Jacob, s.Henry and Catherine, Aug.27,1769.


Amasa, Sept.14,1860.

Melinda, w.Amasa, Feb.17,1860.


Eliza, w.Stephen,末蔓末,1832.

Eliza, w.Stephen, June2,1835.

Stephen, Aug.7,1843.

Susan, d.Stephen and Eliza, Jan.6,1832.


Zilpha, Nov.10,1858.


Hannah, married, b. Fitchburg, d.Jesse and Hannah McIntire, of heart disease, Dec.23,1886, a.61y.2m.


Artinesia, w.Nathan B., Nov.3,1822.

Clara A., d.Albert and Julia I., June8,1862.

Eleazer, Aug.19,1844.

Esther, w.Nathan B., Mar.28,1861.

Joshua, widowed, carpenter, s.Eleazer and Mary, of old age, Oct.7,1870, a.93y.7m.21d.

Keziah, w.Joahua, Nov.7,1855.

Mary, w.Eleazer, Feb.12,1825.

Mary, s.Nathan and Esther, Oct.1,1826.

Mary, b. Ashby, d.Elezer and Mary, of paralysis, Mar.27,1876, a.88y.2m.6d.

Nathan R., widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Eleazer and Mary, of old age, July27,1864, a.83y.3m.2d.

Rebecca, d.Nathan B. and Artinesia, Dec.7,1822.


George Gates, b. Ashby, s.George, s.and Mary E., of bleeding, Oct.1,1871, a.14d.


Asa, Sept.19,1798.


Hannah, w.William, Nov.15,1825.

Hannah E., d.William, Nov.25,1848.

Hepsibeth, married, b. Ashby, d.Pierpont and Sally Kendall, of consumption, Oct.30,1874, a.73y.2m.14d.

Joel, widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s.William and Hannah, of chronic absess, May26,1882, a.85y.6m.20d.

Maria C., d.Joel and Hepzibath, Jan.29,1836.

Mary E., d.William and Hannah E., Feb.23,1860.

Mary, widow, b. Winchendon, d.Asa and Mary Perley, of dropsical consumption, July28,1887, a.77y.11d.

Sullivan, s.William and Hannah, Dec.28,1830.

Sumner, s.William and Hannah, at Plainfield, NH, Apr.末,1835.

William, Feb.9,1826.

William, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.William and Hannah, of pneumonia, Feb.11,1875, a.81y.12d.


末末, ch.Obed and Mary Ann, Aug.2,1824.

末末, ch.Bradley and Abbie, whooping cough, Mar.27,1865, a.2m.7d.

Anna, w.Samuel, Jan.8,1833.

Bradley, June28,1862.

David, s.Bradley and Mary A., Jan.17,1855.

Eliza A., d.Samuel and Anna, Sept.22,1821.

Fred Gilman, b. Ashby, d.Frank P. and Elvira A., of dysentery, Aug.23,1868, a.3y.3m.7d.

Hattie B., b. Ashby, d.Frank P. and Elvira A., of convulsions, Oct.9,1876, a.3y.26d.

James, s.James and Nancy, Sept.15,1821.

James, Jan.7,1838.

Lydia J., Feb.14,1854.

Lydia, Feb.24,1854.

Mary E., d.Samuel and Anna, Aug.30,1821.

Mary Ann, s.Obed, Mar.13,1826.

Mary A., w.Bradley, Mar.20,1858.

Obed, Oct.30,1833.

Phebe, d.Janes and Susanna, July28,1798.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Anna, Dec.2,1817.

Samuel, Mar.6,1827.

Sarah M., d.Obed and Lydia R.P., Mar.14,1838.

Susan, d.James and Nancy, Aug.4,1834.

Thomas, s.James and Susanna, June28,1819.

Willis Baker, b. Ashby, s.Bradley and Abbie, of cholera, June15,1864, a.1y.2m.


末末, ch.David and Rachel, Sept.16,1822.

David, s.David and Rachel, July14,1807.

David, s Savid and Rachel, Dec.26,1828.

David, Sept.20,1846.

Edward, widower, b. Lunenburg, farmer, s.Ebenezer and Esther, of consumption, Aug.31,1868, a.72y.11m.6d.

Ellen C., d.Levi, Dec.22,1859.

Francis, s.Alpha and Nancy, Aug.6,1851.

Harriet, d.David and Rachel, Oct.6,1850.

Jennie, d.Alpha and Nancy, Dec.21,1861.

Jennie E., b. Fitchburg, d.Myron E. and Eliza J. of spinal meningitis, May31,1885, a.1y.2m.7d.

