Alfred W.,末蔓末,1836.GR1

George, h.Violetta F.,末蔓末,1834.GR1

Mary Smith, d.Bela and Hannah P., Nov.13, 末末. [bp. Nov.26,1826.CR1]

Violetta F., w.George,末蔓末,1836.GR1


George W., Dec.28,1810.GR1


James Ambrose, s.James J. and Sarah E. [(d.Eleazer Sautell Handley) written in pencil], July18,1843.


Aaron, s.Jude and Abigail, May21,1773.

Abraham, twin s.Jude and Abigail, Feb.26,1775.

Cyntha, d.Jude and Abigail, May18,1796. [Synthia, bp. May15, sic.CR1]

Eunice, ch.Josiah, bp. Mar.8,1778.CR1

Isaac, twin s.Jude and Abigail, Feb.26,1775.

John Chaffin, s.Jacob and Elenor, Apr.10,1771.

Josiah, ch.Josiah, bp. Nov.28,1779.CR1

Jude, s.Jude and Abigail, Apr.28,1790.

Lenord, s.Jacob and Elenor, Apr.10,1773.

Lois, ch.Josiah, bp. Nov.25,1781.CR1

Nancy, d.Jacob and Elenor,末蔓末,1775.

Nancy, ch.Jude, bp. Apr.11,1779.CR1

Thirza, ch.Jude and Abigail, bp. June30,1777.CR1


John, s.John and Abigail, Sept.24,1744.


Emma A., w.Walter A.,末蔓末,1843.GR1

Lucinda [? m.],末蔓末,1806, [on stone with William M. Gilmore and Silas Sweatt]GR1

Walter A., h.Emma A.,末蔓末,1846.GR1

William M.,末蔓末,1810, [on stone with Lucinda Gilmore and Silas Sweatt, and in lot with Walter A. and Emma A.]GR1


Betsy (Gooldsmith), d.John and Maria, Apr.30,1797. [Bitsey Goldsmith, ch.John and Mariah.CR1]

John, s.John and 末末 [Mariah.CR1], May26,1795.

Maria, ch.John and Mariah, bp. July6,1794.CR1

Sally, d.John and 末末, Nov.1,1793. [Salley, ch.John and Mariah.CR1]


Charles H., "Grandfather," June22,1832, [in lot with chn. of Peter and Lois B. Goodnow]GR1

George E., s.Peter and Louis, Dec.17,1823.

James B., s.Dr. Peter and Louis B., Nov.30,1817.

James B., Sept.19,1830, [in lot with chn. of Peter and Lois B. Goodnow]GR1

John Bogle, s.Silas and Anna, Nov.26,1812.

Nancy E., d.Dr. Peter and Lois, June4,1820.


Aseneth, d.Phinehas and Nancy, Apr.10,1821.

Nancy Pierc, d.Phinehas and Nancy, May4,1817, in Luningburg.

Phinehas, s.Phinehas and Nancy, Mar.5,1819.

Roxana, d.Phinehas and Nancy, Sept.5,1824.


T.S., June8,1830.GR1

GOOLDSMITH (Goldsmith)


Nathan, m., stone cutter, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.39.RR


Sarah Elizabeth [? m.], Dec.10,1840GR1


William H., m., trader, enl. Aug.28,1861, a.40.RR

William B., single, shoemaker, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.18.RR

GREEN (Greene)

Tilly, ch.Nathan and Lois, bp. July23,1780CR1

William Albert, s.Dr. Reuben and Lydia of A., Aug.20,1849.

GREENE (Green)

George W., Nov.13,1839, [on stone beside that of Ann M. Stockwell]GR1


Oscar,末蔓末,1816, in Alsbach, Germany.GR1


George T., s.Eliab and Mary, July27,1834.

Lyman, [Lyman written in pencil], s.Eliab,末蔓末, 末末.

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