Seth, 25, mason, s.Seth, and Rhoda Taylor, 18, all of Littleton, Oct.31,1844.*


John and Submit Hastings, int.Oct.13,1753.


Lois of Littleton and John Davis, int.Dec.25,1790.

SARGENT (Sarjent)

Sarah [int.Sally Sargant] of Stowe and Ammi F. [int.Faulkner] Adams, July24,1794, in Stowe.

Nancy [int.Serjant] of Princeton and Luke Hayward, Dec.12,1811. [Sargent of Princeton.CR1]

Lucy, Miss, of Stow, and Francis Tuttle Jr., int.Jan.24,1836.

Mary A., Miss, of Stow, and Simon Tuttle [int.Jr.], May2,1839, in Stow.

Hannah W., Miss, of Boxboro, and William Billings, int.Aug.15,1841.

SARJENT (Sargent)

Amos [int.Serjant], Capt., of Stow, and Polley [int.Polly] Robbins, Dec.14,1815. [Sargent of Stow and Polly Robbins.CR1]

SARTEL (Sartwell)

Esther and Smith Foster of Wesford, June16,1778.* [Sartell.CR1]

Sarah and George Woods of Fitchburgh, Jan.17,1782 [1782 in later handwriting].* [Sartwell and George Wood of Fitchburg, Jan.17,1782.CR1]


Eleazer and Elener Ramsdal of Concord, int.Feb.8,1755. [m.Sept.11.CR1]

Allis and Charles Henly of Concord, Nov.3,1782.* [Allice Sartell and Charles Handly of Concord.CR1]

Bulah [int.Buler Satwell] and Ezekiel Sartwell of Springfield, VT [int.omits VT], Jan.27,1788. [Bulah Sartwell and Ezekiel Sartwell of Springfield, VTCR1]

Ezekiel of Springfield, VT. [int.omits VT.], and Bulah Sartwell [int.Buler Satwell], Jan.27,1788. [Ezekiel of Springfield, VT, and Bulah Sartwell.CR1]

Eleazer [int.Eleazar] and Lydia [int.Lidia] Brooks, Dec.14,1802. [Eleazer and Lydia Brooks.CR1]

Abigail, Miss, of Townsend, and Dea.John White, int.Jan.20,1822.

SAUNDERSON (Sanderson)


Joseph of Westminster and Polly Gilbert, int.Dec.27,1791.

Albert [int.Sawin] of Cambridge and Miss Nancy Wheeler, June末,1832.

SAWTELL (Sartel, Sartwell)


Joshua, and Esther Davies, Feb.20, 末末 [1810 in later handwriting, int.Apr.5,1809]. [Feb.20,1810.CR1]

Elias of Bolten and Ruth Hayward, Jan.16,1772.

Catherine, Miss, and Emerson B. Handley, int.July29,1831.

Eliza, Miss, and Andrew Conant of Concord, int.Aug.27,1831.


Samuel of Concord and Caroline Matilda Law, May24, 末末 [1801 in later handwriting, int.Mar.26,1801]. [May24,1801.CR1]

Caroline M., Miss, of Westford, and Ancil Davis, int.May2,1839.


Lydia A., Miss, of Kenebunk, ME, and George B. Piper, int.Oct.14,1849.


Henry, s.Henry C. and Evelina T. Jones, d.Elnathan, Apr.12,1846.


James of Watertown and Maria Moore of Cambridge, Jan.9,180 [? 5 or 6].*


Timothy [int.Shatuck] Jr. of Lincoln, NH, and Betsey Fletcher, Jan.28,1812. [Shattuck Jr. of Lincoln, NH.CR2]

Obil of Rockford, IL, and Miss Martha M. Conant, int.Sept.4,1839. [Obed and Miss Maria M. Conant, m.Sept.29.CR2]

William R., 23, trader, s.William and Elizebeth, and Lucy J. Robbins, 17, d.Lucinda, Sept.20,1846.

Elizebeth H., 19, d.William and Elizebeth, and Nathan H. Wheeler, 22, s.Abel and Nancy, Oct.1,1846.


Dorothy [int.Dorathy Sheperd] and Jonathan Cleaveland [dup. Cleveland], June16,1743, in Concord.

Abigail and Ephraim Dudley, May16,1764.

John and Naby [int.Neby] Eaton of Worcester, Mar.10,1774, in Worcester.

Daniel and Sarah Adams, int.Apr.22,1774.

Stephan and Prudance Adams, Aug.29,1786. [Stephen Shepherd and Prudence Adams.CR1]

Samuel, Rev. [Rev. in later handwriting, int.Rev.] of Brentwood, NH [int.omits NH], and Mrs.[ later handwriting, int.omits Mrs.] Lydia Thatcher, Dec.23,1789. [Rev. Samuel of Brantwood, NH, and Mrs.Lydia Thatcher.CR1]

SILLEY (Cilley)

SIMONS (Symond)

James of Bedford and Lois Forbush, July9,1789.* [Furbush, July8.CR1]


Abraham, Dr. [int.omits Dr.], and Sally Faulkner, Mar.18,1788. [Dr. Abraham.CR1]

Henry of Andover and Miss Mary Hayward, June29,1824. [CR1]

Abigal, Miss, of Lowell, and Lemuel Hildreth, int.Apr.12,1849.


Samuel of Ashuelot and Mary Cumming, May12,1741.* [Samuel Swift of Ashuelot.CR1]

Sarah and Gersham Davies, Dec.24,1765.

Betsey of Sudbury and Josiah Dudley [int.Dubley], July6,1792, in Sudbury.

