JACOB (Jacobs)

Maria A., Miss, and Andrew Govan, int.Apr.28 [? 8 written over 7 or 7 written over 8], 1845. [Jacobs, m.May末.CR2]

E.B., and Miss Jane C. Knights of Haverhill, NH, int.Aug.2,1849.

JACOBS (Jacob)

Mary, Miss, of Carlisle, and Dea.Silas Hosmer, int.May11,1833.


John G. and Miss Ruth Richardson, Sept.11 [dup. Sept.18], 1842. [Charles and Ruth W. Richardson,末蔓末,1842.CR2]

Ruth W., 23, w.末末, d.Allen Richardson and Ruth (Wheeler), and William A. Piper, 28, dentist, s.A.H. and Clarissa of Charlemont, Nov.26,1846. [Ruth W., formerly, w.Charles Jaquith,末蔓末,1847.CR2]


Perce V. [Jay, ? Joy], Miss, of Brattleborough, VT, and Benjamin F. Hapgood, int.Aug.11,1833.


Nathaniel [int.Jepps], and Esther [int.Ester] Foster of Westford, Feb.27,1740, in Westford.

JENNINGS (Genings)


John and Ann Davis, int.July15,1799.

JEWEL (Jewell, Juel)

Charlotte, Mrs., of Stow, and Joel Conant, int.May18,1839.

Charlotte, Miss, and Joseph Hoar of Waltham, Sept.9,1840.

JEWELL (Jewel, Juel)

John of Waterford and Lucy Cutting, Nov.24,178 [1788 written in pencil].* [Nov.24,1788.CR1]

Isaac B., mechanic, and [int.Miss] Sarah B. Henry of Stow, Nov.18,1847.


Tilda [int.Jewit] of Boxborough and Paul Conant, Apr.8,1817.


Nathan of Littleton and Miss Lucy Davis, Dec.21,1823. [Jonson of Littleton.CR1]

Ann Mariah of Lexington and Abel W. Jones, Aug.30,1843, in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.*

Joseph M.D., butcher, and Betsy Ann Brown, both of Lowell, Nov.26,1848.*


Abigail H., see Abbigail H.

Sarah, see Sally.

Sarah and Ephraim Hosmer, int.Apr.28,1753.

Oliver and Hannah Woolley [int.Wooley], Dec.29,1763.

Ruth, and Jonas Allin [int.Allen], [int.Royalston], Sept.5,1765.

Amos of Royelston and Lydia Woolley [int.Wooley], Oct.11,1770.

Joseph, and Sarah French of Medford, int.Aug.15,1773.

Aaron and Abigail [int.Abiagil] Billing, Apr.8,1779.

Samuel Jr. [int.omits Jr.] and Hannah Davis, July30,1782. [Samuel.CR1]

Peter, and Hepzebah Farrar of Concord, Dec.24,1782.* [Hepzibah Farrer of Concord.CR1]

Sally and John Robbins, Dec.15,1791. [John, s.Joseph (s.Nathan), Dec.29,1790.PR3]

Elisha of Hopkinton and Kezia [int.Keziah] Conant, Dec.29,1791. [Kezia.CR1]

Abigail, and Levi Hubbard [int.Hobart] of Walpole, NH [int.omits NH], Feb.23,1792. [Hubbard of Walpole, NH.CR1]

Lucinda [int.Miss Lucyndia], and Ebenezer [int.Ebenezar] White of Leominster, Jan.5,1802. [Lucinda, and Ebenezer White of Leominster.CR1]

Hannah and Phineah [int.Phineas] Wheeler, May6,1802. [Phineas.CR1]

Hannah [int.Miss], and Francis Leighton of Westford, Nov.21,1802.

Abigail, and Archibald McFarlin of Chelmsford, Mar.29,1803. [Archebald of Chelmsford.CR1]

Mary and Charles Stratton, May10,1803.

