Charles Rowell, s.Henry, farmer, of Harvard, and Martha, Sept.21,1848.


Charles R., single, machinist, of Lawrence, enl. Nov.6,1863, a.21.


John, single, machinist, of Ireland enl. July22,1863, a.22.RR


Dinah, d.Joseph and Dinah, Feb.5,1741-2.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Dinah, Aug.30,1743.

Jacob, s.Joseph and Dinah, Apr.30,1745.

Jasiel, s.Joseph and Dinah, Jan.19,1746-7.

Simon, s.Joseph and Dinah, Apr.24,1749.

James, s.Joseph and Dinah, Feb.26,1753.

Susanna, d.Joseph and Dinah, Aug.28,1755.

Salmon, s.Joseph and Dinah, Nov.23,1757.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Dinah, Sept.7,1761.


David, s.Timothy and Jerusha, Aug.20,1739, in Concord.

Nathan, s.Timothy (Farrer) and Jerusha, July5,1741, in Lancaster.

Susanna, d.Timothy and Jerusha, Mar.24,1743.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Jerusha, May13,1745.

Mercy, d.Timothy and Jerusha, May15,1747.

George Sumner, ch.Abel and w., bp. July26,1829.CR1

Mary, ch.Abel and w., bp. July26,1829.CR1

Susanna Harris, ch.Abel and w., bp. July26,1829.CR1

Abel Jr., single, farmer, enl. Aug.25,1862, a.24.RR

Daniel H., single, farmer, enl. Aug.25,1862, a.18.RR

Susan S. Fletcher, w.Daniel H.,末蔓末,1847.GR1


Francis, s.Francis and Rebekah, Jan.31,1760.

James, s.James and Ruth, Sept.9,1760.

Franciss Evilath, ch.Nathaniel, bp. Sept.24,1760.CR1

Rebekah, d.Francis and Rebekah, Aug.19,1761.

John, s.James and Ruth, Dec.23,1761.

Sarah, d.Francis and Rebeck[worn], Aug.10,1763.

Jonas, s.James and Ruth, Oct.7,1763.

Ruth, d.James and Ruth, Feb.28,1765.

Elisabeth, d.Francis and Rebeca, Mar.13,1765.

Patty, d.Nathaneal and Catharine, Apr.28,1766.

Paul, s.James and Ruth, Mar.15,1767.

Mary, d.Francis and Rebecca, July12,1767.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel and Catharine, Aug.2,1767. [Nathan.CR1]

Mary, d.James and Ruth, Nov.21,1768.

Nancy, d.Nathaniel and Catharine, Feb.13,1769.

Lucy, d.Francis and Rebeca, May16,1770.

Hannah, d.Nathaniel and Catharine, Aug.26,1770.

末las, s.James and Ruth, Dec.31,1770.

Susana, d.Francis and Rebeca, Feb.21,1772.

Joab, s.Nathaniel and Catharine, May13,1772.

Lois, d.James and Ruth, Sept.28,1772.

Mary, d.Nathaniel and Catharine, Oct.7,1773.

Winthrop, s.Francis and Rebeca, Mar.21,1774.

Aaron, s.James and Ruth, Dec.21,1774.

William Emerson, s.Francis and Rebecca, Oct.23,1776.

Dolley, d.James and Ruth, May23,1777. [Dolly.CR1]

Nathan, ch.Nathaniel and w., bp. Oct.4,1778.CR1

Luther, s.Francis and Rebecca, May7,1779.

Hannah, ch.James, bp. June13,1779.CR1

Eli, s.James and Ruth, Feb.10,1783.

Lucy, ch.Nathaniel, bp. Sept.11,1785.CR1

Salley, ch.Ammi and Sarah Adams, bp. Oct.25,1795.CR1

Moses, ch.Aaron and Polly, bp. Sept.24,1797.CR1

Catharine E., d.Nathaniel and Susanna, Aug.22,1800. [Catherine Eveleth [Faulkner, w.Solomon Smith].GR1 Catherine E., w.Solomon Smith.PR12]

Sophronia, ch.Aaron and Polly, bp. Aug.30,1801.CR1

Mary, d.Winthrop and Mary, Sept.11,1801.

