Jerusha [int.Hagar] and Samuel Temple, Sept.15,1785. [Hager.CR1]

Joseph and Agnis Wetherbee, Aug.19,1793.

Sally of Concord and John Hardy of Cavindish, VT, Feb.17,1785.*


Enoch of Roxbury and Miss Emeline [int.Emerline] Hosmer, Apr.26,1837. [Miss Emeline, removed to Roxbury.CR2]


Almira F., Miss, and Luther Wilkins, int.Dec.6,1845.

Hanibal [int.Hannibal] of Warterford, ME. [ME. written in pencil, int.Waterford, omits ME.] and Sukey Faulkner, Jan.15,18末. [1800 written in pencil, int.Dec.16,1799]. [Hannibal of Warterford, Jan.16,1800.CR1]


David (Hammon[d written in pencil]) [int.Hammon] of Harvard and Miss Almira Hosmer, Apr.10,1825.

Elizebeth and Jonathan Coolidge, Sept.28,1808,*PR7

Betsy and Edward Richards, Apr.13,1809,*PR7

Jonathan and Elizebeth Coolidge, May3,1785,*PR7

Jonathan and Mary Ann Clap, Oct.11,1830,*PR7

Lydia and Jonathan Fletcher, Apr.2,1823,*PR7

Sophia and Nathaniel Sternes, Aug.10,1817,*PR7

William and Rachel Howe, Sept.10,1828,*PR7

HANDLEY (Handly, Hendley, Hendly, Henly)

Aaron C., butcher or marketman, s.John, and Harriet Putman, d.Dennis, June1,1848.

Amos Jr. and Miss Mary Wright, Nov.3,1831[? in Concord].

Amos, and Miss Hannah Doughty of Westford, May19,1837.

Charles Jr. and Hannah Chaffin, Jan.28,1808.

Charlotte, Miss, and Ebenezer Davis, June9,1839. [May末.CR2]

Eliza, Miss, and Charles W. Bemis of Weston, int.Mar.12,1835.

Emerson B. and Miss Catherine Sawyer, int.July29,1831.

Harriet P., Miss, and Edward Tuttle, int.Feb.28,1841.

Jonas, and Mrs.Lydia Burrill of Littleton, int.Apr.12,1849.

Lucy [int.Mrs.] and Samuel Whitney, Sept.13,1808. [Lucy.CR1]

Lucy [int.adds E.], Miss, and Oliver S. Tilden of Fitchburgh, Nov.30,1843.

Marion W., d.Eleazer S., and John P. Rouillard, shoemaker, s.Lewis, all, Nov.12,1844.

Mary [int.Miss] and Barnard Reed, Apr.18,1819.

Mary Ann, Miss, and Nathaniel T. Law, Apr.26,1841.

Rebecca, Miss, and Erastus Convass of Lyme, NH, Jan.27,1842.

Samuel and Rebecca Lamson, Sept.5,1804.

Sarah E., Miss, and James I. [int.J.] Gibson of Groton,末蔓末, [int.June25], 1842.

Susan R., Miss, and Oliver Merriam [int.Meriam] of Concord, Nov.14,1837.

HANDLY (Handley, Hendley, Hendly, Henly)

Eliza Ann [int.Handley], Miss, and Timothy [int.Timathy] Harris, Sept.17,1833.

Emerline E. [int.Emeline E. Handley], Miss, and Daniel Tuttle, May27,1834.

Maria and Joel Glover, int.Mar.10,1832[3 written over 2]

Martha Ann [dup. and int.Handley], Miss, and Samuel Jones, Apr.8,1838.


Daniel of Eliot, ME, and Miss Lucy F. Cole, int.Dec.6,1845.

Mary C. and Elisha Peckins, Dec.27,1849.*


Nabby [int.and dup. int.Nabby], and Daniel White Jr. of Rockingham, VT. [int.and dup. int.formerly of A.], Sept.27,1815. [Nabby, Apr.27.CR1]

Abraham and Lucy Davies, int.Oct.25,1775.

Abraham, and Mary Wright of Concord, Mar.13,1783, in Concord.

Abraham, Lt., and Mary Foster, wid., of Littleton, int.Oct.19,1815.

Abram and Roxana Wilson, July26,1846,*PR4

Benjamin F., and Miss Perce V. Jay [sic, ? Joy] of Brattleborough, VT, int.Aug.11,1833.

Charlotte and John White Jr., Oct.17,1811. [Charlotte, d.Abraham and Mary, and John White Jr., s.Daniel and Mary.PR8]

Cyrus of Concord and Miss Ellenor [int.Elenor] Wheeler, Jan.18,1842.