Aaron of Chelmsford and Lydia [int.Lidia] Jones, Oct.11,1803. [Lydia.CR1]

Lydia [int.Lidia], and Aaron Jones of Chelmsford, Oct.11,1803. [Lydia.CR1]

Nathan and Anna Wheeler, Nov.18,1804.

Abel and Lucy Hapgood, Jan.3,1805.

Samuel (末uel) [Samuel in later handwriting, int.Samuel] and Anna Tuttle, Oct.21,1806. [Samuel.CR1]

Betsy, and 末末i [Levi in later handwriting, int.Levi] Wait of Groton, Aug.9,1807. [Levi of Groton.cR1]

Dolly and 末mes [James in later handwriting, int.James] Jones, Oct.20,1807. [James.CR1]

James (末mes) [James in later handwriting, int.James] and Dolly Jones, Oct.20,1807. [James.CR1]

Silas and [int.Miss] Lucinda Wetherbee, Oct.12,1809. [Lucinda.CR1]

Eunice and Lt. Abraham Conant, May6,1813.

Aaron Jr., and Miss Ruth Wren of Stow, int.June7,1818.

Elnathan and Miss Eliza Tuttle, Mar.14,1821.

Luther B. [int.Blanchard] and Miss Charlotte Billings, June28,1821. [Luther B.CR1]

Clarisa [int.Clarrissa], Miss, and [int.Capt] John Fletcher, Apr.25,1822 [2 written over 1, int.Mar.24,1822]. [Clarissa and Capt. John Fletcher, Apr.25,1822.CR1 Clarissa and John Fletcher, Apr.25,1822.PR1]

Dorothy, Miss, and Dennis Putman [int.Putnam], Jan.27,1825. [D. Jones, wid., and Denis Putnam.CR1]

Lydia L. [int.Lucindia], Miss, and Aaron Fletcher, Mar.31,1825. [Lydia L.CR1]

Lucinda W., Miss, and Luther Robbins, Nov.23,1826.

Lucy Jane, Miss, and Horace Tuttle, Mar.15,1827.

Charlotte H. [int.Miss] and George W. Tuttle, July19,1827.

Abbigail H. [int.Miss Abagail M.] and Lewis Wood, Oct.10,1827. [Abigail M.CR1]

Henrietta [int.Miss] and Joseph W. Tuttle, Apr.3,1828.

Lucinda Elenor [int.Miss Lucindia Elenor], and Timothy Hartwell [int,], June19,1828. [Lucinda Elenor and Timothy Hartwell.CR1]

Mary S., Miss, and John Mead of Lowell, Apr.21,1830.

Hepsabeth A., Miss, and Jonathan Piper, Sept.8,1831[? in Boxborough].

Silas W. and Miss Ann E.W. Piper, May12,1833.

Elizabeth H., Miss, and Reuben Dole, int.Mar.16,1834.

Ann Ester Wright, Mrs., and Jonas Blodget, int.Mar.22,1835.

Clarissa [int.Miss Clarisa] and Daniel Wetherbee 2d., July19,1836.

Samuel and Miss Martha Ann Handly [dup. and int.Handley], Apr.8,1838.

Eliza, Miss, and James Tuttle, int.Apr.10,1841.

Charlotte S. [sic, L.], Miss, of Stow, and Frances [sic] Brown, int.Nov.13,1842.

Abel W., and Ann Mariah Johnson of Lexington, Aug.30,1843, in Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT.*

Abraham H. and Miss Harriet E. Hosmer, Jan.17,1844.

Evelina T., d.Elnathan, and Henry Shapley, s.Henry C., Apr.12,1846.

Thomas G.F. and Miss Louisa O. Tuttle, int.Apr.12,1846.

Martha Ann, Miss, and Francis [sic] Conant, int.Apr.12,1849.

JOY (Jay)

JUEL (Jewell, Jewell)

Perses of Stow and John Dextor Jr., int.Dec.14,1799.

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