Mary, ch.Winthrop and Mary, bp. Dec.5,1802.CR1

Charlotte, d.Winthrop and Mary, Jan.30,1803.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel [Jr.CR1] and Susanna, Aug.15,1803.

Winthrop Emerson, s.Winthrop and Mary, Apr.16,1805. [h.Martha A. [(Boxby)].GR1]

Sophia E., w.N.S., Feb.15,1806.GR1

Nathaniel S., s.Nathaniel and Susanna, Jan.9,1807. [Nathaniel Sidney Faulkner.CR1 Nathaniel S., h.Sophia E.GR1]

Francis W., s.Winthrop and Mary, June27,1807. [Francis Wright Faulkner.CR1]

Nancy Low, ch.Aaron and Polly, bp. Apr.24,1808.CR1

Susan M., d.Nathaniel and Susanna, May18,1812. [Susan Maria.CR1]

Mary J., d.Winthrop E. and Martha A., May18,1831.

Angelina S. [? m.], Sept.20,1831, [on stone with Nathaniel S. and Sophia E.]GR1

Caroline W. [Faulkner, ? m.], Dec.25,1836, [in lot with Winthrop E. and Martha A. Faulkner]GR1

Francis E. Faulkner, July3,1838, [in lot with Winthrop E. and Martha A. Faulkner]GR1

Clara F., ch.N.S. and S.E., June16,1840.GR1

Winthrop H., Jan.14,1841, [in lot with Winthrop E. and Martha A.]GR1

Charles A. Faulkner, Feb.15,1843, [in lot with Winthrop E. and Martha A. Faulkner]GR1

Francis B., ch.N.S. and S.E., Dec.12,1843.GR1

Luther B. Faulkner, May23,1846, [in lot with Winthrop E. and Martha A. Faulkner]GR1

Sophia E. (Faulkner), d.Winthrop E., miller and merchant, and Martha A. (Bixby) [parentage in later handwriting], Oct.14,1848.


John C. of New Orleans, enl. Mar.25,1863, a.39.RR


Susan A., "Mother,", w.Robert,末蔓末,1824.GR1

James W., m.bootmaker, enl. Oct.9,1861, a.26.RR


Lot, twin s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.19,1768.

Noah, h.末末 Davis, twin s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.19,1768.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.6,1770.

Luke, s.Samuel and Mary, July2,1771.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Mary, Apr.11,1776.

Frad, s.Samuel and 末末, July12,1781.


John W., spinner, enl. Aug.12,1862, a.34.RR


Isaac Train, h.Eunice M. [(Weston)], h.Lucy A.,末蔓末,1816.GR1

Lucy A., w.Isaac Train,末蔓末,1834.GR1

Charlotte C. Faulkner, w.George F., June8,1838.GR1

George F., h.Charlotte C. Faulkner, Sept.4,1848.GR1


John, single, laborer, of Boston, enl. Dec.29,1864, a.21.RR


Lydia, see Lidia.

Augustus, d.Daniel, farmer, Feb.13, 末末 [rec. May3,1845].

Daniel, s.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.21,1742.

Charles, s.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.18,1743-4.

Peter, s.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.1,1745-6, in Holden.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Sarah, Mar.4,1748.

Ruth, d.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.25,1749-50.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Sarah, Oct.23,1752.

Charles, s.Daniel and Sarah, Nov.26,1754.

Jonathan, s.Capt. Daniel and Sarah, Jan.21,1757.

Elizebeth, d.Timothy and Rebekah, Apr.17,1757.

James, s.Timothy and Rebekah, Nov.6,1758.

Betty, d.Capt. Daniel and Sarah, Oct.29,1759.

Rebekah, d.Timothy and Rebekah, Aug.10,1761.

John, s.Timothy and Rebeckah, Mar.26,1763.

Lucy, d.Timothy and Sarah, Aug.19,1765.