Betsey of Stow and Joseph Maynard, Oct.17,1795, in Concord.*

Betsey of Stow and Joseph Maynard, int.Aug.11,1805.

Betsey and Simon Tuttle Jr., Feb.17,1814.

Ephraim and Molly [int.Molley] Tuttle, Apr.13,1780.

Ephraim and Polly [int.Polley] Hunt, Jan.23,1800. [Polly.CR1]

Ephraim Jr., and Hannah Ball of Bolton, int.Apr.11,1805.

Hannah [int.Miss], and George Baldwin of Concord, May12,1829.

Harriet, Miss, and Joseph B. Barry, int.Aug.29,1830.

James, and Miss Mary Eastabrook of Lexington, int.July15,1819. [Estabrook, m.Sept.1.PR4]

John and Miss Mary Ann Hosmer, Apr.20,1826.

Joseph and Sarah Hunt, Feb.11,1798.*

Lucy and Abel Jones, Jan.3,1805.

Maria [int.Miss], and Ira Stockwell, Jan.1,1829.

Polly, and Jonas Wright of Concord, Mar.30,1794, in Concord.

Mary, wid., and Dea.Andrew Fletcher of Westford, int.Nov.26,1819.

Molly T. [int.Tuttle], Miss, and [int.Dea.] Silas Hosmer, Feb.13,1823. [Dea.Silas.CR1]

Mary Elizabeth and Elbridge Robbins, June6,1849,*PR3

Nathaniel and Miss Rebecca Stow of Concord, int.Dec.23,1809.

Oliver, and Lucy Tuttle of Littleton, Feb.10,1785.

Rebecca and Jonathan Billings Jr., Apr.24, 末末 [1810 in later handwriting, int.Mar.17,1810]. [Apr.24,1810.CR1]

Sarah, and Timothy Wood of Harvard, Aug.24,1797, in Harvard.

Simon [int.Ens.] and [int.Miss] Mary Frazier [int.Fraizeir], Feb.26,1817. [Simon and Mary Frazier.PR10]

Sophia, Miss, and Silas Taylor [int.Taylour], Apr.11,1820 [? in Littleton]. [Taylor.PR6]

Susanna and Edward Wetherbee Jr., Dec.24,1807.

William E.S. and Maria Haven,末蔓末, 末末.*PR4


John of Cavindish, VT, and Sally Hager of Concord, Feb.17,1785.*


John M. and Miss Charlotte Davis, Jan.5,1843. [Dr. [Dr. written after Mr. crossed out] John,末蔓末,1842.CR2]

HARRINGTON (Herrington)

Catharine [int.Herrington] and Ephraim Davis, May4,1794. [Catherine Harrington.CR1]

Edward [int.Herrington] and Polley Wetherbee, May2,1811. [Harrington.CR1]

Isaac, and Miss Releaf Watkins of Concord, int.Aug.25,1825.

Lucy [int.Herrington, "Mrss"], and Thomas Fiske Lawrence [int.Lawrance] of Concord, Nov.29,1末 [1810 in later handwriting, int.Sept.1,1810]. [Harrington, and Thomas Fiskey Lawrance of Concord, Nov.29,1810.CR1]

Mary [int.Herrington], Miss, and Eliab Grimes, Oct.29,1833.

Phinehas and Miss Sophia Conant, May5,1842.

Susanna [int.Susana] of Watertown and John Edwards, May26,1793, in Watertown.


Abigail, and Benjamin Temple of Concord, int.Oct.12,1745.

Abigail [int.Abigal], Miss, and Ebenezer Wood of Concord, May31,1820. [Miss Abigail, and Ebenezar Wood of Concord.cR1]

Calvin of W. Cambridge and Miss Harriet Reed, Feb.26,1843. [Miss Harriot, removed to W. Cambridge, Mar.末.CR2]

Calvin, farmer, s.Joseph, and [int.Mrs.] Harriet Pierce, all, Sept.19,1848.

Daniel, and Miss Harriet Dakin of Concord, int.May6,1837.

James, and Miss Mary Flint of Concord, int.June20,1829.

James, and Miss Lydia Dakin of Concord, int.Oct.11,1835.

John, and Ruth Parlin of Concord, int.Nov.25,1758.

John Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Nabby Dudley, Dec.7,1796. [John Jr.CR1]

John Jr. [int,] and [int.Miss] Mary White, Apr.26,1829.CR1

Joseph and Sybil [int.Sibbel] Reed, Mar.17,1799. [Sybil.CR1]

Mary, Miss, and Abel Farrer, Aug.31,1823.

