Joshua and Mary Richardson, int.Mar.26,1836.


Mary A. of Brookline, and Henry B. Hodgdon, int.May31,1835.


Ann of Charlestown, and Michael Campbell, int.Mar.31,1844.

Barnard and Ann Collins, int.Sept.25,1841.

Michael and Ann Campbell, int.Mar.31,1844.


Ira of Wakefield, and Hannah S. Estabrook, int.Aug.7,1829.


Thomas of Lexington, and Susan L. Crocker, Sept.10,1839.*

CARLETON (Carlton)

John P. of Boston, and Charlotte F. Clarke [int.Clark], Apr.13,1845.

Stephen of Charlestown, and Ellen W. Cook, Apr.23,1833.*


Louisa and William [int.Williom] Nichols, May9,1826.

CARLTON (Carleton)

Charles [int.Carleton] of Cambridge, and Mary Clarke, Sept.4,1833.


Paulina and Jessie [int.Jesse] Simpson, Apr.15,1840.


Adino of Woburn, and Abigail Nutting, Feb.12,1756.*PR

Judith of Woburn, and John Winship, Dec.5,1763.*PR

Samuel, Capt. of Woburn, and Mrs.Rebecca Hill, Dec.11,1770.*PR

Susan oi Lowell, and Joseph W. Adams, May17,1835.*


Sophronia C. of Rindge, and Nathaniel Frost, int.Feb.1,1829.


Mary Ann of Somerville, and James S. Russell, widr., Dec.27,1846.*


George M. of St. Thomas, West Indies, and Mrs.Harriet Ann Smith, int.Sept.12,1840.


Benjamin of Boston, and Mrs.Anna Tufts, int.Feb.13,1820.

Mehettabel and William Butterfield, May1,1740.*PR


David, 25, of Charlestown, s.Isaac and Lydia, and Elen Stearns, Dec.14,1845.*

CHAMPNEY (Champny)

Daniel Jr. and Hannah Emmons, Sept.22,1746.* P.H.

CHAMPNY (Champney)

Nathan of Cambridge, and Elizabeth Ozborn, June24,1760.*PR


William M. and Susan Parker, int.Mar.20,1842.


Martha of Medfield, and Solon Hardy,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.4,1846].*

CHILD (Childs)

Sarah A., 21, d.James and Mary, and Samuel Wilson, Aug.11,1847.*

CHILDS (Child)

Samuel of Cambridge, and Lucy Mason, July8,1779.*PR

Sophia W. and Jere Holmes Kimball, int.Feb.24,1828.


Asaph Esq. of Milton, and Mary Gardner, May10,1810.*


Jacob and Sarah Roberts, Dec.25,1848.*

CLARK (Clarke)

Cynthia of Boston, and Washington J. Lane, int.July29,1832.

David and Lydia P. Nibber [int.Webber], Feb.21,1839, in Bedford.

Mahalah [int.Mahala Clarke] and Samuel Bean, Sept.26,1833.

Mary and William Schouler, Sept.4,1837.

Mary Jane and John Wright, July4,1841.

Sarah and Stephen Reed, Apr.5,1840.*

Susan and Abner P. Wyman, Nov.22,1836.

William L. and Permelia A. Palmer, May17,1840.

CLARKE (Clark)

Charlotte F., 17, d.William (Clark) and Mary, and John P. Carleton, Apr.13,1845.

Jonas, Rev., of Lexington, and Lucy Bowes, Sept.21,1757.*PR

Mary and Charles Carlton [int.Carleton], Sept.4,1833.

Susan of Boston, and Samuel Wyman, int.May31,1829.


Sarah D. of S. Reading, and Porter Smith, Aug.15,1837.*


William [int.Clemson], 24, s.William (Clemson) and Jane of Bermingham, Eng., and Margaret [int.Amelia] Wright, Aug.3,1845.


William of Boston, and Mary Hill, Dec.5,1745.*PR


Levi and Caroline Lee, int.Sept.22,1839.

Mary E., 29, d.James and Mahitable, and Elbridge G. Locke, widr.[int.omits widr.], Oct.5,1845.


