Lydia, head disease, Mar.19,1847, a.39. [Lydia B., d.Asa and Elizabeth, Mar.18.GR1]

Sarah,末蔓末 [rec. between Jan.末 and Feb.末], 1820, a.15. [Jan.14, a.66.CR1]


末末, s.James, Dec.30,1814, a.3m.[Warren.cR1]


末末, s.Stephen, Aug.28,1821, a.7m.[a.8m.CR1 Stephen F., ch.Stephen and Eunice, a.7m.20d.GR1]

Ephraim, June23,1828, a.33. [Wesson, "a stranger," in A., bur. in A.CR1 Weston, June22.GR1]

George, s.Stephen, July17,1836, a.3. [George F., ch.Stephen and Eunice, a.3y.3m.GR1]

Stephen, Aug.6,1840, a.57. [a.55y.7m., [in lot with Stephen F. and George F.]GR1]

Stephen,末蔓末,1843, [in lot with Isaac Train Flagg]GR1

WETHERBE (Wetherbee)

Daniel (Wether), s.Edward, Jan.22,1813, a.29. [Wetherbee.CR1 Wetherbee, a.28.GR1]

WETHERBEE (Wetherbe)

末末, ch.Daniel,末蔓末 [rec. between July12 and Aug.8], 1831, "young".

末末, ch.Daniel 2d, Aug.2,1838, a.4m.[Daniel, s.Daniel and Clarissa (Jones)GR1]

Edward, Jan.12,1813, a.60.

Elenor, d.Edward and Elenor, Jan.19,1800, a.13y.10m.13d.GR1

Elenor, wid., Aug.10,1840, a.85. [Eleanor, w.Edward.GR1]

George Oliver, s.Oliver and Elizabeth, Feb.21,1844, a.11m.GR1

James, s.Edward [Edward and Elenor.GR1], Aug.11,1803, a.23.

Polly, d.Edward and Ellenor, Mar.14,1791. [Polley, d.Edward Jr. and Elenor, a.1y.3m.GR1]

Polly, d.Oliver and Polloy, June28,1821, a.3. [coleramobus.CR1, d.Oliver and Polly.GR1]

Oliver, s.Edward and Hanner, Apr.24,1790, a.24y.25d.GR1

Olover, June23,1823, a.29y.7m.[Oliver, "exebritate et feverve,"CR1 Oliver.GR1]

WHEELER (Wheeller)

末末, d.Jonas, Feb.24,1801, a.1y.1m.[Feb.23.CR1]

末末, s.Lt. phinehas, Mar.22,1801, a.4m.[s.Phineas.CR1 Phineahs Parlin Wheeler, s.Lt. P. and Lucy, a.5m.3d.GR1]

末末, s.Reuben Jr., Mar.1,1809, a.1y.7m.[Reuben Jr., s.Reuben and Rhoda.GR1]

末末, s.Nathan, Oct.27,1818, a.2d.[Oct.26.CR1 Oct.25, a.3d.GR1]

末末, s.John H., Feb.2,1821, a.2. [Nathan B., ch.John H. and Betsey, Feb.8.GR1]

末末, w.Dea.Phineas, Dec.8,1828, a.51. [pulmonary, Dec.7.CR1 Hannah, second, w.Dea.Phinehas, Dec.7.GR1]

末末, wid.Roger, Feb.1,1830, a.87. [Eunice, a.86.GR1]

末末, ch.William, Jan.末,1842. [Ann, d.William and Lydia W., Jan.9, a.7.GR1]

末末, ch.Franklin, Dec.29,1843.

末末, ch.Josiah, Mar.15,1844.

末末, ch.Jonathan 2d, hooping cough, Sept.22,1847, a.1m.7 [7 written over 4], d.[Alvin, ch.J. and M.A., a.5w.GR1]

末末, ch.Josiah, fever, Apr.16,1848, a.4.