Mary, Miss, and Samuel Temple, Mar.25,1827.

Mary B. of New York City and James Kimball, farmer, of Littleton, Nov.24,1847.*

Sarah of Westford and John Hill, Jan.7,1770, in Concord.

Timothy [int.Timathy] and Miss Eliza Ann Handly [int.Handley], bth, Sept.17,1833.


末末 of Groton and Miss Emma Whitman,末蔓末, 末末.*CR2

Ellen, d.Timothy, and Joseph B. Hildreth, cordwainer, s.Joseph of Westford, Mar.22,1849.*

Joseph 2d of Bedford and Miss Hannah Hodgman, May5,1833.

Sarah of Westford and Daniel Fletcher, Nov.12,1741.

Timothy [int,] and Lucinda [int.Miss Lucindia] Elenor Jones, June19,1828. [Timothy and Lucinda Elenor Jones.CR1]


Martha of Harvard and Moses Houghton, int.Jan.16,1803.


Submit and John Sanders, int.Oct.13,1753.


Edwin, and Mrs.Margaret J.W. Fuller of Roxbury, int.Apr.14,1845.


Maria and William E.S. Hapgood,末蔓末, 末末.*PR4


Joshua N. and Miss Abigal Fuller, int.Apr.1,1820.

HAYES (Hays)

Hannah [int.Hays], and Isaac Aplleton [int.Applin] of Swanzey, Feb.14,1765.


Albert of Milford and Mrs.Mary E. Cummings, int.Aug.26,1849.

Charles B., and Miss Jemmima A. Clemens of Nashua, NH, int.Nov.13,1846.

Harriet [int.Harriot], Miss, and Benjamin Robbins, Apr.10,1830.

John [int.Hayns] of Sudbury and Sally [int.Sarah] Forbush, Nov.26,1785. [Haynes of Sudbury and Sally Furbush.CR1]

Lucy, Miss, and Israel H. Giles of Concord, int.Sept.4,1839.

Mary D., Miss, and Eli Willis Jr., both of Sudbury, Apr.30,1837, in Sudbury.*

Rebecca, Miss, of Bolton, and Nathan Hosmer, int.Mar.29,1825.

Samuel B. of Bolton and Rebecka [int.Miss Rebecca] Hosmer, Apr.23,1835. [Miss Rebecca, removed to Bolton.CR2]

William of Concord and Miss Eliza Olover, Feb.6,1834.

HAYS (Hayes)

Catharine and Simon Davis, int.May28,1748.

Hananh and Jonathan Cleaveland int.Apr.16,1748.

Rachel, and Moses Belden of Swansey, int.Oct.10,1761.

HAYWARD (Haywood, Heyward, Heywood, Howard)

Aaron, Capt., and Rebecca [int.Rebecah] Hosmer, Jan.1,181 [1818, int.Dec.1,1817].

Abigail [int.Miss Abigal], and William Livingston of Chelmsford, Apr.22,18末 [1810 in later handwriting, int.Dec.16,1809]. [Abigail, Apr.22,1810.CR1]

Benjamin and Lucy Hunt, Apr.6,1780.

Benjamin, and Tabatha Houghton of Luningbourgh, int.Nov.18,1784.

Benjamin, Dea., and Mrs.Rachal Hayward of Worcester, int.Dec.9,1821.

Catharine, and John Knight of Harvard, Dec.15 [Oct.10 written in pencil above Dec.15], 1791. [Catherine, Oct.10.CR1]

Betsey, see Elisabeth.

Elisabeth [int.Betsey] and Elijah Davies [int.Davis], Sept.10,1793. [Betsey and Elijah Davies.CR1]

Betsey [int.wid.], and Alpheus [int.Alphius] Gale of Waltham, May7,1812. [Betsy Haywood, and Alpheus Gale of Waltham.CR1]

Betsey, Miss, and Samuel T. Adams of Boston, Apr.8,1835.

John [int.Capt.] and Molly Forbush, July5,1792. [Furbush.CR1]

Josiah and Lucy Conant, int.Nov.27,1761.

Josiah and Susannah Lenfield, int.Aug.31,1814.

Lucy and Nehemiah Batchelor, July31,1766.*

Lucy, and Oliver Stevens of Ringe, NH [int.omits NH], Nov.26,1789.

Lucy and 釦her [Luther written in pencil, int.Luther] Gilbert, Jan.9,1806. [Luther.CR1]

Lucy and 末asa [Amasa in later handwriting, int.Amasa] Davies, Oct.20,1807. [Amasa.CR1]

Lucy R., Miss, and Jonathan Hosmer 2d., July7,1833.

