Thomas, h.Maria,末蔓末,1846.GR1


George F., enl. Apr.16,1861, a.22.RR


John, single, laborer, of St. John, N.B., enl. Nov.13,1863, a.29.RR


Richard of New Orleans, enl. Dec.2,1862, a.20.RR


Meriam, s.Timothy,末蔓末, 末末.

Reuben, see Ruben.

Hannah, d.Robert and Hannah, Mar.28,1750.

John, s.John and Elener, Jan.8,1751.

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, July8,1752.

Joseph, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.30,1753.

Jonathan, s.John and Elenner, Oct.12,1754.

Elias, s.Robert and Hannah, Dec.30,1754.

Susanna, d.Robert and Hannah, Feb.19,1757.

Francis, s.Francis and Rebekah, Feb.21,1757.

David, s.John and Elener, July18,1757.

Abigail, d.Francis and Rebekah, July6,1759.

Stephen, s.John and Eleaner, Dec.31,1759.

Ephraim, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.24,1760.

Samuel, s.Francis and Rebekah, May28,1761.

Lucy, d.Robert and Hannah, Apr.18,1762.

Mary, d.John and Ellen, Oct.26,1762.

Daniel, s.Francis and Rebeckah, Nov.9,1763.

Simon, s.Robert and Hannah, Sept.27,1764.

Ruben, s.Francis and Rebecca, July14,1766.

Rebecca, d.Francis and Rebeca, Apr.30,1768.

Gladwin, s.Robert and Hannah, Nov.20,1768.

Betty, twin d.Robert and Hannah, Nov.14,1771.

Sibble, twin d.Robert and Hannah, Nov.14,1771.

Elisabeth, d.Francis and Rebecca, Jan.17,1772.

Sarah, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Apr.12,1778.CR1

John, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Oct.16,1779.

Nancy, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Apr.24,1781.

Lenord, s.David and Betty, Dec.31,1781.

Nathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Nov.14,1782.

Sally, d.David and Betty, Jan.27,1783.

Samuel, s.David and Betty, July16,1784.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Sarah, Sept.25,1784.

Joel Mathews, s.David and Betty, Mar.11,1786.

Hepsy, d.Joseph and Hepsybeth, Mar.13,1786.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Sarah, May2,1786. [w.William Reed, May3,1785.PR11]

Mercy, d.Simon and Mercy [Mercy in later handwriting], May23,1786, in Littleton

Lydia, ch.Jonathan and Sarah, bp. Mar.16,1788.CR1

David, s.David and Betty, Aug.24,1788.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Apr.26,1789.

Betty, d.David and Betty, Feb.11,1791.

Loiws, d.Simon and Mercy [Mercy in later handwriting], Sept.25,1791.

Aaron, s.Robert and Hannah, Oct.3,1791.

Jonas, s.Joseph and Hepsybeth, June16,1793.

Betsey, ch.Stephen and Miriam, bp. May4,1794.CR1

John, ch.Stephen and Miriam, bp. May4,1794.CR1

Ruth Hayward, ch.Stephen and Miriam, bp. May4,1794.CR1

Stephen, ch.Stephen and Miriam, bp. May4,1794.CR1

Polly, d.Simon and Mercy [Mercy in later handwriting], June20,1794.

Rhoda, d.Simon and Mercy [Mercy in later handwriting], Dec.12,1796.

Robert, s.Robert and Hannah, Feb.21,1797. [h.Susanna (C[onant]).GR1]

Joseph, s.Simon and Marcy, Nov.13,1799.

Nathan, b. Abbie R. [(Oliver)],末蔓末,1800.GR1

Naomi, d.John and Naomi, Dec.29,1800, in Braintree.

Mary, d.John and Naomi, Dec.1,1802.

Miriam, ch.Stephen and Miriam, bp. Oct.2,1803.CR1

Clarinda, d.John and Naomi, June12,1804.

Lucinda, d.John and Naomi, Mar.22,1806.

John, s.John and Naomi, May1,1808.

Samuel, s.John and Naomi, Sept.28,1812.

Alfred, s.John and Naomi, June11,1814.

Lewis, s.John and Naomi, Aug.25,1816. [h.Catherine E.GR1]

Nancy, d.John and Naomi, Sept.22,1819.

Martha, d.John and Naomi, June9,1821. [June3.CR1]

Catherine E., w.Lewis,末蔓末,1825.GR1

Abby Maria, ch.Nathan and Nabby, Nov.14,1838.

Nathan Lucian, ch.Nathan and Nabby, July12,1841.