末末, wid.Reuben, dropsy, Dec.24,1849, a.84. [Hepzaeth, Dec.23, a.83.GR1]

Abigail, w.Oliver, Aug.14,1786, in 60th y.GR2

Abijah, s.Oliver and Abigail, Oct.12,1758.

Alvin, see 末末 Wheeler.

Amos, s.Sampson and Sarah, Oct.21,1759.

Ann, see 末末 Wheeler.

Cephas, s.Nathan, Jan.25,1838, a.14. [Daniel Cephus.GR1]

Christiana, d.Jona [d.Jona written in pencil], Oct.12,1842. [Christiana M., Oct.14, a.19.GR1]

Daniel Cephas, see Cephas.

Edy, Mrs., May3,1839. [Mrs.Eda, May2.CR2 Eda, w.Jonathan, a.50.GR1]

Betsey, see Elizabeth.

Betsey, d.Joseph D. (Wheel), Feb.2,1813, a.19. [Betsy.CR1]

Betsey, w.Joseph P., Jan.9,1820, a.66.GR2

Elizabeth, Mrs., Sept.20,1825, a.73. [Betsey, "insane for more than 50 yrs,", a.75.CR1]

Elizabeth, w.Phinehas, Apr.12,1835, a.60. [Apr.14.CR2 third, w.Dea.Phinehas, Apr.12.GR1]

Betsey, ch.John H. and Betsey, May15,1836, a.14.GR1

Betsy, Mrs., May3,1847, in Concord.CR2 [Betsey B., w.John H., a.45.GR1]

Betsey B., ch.John H. and Betsey, Aug.16,1849, a.2.GR1

Amory B., farmer, b. A., s.Joseph, consumption, Apr.17,1846, a.20. [s.Joseph and Gratitude, Apr.13.GR1]

Eunice, see 末末 Wheeler.

Frederick, inf.Frederick and Lydia, July10,1833.GR1

Hannah, see 末末 Wheeler.

Hannah, d.Sampson and Sarah, Oct.14,1759.

Hannah, wid.[Capt.GR1] Theodore, June19,1834, a.51.

Hepzabeth, see 末末 Wheeler.

Hezekiah, Mr., May5,1759.

Hezekiah, July5,1786, in 16th y.GR1

John, s.Joseph and Ruth, July11,1756.

John, Dec.17,1824, a.64. [Dea., stranguary, Dec.16.CR1 Dea., Dec.16.GR1]

John, May26,1842. [May27, a.57.GR1]

John, ch.John H. and Betsey, May7,1844, a.20.GR1

Jonas Wood, see Jonas Wood.

Jonathan, widr., laborer, bowel complain, Sept.7,1848, a.61. [ Sept.6.GR1]

Joseph C., see 末末 Wheeler.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Ruth, Jan.26,1739-40.

Joseph, Mr., June27,1756.

末末, ch.Jonathan 2d, Oct.1,1836, a.3. [Joseph C., ch.J. and M.A., Sept.22, a.2y.4m.GR1]

Judah, Oct.10 [dup. Oct.9], 1806, a.74. [Oct.9.CR1]

Leonard, s.Oliver and Abigail, Oct.25,1759.

Lois, d.Joseph and Ruth, Feb.1,1739-40.

Lois, w.Nathan, Feb.13,1809, a.37.

Lucy, w.Lt. Phinehas, d.Samuel Parkin and Lucy, Dec.7,1800, in 27th y.GR1

Lydia, w.William, Dec.3,1837, a.33.

Maria H., ch.John H. and Betsey, May11,1846, a.16.GR1

Martha, d.Samuel and Martha, Jan.6,176. [? 1760].

Martha, w.Samuel, Feb.3,1813, a.77.

Mary, Miss, Feb.25,1828, a.22. [consumption, Feb.24, a.23.CR1, d.Reuben and Hephzibah, Feb.24, in 24th y.GR1]

Molly, May29,1833, a.88.

