Louisa [? m.],末蔓末,1821. [on stone beside that of Elbridge R., d.Sept.10,1848]GR1

Lucinda White, ch.Abel and Lucy, bp. Aug.31,1806.CR1


John Gilman Jr., ch.John G. and Ruth, Aug.9,1843.


James, single, seaman, of Halifax, N.S., enl. Nov.16,1863, a.24.RR


Oscar W., cotton spinner, b. Boughlin, ME, enl. May15,1861, a.19.RR


Charles B., shoemaker, b. Lowell, enl. May15,1861, a.21.RR


Emily C., w.William, Jan.30,1819.GR1

William, h.Emily C., July19,1818.GR1


John, ch.John and Lucy, bp. Dec.14,1788CR1


Lucy, ch.Rebecca, bp. May31,1812.CR1

Nancy, ch.Rebecca, bp. May31,1812.CR1


Chester, b. Soco, ME, enl, May13,1861, a.40.RR

Emeline A. Wright, w.James D.,末蔓末,1834.GR1

James D., h.Emeline A. Wright,末蔓末,1833.GR1

John A. b. St. John, N.B., enl. May18,1861, a.21.RR

Lois, w.Oliver Wright, May26,1745.PR9


末末, ch.Luther B. and Charlotte, bp. July5,1832.CR2

Aaron Marshall, see Aron Marshall Jones.

Aaron, s.Samuel and Sarah, Dec.4,1754. [h.Abigail [(Billing)].PR1]

Aaron, s.Aaron and Abigail, Dec.13,1781. [Aaron Jr.PR1]

Aron Marshall, ch.Aron Jr. and w., bp. July27,1823.CR1

Abel, s.Aaron and Abigail, Aug.26,1783.

Abel White, s.Abel and Lucy, Jan.20,1812.

Abigail, d.Oliver and Hannah, Dec.17,1765.

Abigail, d.Aaron and Abigail, May26,1785.

Abigail Merriam, d.Abel and Lucy, Apr.24,1809. [Abigail Meriam Jones.CR1]

Abigail Billings, ch.Aaron and Ruth, bp. July4,1819.CR1

Abraham Hapgood, s.Abel and Lucy, Aug.22,1819. [Abram H., h.Harriet E. (Hosmer).GR1]

Amos, s.Samuel and Sarah, July20,1741.

Ann Tuttle, d.Samuel and Anna, Jan.31,1808.

Ann E., w.Francis,末蔓末,1828.GR1

Ariel, s.Oliver and 末末, June8,1773.

Charles, s.Samuel and Sarah, Feb.28,1746-7.

Charles, ch.Samuel and Martha Ann, Jan.6,1839.

Charlottee Hapgood, d.Abel and Lucy, Nov.24,1810. [Charlotte Hapgood Jones.CR1, Charlotte H. Ames.[on stone with George W. Tuttle and Theodore Ames]GR1]

Charlotte, ch.Luther B. and w., bp. July27,1828.CR1

Clarinda Billings, ch.Luther B. and w., bp. Sept.27,1829.CR1

Clarissa, d.Aaron and Abigail, Aug.16,1799. [w.John Fletcher.PR1]

Clarissa, d.Abel, and Lucy, Sept.16,1814.

Clarissa, d.Abel and Lucy, Oct.26,1817.

Daniel, s.Silas and Lucinda, Mar.23,1813.

Dorothy, d.Aaron and Abigail, June3,1791.

Eben W., Dec.29,1831.GR1

Edwin [Edwin written in pencil above Edward crossed out] A., single, musician, enl. Aug.5,1861, a.23.RR

Eliza, d.Elnathan and Eliza, Apr.1,1822.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elizabeth Hannah, see Elizebeth Hannah.

Elisabeth, d.Oliver and Hannah, Sept.28,1767.

Betsy, d.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, May25,1786.

Elizebeth Hannah, d.Aaron Jr. [and] Lydia, Mar.18,1810. [Elisabeth Hannah.CR1]

Elizabeth Whitney, w.James F.,末蔓末,1834.GR1

Elnathan, s.Aaron and Abigail, Apr.7,1795.

Elnathan, s.Elnathan and w., bp. July11,1830.CR1 [b. Dec.11,1829.GR1]

Eunice, d.Samuel and Sarah, Nov.13,1757.

