Andrew, s.Andrew and Elizebeth, Nov.19,1739.

John, s.Andrew and Elizebeth, July4,1742.

Lucy, d.Thomas and Lucy, Dec.3,1762.

Molly, d.Thomas and Lucy, June27,1773.

Nathan, s.Andrew and Elizebeth, Aug.2,1737.

Phebe (Derby), d.Thomas and Lucy, June11,1767.

Rebeckah, d.Thomas and Lucy, Oct.30,1764.

Ruth, d.Andrew and Elizebeth, Aug.20,1745.


John, father of William K.,末蔓末,1788.GR1

DAVIDSON (Davison)

Andrew J., h.Sarah Davidson Reed [sic],末蔓末,1815.GR3

Edward A., Co. E, 5th Mass.Vols.,末蔓末,1846.GR3

Sarah Davidson Reed, w.Andrew J.,末蔓末,1827.GR3 [? Sarah, w.Andrew J. Davidson, w.末末 Reed.]

DAVIES (Davis)

Eda, twin d.Jonathan and Sarah, June23,1789.

Amasa, s.Daniel and Rebeca, June10,1783.

Amesa, ch.Daniel and Rebecca, bp. Dec.21,1786.CR1

Amasa, s.Amasa (Davis) and Lucy, Nov.17,1808.

Anna, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Jan.23,1783. [Anne.CR1]

Beulah, d.Capt. Samuel and Sarah, May4,1756.

Catherine, see Katharine.

Charles, s.David and Mary [Polly.CR1], May23,1799.

Cinda, see Lynda.

Daniel, s.Ebenezer and Esther, July8,1749.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Rebecca, May1,1781.

Daniel, s.Amase and Lucy, Dec.11,1809.

David, s.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.12,1743 [3 written over 1].

David Grover, s.David and Mary [Polly.CR1], Jan.30,1797.

Dorothy, d.Daniel and Rebecca, Dec.3,1775.

Dorathy, ch.Daniel and Rebecca, bp. Dec.21,1786.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Daniel and Rebekah, Jan.8,1777.

Ebenezer, ch.Daniel and Rebecca, bp. Dec.21,1786.CR1

Elijah, s.Capt. Samuel and Sarah, May21,1751 [1 written over 0].

Elijah, s.Elijah and Mary, May1,1798.

Elijah, ch.Elijah and Betsey, bp. July29,1798.CR1

Betsey, d.Reuben and Bette, May8,1780.

Betsy, d.Elijah and Mary, Nov.30,1793.

Betsey, ch.Elijah and Betsey, bp. May4,1794.CR1

Emily, d.Amasa and Lucy, Feb.17,1818.

Esther, d.James and Rebecca, Dec.29,1789.

George Homer, s.Amasa and Lucy, Feb.25,1814.

George Homer, s.Amasa and Lucy, Dec.19,1815.

Gershom, s.Gershom and Rebekah, Dec.3,1745. [Davis.CR1]

Hannah, d.Gershom and Rebekah, Feb.28,1748.

Hannah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.25,1791.

Harriot, d.James and Rebecca, May17,1798.

James, s.Ebenezer and Esther, Sept.27,1750.

James, s.James and Rebecca, Sept.15,1782.

Jesse, s.Gersham and Rebeca, July16,1757.

Jesse, s.Jonathan and Sarah, July27,1794.

Jonas, s.Gersham and Sarah, Mar.10,1772.

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.3,1745-6.

Jonathan, s.Greshom and Rebekah, Sept.21,1751.

Joshua, s.Gershom and Rebekah, Dec.28,1743.

Katharine, d.Samuel and Sarah, Apr.25,1748.

Lynda, d.Jonathan and Sarah, June12,1785. [Cinda.CR1]

Lois, d.Capt. Samuel and Sarah, Apr.5,1759.

Loes, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Aug.29,1778.

Lois, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Oct.7 [7 over 8], 1780.CR1

Lucinda, see Lynda.

Lucy, d.Capt. Samuel and Sarah, Aug.17,1753.

Lucy, d.James and Rebecca, Mar.25,1781.

Lucy, d.David and Mary [Polly.CR1], Mar.23,1801.

Lucy Hayward, d.Amasa and Lucy, Oct.24,1812.

Luseba, see Seba.

Luther, s.David and Mary, Sept.23,1793.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.30,1787.

Maria, d.James and Rebecca, Apr.8,1800.

Polly, d.James and Rebecca, Sept.15,1785.

Polly, d.David and Mary [Polley.CR1], May17,1795.