Lucy [int.Mrs.] and Dea.Phineas Wheeler, Apr.14,1836. [Lucy, wid.CR2]

Luke, and Nancy Sargent [int.Serjant] of Princeton, Dec.12,1811. [Sargent of Princeton.cR1]

Lydia and Joseph Piper, int.Dec.3,1768.

Lydia and John Adams, Feb.23,1770.

Mary, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and Francis Wheeler [int.of Concord crossed out], June5,1755, in Lexington.

Mary and Ebenezer White, int.Sept.27,1774.

Mary and James Colman [int.Coleman], Jan.16,1803. [Colman.CR1]

Mary [int.Mrs.], and 末末y [Cheny in later handwriting] Tenney [int.Cheny Jenny] of Littleton, Dec.2,1806. [Mary, and Cheny Tenney of Littleton.CR1]

Mary of Concord and Silas Conant, int.Apr.4,1807.

Mary, Miss, and Henry Skinner of Andover, June29,1824.CR1

Miriam and Stephen [int.Stephan] Chaffin, June2,1786. [Stephen.CR1]

Moses and Dolly Robbins, Jan.14,1808.

Nancy, and David Whitcomb of Stow, Nov.20,1803.

Paul and Anna White, July14,1768.

Rachal, Mrs., of Worcester, and Dea.Benjamin Hayward, int.Dec.9,1821.

Rebekah, and Samuel Dudley of Littleton, int.Sept.20,1755. [Haywood, m.Jan.15,1756.CR1]

Rebekah [int.Rebecca] and James Davies, Sept.2,1779. [Rebecca.CR1]

Ruth, and Elias Sawyer of Bolten, Jan.16,1772.

Samuel, and Mary stevens of Marlborough, June3,1739. [Haywood.CR1]

Samuel and Mary Brown, Dec.20,1764.

Samuel and Judith [int.Judeth] Wheeler, Oct.20,1799. [Judith.CR1]

Sarah and David Forbush, "first Thursday of Nov. " 1762. [Forbesh.CR1]

Sally, and Alden Wood of Boxborough, Oct.16,1817.

Sibbel, and Abel Wright of Ashby, June21,1792.

Simeon of Concord and Mary Billing, July7,1763.

Simeon, and Lucy Marble of Stowe, Dec.12,1786, in Stowe.

Simeon, and Betsey Randall [int.Elisebeth Randal] of Stowe, Oct.30,1792, in Stowe.

Stevens and Hannah Hunt, May23,1782.*

Stevens [int.Stevins], Capt., and [int.Miss] Rebecca Hunt, Mar.3,1811. [Capt. Stevens and Rebecca Hunt.CR1]

Stevens, Capt., and [int.Mrs.] Lucy Durant, Nov.14,1816.

Stevens 2d and Miss Jerusha P. Dole,末蔓末,1846,*CR2

Sukey [int.Miss], and Ephraim Fuller of Lancaster, June11,1818.

Sylvester and Miss Lucy A. Conant, both of Concord, Nov.30,1837, in Concord.*

Tabethy, Miss, and Loel Wood, int.Mar.25,1820.

HAYWOOD (Hayward, Heyward, Heywood, Howard)

末末 of Concord and Miss Mary Lawrence,末蔓末,1838,*CR2

Ephraim and Miss Betsy [int.Betsey] Davis, Dec.30,1798.


Nabby of Ringe and Nathan Hunt, int.May4,1786.

Dorathy, and Nehemiah Davis of Concord, int.Apr.28,1753.

Ebenezer and Marah [int.Mara] White, Sept.2,1779. [Marah.CR1]

Elisabeth and Zekariah Emery, int.June1,1737.

Elizabeth [int.adds L.], Mrs., and Elijah Newhall of Newipswich, NH, Mar.9,1831. [Elizebeth, and Elijah Newhawl of Newipswich, NH.CR1]

Fidelia, Miss, of Carlisle, and Cyrus Wheeler, int.Jan.12,1828.

Israel, and Susannah Robbins [int.of Chelmsford], Dec.30,1760, in Chelmsford.

John, and Elisabeth Barrat [int.Barrit of Chelmsford], July18,1745, in Chelmsford.

John, Dea., and Elisebeth Wright of Concord, int.Nov.10,1759.

John and Mary White, Dec.19,1771.

Jonas, and Anne Wilkins [int.Wilkens] of Carlisle, Jan.6,1785, in Carlisle.

Lois C., Miss, of Carlisle, and Abner Hosmer, int.Mar.22,1840.

Lydia, and Jacob Robbins of Wesford, int.Nov.25,1749.

