Phebe, and William Heath, May 1, 1781.


Sarah, of Townsend, and Joseph Davis, Feb. 14, 1769.


Eliza W., and Asahel Wheeler, of Westminster, Feb. 21, 1846.

John W., of Rindge, NH, and Eliza Wright, Mar. 29, 1836.


Alonzo A., a. 33 y., manufacturer, s. John and Sophronia, and Hattie M. Whitney, a. 24 y., d. William and Fannie, Jan. 12, 1870.

John T., a. 23 y., farmer, s. John and Sophronia, and Helen A. Wilder, a. 20 y., d. Ivers and Amanda, Nov. 14, 1864.

John T., 2nd m., a. 29 y., mechanic, s. John and Sophronia, and Anna Fenninger, 23 y., of Townsend, d. John and Elizabeth, Feb. 13, 1871.

Sarah E., and Henry C. Wilder, of Boston, Jan. 11, 1858.


Eugene, a. 21 y., butcher, s. Leonard and Abby E., and Florence Barnes, 28 y., operative, of Fitchburg, d. Merick and Harriet, June 5, 1884.

Joseph, of Harvard, and Ede P. Wright, Sept. 18, 1844.

Peter, of Fitchburg, and Elizabeth Manning, of Fitchburg, Dec. 31, 1823.


Esther, and Hyram C. Haynes, Mar. 6, 1823.


Stephen, of Fitchburg, and Laura Farwell, Mar. 12, 1835.


Sarah, of Fitzwilliam, NH, and Elbridge G. Jaquith, Nov. 8, 1836.


John, a. 30 y., teamster, s. Cornelius and Julia, and Harriet Murphy, 22 y., domestic, of Saco, ME, d. Patrick and Jane, Jan. 1, 1889.


Henry B., a. 26 y., carpenter, of Walpole, s. Luther and Eliza, and Mary C. Butterfield, a. 26 y., d. John and Lydia J., Nov. 24, 1880.


Sybel, of New Ipswich, NH, and Solomon Sanders, of Townsend, Oct. 16, 1810.


Francis C., of Phillipston, and Rebecca Miller, of Phillipston, May 9, 1821.

George H., a. 25 y., trader, of South Groton, s. George F. and Caroline H., and Mary A.W. Kendall, a. 24 y., d. John B. and Mary Aann, Nov. 29, 1860.


James L., of New Ipswich, NH, and Clarisa Kendall, Mar. 28, 1848.


Charles H., a. 26 y., railroad man, of Fitchburg, s. Wallace W. and Lydia, and Jennie Oakes, 2nd m., a. 21 y., of Fitchburg, d. Mason and Laura Harrington, Dec. 1, 1883.

Edwin, marketman, s. Killburn, and Mary, and Mary Hubbard, d. george and Louisa, Oct. 7, 1864.

Mary G., a. 20 y., d. Edwin and Mary P., and Jesse Lyman, a. 23 y., produce dealer, of Boston, s. Philyer L. and Miranda, Sept. 8, 1886.

Nellie M., a. 20 y., d. William W. and Lydia A., and Moses D., Aldrich, a. 23 y., Carpenter, s. Leonard and Frances, Nov. 12, 1881.


Josiah, of Fitchburg, and Sophronia Barnard, Dec. 19, 1833.


Alice, and Asa Walker, July 14, 1791.

Eliza A., a. 44 y., of Townsend, d. Eben and Betsy, and Cyrus K. Wheeler, 2nd m., a. 49 y., farmer, s. John and Polly L., Feb. 17, 1878.

George, and Harriet A. Estabrook, Oct. 27, 1844.

Harriet A., 2nd m., a. 52 y., d. Joseph and Abigail Estabrook, and Frederick Jones, 2nd m., a. 63 y., farmer, s. Timothy and Susan, May 18, 1876.

Howard, 2nd m., a. 47 y., of Marlboro, NH, s. Howard and Doris, and Sarah –––––, 2nd m., a. 37 y., of Marlboro, NH, d. Joseph and Mary Griffin, Feb. 19, 1881.

Jennie L., a. 23 y., domestic, of Ashburnham, d. Luther G. and Mary, and Hollis Mosman, a. 29 y., chair maker, of Ashburnham, s. Leonard and Clarinda, Oct. 14, 1882.

Luther, 2nd m., a. 62 y., farmer, of Ashburnham, s, Levi and Abigail, and Eliza C. Tilson, 2nd m., a. 37 y., domestic, of Ashburnham, d, Reuben and Eliza Buzzell, Jan. 27, 1885.

Mary, and Jacob Upton, May 20, 1773.


Lucinda, and Abraham Glazier, of Gardner, July 29, 1817.

Mehitable, and Stephen Lawrence, Mar. 24, 1812.


Michael E., a. 26 y., farmer, s. Daniel and Julia, and Maggie Kalaher, a. 26 y., of Boston, d. Dennis and Ann, Oct. 28, 1879.


