OLIVER (Olivers)

Abigal Triator, d.John,末蔓末 [rec. between Oct.13 and Nov.末], 1819.


OLIVERS (Oliver)

末末, d.Abijah, Mar.4,1806, a.7d.

末末, ch.Nathaniel and Rachel, Apr.17,1827, a.6m.[Apr.16.CR1]

末末, inf.Nathaniel and w., Apr.末,1828, a.16 [m.?]CR1

末末, ch.Joel, Apr.11,1828, a.2. [croup.CR1]

Abigal, w.John, Mar.9,1813, a.63. [Abigail.CR1]

Mary, d.Joel, July23,1829, a.21. [Marcy, consumption.CR1]

Sukey, ch.Joel, Jan.16,1816, a.2y.6m.


末末, ch.Joel F., July12,1831, a.3m.

Phinehas, s.Phinehas and Hannah, Dec.2,1752.

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