Mary, ch.Elijah and Betsey, bp. Aug.1,1802.CR1

Mercy, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Mar.5,1796.

Nathan, s.Samuel and Sarah, Nov.30,1737, in Cambridge.

Nathan, s.Elijah and Mary, M末 末,180, [? 9].

Olive, d.James and Rebecca, Oct.31,1795.

Rebekah, d.Gershom and Rebekah, Feb.26,1741-2. [Rebecca Davis.CR1]

Rebecca, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Feb.8,1781.

Rebecca, d.James and Rebecca, Feb.10,1787.

Reuben, s.Ebenezer and Esther, June3,1754.

Samuel, ch.Elijah and Betsey, bp. July4,1796.CR1

Samuel, s.Elijah and Mary, Dec.18,1806.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.3,1741.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Dec.25,1776.

Sarah, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Oct.7 [7 over 8], 1780.CR1

Sarah, ch.Elijah and Betsey, bp. Mar.16,1800.CR1

Sarah, d.Elijah and Mary, Apr.8,1803.

Sarah Pierpoint, ch.Elijah and Betsey, bp. Mar.25,1804.CR1

Seba, twin d.Jonathan and Sarah, June23,1789.

Sophia, d.James and Rebecca, Feb.19,1792.

Suky, d.James and Rebecca, Dec.25,1793.

Susana, d.Daniel and Rebecca, May3,1779.

Susanna, ch.Daniel and Rebecca, bp. Dec.21,1786.CR1

Thomas, s.Gersham and Sarah, Apr.3,1767.

Timothy, s.Ebenezer and Esther, Feb.10,1752.

DAVIS (Davies)

末bel, s.John and Hannah, May14,1739.

Abigael, d.John and Sarah, Sept.27,1744. [Abigal.CR1 Abigail, w.Abel Conant.GR1]

Abigail, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, Sept.28,1807. [Davies, ch.Ebenezer and Abigail, bp. Nov.23,1806.CR1, w.Harris Cowdrey, M.D., b.末蔓末,1807.GR1]

Abraham, s.Ezekiel and Mary, Feb.10,1764.

Anna, see Aanna.

Anna, d.Deliverance and Anna, Feb.10,1750.

Aanna, d.Deliverance and Anna, Dec.5,1753.

Anne, d.Samuel and Ann, Dec.9,1773.

Anness, d.Simon and Catharine, Oct.29,1765.

Benjamin A., "Father," Aug.12,1833.GR1

Catharine, d.Simon and Catharine, Dec.27,1754 [4 written over 3, sic, see Eilinor].

Charles L., Co. E. 8th Maine Regt. Vol. Inf., h.Lucy C.,末蔓末,1842.GR1

Charlotte, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, Oct.23,1808. [Davies.CR1]

Charlotte, d.Ebenezer and Abigail, Feb.7,1813. [Davies.CR1]

Clara E., w.A.W., July31,1808.GR1

Dorathy, ch.Josiah and Sarah, bp. Aug.24,1794.CR1

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Aug.15,1811. [Davies.CR1]

Elinor, d.Simon and Catharine, May26,1755 [5 written over 7, sic, see Catharine].

Elisah, twin s.John and Hannah, Feb.28,1740-1.

Bety, d.Samuell and Ann, Dec.9,1755.

Betsey, d.Stephen and Moley [dup. Molly], July18,1800.

Elizabeth B., w.Eben H.,末蔓末,1841.GR1

Ephraim, s.Isaac and Hannah, Mar.7,1770.

Everlina, d.Ebenezer and Nabby [dup. Abigail], Jan.1,1803. [dup. omits in A.] [Evelina Davies, ch.Ebenezer and Abigail.CR1]

Ezekiel, s.John and Hannah, Feb.17,1736-7.

Ezekiel, s.Ezekiel and Mary, June8,1753.

Flint, s.John and Sarah, Nov.26,1757.

George W., h.Mary J.,末蔓末,1834.GR1

Hannah, twin d.John and Hannah, Feb.28,1740-1.

Hannah, d.John and Sarah, Apr.25,1755.

Hannah, d.Simon and Catharine, Nov.29,1758.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Ann, Mar.8,1765.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Hannah, Feb.11,1768.

Harriot Elizabeth, d.Simon and Harriot, Jan.16,1823. [Harriot Elizebeth, ch.Harriet, wid., bp. Nov.27,1825.CR1]

Harriet, d.Jonathan B. and Sally, Aug.5,1825. [[w.Henry Brown]GR1]

Hephzibah, d.John and Sarah, May29,1752.

