Mary of Cambridge, and Benjamin Butterfield, Apr.4,1776.*PR


Sewall and Lavina Hall, Feb.21,1819.*


John, s.James and Margaret, and Mary Morrell, June1,1849.*


Abigail and Asa Frost, Sept.17,1820.

Ann [int.Anna] and Jacob Robinson Jr., Jan.11,1818.

Ebenezer Jr. and Rebecca Cutter, int.Sept.7,1817.

Elizabeth, Mrs., and Nehemiah Easterbrooke [int.Easterbrook], Sept.29,1811.

Esther and Jeremiah Russell, Oct.28,1807.

Ezekiel of Medford, and Anna Cooke, Oct.24,1765.*PR

Hannah of Cambridge, and Joseph Adams Jr., Sept.11,1750.*PR

Hannah and Cyrus Cutter, July12,1818.

Isaac and Hannah Kendall, int.May7,1826.

Lavina and Sewall Hadley, Feb.21,1819.*

Lydia M. and James Cutter Jr., June12,1808.

Patience of Cambridge, and Daniel Cutter, Nov.18,1756.*PR

Rebecca of Cambridge, and William Cutler, Jan.19,1773.*PR

Rebecca C. and Simeon Cooke, May15,1808.

Sarah C. and John Prentiss, May25,1815.

Stephen 4th of Medford, and Mary Hill, July12,1770.*PR

Thomas and Hannah Hill, Apr.末,1831.


Moody, "Friend," of Springfield, and Asanah Butterfield, July4,1813.*


John R. [int.K.] of Boston, and Susan Green, Nov.30,1834.

HANSCOM (Hanscome)

Jacob, 26, s.Thomas and Serena, and Catherine M. Wright, Oct.3,1847.*

Jonas, 39, of Lexington, s.Tobis and Huldah of Lexington, and Sarah B. Lewis, May2,1847.*

HANSCOME (Hanscom)

Stephen C. and Sarah C. Teel, Aug.20,1843


Joel F. and Martha Swan, June29,1837.


Solon and Martha Chenery,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Apr.4,1846].*


Abigail and Edward Russell, Dec.30,1818.

Cyrus D. and Rebecca Frost, June11,1846.*

Louisa and Daniel Sweetser, int.Mar.6,1825.

Mary E. of Somerville, and James S. Russell, May10,1843.

Moses of Cambridge, and Deborah Winship, June23,1760.*PR

Solomon and [int.adds Mrs.] Hannah Kendall, Jan.7,1813.


Calvin and Abby C. Putnam, Apr.28,1836.

Calvin and Harriot Reed, int.Jan.29,1843.

Joseph and Sally A. Cutter, int.Mar.8,1829.


Henry, 30, of Boston, s.William and Margaret of Boston, and Mary Ann Blake, Oct.4,1848.*

John of Townsend, and Elizabeth Butterfield Lock [int.Elizabeth B. Locke], Dec.末,1830.


Dolly D. of Cambridge, and John K. Brown, int.Apr.28,1839.


Hannah of Reading, and John L. Hunt, June18,1835.*


Hannah, wid., of Charlestown, and William Robbins, Oct.17,1764.*PR


Elisabeth and Robert Pomroy, Nov.27,1740.*PR


Charles of Watertown, and Mary Frost, int.May4,1815.

Jonathan Jr. and Christina Wainwright, Nov.24,1780.*PR

Joseph S. of Shrewsbury, and Hannah Newton, June14,1833.*

Mary of Cambridge, and Josiah Shattuck, Jan.11,1753.*PR


Thomas and Sally Winship, int.Apr.3,1814.


Moody and Mrs.Abigail [int.Abagail, omits Mrs.] Frost, Nov.30,1834.


Nathaniell, Col, of S. Kingston, RI, and Sarah Kent, Mar.5,1778.*PR


Jonathan W. of Boston, and Julia Ann Whittemore, int.Feb.24,1839.


Frederick H., Rev., and Lucy L. Peirce, int.Aug.10,1830.