Mary, Sept.10,1841. [Miss Mary, Sept.11, a.31.GR1]

Mehitable, w.Franklin, Dec.29,1843, a.36.GR1

Nancy, d.Reuben [Reuben and Hephzibah.GR1], Nov.24,1816, a.21.

Nancy B., d.Reuben, Aug.31,1826, a.1y.7m.[d.Reuben and Rhoda, Aug.30.GR1]

Nathan B., see 末末 Wheeler.

Nathan, June7,1828, a.57. [remarkably sudden.CR1, a.56.GR1]

Oliver, July31,1804, in 82d y., [on stone beside that of Abigail]GR2

Phinehas Parlin, see 末末 Wheeler.

Phineas, Dea., Aug.3,1838, a.65. [Aug.2.CR2 Dea.Phinehas, Aug.2, [in lot with Lucy, Hannah, Dec.7,1828, and Elizabeth, Apr.12,1835]GR1]

Rebecca, wid.Ezra, June18,1804, a.85.

Rebeca, Mrs., Nov.14,1825, a.75. [Rebecca, fever and age.CR1]

Reuben Jr., see 末末 Wheeler.

Reuben, Feb.末,1841. [h.Hepzabeth, Feb.5, a.73.GR1]

Roger, Dec.30,1813, a.77.

Ruth, w.Dea.John, Dec.18,1821, a.56y.10m.[a.57.CR1GR1]

Samuel, Apr.5,1817, a.82.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Mary, Mar.18,1736-7.

Sarah, d.Hezekiah and Sarah, Jan.27,1739[? 27,1739, faded].

Sarah, d.Ezra and Rebekah, July8,1754.

Sarah, d.Sampson and Sarah, Oct.3,1759.

Tamer, d.Sampson and Sarah, Oct.8,1759.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.14,1736-7.

Thomas, Nov.17,1810, a.55y.6m.

Timothy, s.Judah [dup. Juda], bur. Oct.6,1805, in Cambridge [dup., d.Oct.6,1805, a.19.] [d.Oct.6, a."almost" 19.CR1]

Timothy, Mr., Oct.末,1839, in Harvard.CR2 [Oct.5, a.32.GR1]

WHEELLER (Wheeler)

Theadore, Capt., June11,1829, a.52. [Theodore Wheeler, mors inebritate.CR1 Capt. Theodore Wheeler, June12, a.52y.4m.7d.GR1]


末末, ch.Abraham M., Feb.2,1841, a.3. [Susanna.GR1]

Aaron, Aug.27,1837, in Springfield, VTPR8

Abel, July22,1825, a.59, in Springfield, VTPR8

Anna, w.Mark, Dec.15,1755. [w.Mark Jr., in 36th y.GR1]

Daniel,末蔓末 [rec. between June6 and July16], 1841. [June4,1841, a.81.GR1PR8]

Dorothy, d.Samuell and Lydia, Sept.25,1778. [ Sept.26,1777, a.2y.3m.15d.GR1]

Ebenezer, Lt., Dec.25,1776, a.26 "wanting" 26d., [in lot with Mary, Feb.9,1776]GR1

Ebenezer, Feb.16,1826, a.23. [inebritate, Feb.17.CR1 Ebenezar, s.Ebenezar and Lucinda.GR1]

Elizabeth, wid.Mary, May23,1765, in 73d y.GR1

Ichabod, s.Mark and Anna, Oct.8,1754. [s.Mark Jr. and Anna, a.14d.CR1, s.Mark and Anna.PR8]

John, s.Mark and Anna, June4,1747. [s.Mark Jr. and Anna, a.7m.23d.GR1, s.Mark and Anna.PR8]

John, Apr.3,1824, a.54. [Dea., Apr.5, in Ashberham, "where he had removed," bur. in A.CR1 Dea., Apr.3, in 53d y.GR1]

John, Jan.9,1830, a.81, in Concord.PR8

Lydia, wid.Samuel, Apr.30,1815, a.79. [a.78.GR1]

Mark, Ens., Oct.5,1758. [in 69th y.GR1]

