GAFFALD (Garfield)

George, and Patty Procter of Littleton, int. Oct. 19, 1806.


Alpheus [int. Alphius] of Waltham and Betsey Hayward [int. wid.], May 7, 1812. [Alpheus of Waltham and Betsy Haywood. CR1]


Joy of Situate and Mary King of Littleton, Nov. 14, 1826,* CR1

GARFIELD (Gaffald)

Maria R., Miss, of Waltham, and Eli B. Russell, int. Feb. 16, 1845.


Elisha [int. Gatts] of Stow and Elisabeth M. [M. written in pencil, int. omits M.] Robbins, Aug. 21, 1791. [Gates of Stow and Elisabeth More Robbins. CR1]

Elizeabeth Robbins of Stow and Abial Buttrick, int. May 13, 1810.

Francis of Stow and Submitt [int. Submet] Tuttle, Jan. 5, 1812.

Artemos [int. Artimous Gaites, dup. int. Artimos Gates] of Stow and Nabby Law, Sept. 12, 1813. [Artimas Gates of Stow. CR1]

Betsy M., Miss, of Westford, and Daniel Veasy, int. Sept. 6, 1840.


Sally of Littleton and Jonathan Hosmer Jr., int. Dec. 26, 1806.

GERARD (Jerrard)


Ira of Boston and Miss Susan Piper, Oct. 19, 1826.

GIBSON (Gipson)

Mary of Stow and Ezekiel Davis, Feb. 28, 1743-4.

Elizabeth of Stowe and Jonathan Piper, Jan. 15, 1778, in Stowe.

Betsey of Ashby and Nathaniel G. Brown, int. Jan. 7, 1808.

Dorothy, Miss, of Ashby and Fraincis Barker Brown, int. Jan. 1, 1810.

James I. [int. J.] of Groton and Miss Sarah E. Handley, ––– –– [int. June 25], 1842.


Mary of Brokfield and Timothy Brooks, int. Dec. 17, 1757.

Eunice and Roger Wheeler, Aug. 30, 1764.

Mary and Hezekiah Wheeler, Nov. 12, 1767.

Jacob and Eleanor [int. Elenor] Chaffin, Oct. 23, 1770.

Josiah, and Lois Brooks of Littleton, June 30, 1772.

Jude, and Abigail Bridges of Dunstable, July 14, 1772.

–––––, and John Procter of Littleton, int. June 3, 1791.

Polly, and Joseph Sawen of Westminster, int. Dec. 27, 1791.

Aaron and Mary Lamson, Apr. 15, 1804.

Luther ([torn]ther) [Luther written in pencil, int. Luther] and Lucy Hayward, Jan. 9, 1806. [Luther. CR1]

Gilbert, Thirza, and [torn]iel [Daniel in later handwriting, int. Daniel] Clenning of Littleton, Mar. 30, 1806. [Daniel of Littleton. CR1]

Mary and [torn]naiah [Benaiah in later handwriting, int. Benajah] Robbins, Aug. 15, 1807. [Benaiah. CR1]

Luther, and Esther Waugh of Townsend, int. Oct. 6, 1811.


Israel H. of Concord and Miss Lucy Haynes, int. Sept. 4, 1839.


John and Abigail Barker, Sept. 1, 1743, in Concord.

Ann and Phillip [dup. Philip] Piper, Aug. 7, 1770, in Concord.


Lucas B., and Miss Lucy W. Rogers of Newbury, int. Oct. 9, 1849.


Joseph of Stow and Annis [int. Anness] Faulkner, Mar. 24, 1799. [Annis. CR1]

GIPSON (Gibson)

Bezelial [int. Bezeliel] of Fitchbourg and Lois Billing, Nov. 25, 1784. Bezalee Gibson of Fitchburg and Lois Billings. CR1


Eunice of Worcester and Pallatiah Brooks, int. May 10, 1806.

Jesse (–––––[torn]) [Jesse in later handwriting, int. Jesse] of Worcester and Sally Brooks, Feb. 24, 1807. [Jesse of Worcester. CR1]

Ann, Miss, of E. Sudbury, and William Reed 4th, int. Mar. 6, 1826.


Joel and Maria Handly, int. Mar. 10, 1832[3 written over 2].


Sophia, Miss, of Littleton, and Frances [sic] Conant, int. Nov. 21, 1841.


Sarah [int. Goodnow], and Abraham Bennett of Concord, Feb. 28, 1765, in Concord.

GOODNOW (Goodenough)

Peter, Dr., and [int. Miss] Lois B. Billings, Dec. 26, 1816.


David of Charleston [int. Goodridge of Charlestown] and Miss Nancy P. Knights [int. Knight], June 27, 1838.


Susanna, Miss, of Boston, and Daniel Butters, int. June 21, 1818.


Jonas, 35, farmer, of Lancaster, s. Jonas, and Abby [int. Abba] Fletcher, 21, d. Moses, Sept. 11, 1845.


Andrew and Miss Maria A. Jacob, int. Apr. 28 [? 8 written over 7 or 7 written over 8], 1845. [Jacobs, m. May ––. CR2]


Jason, and Miss Charlotte Dean of Easton, int. Apr. 13, 184–. [? 1849, rec. between Mar. 25 and Apr. 12, 1849].


Sarah H., Miss, of Boxborough, and Aaron Hosmer, int. Sept. 24, 1836.


Christopher [int. Christapher] of Watertown and Miss Lois Houghton, Aug. 8, 1820. [Christapher of Watertown and Miss Lois Houston. CR1]


William of Stow and Lucy Wheeler, Dec. 24, 1779.

Hannah, Miss, and Micajah Russill Jr., both of Lynn, July 22, 1838, in Lynn.*


Nathan of Concord and Lois Conant, int. Aug. 11, 1759.

Amasa [int. Ameasa] of Royalston and Lucy [int. Mary] Dudley, Nov. 17, 1783, in Royalston.

Peggy and Cesar Thomson, Dec. 1, 1785.* [Caesar. CR1]

Zacheus of Carlisle and Elizabeth Warner, Oct. 21, 1795, in Carlisle.*

William of Stow and Doratha [int. Dorotha] Ramsdell, Sept. 9, 1802.

Sarah [int. Miss] of Brooklin [int. Brookline], NH, and Abil [int. Abel] White, Aug. 22, 1819.

Charles A. of Littleton and Miss Martha M. Williston of Boxborough, Apr. 18, 1837, in Boxborough.*


Eliab and Miss Mary Harrington [int. Herrington], Oct. 29, 1833.

John, 30, farmer [int,], s. Thomas and Margaret, and Lois Robbins, 25, d. Abel and Mary, Nov. 22, 1846.


Nathaniel, and Miss Emma Keith of E. Cambridge, int. May 17, 1846.

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