Maggie, a. 26 y., of Boston, d. Dennis and Ann, and Michael Coffee, a. 26 y., farmer, s. Daniel and Julia, Oct. 28, 1879.


John E., and Phila A. Wiley, Nov. 1, 1843.


John W., a. 26 y., teamster, s. Daniel and Mary, and Louisa J. Ficks, a. 26 y., seamstress, of Watsontown, PA, d. Michael and Mary, Mar. 25, 1886.


Hannah, and Seth Newell, of New Ipswich, NH, May 30, 1822.


Adaline, and Stephen Sawin, Apr. 14, 1836.

Alice, a. 18 y., d. John F. and Mary E., and George P. Wilder, a. 23 y., farmer, s. John and Sarah, Apr. 6, 1881.

Amos, of Lexington, and Laura E. Goodhue, Feb. 21, 1833.

Asa, Lt., and Mary Rice, Dec. 3, 1807.

Asa, and Polly, Worcester, June 30, 1808.

Carrie M., a. 27 y., d. Josiah Q. and Amanda, and Edward S. Stockwell, a. 27 y., farmer, of Fitchburg, s. George and Mary Ann, Jan. 5, 1886.

Catherine, and Joseph Eaton, of Dublin, July 20, 1780.

Catherine, and Nathan Prescott, of Boston, Feb. 15, 1825.

Charles H., of Waltham, and Betsey Gibson, Jan. 1, 1835.

Clarisa, and Howard Gates, Mar. 10, 1824.

Clarisa, and James L. Chandler, of New Ipswich, NH, Mar. 28, 1848.

Eleanor, and Vila Ring, of Newton, Dec. 28, 1836.

Eli, and Julia Walker, Sept. 16, 1822.

Betsey, and Davis Lawrence, Mar. 12, 1816.

Elizabeth, and Edward Vinton Jr., of Quincy, Mar. 27, 1828.

George, 2nd m., a. 46 y., farmer, s. Benjamin and Lucy, and Alma H. Willard, a. 34 y., of Harvard, d. Stedman and Mary H., June 23, 1864.

Hepsibath, and Elias Wellington, Feb. 6, 1800.

Hepsibath, and Joel Sheldon, Nov. 23, 1820.

Hosea, and Lydia Taylor, Oct. 20, 1836.

Isaac, and Phila Bennett, Nov. 25, 1825.

Isaac, and Phila Worthington, of Mason, NH, Mar. 15, 1848.

James O., and Phebe Denney, Sept. 21, 1843.

John, of Hartford, NY, and Mary A. Wyman, Nov. 14, 1831.

John F., 2nd m., a. 44 y., mechanic, s. Joseph and Mary, and Mary Wellington, 2nd m., a. 45 y., d. Leonard and Martha Lawrence, May 9, 1883.

Joseph, and Mary Bell, of New Ipswich, NH, Nov. 23, 1830.

Joshua, and Martha Foster, of Jaffrey, NH, Dec. 15, 1847.

Laura A., and John E. Damon, Apr. 29, 1837.

Levi, and Lucy Kendall, Nov. 23, 1820.

Levi J., and Nancy E. Wright, Jan. 12, 1854.

Liberty W., and Sarah Puffer, Apr. 11, 1827.

Lucy, and Levi Kendall, Nov. 23, 1820.

Lucy, and David Wood, Jan. 24, 1843.

Maria A., a. 29 y., of Boston, d. Amos and Laura, and Bowne Spooner, a. 27 y., reporter, of Boston, s. William and Lucy, Apr. 8, 1869.

Patty, and Moses Green, Feb. 18, 1805.

Polly, and Moses Green, Feb. 18, 1805.

Mary, and Amos Taylor, Sept. 13, 1831.

Mary Ann, and Sumner Sheldon, Jan. 15, 1835.

Mary Ann, and John Burrage, of Lunenburg, May 23, 1842.

Mary A.W., a. 24 y., d. John B. and Mary Ann, and George H. Champney, a. 25 y., trader, of South Groton, s. George and Caroline H., Nov. 29, 1860.

Melinda, and Francis S. Bacon, Aug. 26, 1817.

Nancy, and Luther Wetherbee, Nov. 21, 1811.

Nancy S., and Samuel M. Allen, Apr. 26, 1840.

Oliver, and Lucy Wellington, July 20, 1797.

Oliver W., and Mary Gates, Feb. 8, 1831.

Parpoint, and Sarah Damon, Feb. 16, 1792.

Rebecca, and Amos Wellington, Feb. 23, 1798.

Roxanna, and Micah Eaton, Apr. 9, 1822.

Samuel, and Hannah Farr, Jan. 22, 1852.

Sarah, and John Manning, Oct. 9, 1781.

Sarah W., and James Bancroft, May 28, 1829.

Sarah, and John H. Rice, Dec. 17, 1829.

Stephen, and Lydia C. Burr, Mar. 12, 1816.


Hannah, and William Roberts, Mar. 11, 1852.

James L., and Hannah Combs, Oct. 3, 1851.


Thomas, of Newburyport, and Sally White Parkhurst, Dec. 4, 1808.


Isaac, of Cambridge, and Nancy Stimpson, of Cambridge, Nov. 16, 1817.


Augusta M., of Townsend, and Franklin H. Warren of Townsend, May 9, 1858.

Harriet, and Joseph Smith, of Underhill, VT, Sept. 19, 1830.

Henrietta Josephine, a. 18 y., of Ashburnham, d. Addison and Susan R., and Erastus Nichols Pierce, a. 21 y., chair maker, of Gardner, s. Jonas and Sarah M., Sept. 18, 1861.

Isaac, of Townsend, and Jane Foster, June 4, 1837.

John, and Anna Marble, Feb. 8, 1827.

Josiah, of Hampden, and Betsy Shed, Dec. 28, 1808.

Lucy, and Hosea Spaulding, of Jerico, VT, Jan. 20, 1820.


Mary T., 3rd m., a. 56 y., d. John J. and Sarah, S, Temple, and Charlotte W. Parker, 2nd m., a. 46 y., farmer, s. Orin and Charlotte, Mar. 20, 1890.


George, a. 27 y., of Townsend, s. Asa and Almira, and Arie, Scales, a. 30 y., d. Oliver and Cynthia, June 15, 1884.


Cynthia, a. 20 y., of Fitchburg, d. I.W. and Mary. and George Upton, a. 23 y., trader, s. William and Laura, Dec. 1, 1868.

Israel, Of Ashburnham, and Mary A. Wheeler, May 30, 1843.

Mary A., 2nd m., a. 37 y., of Fitchburg, Oliver L. and Mary Wheeler, and S. Gilman Frost, 2nd m., a. 37 y., harness maker, s. Solomon, and Dorcas, Nov. 22, 1888.


Charles, a. 30 y., teamster, of Cambridge, s. John and Ann, and Angie M. Hodgkins, a. 21 y., of West Townsend, d. Hezikiah and Mary, Dec. 22, 1888.

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