Mark, Dea., July24,1798, a.82y.3m.1d., [on stone beside that of Mary, Mar.末,1819]GR1 [in Westford.PR8]

Mary, d.Ebenezer and Mary, Feb.9,1776, a.19d.GR1

Mary, wid.Dea.Mark, Mar.末,1819, a.86.GR1 [in Westford.PR8]

Polly, July16,1841. [Miss, a.55.GR1, d.Daniel and Mary, July16,1842, a.54y.6m."wanting" 9d.PR6]

Mary, old age, Apr.2,1845. [w.Daniel, Apr.2,1845, a.82.GR1]

Mary S., b. A., d.John, lung fever, Nov.30,1846, a.21. [Mary Sophia.CR2 Mary Sophia, d.Dea.John and Charlotte (Hapgood), Nov.26.GR1 Mary Sophia, d.John and Charlotte, Nov.26.PR8]

Obadiah, Dec.1,1819, in Charlestown.PR8

Samuel, Dec.24,1796, in 71st y., [on stone beside that of Lydia]GR1

Samuel, Lt., Nov.30,1808, a.42.

Sarah, w.Dea.John (Whit) and Sarah, June27,1805 [dup., a.1y.5d.[sic].] [a.17d.CR1]

Sophia E.,末蔓末,1846, [on stone with Abraham M., b. Aug.22,1812]GR1

Stephen, s.Mark and Anna, Mar.末, 末末 [s.Mark Jr. and Anna, Mar.2,1743.GR1, s.Mark and Anna, Mar.7,1743.PR8]


Josephine M., d.Jerome B. and Harriet E.,末蔓末,1841.GR1


末末, inf.s.Amase T., Feb.24,1821. [Wilde, ch.Amisa and w., a."few", h.CR1]

末末, ch.Joseph,末蔓末 [rec. between Aug.30 and Sept.9], 1834, a.2.

Benjamin, Aug.2,1819, a.56, in Boston. [h.Sylvia, yellow fever, bur. in A.CR1, b. Sylvia, a.56y.8m.GR1]

Joseph, s.Joseph, Oct.21,1822. [Wilde, dysentery, Oct.22, a.5.CR1 Wild, ch.Joseph and Sarah, a.5y.6m.GR1]

Marsilva,, d.Benjamin, Aug.12,1819, a.17. [Sylvia, d.Benjamin and Sylvia, yellow fever, Aug.15.CR1]

Mary, d.Joseph, Oct.19,1822. [Wilde, dysentery, a.2.CR1 Wild, ch.Joseph and Sarah, a.1y.8m.GR1]

Sylvia, see Marsilva.

Sylvia, w.Benjamin, Aug.11,1819, a.52. [wid.Benjamin, yellow fever.CR1, a.52y.8m.GR1]


Charles, Jan.末,1847, in Westford.CR2 [Jan.13, a.30.GR2]


末末, s.Zadock, Sept.24,1816, a.1.

Samuel, July10 [0 written over 2], 1843, a.66.


Joel, Oct.27,1825, a.44. [Oct.21.CR1]


末末, Mrs., of Carlisle, Jan.21,1825, a.95.CR1

末末, ch.Mr. Wilson, teething, 末蔓27,1848, a.1.


末末, ch.Alpheus, Sept.29,1827, a.6w.[a.3m.CR1 Sarah, d.Alpheus, a.5w.GR1]

Alpheus, May20,1837, a.53.

Hannah, w.Alpheas, Nov.7,1832, a.47. [second, w.Alpheus, Nov.3,1834 [sic].GR1]

Jerusha, w.Alpheus, Feb.9,1830, a.43.


Aaron, s.Jabez and Mary, Sept.11,1818, a.2y.4m.GR1

Jabez Henry, s.Jabez and Mary, May23,1821, a.10m.GR1

Mary B., mother of Jabez, May30,1822, a.62.GR1

WOOD (Woods)

末末, ch.Eebenezer, Aug.21,1841.

Abigail, w.Ebenezer, Feb.2,1830, a.33.