Ann and Barnard Campbell, int.Sept.25,1841.

Mary and Leonard W. Estabrooks, int.July21,1839.

Mary D., Mrs., and Richard Richardson, int.Oct.13,1839.


Clara E., b. Hollis, NH, and Dr. Sylvanus Bunton. Dec.17,1846.*


Lydia of Medford, and Benjamin Francis, Apr.7,1757.*PR

Sherman, 36, of Woburn, s.Joshua and Phebe of Woburn, and Elizabeth C. Tay, Feb.19,1847.*

COOK (Cooke)

Abigail of Cambridge, and Ebenezer Tufts, Apr.23,1760.*PR

Elizabeth of Cambridge, and Thomas Barret, Dec.6,1771.* P. R,

Ellen W. of Charlestown, and Stephen Carleton, Apr.23,1833.*

Erastus A. and Julia H. Reynolds, int.Mar.24,1839.

Martha of Cambridge, and Jonathan Dickson, Mar.7,1771,* P. R,

Mary [int.Cooke] of Cambridge and Benjamin L. Saunderson, Oct.26,1823.

Mary G. of Somerville, and James D. Prindle, Sept.30,1849.*

Mercy of Cambridge, and Ephraim Mullet, May28,1782.* P. R,

Sarah of Cambridge, and Joseph Frost, Feb.8,1753.*PR

Sarah and John C. Prescott, Aug.23,1835.

Susan and Timothy Batts, int.June3,1827.

COOKE (Cook)

Anna of Cambridge, and Ezekiel Hall, Oct.24,1765.*PR

Emily and James Nason, Nov.13,1828.

Ephraim 3d and Eunie Palmer, May7,1807.*'

Joseph Jr. of Cambridge, and Margaret Dickson, May13,1756.*PR

Mary 2d and Homer Sawtell, Aug.1,1808.

Malvina and.Gilman Mansir [int.Gilmun Mansur], Apr.23,1829.

Simeon and Rebecca C. Hall, May15,1808.


Daniel of Cambridge, and Lydia Mullet, May9,1764.*PR

Mary of Cambridge, and Thomas Beals, June6,1779.*PR

William of Cambridge, and Rebeca Jenkins, Apr.24,1780,*PR


Elijah [int.Collis] and Matilda [int.Malinda] Grant, Mar.5,1843.


Martha E. and Miles T. Gardner, May24,1838.

Timothy and Hepzibah Grant, int.Mar.22,1818.

William W. and Elmira Pierce, Dec.22,1840.


Martha A.P. and Jonathan Teel, Dec.11,1845.*


Elbridge of Cambridge, and Olivia F.A. Gray, Mar.10,1831.

Ruth of Cambridge, and Samuel Russell, Feb.21,1754.*PR


John [int.Joseph Crafts] of Newton, and [int.adds Mrs.] Mary Fiske, May11,1809.

John J. and Rebecca W. Frost, June13,1816.


Charles A. and Susan Leach, Apr.12,1829.


Susan L. of Maiden, and Thomas Capell, Sept.10,1839*


Balinda, see Melinda.

David and Lavinia Hopkins, May2,1841.

Eliza Ann and Jacob [int.adds H.] Hutchinson, July1,1838, in Lexington.

John and Mary Bucknam [int.Buckman], Apr.10,1817.

Kendall of Boston, and Elizabeth Hill, Apr.23,1826.

Kendall of Boston, and Lydia Hill, Feb.9,1834.

Lydia L. and Daniel B. Keating, Oct.25,1840.

Melinda [int.Balinda] G. and James W. Brooks, June12,1843.

Priscilla and Alpheus Alden, Sept.16,1844.

Rebecah of Bilerica, and Gershom Cutter Jr., Mar.15,1757.*PR

Samuel of Watertown, and Margarett [int.Margerett] Frost, Dec.2,1821.

Susannah and William Nelson, int.Oct.26,1834.


Charles W. of Boston, and Sarah W. [int.H.] Frost, Oct.17,1824.

James L. and Frances A. Locke, Apr.1,1839.*


William of Boston, and Jennette [int.Janet M.] Schouler, June27,1839.