Lydia, and Nathneil [int.Nathaniel] Thatcher of Dunstable, Nov.22,1785. [Nathaniel of Dunstable.CR1]

Maria Adeline, Miss, of Westford, and John Edwards, int.Oct.1,1826.

Martha, and John Barrett [int.Barrit] of Chelmsford, May24,1738, in Concord.

Mary, and Jonas Robbins of Chelmsford, May24,1738, in Concord.

Ruth and James Faulkner, int.Sept.1,1759.

Sarah [int,] and Jonas Hildreth [int.of Chelmsford], Jan.1,1744-5. [Hildrech.CR1]


Sarah Ann, Miss, of Canor [sic, Canaan], NH, and John A. Tilton, int.Dec.14,1841.

HENDLEY (Handley, Handly, Hendly, Henly)

Eliezer S. [int.Eleazer S. Danley] and Miss Eliza Wellington, Apr.22,1824. [Elezar S. Hendley and Elisa Willington.CR1]

Olive [int.Handly, Miss] and Isaac Barker, Oct.22 [2 written over 0], 1829. [Handley, Oct.22.CR1]

HENDLY (Handley, Handly, Hendley, Henly)

Abraham B. [int.Hendley] and Miss Susan E. Winn, Jan.15,1828 [? in Littleton].


Auzubah [Azubah written above Auzubah] and Cesar Thomson, Jan.27,1785.* [Azubah and Caesar Thompson.CR1]

HENLY (Handley, Handly, Hendley, Hendly)

Charles of Concord and Allis Sartwell, Nov.3,1782.* [Handly of Concord and Allice Sartell.CR1]


Sarah B. [int.Miss] of Stow and Isaac B. Jewell, mechanic, Nov.18,1847.

HERRINGTON (Harrington)

Hannah and Jesse Pierce [int.Peirce], Dec.27,1814. [Harrington and Jesse Pierce.CR1]

HEYWARD (Hayward, Haywood, Heywood, Howard)

Cyrus, and Miss Mary P. Edwards of Enfield, NH, int.Aug.30,1846.

Hepzibah [int.Hapsebah Heywood], and Reuben Ruben Wheeler of Carlisle, Oct.20,1789, in Carlisle.

James W. and Miss Hannah E. Conant, June18,1840. [Hayward.CR2]

Lucy Anna, Miss, of Boxboro, and Thomas Burbeck, int.Oct.9,1842.

Mary, d.Aaron, and Charles R. Bowers, shoemaker, Apr.3,1845.

Mary [int.Miss] of Boxboro and Levi W. Stevens, Sept.2,1846.

Nancy, Mrs.Lancester, and Silas Sweatt, int.Sept.10,1848.

Stevens of Boxboro and Miss Charlotte Conant, June13,1843.

Susan P. [int.B.], Miss [int,], and William C. Allen of New York City, Nov.7,1843. [Susan Blood Hayward.CR2]

HEYWOOD (Hayward, Haywood, Heyward, Howard)

Abigail [Elizabeth written in pencil above Abigail, int.Elisabeth], and Nathan Warner [int.Worner] of Harvard, June28,1784. [Elisabeth Haywood, and Nathan Warner of Harvard.CR1]

Calvin [int.Hayward], and Rebecca Taylor of stow, Jan.26,1791[1 written over 2,1791 written in pencil, int.Nov.17,1790]. [Calven Heywood, Jan.26,1791.CR1]

Elizabeth, see Abigail.

Elizabeth, and Jacob Powar of Concord, Aug.26,1781, in Concord.*

James, and Miss Poly Lawrence of Bedford, int.June14,1818.

John and Miriam Forbush, int.Sept.26,1761.

HIBRUS (Hybrus)


Hannah of Wesford and Deliverance Davis, int.Sept.9,1749.

Jonas [int.of Chelmsford] and Sarah Heald [int,], Jan.1,1744-5. [Hildrech.CR1]

Joseph B., cordwainer, s.Joseph of Westford, and Ellen Hartwell, d.Timothy, Mar.22,1849.*

Lemuel, and Miss Abigal Skinner of Lowell, int.Apr.12,1849.

Lydia of Wesford and David Procter, int.Apr.16,1757.

Polly [int.polley] of Westford [int.Chelmnsford] and David Davis [int.Davies], July4,1793, in Carlisle.

Nancy, d.Lemuel of Westford, and John J. Lothrop [int.Lathrop], blacksmith, s.Charles (Lathrop) of Cornish, NH, Jan.9,1845.


John, and Sarah Harris of Westford, Jan.7,1770, in Concord.