Abraham, Mr., Feb.26,1759.

Catherine, see Katharine.

Claricy, Nov.23,1833, a.33.

Georgianna, d.Lewis, liver complaint, Aug.22,1845. [Georgiana, a.13y.6m.GR1]

Hasadiah, w.Moses, Apr.21,1817, a.54. [Woods.CR1GR2]

Jacob, Mr., Mar.7,1759.

Jonas, s.Rebecca Wheeler, [b. or d.]末蔓末, 末末.

Jonas, Jan.6,1842. [a.70.GR1]

Katharine, d.Abraham and Sarah, June19,1747.

Moses, May4,1837, a.87. [Woods, May3.GR2]

Sarah, w.Abraham, May3,1758.

Sally, w.David (Woods), Aug.29,1833, a.38.GR2

Susan B., Nov.8,1832, a.20.


George, Sept.23,1831, a.4m., in Bath, NH, [on stone with James T. Jr.]GR1

James T. Jr., Apr.末,1838, a.9. [Apr.16.GR1]

WOODS (Wood)

Aaron, s.Moses and Kezia, Nov.3,1796, in Hamburg.

Clarissa, d.Moses and Hasadiah,末蔓末, 末末.

Kezia, w.Moses, Dec.17,1791, in 47th y.GR2


Joseph, June24,1787.


末末, ch.Stilman, Apr.9,1831, a.4. [Mary E. Worster, ch.Stillman and Mary, a.4y.5m.GR1]

WORSTER (Worcester)

Mary E. 2d, ch.Stillman and Mary, Nov.10,1832, a.16m.GR1

Stillman, "Father," Mar.29,1839, a.39.GR1


末末, d.Nathan, Mar.23,1815. [inf.CR1, inf.Nathan and Asenath.GR1]

Abigail, Miss, Nov.9,1834, a.21.

Cirus, s.Samuel and Rachel, Aug.22,1778. [Cyrus, a.4y.23d.GR1]

Betsey A., w.Rev. Joseph, Nov.9,1834, a.23. [Betsey Ann.GR1]

George A., d.[sic] George and Mary, Nov.18,1844, a.1y.2m.18d.GR1

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rachel, Apr.14,1760. [a.2y.10m.28d.GR1]

Hannah, d.Samuel and Rachel, Apr.2,1768. [d.Samuel and Rachal, a.2y.11m.22d.GR1]

James, Lt., Mar.13,1833, a.79.GR2

Joseph, Feb.16,1814, a.31.PR9

Lois, w.Samuel, Nov.16,1813, a.41. [Louis, w.Samuel, Nov.16,1815.GR1 Lois, Nov.16,1813,, a.42.PR9]

Lois, Feb.24,1837, a.93.PR9

Lovey, Aug.30,1807, a.16.

Luther, Sept.26,1836.

Mary [Mary written after Asseneth scratched out], d.Nathan, Aug. [Aug. crossed out] 30,1818, a.2. [Mary, Aug.30.CR1 Mary, ch.Nathan and Asenath, Aug.30, a.2y.2m.19d.GR1]

Nathan, s.N., Feb.7,181819 [4,1819 written in pencil above the date], a.2m., [s.Nathan, Feb.4,1819, a.7w.,CR1; ch.Nathan and Asenath, Feb.9,1819, a.2m.2d.GR1]

Oliver, May20,1820, a.79.PR9

Rachel, d.Samuel and Rachel, Mar.5,1767, a.7y.6m.12d.GR1

Rachel, w.Samuel, July22,1792. [in 57th y.GR1]

Samuel, s.Samuel and Rachel, Mar.3,1767, a.4y.9m.27d.GR1

Samuel, Mar.2,1813, a.87.

Samuel, Oct.24,1813, a.45.PR9

Sarah, wid.Joseph of Concord, Apr.21,1816, a.86.

Sophia, d.Samuel Jr. and Lois, Jan.2,1798, a.2y.8m.GR1

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