Isaac and Sophia D. Sampson, int.Sept.12,1830.

CUTLER (Cutter)

Allice of Cambridge, and Ephraim Jones Jr., Nov.16,1752.*PR

Rose of Cambridge, and Scipio Pool, Sept.1,1768.*PR

Sylas and Sarah Gray, int.May20,1827.

William and Elisabeth Whittemore, Sept.15,1743.*PR

William of Cambridge, and Rebecca Hall, Jan.19,1773.*PR

CUTTER (Cutler)

Aaron and Mary Moore, Apr.1,1745.*PR

Aaron of Cambridge, and Abigail Bowman, Dec.17,1772,* P. R,

Aaron and Polly H. Howe, int.Oct.13,1811.

Aaron B. and Mary Stone, int.Nov.25,1827.

Abigail and Samuel Frost, Feb.19,1740-1.*PR

Abigail of Cambridge, and Thomas Goodwin, Dec.24,1776,* P. R,

Abijah and Charity E. Nlchols, Oct.23,1814. Almira (see Anna).

Amanda T. and Stephen Kimball, int.May4,1845.

Ammi of Cambridge, and Abigail Holden, Nov.12,1772.* P. R,

Ammi Jr. of Cambridge, and Esther Winship, Feb.6,1776.* P. R,

Andrew of Cambridge, and Rebecca Cutter, July15,1779.* P. R,

Anna of Cambridge, and Thomas Whittemore, Feb.1,1753* P. R,

Anna and Jonathan Benjamin, Sept.8,1811.

Anna [int.Almira] and William Tufts, Nov.12,1812.

Anna, wid.[int.omits wid.], and Joel Russell, Nov.27,1826.

Anne of Charlstown, and Walter Dickson, May3,1750.* P.R.

Artemas of Charlestown, and Mary C. Parker, int.Apr.18,1819.

Benjamin and Hannah Adams, June11,1815.

Benjamin and Mary Whittemore, Sept.26,1824

Benjamin F. and Esther Russell, int.Apr.7,1828.

Benjamin F. and Sarah H. Russell, Mar.13,1831.

Caroline and Ephraim Frost 3d [int.Capt., omits 3d], June10, Charity E. and Asa B. Blood, Mar.12,1835.

Cynthia and Benjamin F. Russell, May21,1843.

Cyrus [int.of Cincinnati, O.] and Hannah Hall, July12,1818.

Cyrus H., s.Cyrus, and Maria L. Russell, Dec.26,1846.*

Daniel of Medford, and Patience Hall, Nov.18,1756.*PR

Elijah and Abigail Hill, Jan.4,1818.

Eliza B. of Charlestown, and Ezekiel Whittemore, Nov.25,1813.*

Eliza and Robert Derby, Mar.12,1818.

Eliza A. and Henry Whittemore, int.Apr.7,1828.

Eliza B. and Elbridge G. Locke, May15,1832.

Elisabeth of Cambridge, and Samuel Fay, Apr.6,1756.*PR

Ephraim Jr. and Sarah A. Russell, Oct.12,1817.

Esther and Stephen Prentice, Aug.6,1741.*PR

Ezekiel and Sophia Whittemore, Nov.29,1809.

Francis of Charlston, and Susanna Whittemore, Dec.29,1782.*PR

George Jr. of Charlstown, and Sarah Robbins, Oct.21,1756.*PR

Gershom Jr. of Cambridge, and Rebecah Crosby, Mar.15,1757.*PR

Gershom and Polly Richardson, int.Nov.16,1834.

Hannah of Charlstown, and Joseph Tufts Jr., Mar.21,1754.*PR

Hannah, gemina, and William Cutter "Continent," Apr.29,1783.*PR

Hannah and Washington Peirce, int.Mar.12,1820.

Hannah H. and James Parton [int.Porter], Oct.7,1839.

Harriet [int.Harriot] and Daniel Burbeck, Nov.29,1807.

Harriet [int.Cutler] and Charles Whittemore, Aug.6,1826.

Issabel and Jonathan Winship, Oct.1,1741.*PR

James Jr. and Lydia M. Hall, June12,1808.