Annie C., a. 26 y., of New Ipswich, NH, d. William and Elizabeth, and John B. Farwell, a. 30 y., farmer, of New Ipswich, s. Daniel and Lucinda, Mar. 31, 1878.

Asenath, and Benjamin Allen, Feb. 4, 1798.

Dolly, and Thomas Blake, of Boston, Dec. 15, 1828.

Persis, and Benjamine Lawrence, July 17, 1794.

Rufus, a. 33 y., farmer, s. Almond and Betsey, and Patty Damon, a. 26 y., d. Benjamin and Mary F., Oct. 1, 1888.

Sally, and Jesse Rice, Nov. 29, 1804.


Nathan, and Lucy Priest, Jan. 7, 1812.


Sarah E., 2nd m., a. 28 y., of Fitchburg, d. Joseph and Abigail Scott, and David Whittimore Jt., a. 28 y., farmer, of Fitchburg, s. David and Phebe, Feb. 24, 1863.


Elisha, of Townsend, and Achse Hobart, Nov. 21, 1830.


Cloe, of Ahburnham, and Everett Gates, Jan. 31, 1822.

Lucinda, and Washington Fuller, Dec. 10, 1838.


Cynthia A., a. 20 y., of Rindge, NH, d. Lucius and Cynthia, and William H. Smith, a. 21 y., laborer, of Rindge, NH, s. Ira and Abby, July 31, 1873.


Hannah, and James L. Kennedy, Oct. 3, 1851.

Urania A., and Moses Green, Jan. 21, 1847.


Augusta H., of Ashburnham, and J. Milton Frost, Apr. 19, 1858.


Almira H., and Perez C. Burr, Nov. 24, 1853.


Eliza R., of Groton, and Robert W. McIntire, of Ashburnham, June 30, 1853.

Jacob, and Hannah Blood, of Townsend, Nov. 25, 1813.

Lydia E., and Jonathan Foster, July 10, 1811.

William, and Submit Hodgman, Nov. 29, 1835.


John, of Gardner, and Sarah Reed, Jan. 15, 1832.


Polly, and William Exford, of Whitingham, VT, Oct. 1, 1799.


James, and Charlott Wetherbee, Dec. 12, 1839.


Elisha, of Ashburnham, and Dolly Wright, June 13, 1849.

John, of Athol, and Betsey Morse, Sept. 27, 1808.

Mary A., a. 30 y., d. Charles F. and Susan W., and William H. Jewett, a. 30 y., painter, of Cambridge, s. Sewell P. and Susan H., Feb. 19, 1863.

Sarah R., and Rufus Paul, of Boston, Oct. 14, 1856.

Susan Amanda, a. 28 y., d. Charles and Susan, and James Fitzgibben, a. 36 y., machinist, s. David and Ellen, Feb. 19, 1863.


Lydia, and Elisha Taylor, Apr. 16, 1837.


Paris, of Fitchburg, and Eunice M. Smith, Dec. 14, 1837.


John, and Susan Foster, May 19, 1816.


Laura E., a. 21 y., of Templeton, d. Levi C. and Maria, and Frederick L. Whitney, a. 23 y., chair maker, s. Edwin and Eliza, Aug. 27, 1885.


Harriet, and John B. Whitney, Mar. 1, 1829.

Jane, and Elias W. Wellington, Nov. 26, 1837.

Jonas, a. 29 y., farmer, s. Isaac and Rebecca, and Martha L. Holman, a. 23 y., of Fitchburg, d. John and Mary, Dec. 25, 1878.

Maria, and Sewell Gibson, Nov. 4, 1841.

Sewell G., a. 27 y., machinist, of Fitchburg, s. Isaac and Rebecca, and Addie E. Sampson, a. 24 y., of Fitchburg, d. Robert and Lucinda, Aug. 22, 1872.


Nabby, and Abel Green, of Bedford, Apr. 28, 1818.

Charles, and Prudence Holden, Jan. 16, 1817.

Charles, of Rindge, NH, and Melinda Wright, Oct. 18, 1831.

Isaac, and Sophia Brown, Dec. 11, 1807.


Carrie E., a. 21 y., teacher, of North Leominster, d. Henry P. and Caroline, and Stephen F., Adams, s. 23 y., clerk, s. Stephen S. and Martha, Oct. 11, 1882.

Jonas A., 2nd m., a. 53 y., mechanic, of Fitchburg, s. Jonas and Elvira, and Ella Booth, a. 33 y., d. George N. and Abby, Mar. 28, 1882.

Jonathan W., of Weston, and Cynda Lane, of Ashburnham, Oct. 28, 1823.

Lillie C., a. 18 y., d. John W. and Susan, and William Blye, a. 24 y., laborer, of West Townsend, s. Wilson and Caroline A., July 3, 1889.

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