Delia A. and John Burnham, Dec. 14, 1846.*

Martha Trowbridge of Wayland and James Madison Bent, June 3, 1838, in Wayland.*


John P. and Eleanor [int. Elinor] S. Whittemore, int. Sept. 9, 1832.

Mary Ann of Medford, and Daniel Burbick Jr., int. Oct. 10, 1840.


Sarah and Stephen Locke, Feb. 6, 1809.

Zebulon W. of Boston, and Catherine A. Russell, int. Nov. 2, 1834.


Jonathan and Hepzibah Winship, wid., Feb. 29, 1776.* PR

Martha C. and Daniel Bean Jr., Feb. 3, 1827, [int. Jan. 20, 1828, sic].

Mary S. and George A. Locke, Apr. 4, 1839.

Mary of Cambridge Port, and Mark P. Hill, int. Sept. 24, 1839.

Rebecca H. of Acton, and Amos Hill, int. Nov. 15, 1807.

Sarah of Chelsea, and Levi Green, Nov. 30, 1834.

Thomas of Boston, and Clarissia [int. Clarrissa] Whittemmore, Oct. 2, 1808.


Moses H. of Manchester, and Eliza L. Jarvis, Oct. 7, 1847.*

Stephen P. and Sarah Frost, July 9, 1809.*


Reuben E. of Cambridge, and Sarah Whittemore, July 2, 1843.


Robert and Eliza Cutter, Mar. 12, 1818.


Mary B, and Peter Edwards, Jan. 17, 1813.


Aaron F. and Susan E. Peabody, Nov. 29, 1849.*

Abigail [int. of Cambridge] and Ephraim Frost 3d, Nov. 4, 1821.

Eliza, 37., d. William and Rachel, and Abel Pierce, widr., Jan. 17, 1849.*

Esther of Cambridge, and Joseph Tufts, Dec. 23, 1779.* PR

Jane of Charlston, and Samuel Teel, Apr. 3, 1755.* PR

John of Cambridge, and Sarah Whittemore, Jan. 19, 1748-9.* PR

John Jr. of Cambridge, and Sarah Butterfield, Oct. 6, 1771.* PR

Jonathan of Charlestown, and Martha Cook, Mar. 7, 1771.* PR

Joseph and Phebe L. Russell, May ––, 1833.

Margaret of Charlstown, and Joseph Cooke Jr., May 13, 1756.* PR

Mary of Cambridge, and Pattin Russell, July 25, 1749.* PR

Mary of Cambridge, and Jonathan Butterfield, Aug. 4, 1772.* PR

Rhachell of Charlestown, and Latham Stanton, July 8, 1810.*

Susanna of Cambridge, and Joseph Shaw, Jan. 23, 1777.* PR

Walter of Cambridge, and Anne Cutter, May 3, 1750.* PR

William Jr. and Elisabeth Lawrence, Dec. 3, 1741.* PR

William Jr. of Charlstown, and Rachel Teel, Dec. 8, 1753.* PR

William Jr. [int. 2d] and Sarah [int. Saarah] Cutter, Jan. 4, 1819.


Susanna of Charlstown, and William Tufts 4th, Dec. 20, 1753.* PR


Elizabeth and Robert C. Schouler, Oct. 27, 1835.

Martha S. and John J. Wilson, Dec. 4, 1843.

Mary C. and ––––– [int. John] Schouler, Sept. 25, 1832.

Paul F. and Persis M. Perry, Feb. 11, 1835, in Medford.

Paul F. and Adeline W. Prescott, Jan. 22, 1840.


Samuel and Mary Ann Ramsdell, Aug. 22, 1841.*


George of Cambridge, and Anna Perry, Sept. 2, 1773.* PR


Nathaniel and Elizabeth Todd, int. May 14, 1825.


Edmund of Acton, ME, and Caroline Ann Swan, int. Aug. 3, 1845.


Sarah Mead and Ebenezer Brooks, int. Nov. 14, 1819.


Henry Jr. of Cambridge, and Abigail Moore, Apr. 27, 1748.* PR

Jason of Cambridge, and Rebecca Cutter, Oct. 26, 1749.* PR


William T. and Susan Mott, Aug. 20, 1843.


William C., 23, b. Derry, NH, of Woburn, s. William and Lydia of Derry, NH, and Mary Ann Adams, Mar. 15, 1845.*


Susanna and James Frost, Dec. 3, 1776.* PR


Nancy and Joseph Wheeler, int. May 12, 1833.

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