Soloman and Lucy Nutting, Aug.28,1792. [Solomon.CR1]

Anna and Daniel H. Lewis of Concord, July4,1816.

Solomon Jr. and Miss Catherin [int.Catherine] E. Faulkner, June3,1821. [Catherine E. FalknerCR1 Catherine E. Faulkner.PR12]

Eliza, Miss, and Rufus Reed, int.June19,1825.

Enice [int.Miss Eunice] and Asa Putnam, Dec.1,1828. [Eunice.CR1]

Emerline Augusta [int.Agusta], Miss, of Stow, and Luther E. Robbins, June30,1833.

Luke and Miss Mary Robbins, int.July19,1835.

Joseph A. of Concord and Miss Rebecca Brooks, int.Feb.11,1849.

Catherine E. and G.W. Russell, 末末,* "Dis.Dec.2,1849 to Dorchester,"CR2

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Charles H. [int.Capt.] of Cambridge [int.Cambridgeport] and Miss Mary Conant, May11,1837 [Spaulding, removed to Cambridge.CR2]

Mary [int.Spaulding, Mrs.] and Samuel Hosmer 2d, farmer, June13,1847. [Spaulding, wid.CR2 Mary C. Spaulding.PR9]

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Phillip of Wesford and Elizabeth Ober, int.Apr.30,1762.

Josiah of Westford and Lydia Cleaveland Feb.15,1763, in Westford.

Benoni of Billerica and Lydia Durant, Apr.1,1790, in Billerica.*

Hazadiah [int.Hasadiah] of Chelmsford and Moses Woods, Apr.16,1793, in Westford.

Joseph of Dunstable and Rebecca Robbins, int.Nov.8,1795.

Betsey, Miss, of Ashburnham, and Joel Conant, int.Oct.29,1829.

Harriet C., Miss, of Plainfield, NH, and David W. Hosmer, int.Apr.5,1846.

Sarah W., Miss, and Emerson F. Fuller, int.May13,1849.


Nancy, Miss, of Temple, NH, and Francis Robbins, int.Aug.18,1833.


M. Augusta [M. written in pencil, int.Miss Mary A.] and George W. [W. written in pencil] Rand carpenter, Aug.4,1847.


Albert H. of Northboro [dup. Springfield] and Mary Ann Bride, d.Wilson, Feb.4,1846.


Mary Ann, Miss, of S. Wallingsford, VT, and J. Holden Tuttle, int.Aug.5,1849.


Joseph and Lucy Hosmer, Aug.20,1773.*

STARNS (Stearns, Sternes)

Samule of Killingsly and Mrs.Ann Wood, int.May23,1749.

STEARNS (Starns, Sternes)

Thomas of Littleton and Mary White, Oct.4,1739. [Sterns of Littleton.CR1]

Nathaniel and Miss Sally Bigelow of Sherburn, int.Apr.22,1837.

Mary E., d.Nathaniel, and Moses Taylor, farmer, s.Silas, June18,1846. [Mary Elisabeth.CR2 Mary Elizabeth.PR5 ElizebeathPR7]

STERNES (Starns, Stearns)

Nathaniel and Sophia Hammond, Apr.10,1817,*PR7


Mary of Marlborough and Samuel Hayward, June3,1739. [Haywood.CR1]

Oliver of Littleton and Sarah Hosmer, Apr.1,1766.

Oliver of Ringe, NH [int.omits NH], and Lucy Hayward, Nov.26,1789.

Samson of Chelmsford and Polly Wood, May29,1817.

Levi W. and [int.Miss] Mary Heyward of Boxboro, Sept.2,1846.


James B. of Sudbury and Miss Emeline A. Robbins, July4,1841, in Sudbury.*


David and Ruth Fletcher, May27,1742. [Stimpson.CR1]


Lois and Sheribiah H. White, Sept.26,1811. [Sheribiah H.CR1]


Ira and [int.Miss] Maria Hapgood, Jan.1,1829.


Lovica, Miss, and Walter I. [int.J] Atcherson, June28,1842, in Lexington.


Eunice of Boxborough and Jonas Faulkner, Dec.3,1793, in Boxborough.*

Bradly [int.Bradley] of Concord and Clarissa [int.Miss Clarrissa] Hosmer, Sept.18,1828. [Bradley of Concord and Clarissa Hosmer.CR1]

Norman and Miss Mary B. Mackintyre of Fitchburgh, int.Jan.5,1829.


Samuel of Marlborough and Hephsibah Fletcher, int.Apr.26,1747.

Rebecca, Miss, of Concord, and Nathaniel Hapgood, int.Dec.23,1809.


Charles and Mary Jones, May10,1803.


Nancy and Jonathan Barker, both of Sudbury, Canada, June18,1788.*

SWEATT (Sweet, Swett)

Silas and Mrs.Nancy Heyward of Lancester, int.Sept.10,1848.

SWEET (Sweatt, Swett)

Mahitable W., Miss, and Isaac Procter, Aug.3,1834.

SWETT (Sweatt, Sweet)

Nancy C., Miss, and William Dunklee of Quincy, int.Nov.9,1845.


Samuel, see Samuel Smith.

John, Rev., and Miss [int.Mrs.] Abigail Adams of Medway, Nov.19,1740, in Medway.

John, Dr., and Catharine [int.Mrs.Catharin] Davies, Dec.3,1767 [6 written over 7].

Catharine H. [H. blurred out, int.omits H.] and Charles Whitman of Stow, Mar.6,1787. [Catherine and Dr. Charles Whitman of Stow.CR1]

SYMOND (Simons)

Obed A. and Miss Mary Wright, June15,1843 [Simonds.CR2]

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