Perez of Saco, ME, and Miss Hannah Robbins, May19,1833.

Sarah J., Miss, of Billerica, and Isaac Reed, int.Jan.25,1846[6 written over 5].


Elvira H., Miss, and Jerome B. Whitney, both of Pepperell, Jan.19,1837, in Boxoboro.*

John of Littleton and Miss Betsey Barker, May3,1821.

Joseph of Waltham and Miss Charlotte Jewel, Sept.9,1840.

Leonard Jr. of Lincoln and Miss Miraann Willington, int.Oct.7,1832.

HOBART (Hobert, Hubbard)


David, and Miss Emily Chadbourn of Madison, ME, int.Sept.27,1846.


Abigail of Concord and Nathan Parlin, Jan.31,1770, in Concord.

Elizabeth, Mrs., of Bedford, and Phinehas Wheeler, int.July10,1831.

Hannah, Miss, and Joseph Hartwell 2d of Bedford, May5,1833.

John of Bedford and Miss Lucy Wheeler, int.Mar.25, [m.Aug.末, 末末 "and removed to Woborn,"CR2]

Sarah A., Miss, of Bedford, and Cyrus Dole, int.Apr.25,1836.


Jason of Randolph and Miss Lucinda Chaffin, int.Mar.22,1834.

HOLDEN (Holdin)

Anna of Concord and William Barker, Aug.31,1769, in Concord.*

Dolly, Miss, and Samuel Cook of Lunenburg, Aug.11,1835.

Henry, farmer, s.Silas, and Eliza W. Miller, d.末末 of Acton, ME, Dec.16,1844.

Lydia, Miss, of Shirley, and Simon Tuttle, Feb.24,1825.

Nathaniel of Shirley and Mrs.Elizabeth Tuttle, int.Aug.14,1831.

Rhoda M.F., Miss, of Shirley, and Andrew J. Reed, int.Feb.15,1840.

Rufus, and [int.Miss] Mary H. Brown of Concord, Feb.2 [int.Feb.7], 1836, in Concord.

S. Elisabeth, Miss, and Luther Forbes,末蔓末,1845,*CR2

Sarah, and Lemuel Barritt of Littleton, int.Sept.5,1747. [m.Oct.29.CR1, see Sarah, 1749.]

Sarah, and Samuel Barrett of Littleton, Oct.29,1749 [see Sarah, 1747].*

HOLDIN (Holden)

Lydia of Concord and William Barker, int.Sept.1,1769.


Oliver, see Oliver Houghton.


Rebecca, Miss, and Newell Knights, int.Oct.11,1846.


Elizebeth, Miss, and Luther Davis, Nov.14,1839, in Lexington.

HORTEN (Horton)

Elisabeth and James Obses, Nov.26,1778.* [Horton and Jonas Obses.CR1]

HORTON (Horten)

John, and Miss Elizebeth [int.Elizabeth] B. Day of Chester, VT, Mar.25,1828 [? in Chester, VT]

Jotham and Miss Mary Rowell, int.June4,1848.

HOSMER (Hosmore)

Aaron, and Miss Sarah H. Graham of Boxborough, int.Sept.24,1836.

Aaron, and Miss Laurella Nixon of Framingham, int.Mar.4,1849.

Abba L. [int,], d.Simon, and Lowell F. Wood, railroad engineer, s.Lowell, May5,1847.

Abel of Concord and Miss Olive P. Davies [int.Olive Parlin Davis], Oct.2,1821. [Olive P. Davis.CR1]

Abner, and Miss Lois C. Heald of Carlisle, int.Mar.22,1840.

Almira, Miss, and David Hammond [d written in pencil, int.Hammon] of Harvard, Apr.10,1825.

Anna [int.Anne], and Samuel Wheeler of Bolton, Nov.7,1793. [Anna.CR1]

Asahel of Concord and Eunice Wright, Jan.6,1800.

Catherine [int.Catharine] and Simeon Furbush [int.Forbush], Nov.22,1797. [Furbush.CR1]

Clarissa [int.Miss Clarrissa], and Bradly [int.Bradley] Stone of Concord, Sept.18,1828. [Clarissa, and Bradley Stone of Concord.CR1]

David of Concord and Annice Burgess [int.Anness Burges], Mar.14,1799, in Concord.

David W., and Miss Harriet C. Spaulding of Plainfield, NH, int.Apr.5,1846.

Emeline [int.Emerline], Miss, and Enoch Hall of Roxbury, Apr.26,1837. [Miss Emeline, removed to Roxbury.CR2]

Ephraim and Sarah Jones, int.Apr.28,1753.

