Abigail, see Nabby.

Abigail, Miss [int. Mrs.], of Medway, and Rev. John Swift, Nov. 19, 1740, in Medway.

Rebecca [int. Rebeckah] and James Crossfield of Concord, July 15, 1747, in Concord.

Jane [int. Adam] of Pepperill and Oliver Lampson [int. Lamson], Feb. 11, 1761, in Pepperill.

John and Abigail Faulkner, Dec. 1, 1768.

John and Lydia Hayward, Feb. 23, 1770.

Olive and Samuel [int. Samuell] Piper, June 29, 1772.

Sarah and Daniel Shepard, int. Apr. 22, 1774

Love and Amos Russel, int. June 22, 1774.

Samuel and Ruth White of Westford, Nov. 25, 1783, in Westford.

Prudance and Stephan Shepard, Aug. 29, 1786. [Prudence and Stephen Shepherd. CR1]

Lucy and Samuel Wett [int. Wite] of Marlborough, Oct. 30, 1787. [Witt of Marlborough. CR1]

Ammi F. [int. Faulkner], and Sarah Sargent [int. Sally Sargant] of Stowe, July 24, 1794, in Stowe

Lydia [int. Lydea] and Ebenezer Barker, July 29, 1794. [Lydia. CR1]

Lois [int. Louisa] and John Park of Amesbury, June 25, 1799. [Lois. CR1]

Anna and Nicholas Bowes [int. Bows] Whitney of Hingham, Nov. 13, 1800. [Nicholas Bowes Whitney of Hingham. CR1]

Nabby and Luke Bixby of Boston, Oct. 11, 1804.

John and Susanna Davies, May 19, 1805.

Sally of Mason and Joseph Brabrook Jr., int. July 20, 1805.

Mercy and [torn]muel [Samuel in later handwriting, int. Samuel] Law, Apr. 30, 1807 [Samuel. CR1]

Samuel and Rhoda Priest, both of Concord, Oct. 18, 1812.*

Mary and Jesse Kimball of Littleton, Nov. 30, 1815.

Sally [int. Miss] and Joseph Chamberlin Jr. [int. omits Jr.], Aug. 12, 1819.

Nabby (Adanworn) [int. Abagail Adams], Miss, of Littleton, and Ezekiel Chamberlin [int. Chamberlain], Jan. 20, 1821 [sic, ? 1825, int. Dec. 19, 1824]. [Abigail Adams of Littleton and Ezekiel Chamberlin, Jan. 20, 1825. CR1]

Amos of Pepperell and Miss Susanna Alexander, Dec. 18, 1823. [Susan Elexander. CR1]

Hannah S., Miss, and Silas T. Chamberlin, Aug. 4, 1825. [Chamberlain. CR1]

Samuel T. of Boston and Miss Betsey Hayward, Apr. 8, 1835.

Nathaniel S. and [int. Miss] Louisa Winn, July 30, 1835.


Susanna, Miss, and Amos Adams of Pepperell, Dec. 18, 1823. [Susan Elexander. CR1]

ALLEN (Allin)

Elizabeth and Oliver Warrin of Littleton, int. June 20, 1761.

Sarah [int. Allun] and Silas Cutting, Dec. 28, 1769.

Gaius W. and Miss Mary Robbins, Apr. 1, 1827.

William C. of New York City and Miss Susan P. [int. B.] Heyward, Nov. 7, 1843. [Susan Blood Hayward. CR2]

ALLIN (Allen)

Jonas [int. Allen] [int. Royalston] and Ruth Jones, Sept. 5, 1765.


Theodore and Miss [int. Mrs. written over Miss] Charlotte H. Tuttle, Dec. 31, 1840.


Isaac [int. Applin] of Swanzey and Hannah Hayes [int. Hays], Feb. 14, 1765.


Leander of Leomister and Miss Susan Tuttle of, Nov. 22, 184–, [? 1842, int. Nov. 6, 1842].


Walter I. [int. Walter J.] and Miss Lovica Stoddard, June 28, 1842, in Lexington.


Lucetta M. [int. Avara, Miss] and Joseph Reed, farmer, s. William 2d, all, Apr. 21, 1846. [Lucetta Mary Avery. PR11]


John of Westminster, NY [NY written in pencil], and Olive Easterbrooks of Concord, Oct. 5, 1777.* [Averill [ill written in later hand above y crossed out] of Wesminster, NY, and Olive Easterbrok of Concord. CR1]

Samuel of Westminster, VT [VT. written in pencil], and Sarah Chamberlin, Feb. 27, 1781 [1 written over 0].* [Samuel of Westminster, VT, Feb. 27, 1781. CR1]

AVERY (Avary)

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