LAMPSON (Lamson)

Nathan [int.Lamson], and Betsy Russell [int.Betsey Russel] of Bolton, Feb.11,1795, in Bolton.

Oliver [int.Lamson], and Jane Adams [int.Adam] of Pepperill, Feb.11,1761, in Pepperill.

LAMSON (Lampson)

Amos, and Milisant Powars of Littleton, int.May2,1755.

Ebenezer and Ruth Burgis [int.Burges], Feb.28,1808. [Burgis.CR1]

John and Elisabeth [int.Elizabeth] Cory, Jan.10,1764.

Mary and Aaron Gilbert, Apr.15,1804.

Oliver and Margeret Craft, int.Jan.17,1756.

Rebecca and Samuel Handley, Sept.5,1804.

Soloman, and Lois Virgin of Western, int.Aug.30,1757.

LATHROP (Lothrop)


Nabby, and Artemos Gates [int.Artimous Gaites, dup. int.Artimos Gates] of Stow, Sept.12,1813. [Artimas Gates of Stow.CR1]

Anne and Oliver Emerson, int.May [May written after April crossed out] 30,1774.

Caroline Matilda, and Samuel Scott of Concord, May24, 末末 [1801 in later handwriting, int.Mar.26,1801]. [May24,1801.CR1]

Catharine and Moses [int.Mose] Fletcher, Apr.20,1817.

Cyrus of Littleton and Miss Nancy B. Robbins, May2,1841.

Danforth and Nabby Fletcher, Feb.4,1800.

David, and Dolly Dickinson [int.Dolley Dickerson] of Concord, May19,1799, in Concord.

Elisebeth [int.Elisabeth] and Francis Cragin, Sept.9,1766.

James and Ann Fletcher, Mar.27,1788.*

John and Sarah Barker, int.Aug.7,1737.

Jonathan and Mary Bartlett, Oct.14,1804.

Joseph and Nabby [int.Naby] Pike, Feb.13,1809. [Nabby.CR1]

Lydia and Bennet Wood, Jan.末,1739. [Jan.31.CR1]

Mary and Hugh Foster, Jan.8,1740. [Mercy.CR1]

Molly and James Marsh, int.June22,1774.

Nathaniel T. and Miss Mary Ann Handley, Apr.26,1841.

Ruben and Allis [int.Ellis, dup. int.Rachel] Piper, Jan.13,1778. [Alles.CR1]

Reuben of Sheran [int.Sharron], NH, and Mrs.Ruth Piper, Sept.5,1827. [Low of Sharon, NH.CR1]

Samuel (卜uel) [Samuel in later handwriting, int.Samuel] and Mercy Adams, Apr.30,1807. [Samuel.CR1]

Sarah, and Daniel Farr of Stow, int.Oct.29,1757.

Sarah, and Timothy Farly of Belleraca, int.Sept.1,1764.

Sarah and Jonathan Piper, int.Nov.1,1775.

Sarah F., Mrs., and Daniel Bowker of Sudbury, int.Mar.25,1849.

Stephan Jr. and Patty Fry, Dec.25,1788.* [Stephen Jr.CR1]

Susana, and Oliver Brown of Concord, Apr.6,1780. [Susanna.CR1]


George, 21, carpenter, of Concord, b. Lincoln, s.Abel and Nancy of Lincoln, and Eliza Conant, 19, d.Silas and Eliza, Jan.31,1849.

John [Lawrence written above Blanchard crossed out] of Littleton and Mrs.Hannah Davis, June27,1771, in Littleton.*

John Jr. [int.Lawrance, omits Jr.] of Concord and Abigail [int.Nabby] Reed, Nov.24,1796. [Lawrence Jr. of Concord and Abigail Reed.CR1]

Poly, Miss, of Bedford, and James Heywood, int.June14,1818.

Mary, Miss, and 末末 Haywood of Concord,末蔓末,1838,*CR2

Thomas Fiske [int.Lawrance] of Concord and [int."Mrss"] Lucy Harrington [int.Herrington], Nov.29,1末 [1810 in later handwriting, int.Sept.1,1810]. [Lawrance of Concord and Lucy Harrington, Nov.29,1810.CR1]

Thomas F., and Miss Eliza Ann Cole of Littleton, int.Aug.12,1833.

LAYTON (Leighton)


Seth of Concord and Mary Conant, Feb.8,1753, in Concord.


Francis of Westford and [int.Miss] Hannah Jones, Nov.21,1802.


Susannah and Josiah Hayward, int.Aug.31,1814.


Edwin C., and Olivia 末末, [int.]末蔓末,1846.


Daniel H. of Concord and Anna Smith, July4,1816.

Sameul of Stow and Miss Martha Blanchard of Boxborough, Apr.3,1834.*


Andrew, and Miss Cynthia Blood of Pepperell, Aug.27,1837, in Townsend.

Eli, farmer [int,], s.末末 of littleton, and Hannah Rouillard [int,], d.Lewis, Apr.8,1845.

Paul of Carlisle and Lucy Davies, int.Aug.30,1801.


Jacob and Miss Ann B. Raymond, both of Boxborough, June10,1838, in Boxborough.*


William of Chelmsford and Abigail [int.Miss Abigal] Hayward, Apr.22,18末 [1810 in later handwriting, int.Dec.16,1809]. [Abigail, Apr.22,1810.CR1]


Daniel and Mrs.Dorcas Brabrook, int.Nov.23,1751.


John of Groton and Lois Faulkner, Jan.19,1797, in Groton.

John, Maj. [int.omits Maj.], of Norridgewock [int.adds Sumerset Co.], and [int.Miss] Hannah Faulkner, Feb.8,1820.


Almira M., Miss, and Cyrus Noyes, int.June1,1845.

Harriet E, 27, d.Charles and Mary, and Frances [sic, int.adds S] Huntoon, 26, performer, of Boston, s.John and Lydia, Oct.25,1846.

Henry O., 23, carpenter, s.Charles and Mary, and Rebecca W. Wood, 17, d.Lewis and Abigal, Nov.22,1846.

John J. [int.Lathrop], blacksmith, s.Charles (Lathrop) of Cornish, NH, and Nancy Hildreth, d.Lemuel of Westford, Jan.9,1845. [Lothrop.CR2]

William R. and Miss Mary E. Weston, int.July27,1845. [m.Sept.末.CR2]

William R. and Miss Susan Putman, int.Aug.12,1849.


Frances A. [int.Miss Ann F. of Boston] and Isaac Bullard, farmer, b. Mason, NH, Apr.15,1847.


Reuben, see Reuben Law.


Catharine [int.Catherine] H., Miss, and James W. Coyle of Tyngsborough, Oct.11,1826. [Catharine H.CR1]

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