Elizebeth Augusta, ch.Nathan and Nabby, Dec.27,1842.

Clara Amelia, d.Nathan, farmer, and Abigail R., Sept.26,1848.

Lucia Maria, d.Lewis, farmer, and Catherine of Walpole, NH, July28,1849. [w.末末 Wyman.GR1]

CHAMBERLAIN (Chamberlin)

Sally Adams, w, Joseph B.,末蔓末,1795.GR1

Joseph, ch.Joseph B. and Sally, Apr.1,1820.

Sarah, ch.Joseph B. and Sally, Oct.13,1824.

Joseph, ch.Joseph B. and sally, Nov.1,1826.

George ["Supposed to be Chil of Ezekiel.. Chamberlin," written in pencil], Dec.3,1826.

Warren ["Supposed to be Chil of Ezekiel.. Chamberlin," written in pencil], Mar.6,1828.

William, ch.Joseph B. and Sally, Nov.27,1829.

Harriet ["Supposed to be Chil of Ezekiel.. Chamberlin," written in pencil], Dec.3,1830.

Josiah ["Supposed to be Chil of Ezekiel.. Chamberlin," written in pencil], Mar.5,1833.

Francis, [twin] ch.Joseph B. and Sally, Oct.28,1834.

Frederic, [twin] ch.Joseph B. and Sally, Oct.28,1834. [Frederick W.GR1]

Addison ["Supposed to be Chil of Ezekiel. Chamberlin," written in pencil], July23,1836

Maria ["Supposed to be Chil of Ezekiel.. Chamberlin," written in pencil], Nov.25,1839.

CHAMBERLIN (Chamberlain)

Joseph, s.Joseph and Anna, Oct.1,1761.

Joseph Brabrook, s.Joseph and Ruth, Dec.18,1788. [Joseph Breabrook Chamberlin.CR1 Joseph B. Chamberlain, h.Sally Adams.GR1]

Mary, d.Joseph and Ruth, May21,1790. [w.Abel Robbins.GR1]

Ezekiel, s.Joseph and Ruth, Apr.26,1794.

Anne, d.Joseph and Ruth, May4,1797.

Ephraim Taylor, s.Joseph and Ruth, Sept.17,1799.

Silas Taylor, s.Joseph and Ruth, Aug.13,1804.

Levi, s.Joseph and Ruth, Feb.15,1807.


末末, chn. Mrs.Chandler, bp. July16,1739.CR1

James E., [b. or d.]末蔓末,1843.GR1

Anne E. [Chandler, ? m.], [b. or d.]末蔓末,1849, [on stone with James E.]GR1

CHAPLAIN (Chaplin)

William Jr., m., carpenter, enl. July8,1864, a.24.RR

Fannie Simpson, w.William, Co. E, 6 Reg. M.V.M., June6,1843.GR3

Sophia, d.William and Sophia, Jan.1,1844.


William H., m., farmer, enl. Aug.12,1861, a.32.RR [Col. 26th Regt. Mass.Vols., h.Abby Temple, b. Mar.31,1829.GR1]

Abby Temple, w.William H., Dec.4,1829.GR1


Mary M. Tuttle, w.Thomas N.,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Thomas N., h.Mary M. Tuttle,末蔓末,1838.GR1


William D., single, blacksmith, enl. Aug.25,1862, a.30.RR

John, single, blacksmith, of Canada, enl. July2,1863, a.21.RR

CLEAVELAND (Cleveland)

Jonathan, s.Enoch (Cleve[torn]) and Sarah, June7,1726, in Barwick.

Elizebeth, d.Jonathan and Lydia, June20,1740. [Cleavland.CR1]

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Lydia, Aug.11,1743.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Dorothy, June9,1744. [Cleavland ch.Jonathan Jr. and Dorothy.CR1]

Persis, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Aug.5,1749.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Dorothy, May9,1764.

CLEVELAND (Cleaveland)

Enoch, s.Enoch and Sarah, May26,1728, in Barwick.

Enoch, s.Enoch and Sarah, Aug.31,1732, in Concord.


Elizabeth, d.Jonathan (Cobleith) and Elizebeth, July23,1737.

Ephraim, Aug.31,1831.GR3


Sumner, s.Joseph and Sarah, Apr.17,1797.

George, s.Joseph and Sarah, Jan.28,1799.



Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Seba Wright, see Luseba Wright Conant.

Asa, s.William and Mary, Aug.19,1735 [3 written over 4].

Lois, d.William and Mary, Aug.23,1738.