Sarah, d.Timothy and Sarah, Oct.12,1766.

Hepsabah, d.Daniel and Ann, Dec.15,1766.

Molley, d.Timothy and Sarah, Feb.8,1768.

John Swift, s.Peter and Martha, Aug.28,1769.

Ann, d.Daniel and Ann, Nov.12,1769 [6 written over 7].

Ruth, d.Timothy and Sarah, May19,1771.

Tille, s.Peter and Martha, Aug.27,1771.

Molly, d.Peter and Martha, Feb.15,1774.

Daniel Brewer, s.Timothy and Sarah, Mar.18,1775.

Mary, d.Timothy and Sarah, May14,1777.

Nabby, ch.Peter and Martha, bp. Nov.2,1778.CR1

Daniel, s.Joseph and Abigail, Apr.25,1779.

John Swift, s.Peter and Martha, May7,1780.

Peter, s.Peter and Martha, Feb.6,1783.

Moses, s.Peter, June6,1786. [ch.Peter and Martha, bp. Jan.29,1786.CR1]

Betsy, d.James and Lydia, June12,1786.

Daniel, s.Peter and Marhb [sic, Martha; Martha.CR1], May5,1787.

James, s.James and Lidia, Feb.25,1788.

Betty, s.[sic] Peter, Nov.1,1789.

William, ch.Peter and Martha, bp. Jan.31,1790.CR1

John, s.James adn Lidia, July21,1790. [h.Clarissa (Jones), July21,1791, sic.PR1]

William, s.Peter and Martha; Nov.1,1790.

Lidia, d.James and Lidia, Dec.23,1800.

Aaron, Jan.13,1801, [on stone beside that of Lydia Lucinda]GR1

Daniel, "Father" [h.Ruth], Aug.27,1810.GR1

Ruth, "Mother,", w.Daniel, Jan.23,1812.GR1

John, Apr.19,1816 [on stone beside that of Susan (Randall)]GR1

末末, s.Nathan, Jan.30,1820.CR1

James, s.John and Clarisa, Sept.5,1823. [Rev., h.Lydia M.GR1 James Jr., first ch.John and Clarissa (Jones).PR1 Rev., h.Lydia W.PR2]

Lydia M., w.Rev. James,末蔓末,1824.GR1 [Lydia W., Feb.6.PR2]

Sarah Louisa, d.James and Louisa, Mar.29,1825. [Sarah Loisa, ch.James and Lusa.CR1 Sarah Louisa, d.J. and L., grand ch.John Robbins and Sally, Mar.29,1824.PR3]

Hersina, ch.Aaron and Lucinda, Sept.10,1825.

Clarissa Jones, ch.John and Clarissa (Jones), Nov.1,1825.PR1

John, s.John and Clarissa [dup. Clarrisa], Aug.8,1827. [John Jr., ch.John and Clarissa (Jones).PR1 John Jr., h.Martha (Taylor).PR2]

Eliza, ch.Aaron and Lucinda, Aug.29,1827.

Edwin, s.John and Clarissa [(Jones)PR1], Oct.14,1829.

Aaron Swift, ch.Aaron and Lucinda, Mar.7,1830. [track layer.RR Lt. Co. E, 6th Regt. M.V.M.GR1]

Clarissa Jones, d.John and Clarissa [(Jones)PR1], Nov.24,1831.

Mary, ch.Aaron and Lucinda, Oct.18,1832.

Sarah T. [? m.], Oct.10,1834, [on stone beside that of Aaron S.]GR1

Abigail [dup. Abigal] Billings, d.John and Clarisa [dup. Clarrisa], Dec.25,1834. [Abbie B., w.Henry M. Smith.GR1 Abigail B., ch.John and Clarissa (Jones).PR1]

Wealthy, ch.Aaron and Lucinda, Mar.27,1835.

Marthy, ch.Aaron and Lucinda, Apr.30,1838.

Aaron J., single, farmer, enl. Nov.1,1861, a.20.RR

Fanny, ch.Daniel and Ruth, Sept.30,1843. [末 末,1844.GR1]

Quincy Addison, s.John and Clarisa [Clarissa (Jones).PR1], Dec.23,1846.