Laura, w.Levi, Nov.7,1862.

Mary A., d.David and Rachel, Aug.29,1845.

Rachel, w.David, June20,1839.

Sarah, July10,1860.


Alfred, July3,1837.

Eleazer, June22,1839.

John G., s.Luther G. and Almira N., Feb.7,1859.

Lucy, 2nd, w.Eleazer, Aug.15,1825.

Lucy E., b. Fairfield, ME, d.George A. and Olive M., of consumption, Jan.17,1869, a.17y.9m.

Luther, widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Eleazer and Lucy, of paralysis of brain, Nov.17,1872, a.75y.3m.20d.

Luther, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Luther and Susan, of debility, convulsions, Apr.29,1888, a.66y.6m.15d.

Nancy J., married, b. Ashby, tailoress, d.Nathan E. and Charlotte E. Damon, of consumption, at Fitchburg, July16,1877., a.22y.9m.9d.

Rebecca S.B., married, b. Fairfield, ME, d.Levi and Rebecca Barrett, of consumption, Sept.19,1871, a.64y.

Sarah, w.Eleazer, Aug.3,1795.

Susan A., d.Luther and Susan, Apr.14,1836.

Susan G., w.Luther, Sept.6,1853.


Alice S., b. Malden, miliner, d.Thomas H. and Francis S., July24,1876, a.22y.2m.19d.

Nellie S., married, b. Ashby, d.Nathan and Charlotte Damon, of consumption of lungs, Dec.25,1875, a.18y.10m.3d.


Addie A., b. Ashby, teacher, d.Hobert and Lydia, of consumption, July15,1875, a.34y.6m.18d.

Betsey, Mar.17,1855.

Hobert, widower, b. Newbury, VT, farmer, s.Hobert and Betsey, paralysis, Nov.11,1883, a.81y.3m.27d.

Lydia, married, b. Ashby, d, Elisha and Persis Jones, of diabetes, Dec.13,1876, a.67y.8m.29d.


Laura Gibbs, b. Fitchburg, d.Bowne and Maria, of convulsions, Aug.15,1873, a.1y.9m.24d.


末末, ch.Alvah A. and Eliza A., July2,1868, a.12d.


Alice O., at Boston, June14,1857.


John B., s.Noah and Sally, Aug.4,1827.

Sally, w.Noah, Sept.4,1828.


Betsey, w.Thomas, Feb.6,1817.

Isaac, s.Thomas and Betty, May13,1775.

Isaac, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Abel and Susanna, of old age, July17,1885, a.85y.6m.

John, s.Thomas and Betty, June9,1782.

Sarah E., d.Isaac and Tila, Oct.13,1845.

Susanna, w.Abel, July3,1841.

Thomas, Dec.18,1811.


Sally, w.Curtis, Oct.10,1823.


Charles, Sept.25,1846.


Chloe, widow, b. Grafton, d.Dr. Joseph and Phebe Grout, of paralysis and old age, Jan.24,1878, a.85y.9m.24d.


Daniel, May7,1783.

Dorcas, w.Earl, Mar.30,1843.

Elizabeth, June3,1781.

John, s.Earl and Dorcas, May25,1794.

John E., Oct.26,1849.

Lucy L., w.Edmund, Dec.19,1841.

Lucy, married, b. Ashby, w.Edmund P., d.Benjamin and Dolly Foster, of dropsy and heart disease, Mar.13,1890, a.80y.6m.21d.

Samuel, s.Earl and Dorcas, Nov.末,1838.


Anna, w.Asa, Oct.末,1840.

Asa S., s.Homer and Susan, June7,1839.

Asa, Aug.15,1851.

Homer, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Asa and Rhoda, of apoplexy, Jan.16,1875, a.74y.1m.4d.

Rhoda, w.Asa, Dec.17,1829.

Sumner, s Asa and Rhoda, Sept.19,1805.

Sumner, s.Homer and Susan, Feb.5,1829.


Julius A., s.Nathaniel and Sally, Dec.31,1830.

Mary J.R., d.Nathaniel and Sally, Nov.11,1835.

Natt, married, b. Reading, farmer, s.John and Lois, of flux mortification, Feb.21,1871, a.82y.

Sally, d.Natt, Oct.14,1848.

Sarah A., w.Otis N., Jan.15,1859.

Susan, widow, b. Ashburnham, d.Benjamin and Isabel Lane, of apoplexy, Oct.6,1880, a.80y.11m.7d.


Charles F., Aug.18,1860.

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