Oliver, s.William and Mary, Mar.1,1740-1.

Lucy, d.William and Mary, Mar.27,1740.

Molly, d.William and Mary, Nov.14,1743.

Abel, h.Abigail (Davis),末蔓末,1747.GR1

Reuben, s.William and Huldah, June15,1757.

Mary, d.William and Huldah, Feb.10,1759.

Elisabeth, d.Silas and Elisabeth, Oct.7,1764.

Samuel Potter (Connant), s.Silas and Lois, Mar.22,1767.

Keziah, d.Silas and Elisabeth, Sept.29,1769.

Charlotte ([torn]arloote) [Charlotte written in pencil], d.Silas and [torn]ois, Apr.4,1772.

Lois, d.Silas and Lois, July5,1774.

Silas, s.Silas and Lois, Oct.25,1776.

Andrew, s.Silas and Lois, Mar.9,1782.

Luther, h.Sukey (Edwards),末蔓末,1786.GR1

Joel, Feb.1,1788, in Stow.GR1

James, s.Silas and Lois, May26,1788.

Samuel, s.Samuel P. and Rebecca, Jan.21,1790.

Nathan, s.Samuel P. and Rebecca, Oct.30,1791, in Littleton.

Paul, s.Samuel P. and Rebecca, June23,1793.

Rebecca, d.Samuel P. and Rebecca, Jan.3,1798.

Susanna, d.Samuel P. and Rebecca, June5,1800. [[w.Robert Chafflin]GR1]

Silas, s.Samuel P. and Rebecca, May4,1803.

Isaac Kilburn, ch.Abel and Lydia, bp. Apr.24,1808.CR1

Eliza A., w.Nahum, Feb.2,1809.GR2

Nahum, h.Eliza A., Oct.2,1810.GR2

Luseba Wright, d.James and Seba, Apr.14,1811. [Seba Wright Conant.CR1]

Louisa, d.James and Seba, Sept.26,1812. [Loisa.CR1]

Winthrop Faulkner, s.Abraham and Eunice, June11,1814.

James Franklin, s.James and Seba, Nov.23,1814.

Harriet, ch.Samuel and Mehitable, bp. May28,1815.CR1

Abigail Martha, d.Abraham and Eunice, June15,1816.

Joel Hobart, ch.Joel and Hannah, bp. Oct.13,1816.CR1

William Hayward, ch.Joel and Hannah, bp. Oct.13,1816.CR1

Mary, ch.Joel and Hannah, bp. July6,1817.CR1

Nancy Piper, ch.Samuel and Mehitable, bp. July6,1817.CR1

Samuel, s.Paul and Tilda, Apr.11,1818.

Hannah E., d.Joel and Hannah, May15,1818. [Hannah Elisabeth.CR1 Hannah E., w.Capt. James W. Hayward, q. v.GR1]

Martha Maria, d.Simeon and Betsey, May23,1818, in Stow.

Jesse Dais [sic, Davis], s.James and Seba, Oct.22,1818. [Jessa Davis Conant.CR1]

Charlottee, d.Abraham and Eunice, Mar.26,1820.

Emeline, d.Paul and Tilda, June4,1820.

Mary, d.Simeon and Betsey, Sept.4,1820.

Charles Augustus, s.Samuel and Hitty, Jan.8,1821.CR1

John, s.Joel and Hannah, Nov.17,1821.

Sophia, d.Paul and Tilda, Jan.27,1822.

Mary, ch.James and w., bp. July28,1822 [dup. b. July20,1820].CR1

Andrew, s.James and w., bp. May25,1823.CR1

Betsey Hayward, ch.Simon and w., bp. July27,1823.CR1

John, s.Paul and Matilda, Oct.11,1824.

Caroline Lee, ch.Joel and w., bp. Sept.末 末,1825.CR1

Silas, s.Silas and Elisa, Oct.15,1825. [h.Catherine Hyde.GR1]

Francis, s.Joel and w., bp. May27,1827.CR1

末末, ch.Samuel and w., bp. June24,1827.CR1

Nathan, s.Silas and Elisa, Sept.16,1827. [h.Jane.GR1]

Francis, s.Paul and Matilda, Sept.30,1827. [h.Martha Ann, h.Ellen Josephine.GR1]

Betsey Hayward, ch.Simion and w., bp. May25,1828.CR1

Augustine, s.Luther and Sukey [(Edwards)GR1], Sept.8,1828.

Eliza, d.Silas and Eliza, Sept.10,1829.