John Swift, s.Daniel and Ruth, Apr.9,1849.GR1


Tilly, h.Lucretia D.,末蔓末,1789.GR2

Lucretia D., w.Tilly,末蔓末,1805.GR2


George, single, clerk, of Framinghan, enl. Sept.9,1861, a.18.RR

FORBUSH (Ruesh, Furbush)

Sarah, see 末末 Forbush.

末末 (末末h), d.David and Ruth, June15,1738, in Marlborough.[Sarah Furbish.CR1]

David, s.David and Ruth, Dec.24,1739. [Furbish.CR1]

Molly, d.David and Ruth, Nov.23,1741. [Mollee Forebesh.CR1]

Miriam, d.David and Ruth, Dec.16,1743.

Abraham, s.David and Ruth, Mar.11,1746.

Daniel, s.David and Ruth, Feb.6,1747-8.

Ruth, d.David and Ruth, Jan.19,1749-50.

Lucy, d.David and Ruth, Jan.15,1753.

Ephraim, s.David and Ruth, Oct.18,1756.

James, s.David and Ruth, June8,1758.

Sarah, d.David and Sarah, Jan. [Jan. written after Aug. crossed out] 12,1765.

Lois, d.David and Sarah, Apr.13,1766.

Simeon, s.David and Sarah, Feb.22,1770.

Ruth, d.David and Sarah, Dec.31,1776.

David, s.David and Sarah, Nov.16,1778. [Furbush.CR1]

Mary Hosmer, d.David and Sarah, Jan.3,1781. [Furbush.CR1]

Lucy, d.Ephraim and Mary, Aug.7,1785.

Polly, d.Ephraim and Mary, Oct.17,1787. [Furbush.CR1]

Sally, d.Ephraim and Mary, May1,1790. [Furbush.CR1]

Miraim, d.Ephraim and Mary, Apr.25,1792. [Miriam Furbush.CR1]

Abel, "twice Captain of Acton Davis Blues and Served in Ware of 1812-1814,", h.Susan A.,末蔓末,1797.GR1 [See Abel Furbush.]

Samuel, s.Ephraim and Mary, Sept.4,1799. [Furbush.CR1]

Susan A., w.Capt. Abel,末蔓末,1800.GR1

George, s.David [Jr.CR1] and Susana [Susanna.CR1], Jan.15,1806.

Nettie F., w.Otis H., June27,1842.GR1

Otis Holden, s.Luther, farmer, and Elizebeth, Feb.17,1849. [h.Nettie F.GR1]


John, single, gas fitter, of Boston, enl. Nov.23,1864, a.28.RR


William, s.Hugh and Mary, Jan.4,1741-2.

Mary, d.Hugh and Mary, Sept.27,1743.

John, s.Hugh and Mary, Oct.14,1745.

Luther, s.Hugh and Mary, Oct.14,1745.

Foster, Silas, s.Hugh and Mary, Feb.18,1747-8.

Benoni, s.Hugh and Elizebeth, Jan.30,1758.

Elisabeth, d.Silas and Elisabeth, Oct.10,1772.

Sarah, ch.Silas and Elisabeth, bp. Dec.6,1778.CR1

Ephraim, ch.Smith and Esther, bp. Feb.18,1781.CR1

Eleoner, ch.Smith and Esther, bp. Aug.15,1784.CR1

Nancy, ch.Smith and Esther, bp. Sept.26,1790.CR1

Nancy Elanor, d.Capt. Uriah and Meriam, Feb.7,1817.

Aaron Willard, h.Frances Lowring,末蔓末,1848.GR1

Frances Lowring, w.Aaron Willard,末蔓末,1849.GR1


Mary, w.Simon Hapgood, Dec.25,1791.PR10


Sarah, d.Isaac and Sarah, June10,1777.

Hannah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Dec.11,1779.