John and Sarah Phillips, int.Dec.2,1810.


Warren, 25, b. Boston, s.Simeon and Abagail of Boston, and Lucy Ann Hill,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. July11,1845] [dup. June19,1845].*

HEWES (Huse)


John and Sarah Angier, Jan.3,1776.*PR


Abigail and Elijah Cutter, Jan.4,1818.

Abigail and John Fowle Jr., Oct.14,1821.

Abraham Jr. of Cambridge, and Elisabeth Robbins, May9,1782.*PR

Addison and Caroline Locke, int.Oct.16,1831.

Adeline N. and Jesse P. Pattee, int.Oct.30,1831.

Amos and Rebecca H. Davis, int.Nov.15,1807.

Amos of Medford, and Louisa Russell, int.Oct.18,1829.

Amos Jr. and Rosella Simonds, int.Aug.19,1838.

Benjamin and Mary Richardson, Apr.末,1813.

Charles and Hannah Swan, Oct.28,1841.

Cynthia and Reuben Wait, Dec.29,1833.

Deborah and James Wait, May5,1822.

Eliza and Elijah Allen, Aug.25,1825.

Eliza A. and Benjamin F. Locke, Oct.31,1849.*

Betty of Cambridge, and Jonathan Perry, June29,1780.*PR

Elizabeth and Kendall Crosby, Apr.23,1826.

Francis, 30, s.Amos and Rebecca, and Evelina E. Frost, Nov.12,1846.*

Hannah and Thomas Hall, Apr.末,1831.

Harriot [int.Harriet] and William A. Russell Jr., June24,1838.

Isaac and Lucinda Cutter, int.Jan.6,1822.

John of Cambridge, and Dorcas Bowes, Aug.1,1765.*PR

Joseph and Abigail Brigham, int.Sept.18,1836.

Louisa S. and James A. Estabrook, Oct.26,1843, in Medford.

Lucy Ann, 24, d.Amos and Rebecca, and Warren Heustis;末蔓末, 末末 [rec. July11,1845] [duP. June19,1845].*

Lucy and Reuben Wit, Dec.11,1825.

Lucy and George S. Adams, Sept.20,1832.

Lydia of Cambridge, and George Prentice, June21,1770.*PR

Lydia and Kendall Crosby, Feb.9,1834.

Mark P. and Mary Davis, int.Sept.24,1839.

Mary of Cambridge, and William Codner, Dec.5,1745.* P.R.

Mary of Cambridge, and Stephen Hall 4th, July12,1770.*PR

Mary Ann and John James Eaton, int.Aug.11,1833.

Mercy [int.Marcy] Ann and Jonathan V. Fletcher, Nov.3,1836.

Rebeca of Cambridge, and John Cutter 3d, Jan.24,1765.*PR

Rebecca of Cambridge, and Samuel Carter, Dec.11,1770.*PR

Rebecca of Cambridge, and Samuel Cutter Jr., Sept.30, [Oct.1, written above], 1780.*PR

Rebecca J., 26, d.Amos, and George S. Teel, Oct.3,1844.

Rhoda of Cambridge, and Samuel Kent, June20,1782.*PR

Samuel of Cambridge, and Martha Bennett, Aug.15,1765.*PR

Sarah of Cambridge, and William Adams, June14,1750.*PR

Sarah H. [int.W.] of Woburn, and Joseph O. Wellington, Apr.15,1841.

Susanna of Cambridge, and Thomas Francis, July11,1771.*PR

Susanna Jr. of Cambridge, and John Frost Jr., Nov.21,1780.*PR

Thomas 2d and Mary Prentiss [int.P.] Hovey, Nov.16,1817.

William of Cambridge, and Mercy Perry, Dec.3,1767.*PR

William [int.2d] and Harriot [int.Harriet] Swan, Oct.12,1826.

William 2d and Betsy Underwood, int.Oct.30,1836.

Zechariah of Cambridge, and Ruth Robbins, May9,1771.*PR

Zachariah [dup. Zecheriah] and Hannah Hovey, Apr.10,1814.

