5]

Charles Dexter [s.John and Amy (Bowen)] and Silince Young, June1,1841 [? in Worthington].PR5

PERSONS (Parsons)

Lois and Prentice Collins of Hinsdale, May27,1813. [Parsons.CR]


Mehetabel and Jacob Townsend, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Martha [int.Pettingil, adds Mrs.] and John Ford, Nov.18,1773.

Edmond Jr. and Rachel Monk, Dec.29,1790.

Polly and Benjamin Tanner, Mar.31,1791.

Sarah and Jeremiah Townsend of Easttown, NY, July1,1792.

Dorcas and Oliver Cole of Chesterfield, Oct.27,1793.

Josiah and Lydia Hawkins, Dec.13,1793.


Mary and Dr. Lewis Nicholas Giguet, Jan.1,1790.

Charlotte and Lewis Niles, Mar.16,1807.


Jeremiah and Patty Stone, Nov.24,1807.

Sally and James Bailey, Nov.21,1811.

Hannah and Obadiah Tower, Oct.30,1817. [Phipps.CR]


Hannah, see Hannah Phillips.

PIERCE (Peirce)

Sarah, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and John Leonard [int.of Preston "Collony Conecticut and County of New Lond"], Apr.26,1770.

Enoch, Dr., and Zipporah S. Marsh, Dec.5,1816.

Electa F. of Peru, and Lyman Granger, May16,1840, in Peru. [Lyman G.CR] [Fidelia and Lyman Granger, May6.PR8]

Rosamond H. of Goshen, and Charles C. Parish, Dec.16,1841, in Goshen.


Cynthia and David Prentice, Apr.12,1820.*


Nancy and Samuel Ring, Apr.2,1805.*

Rhoda and Elijah Higgins Jr., of Chesterfield, Jan.1,1812.*

John and Arvila Jackson, Apr.19,1821.*

Cynthia and Job Cowing, June1,1826.* [Job of Norwich.CR]

Martha, 16, of Chesterfield, d.John and Sophia of Chesterfield, and Jonathan F. Sanderson, 23, machanic, s.Nathaniel and Betsey, Nov.26,1846.*


Akish and Mercey Dunbarr, Aug.2,1776.*


Abigail and Adam Packard of Cumington, Nov.11,1790.*

Jacob and Hannah Burr, Feb.7,1816.*

Seth, of Cummington, and Elizabeth Leonard, wid., May22,1821.*

Olive and Moses Fisk, of Chesterfield, Dec.11,1821.*

Alanson H. and Lydia A. Hall, Jan.2,1832.* [Alanson H. of Williamstown.CR]

Daniel R., 27, farmer, s.Jacob and Hannah, and Dolly Ann Geer, 24, d.Luther, May19,1848.* [June1.CR]


Catharine, of "Number 5th," and John Gains, of "Number 5th," int.Dec.9,1771.

PRENTICE (Prentis)

Ama and Calvin Collins, Oct.23,1788.*

Polly and Barney Higgins, Sept.8,1792.*

William and Theody Williams, May10,1804.*

Hannah and Thomas Wait, May14,1807.*

Betsey and James Elder, of Chester, Dec.7,1807.*

David and Cynthia Pike, Apr.12,1820.*

Betsey W. and Solomon Cushman, Nov.1,1824.* [Cushing.CR]

Leonard and Fanny Fanning, Dec.22,1825.*

Sarah and Benjamin T. Allen, Feb.10,1831.* [Benjamin T. of Suffield, CT.CR]

Ephraim and Susan Bisbe, Mar.9,1831.* [Bisbee.CR]

Phineas, of Middlefield, and Eunice H. Cushman, Oct.31,1832.*CR

Jonathan and Permelia Marble, Apr.5,1837 [? in Worthington].*PR1

Amy and William Warner, Mar.末,1838.* [Mary.CR]

Mary, see Amy.

Sarah E. and David Ives [dup. of N. Adams], May末,1838.* [David Lois of Adams.CR]

Eliza and Jonathan Brewster Jr., Apr.28,1842.*CR

PRENTIS (Prentice)

Harriet, 28, d.Jonathan and Charity, and James W. Smith, widr., 31, farmer, of Chester, s.John and Elizabath, May13,1846.* [Prentice.CR]


Charles and Zilpah Procter, Dec.16,1830.*CR

Zilpah and Charles Procter, Dec.16,1830.*CR


Rachel and Joseph Hendrick, of New Townsend, int.末蔓末, 末末.

Damaras and Samuel Ford, Aug.26,1773.

Mary and William Dowd, Nov.16,1788.*


Lyman and Rebecca Burr, Feb.13,1822.* [Rebekah.CR; Rebecca A., Feb.12.PR7]


John, of Goshen, and Susannah Taylor, July1,1817.* [July3.CR]

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