Jacob, ch.Jacob and Elisabeth, bp. May14,1786.CR1

Elisabeth, ch.Jacob and Elizabeth, bp. July7,1788.CR1

Betsey, ch.Jacob and Elisabeth, bp. Oct.17,1789.CR1

Horace W., h.S. Augusta (Dole), Aug.24,1831.GR1


Mary, twin d.Jonathan and Lydia, Feb.9,17末, [rec. after ch.b. Feb.15,1744-5].

Joseph, twin s.Jonathan and Lydia, Feb.19,17末, [rec. after ch.b. Feb.15,1744-5].

Elisha, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Feb.15,1744-5.

Amasa, s.Jonathan and Lydia, Mar.27,1749.

Ephraim W., ch.Alden and Sarah, Jan.20,1823 [? 1823 over 1825]. [Ephraim Warren Fuller.CR1]

Emerson F., ch.Alden and Sarah, June6,1825. [Emerson Faulkner Fuller.CR1 Emerson F., h.Sarah W.GR1]

Luther F., ch.Alden and Sarah, Jan.3,1827. [Luther Farwell Fuller.CR1]

George H., ch.Alden and Sarah, Mar.13,1828.

末末, ch.Alden and w., bp. Sept.14,1828.CR1

Sarah W., w.Emerson F., June3,1829.GR1

Susan M.F., ch.Alden and Sarah, Dec.20,1829. [Susan Maria Faulkner Fuller.CR1]

Alden A., ch.Alden and Sarah, Sept.17,1832.

Henry Alden, ch.Alden and Sarah, bp. June16,1833.CR2

Sarah A., ch.Alden and Sarah, Sept.18,1834. [Sarah Augusta.CR2]

Caroline, ch.Alden and Sarah, Sept.21,1836.

Lucy Ann, ch.Alden and Sarah, Feb.26,1838.

John, s.John H. and Harriet Newell, May4,1839.

Frances L., ch.Alden and Sarah, Feb.13,1840.

Harriet M., ch.Alden and Sarah, Sept.30,1841.

Chancey Upham, ch.Alden and Sarah, Sept.29,1843.

Mary Sophia, ch.Alden and Sarah, Feb.13,1846. [w.Oscar E. Preston.GR1]

FURBESH (Forbush, Furbush)

Eunice, [twin] ch.James and w., bp. Aug.24,1777.CR1

Molly, [twin] ch.James and w., bp. Aug.24,1777.CR1

FURBUSH (Forbush, Furbesh)

Lucy, d.David and Sarah, Sept.1,1763.

Rebecca, d.David and Sarah, Mar.26,1768.

Daniel, s.David and Sarah, Mar.4,1774.

Daniel, ch.Daniel, bp. Jan.3,1779.CR1

Betty, ch.James, bp. Aug.29,1779.CR1

Betty, ch.David, bp. Apr.11,1784.CR1

Abel, s.Ephraim and Mary, Nov.28,1795.

Luther, ch.Daniel and Ruth, bp. Apr.1,1798.CR1

Asenath, ch.Daniel and Ruth, bp. Apr.6,1800.CR1

Luke, ch.Simeon and Catherine, bp. Mar.29,1801.CR1

Rufus, ch.Simeon and Catherine, bp. Mar.29,1801.CR1

Nancy, ch.Daniel and Ruth, bp. Nov.15,1801.CR1

Daniel, ch.Daniel and Ruth, bp. July24,1803.CR1

Nathan, ch.Simeon and Catharine, bp. Jan.29,1804.CR1

Lucy, d.David (Furbursh) Jr. and Susanna, Mar.31,1807.

David Hayward, ch.Daniel and Ruth, bp. July26,1807.CR1

Sarah, ch.Daniel and Ruth, bp. July26,1807.CR1

Sally, d.David Jr. and Susanna, July6,1808. [Sally Hayward Furbush.CR1]

Mary Russell, ch.David and Susanna, bp. Sept.13,1812.CR1

David, ch.David and Susanna, bp. Sept.1,1816.CR1

Susan, ch.David and Susanna, bp. Sept.1,1816.CR1

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