Mariah, d.Paul and Matilda, Oct.14,1830.

Martha Ann, w.Francis,末蔓末,1831.GR1

Luther, s.Luther and Sukey (Edwards), June4,1831. [h.Celeste J. (Robbins), h.Susan A. Davis.GR1]

Catherine Hyde, w.Silas,末蔓末,1832.GR1

Jane, w.Nathan,末蔓末,1832.GR1

Julia E., ch.Luther and Sukey (Edwards),末蔓末,1832.GR1

Susan Chaffin, d.Silas and Eliza, July28,1832.

Eliza, ch.Abraham and Eunice, bp. Sept.9,1832.CR2

Nancy, ch.Simeon, bp. Jan.5,1834.CR2

George, s.Silas and Eliza, Apr.28,1835. [h.Maria.GR1]

Ellen Josephine, w.Francis,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Maria, w.George,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Susan A. Davis, w.Luther,末蔓末,1837.GR1

Simon Tuttle, s.Silas and Eliza, Dec.15,1837.

Albert, enl. Sept.4,1861, a.22.RR

Lucian William, s.William and Emerline, Mar.29,1840. [in Acton written in pencil]

Ophelia Augusta, d.Joel and Charlotte, Apr.21,1840.

Elbridge, s.Silas and Eliza, June22,1841.

Eveline, d.Joel and Charlotte, Mar.30,1843.

Abbot F., s.Frances [sic] and Sophia G., June8,1843.

Sophia Augusta, ch.Winthrop F. and Sophia, Oct.13,1843.

Charlotte Agusta, d.Silas and Eliza, Nov.3,1843.

Henrietta, d.Silas and Eliza, July16,1846.

Abraham W., s.Winthrop E. [sic, F.], farmer, and Sophia, June16,1849.


Mary, d.John, labourer, and Mary, Mar.末,1849.


Catherine [?m.],末蔓末,1839.GR1


W.F.,末蔓末,1847, [on stone with Sylvia A. Hughes].GR1


Harris, M.D., h.Abigail (Davis),末蔓末,1802.GR1


John, s.John and Judeth, Jan.8,1729, in Concord now Acton.

Judeth, d.John and Judeth, Dec.17,1739 [sic, ? 1730, rec. between ch.b. Jan.8,1729, and ch.b. Jan.21,1733], in Concord now Acton.

Mary, d.John and Judeth, Jan.21,1733, in Concord now Acton.

Joseph, s.John and Judeth, June28,1735, in Concord now Acton.

Dorothy, d.John and Judeth, Jan.3,1738.

Benjamin, s.John and Judeth, July8,1740. [Craggin.CR1]

Anna, twin d.John and Judeth, Mar.2,1742-3.

Francis, twin s.John and Judeth, Mar.2,1742-3.

Timothy, s.John and Judeth, Sept.28,1745.

Judeth, d.John and Sarah, June26,1757.

John, s.John and Sarah, Aug.11,1758.

Simeon, s.John and Sarah, Nov.20,1761.

Levi, s.John and Sarah, Nov.1,1762.

Samuel, s.John and Sarah, Apr.14,1766.

Judith, twin d.John and Sarah, Mar.20,1767.

Mary, twin d.John and Sarah, Mar.20,1767.

John, s.John and Sarah, Mar.18,1769.


George B., single, farmer, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.20.RR

John B., single, farmer, enl. Sept.2,1861, a.20.RR


George William,末蔓末,1839.GR1


Melville, B.C.,末蔓末,1835.GR1


Martin, single, laborer, of Ireland enl. July20,1863, a.22.RR


Elisha H., h.Mary Reed, Oct.22,1824.GR1

Mary Reed, w.E.H., Sept.9,1829.GR1

David, C., [b. or d.]末蔓末,1845.GR1


Julia A., w.John E.,末蔓末,1826.GR1

Clara E. Stone, w.William A.,末蔓末,1842.GR3

William A., h.Clara E. Stone,末蔓末,1848.GR3


William, s.William and Sarah, June1,1737.

Nathan, s.William and Sarah, Feb.23,1739-40.

Silas, s.William and Sarah, Oct.15,1742.

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Mar.13,1745.

Mary, d.William and Sarah, July1,1746.

Lucy, d.William and Sarah, Mar.26,1750.

William, s.William and Sarah, Mar.17,1753.

Elizebeth, d.William and Sarah, Aug.20,1756.

John Rugels, s.William and Elisabeth, Nov.16,1778.

Polley, d.William and Elizebeth, Nov.2,1783.

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