Isaac, Capt. [Capt. written in pencil], s.Ezekiel and Mary, Feb.23,1744-5.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Hannah, Mar.14,1765.

Isaac, s.Ephraim and Catharine, Sept.5,1795.

John, s.John and Sarah, Mar.13,1747.


Jonas, s.John and Sarah, Sept.24,1760.

Jonathan, s.John and Hannah, Oct.29,1747.

Jonathan, ch.Jonathan, bp. July19,1790.CR1

Jonathan Billings, ch.Josiah and Sarah, bp. Feb.26,1792.CR1

Josiah, s.Ezekiel and Mary, June14,1755.

Josiah, ch.Josiah and Sarah, bp. May14,1786.CR1

Lemuel, s.John and Hannah, Oct.9,1745.

Lois, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Apr.7,1760.

Lucy, d.John and Sarah, Aug.7,1749.

Lucy, d.Reubin and Betty, Dec.8,1797.

Luther, ch.Josiah and Sarah, bp. Apr.27,1788.CR1

Patty, d.Samuel and Ann, Mar.8,1763.

Martha Taylor, w.William Warren, July6,1825.GR1

Mary, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Nov.21,1746.

Mary, d.John and Hannah, Feb.20,1753, in Littleton.

Mary, d.Isaac and Hannah, Jan.3,1774.

Polly Brooks [dup. Simon Davis, second dup. Poley Brooks Davis], d.Stephen and Molly [dup. Molley, second dup. Moley], Feb.25,1798 [second dup. July15,1796, see Seth].

Mary, d.Jonathan B. and Sally, Dec.17,1818.

Mary J., w.George W.,末蔓末,1835.GR1

Mercy E., "Mother,", w.Silas, June30,1817.GR1

Micah, s.Samuel and Ann, Apr.30,1758.

Nancy, d.Ephraim and Catharine, Nov.2,1797.

Napoleon Bonapart, s.Henry S. and Sarah, Feb.9,1833.

Olive, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Oct.29,1765.

Orpah, ch.Jonathan, bp. July8,1792.CR1

Peter, s.Simon and Catharine, May26,1753 [3 written over 5].

Peter, s.Samuel and Ann, Feb.26,1770.

Rebekah, d.John and Hannah, July9,1750, in Littleton.

Rebekah, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Sept.11,1757.

Ruben, s.Ruben and Elisabeth, Sept.12,1781.

Ruth, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Feb.19,1750.

Ruth, d.Simon and Catharine, Jan.9,1761 [6 written over 7].

Samuel, s.Samuel and Ann, Sept.14,1767.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Nov.2,1741.

Sarah, d.Ezekiel and Mary, Feb.20,1748-9.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Ann, Sept.28,1760.

Sally, ch.Josiah and Sarah, bp. Mar.20,1785.CR1

Sarah Caroline (Davies), d.Jonathan B. and Sally, Nov.11,1820. [Davis, Nov.12.CR1, w.John P. Priest, Nov.11.GR1]

Seth, s.Stephen and Molly, July15,1796.

Silas, s.John and Hannah, Nov.8,1743.

Silas, ch.Josiah and Sarah, bp. Aug.24,1794.CR1

Silas, s.Jonathan B. and Sally, Dec.16,1815. ["Father,", h.Mercy E.GR1]

Silas, June8,1842, [on stone beside that of Alanson G. Smith]GR1

Simon, see Polly Brooks David.

Simon, s.Simon and Catharine, May29,1750.

Simon, s.Simon and Catharine, Mar.13,1757.

Simon [dup. Davies], s.Stephen and Molly [dup. Moley], Nov.5,1794.

Simon Seth, s.Simon and Harriet [Harriot.CR1], Nov.21,1824.

Simon Hosmer, s.Jonathan B. and Sally, Jan.17,1830.

Stephan, s.Simon and Catharine, June25,1770.

Susan Haskell, d.Jonathan B. and Sally, June22,1823.

Timothy, s.Samuel and Ann, June9,1772.

Timothy, s.Samuel and Ann, Jan.26,1775.

Timothy, ch.Samuel, bp. Oct.5,1778.CR1

William, s.Ebenezer and Abigail, Feb.7,1804. [Davies.CR1]

William Warren, h.Martha Taylor, Mar.27,1824.GR1

William B.,末蔓末,1836.GR1

DAVISON (Davidson)

Agnes, d.James and Agnes, Mar.17,1751.

Mary, d.James and Agnes, June13,1748.