HINCKLEY (Hinkley)


Israel of Cambridge, and Sarah Swan, wid., Feb.20,1755.*PR


Hepsibeth and Isaac Bowman, int.June23,1822.


Jacob F. of Lexington, and Harriet Eliza Frost, Nov.23,1848.*

Lorenzo and Mary M. Frost, Oct.17,1849.*


Henry B. and Mary A. Calf, int.May31,1835.


Elisabeth of Cambridge, and Jacob Newhal, Aug.21,1766.*PR


Abigail of Charlestown, and Ammi Cutter, Nov.12,1772.*PR

Henry of Cambridge, and Sarah Fuller, Oct.14,1756.*PR


Daniel and Rhoda Starkey, Sept.2,1839.*


Mary and William Wakefield, Dec.24,1747.*PR


Eleazer of Boston, and Louisa A. Wellington, int.May18,1828.

Betsey and Thomas Hutchinson, Apr.14,1813.

William F. of Boston, and Adaline [int.Adeline] M. Wellington, Sept.1,1831.

HOOK (Hooke)

Abraham J. and Lovey M. Bickford, int.Sept.10,1837.

HOOKE (Hook)

Ruth and John Bathrick, Dec.24,1747.*PR


John of Wilmington, and Mary Wyman, Dec.2,1819.

Lavinia and David Crosby, May2,1841.

Mary W., Mrs., and Seth Frost, June15,1843.


William of Watertoun [int.Horne of Watertown], and Sibbel [int.adds C.] Adams, Oct.13,1825.


Calvin and Lois G. Fiske, int.May6,1827.


Caleb of Cambridge, and Rebecca Robbins, Dec.9,1770.*PR

Elenor, 20, d.Eben and Louisa, and Warren Rawson, Nov.2,1845.*

Elizabeth and Samuel Peirce, Aug.22,1813.

Eunice and Reuben Frost, Apr.17,1813.

Experience of Lexington, and Josiah Williams, Dec.17,1776.*PR

Hannah and Zachariah [dup. Zecheriah] Hill, Apr.10,1814.

Louisa C. and Thurston Boynton, June18,1840.

Martha Ann, 17, d.Ebenezer and Louiza, and John M. Mills, Nov.23,1848.*

Mary Prentiss and Thomas Hill 2d, Nov.16,1817.

Moses of Cambridge, and Love Prentice, Mar.11,1776.*PR


Eli and Adeline Fillebrown, Nov.7,1833.

Polly H. of Marlborough, and Aaron Cutter, int.Oct.13,1811.


Jackson and Mary Lawrence, Aug.31,1823.


Thomas and Susan Reed, July28,1818.*



Everline of Charlestown, and Jonathan Frost, int.Dec.17,1820.


Richard of Cambridge, and Unice Thomson, June20,1764.*PR


John L. of Reading, and Hannah Hartshorn, June18,1835.*

Joseph and Mary Gould, int.June16,1816.

Louisa of Hancock, NH, and Eli W. Reynolds, int.Sept.3,1837.


Harriot and John Wenham, July12,1840.


Caroline and Liberty Wellington, Nov.6,1842.

Huldah and Robert W. Parker, Mar.30,1845.*


Susan and Charles Bacon, Jan.1,1840.

William and Mary B. Short, int.Nov.2,1823.


Abigail of Charlestown, and Henry Parker, May28,1807.*

Adeline M. and Gardner Symnes Symmes, int.Nov.5,1843.

Jacob [int.adds H.] of Charlestown, and Eliza Ann Crosby, July1,1838, in Lexington.

John of Charlstown, and Sarah Frost, May20,1772.*PR

Maria L., 22, s.Thomas and Betsy, and Francis H. Johnson, Sept.29,1846.*

Samuel of Charlestown, and Lucetta [int.Luieta] Russell, Dec.14,1817.

Thomas of Charlestown, and Betsey Homer, Apr.14,1813.

Thomas and Betsy Blackington, June26,1823.

Thomas and Lavina E. Page, int.Aug.6,1837.

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