Ephraim and Mercy Whitney, both of Boxborough, Nov.6,1783.*

Ephraim and Miss Elizebeth H. Priest, int.Apr.5,1840.

Esther [int.Easther] and Daniel Fletcher Barker, Apr.8,1802. [Esther.CR1 Esther.PR9]

Eunice, Mrs., and Reuben Barker, int.Mar.8,1825. [m.May13.PR9]

Filicia (Hosme[cut off]) [int.Felicia Hosmer], Miss, and Simeon Pope, Jan.12,1838.

Franklin [int,] and [int.Miss] Hannah Whitcome, Apr.16,1829.CR1

Hammond [int.Hammon] A. of Boston and Miss Susan Noyes, Dec.18,1825. [Hammond A. of Boston, Dec.18,1824 [sic].CR1]

Harriet [int.Harriot], Miss, and Gairus [int.Jarius] S. Barney of Framingham, Oct.14,1827. [Hariot, and Gairus S. Barney of Framingham.CR1]

Harriet E, Miss, and Abraham H. Jones, Jan.17,1844.

Hiram and Miss Mary W. Fletcher, Aug.7,1836, in A,.

Jeremiah and Miss Hannah Noyes, Apr.25,1822.

Jonathan, and Submit [int.Submitt] Hunt of Concord, Jan.31,1760, in Concord.

Jonathan Jr., and Sally Genings of Littleton, int.Dec.26,1806.

Jonathan 2d and Miss Lucy R. Hayward, July7,1833.

Lois [int.Miss], and Aaron Hunt of Sudbury, Apr.4,1819.

Lucy and Joseph Stanly, Aug.20,1773.*

Lucy and Joseph Barker 3d., Apr.4,1805.

Lucy, Miss, and Amas [int.Amos] Noyes Jr., Jan.19,1832.

Martha and Samuel Wheeler, int.Mar.17,1759.

Mary and Peter Tenny [int.Tenney], Nov.30,1797. [Tenney.CR1]

Mary Ann, Miss, and John Hapgood, Apr.20,1826.

Nancy, Miss, and Josiah Russell of E. Sudbury, int.Aug.15,1819.

Nathan, and Miss Rebecca Haynes of Bolton, int.Mar.29,1825.

Rebeccah and Jonathan Barker, int.Sept.14,1800.

Rebecca [int.Rebecah] and Capt. Aaron Hayward, Jan.1,181 [1818, int.Dec.1,1817].

Rebecka [int.Miss Rebecca], and Samuel B. Haynes of Bolton, Apr.23,1835. [Miss Rebecca, removed to Bolton.CR2]

Ruben of Mason and Elisabeth Cutting, Jan.9,1794. [Reuben of Mason.CR1]

Ruth and Gidion Powars, int.Sept.3,1757.

Ruth and John Wheeler, May20,1784.

Samuel 2d and Miss Jerusha Barker, Oct.4,1725. [Oct.4,1824 [sic].CR1 Oct.4,1825.PR9]

Samuel and Sarah Hosmer, Oct.16,1788.*

Samuel Jr. [int.omits Jr.] of Concord and Rebecca Forbush, Oct.17,1789. [Samuel Jr. of Concord and Rebecca Furbush.CR1]

Samuel 3d, and Miss Sally B. Whitcomb of Boxborough, int.Jan.5,1833.

Samuel 2d, farmer, and [int.Mrs.] Mary Spalding [int.Spaulding,], June13,1847. [Spaulding, wid.CR2 Mary C. Spaulding.PR9]

Sarah, and Oliver Stevens of Littleton, Apr.1,1766.

Sarah and Samuel Hosmer, Oct.16,1788.*

Sally [int.Miss], and William Moore Jr. [int.omits Jr.] of Sudbury, Dec.29,1811. [Sally, and William Moore Jr. of Sudbury.CR1]

Sally and Jonathan B. Davis, Aug.24,1815.

Silas [int.Dea.] and Miss Molly T. [int.Tuttle] Hapgood, Feb.13,1823. [Dea.Silas.CR1]

Silas, Dea., and Miss Mary Jacobs of Carlisle, int.May11,1833.

Silas, farmer, s.末末, and Mary Puffer of Lowell, Jan.13,1848.*

Simon, and Sarah [int.Sally] Whitcomb of Bolton, Jan.26,1796, in Bolton.

Simon 2d and Miss Harriet Easterbrook [int.Esterbrook], Sept.25,1825.

Stephen [int.Stephan] and Sarah Davies, Dec.12,1765.

Stephen 2d and Miss Mary Wetherbee, May26,1831.