George H., h.Lucy A. Blanchard, Nov.27,1848.GR1

DERBY (Darby)


George, m., shoemaker, of Providence, RI, enl. Mar.26,1863, a.21.RR


Samuel, May16,1830.GR1


Calvin, ch.David and Persis, bp. July23,1780.CR1

DICKSON (Dickerson)

Hannah, ch.Gilbert and Martha, bp. July27,1783.CR1

John Handcock, ch.Gilbert and Martha, bp. July27,1783.CR1

Patty, ch.Gilbert and Martha, bp. July27,1783.CR1

Polly, ch.Gilbert and Martha, bp. Sept.26,1784.CR1

Salley, ch.Gilbert and Martha, bp. July27,1783.CR1


末末, d.Lemuel, Nov.10,1820.CR1

Abijah, s.Joseph and Challotte [Charlotte.CR1], Apr.13,1794.

Andrew Conant, ch.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. Aug.5,1805.CR1

Clara L. [?m.],末蔓末,1845.GR1

Cyrus, h.Sarah A. (Hodgman), Feb.25,1810.GR1

Cyrus Granvill, s.Cyrus and Sarah A., July30,1838.

George, m.teamster, of Boston, enl. Sept.9,1861, a.26.RR

James, ch.Joseph and Charlotte, bp. Nov.9,1807.CR1

Oscar R., s.Cyrus and Sarah A., Feb.18,1849.GR1

Sarah Agusta, d.Cyrus and Sarah Ann, Feb.28,1837. [S. Augusta, w.H.W. French.GR1]

Sukey, d.Joseph and Challote, June16,1791.

Sukey, ch.Joseph and Charlottee, bp. Aug.10,1794.CR1


John, single, laborer, enl. Nov.17,1863, a.20.RR

DUDLEY (Dudly)

Abigail, d.Ephraim and Abigail, July26,1769.

Charles Guilford Bright, ch.Asa P. and Almira B., May23,1843.

Betsey, ch.Josiah and Betsey, bp. June15,1794.CR1

Ephraim, s.Ephraim and Abigail, July31,1771.

Ephraim, ch.Ephraim, bp. Aug.22,1779.CR1

Hannah, d.Joseph and Lucy, May27,1792.

Hannah, ch.Joseph and Lucy, bp. June15,1794.CR1

James, s.Paul and Abi, Sept.23,1797.

John, s.Paul and Abi, Oct.27,1805.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Lucy, Feb.5,1798.

Josiah, ch.Josiah and Betsey, bp. May10,1795.CR1

Levine, d.James and Molly, Apr.1,1769.

Molly, d.James and Mary, May9,1767.

Polley, ch.Josiah and Betsey, bp. Oct.2,1796.CR1

Mary, d.Paul and Abi, May28,1802.

Nathan, s.Ephraim and Abigail, June27,1773.

Paul, s.James and Mary, Mar.6,1771.

Paul, s.Paul and Abi, Sept.19,1799.

Paul Adams (Dudley), s.Paul and 末末, Feb.26,1843.

Rebecah, d.Joseph and Lucy, June29,1796. [Rebecca.CR1]

Samuel, s.James and Mary, June1,1765.

DUDLY (Dudley)

Charles, s.John and Mary, May22,1744. [Dudley.CR1]

Ephraim, s.John and Mary, Sept.8,1737.

Francis ([torn]rancis), s.John and Mary, Jan.1,1739-40. [Francis Dudley.CR1]

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Aug.24,1735.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Jan.3,1741.


Waldo G., Co. D, 3d Regt. M.H.A.,末蔓末,1842.GR1


Alfred, s.Lt. Henry and Lucy, June8,1810.

Henry, s.Lt. Henry and Lucy, June18,1802.

Lucy, d.Lt. Henery and Lucy, Feb.11,1800.


Charles, s.Solomon L. and Olive C., Oct.15,1837.

Charles, s.Solomon L. and Olive C., June29,1839.

Charlotte Augusta, d.Solomon L. and Olive C., Apr.1,1843.

George, Feb.6,1849, [on monument with Solomon L. and Olive C.]GR1

Laura Ann, d.Solomon L. and Olive C., May27,1841.

Olive C. [w.Solomon L.], Oct.11,1811.GR1

Samuel L., s.Solomon L. and Olive C., July15,1835.

Solomon L. [h.Olive C.], Nov.21,1808.GR1

Susan A. [?m.], Jan.2,1846, [on monument with Solomon L. and Olive C.]GR1

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