Eunice, ch.Aaron and Abigail, bp. July28,1793.CR1 [b. July30, 末末, sic.PR1]

Evaline Tuttle, d.Elnathan and w., bp. July9,1826.CR1

Francis Wright Faulkner, ch.Aron Jr. and w., bp. July25,1830.CR1

George, ch.Samuel and Martha Ann, Nov.30,1840.

Hannah, d.Oliver and Hannah, Aug.17,1764.

Hannah, d.Oliver and Hannah, Aug.4,1777.

Henrietta, d.James and Dorothy, Aug.16,1810. [w.Joseph W. Tuttle.GR1]

Henrietta [? m.],末蔓末,1834. [on stone with George H. Harris]GR1

Hepzaba, d.Oliver and Hannah, May24,1775.

Hepsabar, d.Aaron Jr. [and] Lydia, May1,1808. [Hephzibah Augusta.CR1]

James, s.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, July10,1784.

James Madison, s.James and Dorothy, Dec.9,1808.

James F., s.Abel and Lucy, Jan.26,1830. [James Francis Jones.CR1 James F., h.Elizabeth Whitney.GR1]

Janet, ch.Samuel and Martha A. (Handley),末蔓末,1847GR1

John, shoe maker, b. Bridgeport, CT. enl, May13,1861, a.21.RR

Joseph, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.3,1743.

Joseph, s.Oliver and Hannah, Sept.8,1771.

Louisa [? Laura] Maria, ch.Aron Jr. and w., bp. July25,1830.CR1

Lucinda, see Lusenda.

Lusenda, d.Aaron and Abigail, June22 [2 written over 0], 1780. [Lucinda.CR1 Lucinda, June22, 末末.PR1]

Lucinda, d.Aaron Jr. and Lydia, Oct.3,1804. [Lydia Lucinda.CR1 Lydia Lucinda, w.Aaron fletcher.GR1]

Lucinda White, d.Abel and Lucy, Aug.24,1805.

Lucinda [dup. adds Elenor], d.Silas (Jons) and Lusinda [dup. Lucinda], July10,1811.

Lucy Jane, d.Abel and Lucy, Sept.17,1807. [w.Horace Tuttle.GR1]

Luke, s.Aaron and Abigail, Oct.2,1797.

Luke, s.Capt. Abel and Lucy, Nov.16,1815.

Luther Blanchard, s.Aaron and Abigail, Feb.1,1789.

Luther, s.Silas and Lucinda, Aug.21,1817.

Lydia Lucinda, see Lucinda.

Lydia, d.Oliver and Hannah, Feb.5,1784.

Martha, ch.Samuel and Martha Ann [dup. omits Ann], Sept.27,1843.

Mary, d.Oliver and Hannah, Oct.25,1781.

Mary Stratton, d.Aaron Jr., and Lydia, July30,1816.

Nancy, d.Aron Jr. and w., Dec.22,1820.CR1

Nathan, s.Oliver and Hannah, Oct.17,1779.

Oliver ([torn]liver), s.Samuel and Sarah, Feb.5,1738-9. [Oliver.CR1]

Ory Louisa, d.Thomas G.F. and Louisa, Mar.16,1848.

Peter, s.Samuel and Sarah, Mar.24,1751.

Peter, s.Peter and Hepsabah [Hepzibah.CR1], Apr.1,1784.

Rebekah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Dec.28,1748.

Ruth, d.Samuel and Sarah, May16,1737.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.30,1735.

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr. and Hannah, Mar.11,1783.

Samuel, h.Martha A. (Handley),末蔓末,1812.GR1

Samuel, ch.Samuel and Martha Ann [(Handley)CR1], Feb.9,1842.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.5,1733-4 in Concord.

Sarah, d.Oliver and Hannah, Sept.8,1769. [Sally, w.John Robbins.PR3]

Sarah Susannah, d.Samuel and Annah, Jan.15,1810.

Silas, s.Samuel and Sarah, May30,1745.

Silas, s.Aaron and Abigail, Feb.26,1787.

Silas Jr. [dup. Silas W., omits Jr.], s.Silas and Lusinda [dup. Lucinda], June26,1810.

Thomas Green Fessenden, s.Silas and Lucinda, Jan.19,1822.

Winthrop Emerson, s.Abel and Lucy, Nov.25,1821.


Perceveranda, w.Benjamin F. Hapgood, Mar.23,1812.GR1


Abigail P. [? m.], Feb.15,1828. [on stone with Benjamin R.]GR1

Benjamin R., Jan.19,1822.GR1

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