Stephen and Miss Parmelia [int.Pamelia] Winn, Oct.23,1832.

Submet and Jonas Barker, Apr.24,1781.* [Submit.CR1]

William and Mary Hunt, Sept.23,1832, in Wilmington, VT,*PR9

HOSMORE (Hosmer)

Nathan D. [int.Nathan Davis Hosmer], and Rebecca [int.Rebeckah] Ball of Bolton, Feb.17,1799, in Bolton.


Joseph, and Releef Brown of Stow, int.June12,1803.

Lois, Miss, and Christopher [int.Christapher] Grant of Watertown, Aug.8,1820. [Houston, and Christapher Grant of Watertown.CR1]

Moses, and Martha Haskel of Harvard, int.Jan.16,1803.

Oliver [int.Holten] of Boxborough and Lois Coolidge, Sept.18,1793. [Houghton of Boxborough and Lois Cooledge.CR1]

Tabatha of Luningbourgh and Benjamin Hayward, int.Nov.18,1784.


Lois, see Lois Houghton.

Reuben, and Miss Angelina Douglass of Wilton, NH, int.Nov.13,1831.

HOW (Howe)

末末 of Concord and Miss Dorcas G. Deeth,末蔓末,1835,*CR2

HOWARD (Hayward, Haywood, Heyward, Heywood)

Rufus of Holden and Miss Roxa Keyes, int.Apr.6,1840. [Mr. Heywood, m.末蔓末.CR2]

Thomas of Cambridge and [int.Miss] Hannah E. Wright, Dec.3,1835.

William, and Jemmima Whitmore, "then living in Bedford," Mar.9,1782, in Bedford.*

HOWE (How)

Rachel and William Hammond, Sept.10,1828,*PR7


Aaron of Ipswich and Miss Jame [sic] Barker, int.Apr.24,1848.

Chaterin [int.Catherine] E., d.Daniel of Walpole, NH, and Lewis Chaffin, farmer, s.John, Mar.25,1845.

Daniel W., and [int.Miss] Elizebeth Chaffin [int,], Mar.22,1848.

Levi [int.Hobart] of Walpole, NH [int.omits NH], and Abigail Jones, Feb.23,1792. [Hubbard of Walpole, NH.CR1]

Nathaniel F. of Groton and Miss Clarrisa Barker, Mar.14,1843.


Aaron of Sudbury and [int.Miss] Lois Hosmer, Apr.4,1819.

Elisabeth and Simon Tuttle Jr. [int.omits Jr.], Jan.14,1790. [Simon Jr.CR1]

Hannah and Stevens Hayward, May23,1782.*

Joanna and Joseph Noyes, Oct.14,1800.

Jotham and Elisabeth Gorham [int.Elizabeth Goreham] Tuttle, Dec.23,1804. [Elisabeth Gorham Tuttle.CR1]

Lucy and Benjamin Hayward, Apr.6,1780.

Lucy and Henry Durant, Apr.9,1799.

Mary, and Daniel White of Billerica, Jan.1,1784.

Polly [int.Polley] and Ephraim Hapgood, Jan.23,1800. [Polly.CR1]

Mary and William Hosmer, Sept.23,1832, in wilmington, VT,*PR9

Nancy, and Martin Wood of Littleton, int.Dec.28,1800.

Nathan, and Nabby Heald of Ringe, int.May4,1786.

Rebecca [int.Miss] and Capt. Stevens [int.Stevins] Hayward, Mar.3,1811. [Rebecca and Capt. Stevens Hayward.CR1]

Sarah and Joseph Hapgood, Feb.11,1798.*

Sarah, Mrs., and David Calton of Ringe, int.June27,1808.

Simon and Lydia Brooks, Mar.4,1779.

Simon, and Lydia Proctor [int.Brooks, sic] of Westford, June16,1785, in Westford.

Submit [int.Submitt] of Concord and Jonathan Hosmer, Jan.31,1760, in Concord.

Tabetha, and Joshua Todd of Ringe, NH [NH. written in pencil, int.omits NH], Feb.23,1796. [Tabitha, and Joshua Todd of Rindge.CR1]


G.W. Lafaette and Mrs.Harriet E. Huntoon, int.May5,1848.

Frances [sic, int.adds S.], 26, performer, of Boston, s.John and Lydia, and Harriet E. Lothrop, 27, d.Charles and Mary, Oct.25,1846.

Harriet E., Mrs., and G.W. Lafaette Huntoon, int.May5,1848.


George [int.Hibrus], and Sarah [int.Derara] Williams of Littleton, Dec.10,1763.


Rufus and Miss Almira Noyes, June10,1827.

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