Elijah of Newipswich, NH, and Mrs. Elizabeth [int. adds L.] Heald, Mar. 9, 1831. [Newhawl of Newipswich, NH, and Elizebeth Heald. CR1]


Silas (––––s) [Silas in later handwriting, int. Silas] of Spencer and Sarah Chaffin, Mar. 10, 1807. [Silas of Spencer. CR1]


Edward O. [dup. Nickols, int. Nickles], carpenter, of Charleston, and Elizebeth A., Knights, d. Simeon, Jan. 1, 1846.

Mariah [int. Maria], d. John, and Simeon Ingalls, shoemaker, Apr. 6, 1846.

NICOLS (Nickless)

Mary of Billeraca and Townsend Dennis, int. May 30, 1761.


Laurella, Miss, of Framingham, and Aaron Hosmer, int. Mar. 4, 1849.


Thomas and Elizabeth Wright of Concord, Jan. 3, 1765.

Amos and Hannah Davis, both, Feb. 28, 1793.

Josiah and Hetty [int. Mehitable] White of Westford, June 26, 1794. [Hitty of Westford. CR1]

Adam and Mehitable Tuttle of Littleton, int. Apr. 2, 1799.

Betsey and Paul Brooks, both, June 12, 1800.

Joseph and Joanna Hunt, both, Oct. 14, 1800.

Amos, Lt., and Miss Lydia Conant of Concord, int. Mar. 16, 1816.

Hannah, Miss, and Jeremiah Hosmer, both, Apr. 25, 1822.

Harriot, Miss, and Simon Davis, both, May 2, 1822.

Susan, Miss, and Hammond [int. Hammon] A. Hosmer of Boston, Dec. 18, 1825. [Hammond A. of Boston, Dec. 18, 1824 [sic]. CR1]

Almira, Miss, and Rufus Hyde, both, June 10, 1827.

Joanna H., Miss, and Tilly Robbins 2d, both, Dec. 11, 1827.

Adam of [int. adds Stanstead] Lower Canada and [int. Mrs.] Joanna Noyes, Feb. 11, 1830. [Adam of Lower Canada and Joanna Noyes. CR1]

Joanna [int. Mrs.] and Adam Noyes of [int. adds Stanstead] Lower Canada, Feb. 11, 1830. [Joanna and Adam Noyes of Lower Canada. CR1]

Thomas J. and Miss Jerusha [int. adds P.] Brooks, both, Mar. 24, 1831. [Jerusha P. CR1]

Amas [int. Amos] Jr. and Miss Lucy Hosmer, both, Jan. 19, 1832.

Joseph and Miss Lucy Barker, both, Feb. 14, 1833 [? in Stow].

Luther S. and Miss Susan F. Wheelor, both, Sept. 22, 1839.

Rebecca, Miss, and Walter Keyes, both, Nov. 7, 1839.

Cyrus and Miss Almira M. Lothrop, both, int. June 1, 1845.


Lucy and Soloman Smith, Aug. 28, 1792. [Solomon. CR1]

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