James and [int.adds Mrs.] Lydia Russell, July20,1809.

James Jr. and Maria Whittemore, Aug.30,1818.

James [int.Sr.] and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Rebecca Parker, Aug.29,1819.

Jefferson and Sarah Elizabeth Thorpe, int.Jan.19,1840.

Saunders and Clarissa Flint, int.Feb.7,1818.

John and Lucy Adams, May21,1745.*PR

John 3d of Cambridge, and Rebeca Hill, Jan.24,1765.*PR

John lertius of Cambridge, and Lucy Adams, Feb.4,1777.*PR

John and Sarah A. Russell, int.Sept.8,1839.

Jonas Jr. and Lydia Bucknam, Sept.5,1824.

Jonathan of Cambridge, and Anna Jennings, Nov.23,1749.*PR

Lucinda of Pelham, NH, and Isaac Hill, int.Jan.6,1822.

Lucy Agusta [int.Augusta] and Isaac Shattuck Jr., Jan.24,1839.

Lucy T. and Samuel F. Winn, Mar.3,1841.

Lydia of Cambridge, and John Bowers, Jan.21,1773.*PR

Lydia of Cambridge, and Jonathan Teel, Apr.7,1776.*PR

Lydia and Walter Russell, Jan.19,1817.

Lydia, Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.], and William Cutter id [int.Jr.], Nov.9,1818.

Lydia and Asa Gilson [int.Jr.], May16,1819.

Mahala and William Winnick [int.Winnek], June7,1818.

Maria and Luke Agur, Sept.23,1827.

Martha and Jonathan Stone, May21,1747.*PR

Martha of Cambridge, and Henry Luckis, Feb.12,1767,*PR

Mary of Cambridge, and Benjamin Richardson, Feb.16,1783.*PR

Mary C. and Moses C. Trask, Sept.23,1831.

Mary P. and Thomas R. [int.K.] Avery, Jan.末,1834.

Miranda and Henry Frost, Nov.18,1830.

Nancy and John Bailey, int.Apr.3,1828.

Nathanael of Princeton, and Mary Lock, Nov.20,1777.*PR

Pemela and Leonard Gay, int.Dec.2,1810.

Rebecca of Charlstown, and Jason Dunster, Oct.26,1749.*PR

Rebecca of Cambridge, and Andrew Cutter, July15,1779.*PR

Rebecca of Charlestown, and Benjamin Foster, Apr.5,1807.*

Rebecca and Benjamin Rand Feb.5,1817.

Rebecca of Pelham, NH, and Ebenezer Hall Jr., int.Sept.7,1817.

Rhoda and Kimball [int.Kimble] Farmer, June24,1818.

Samuel Jr. of Charlestown, and Rebecca Hill, Sept.30, [Oct.1, written above], 1780.*PR

Samuel and Susan Brown, Mar.6,1809.

Sarah of Cambridge, and Joshua Swan, July20,1762.*PR

Sarah of Carnbridge, and James Foster, Jan.26,1773.*PR

Sarah of Medford [int.of Medford, dup. of Charlestown], and Ammi C. Teel, Sept.11,1814.

Sarah [int.Saarah] and William Dickson Jr. [int.2d], Jan.4,1819.

Sarah of Charlestown, and Phillip [int.Philip C.] Whittemore, Oct.21,1819.

Sally A. and Joseph Harris, int.Mar.8,1829.

Susan F. [int.Sus T.] and William Verry [int.Very], Apr.15,1830.

Thomas of Cambridge, and Hannah Whittemore, May19,1757,*PR

Thomas of Cambridge, and Elisabeth Brown, Oct.15,1780.*PR

Thomas and Nancy Robinson, int.June2,1809.

Washington and Anna Fillebrown, Jan.26,1823.

William Jr. of Cambridge, and Mary Blackman, Nov.6,1774.*PR

William "Continent" and Hannah Cutter, gemina, Apr.29,1783.*PR

William 2d [int.Jr.] and Mrs.[int.omits Mrs.] Lydia Cutter, Nov.9,1818.

CUTTING (Cotting)

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