Elmer Ellsworth, s.Ellsworth G. and Bertha A. (Chase), clergyman, May22,1890.


Thomas H., s.T. and Bridget, mechanic, Nov.23,1856.


Jonathan, s.Ebenezer and Deborah, Sept.6,1794.


Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, at Woburn, Dec.11,1758.

Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, at Woburn, Apr.26,1761.

Lucy, d.Eleazer and Rebecca, at Littleton, June10,1761.

Sarah, d.Charles and Naomy, at Groton, Feb.29,1764.

Benjamin, s, Jonathan and Elizabeth, at Woburn, May23,1764.

Stephen, s.Eleazer and Rebecca, at Groton, Oct.28,1764.

Levi, s.Charles and Naomy, at Harvard, Jan.8,1766.

Persia, d.Peter and Persia, at Townsend, May25,1766.

Sarah, d.Eleazer and Rebecca, Aug.16,1766.

Dorcas, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, at Woburn, Sept.17,1766.

Peter, s.Peter and Persia, at Townsend, Feb.12,1767.

Peter, s.Peter and Persia, Apr.22,1768.

Mary, d.Eleazer and Rebecca, June17,1768.

Reuben, s.Charles and Naomy, June27,1768.

Micah, s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, at Woburn, Aug.22,1769.

Betsey, d.Peter and Persia, Feb.18,1770.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Rebecca, May18,1770.

Elnathan, s.Charles and Naomy, Oct.15,1771.

Jeremiah, s.Peter and Persia, Jan.29,1772.

William J., s.Jonathan and Elizabeth, at Woburn, Jan.1,1773.

Artemas, s.John and Betsey, Mar.22,1773.

Jonas, S. Charles and Naomy, Oct.20,1773.

Isaac, s.Peter and Persia, Dec.7,1773.

Lucinda, d.John and Betsey, May17,1775.

Rusha, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, May23,1775.

Lovina, d.Peter and Persia, Mar.3,1776.

Artemas, s.John and Betsey, Apr.6,1777.

Polly, d.Charles and Naomy, Mar.16,1778.

Sylva, d.Peter and Persia, Mar.1,1779.

Zulima, d.John and Betsey, Apr.25,1779.

Stephen, s.Charles and Naomy, May28,1780.

Betsey, d.John and Betsey, Apr.30,1781.

Asa, s.Peter and Persia, July18,1781.

Amos, s.Charles and Naomy, Oct.12,1781.

Lucy, d.Jonathan and Lucy, Feb.6,1783.

Zoa, d.John and Betsey, Apr.3,1783.

Lydia, d.Peter and Persia, Oct.23,1783.

Anna, d.Jonathan and Lucy, Feb.25,1785.

John S., John and Betsey, Aug.10,1785.

Nancy, d.Peter and Persia, May26,1787.

Betsey, d.Jonathan and Lucy, May30,1787.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Lucy, May28,1789.

Lucy, d.Jabez and Lucy, Dec.11,1789.

Benjamin, s.Peter and Persia, Aug.26,1791.

Rebecca, d.Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.17,1791.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Lucy, Jan.13,1792.

Patty, d.Oliver and Mercy, Aug.5,1792.

Davis, s.Jabez and Lucy, Aug.17,1792.

Hannah, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Oct.16,1792.

Percia, d.Jeremiah and Rachel, Oct.30,1792.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Rachel, Feb.4,1794.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Mercy, Apr.22,1794.

Olive, d.Jonathan and Lucy, Apr.30,1794.

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth, Oct.18,1794.

Isaac, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.6,1795.

Mary, d.Peter and Mary, May24,1795.

Otis, s.Benjamin and Persis, June22,1795.

Isaac, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Mar.17,1796.

John, s.Reuben and Lois, Mar.31,1796.

Alvens, ch.Samuel and Susanna, Apr.15,1796.

Levi, s.Jabez and Lucy, June17,1796.

Francis, s.Peter and Mary, Nov.27,1796.

Rusha, d.Jonathan and Lucy, Dec.20,1796.

Lucy, d.Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1797.

Horace, s.Benjamin and Persis, Mar.10,1797.

Josiah O., s.Thaddeus and Zoa, at Cohassett, May1,1797.

Rebecca, d.Jabez and Lucy, Feb.1,1798.

Polly, d.Elnathan and Polly, Feb.15,1798.

Lucy, d.Reuben and Lois, July1,1798.

Eliza, d.Peter and Mary, July9,1798.

Maria, d.Thaddeus and Zoa, at Cohassett, Dec.15,1798.

Anna, d.Samuel Jr. and Elizabeth,末蔓末,1799.

Micah, s Benjamin and Persis, Jan.18,1799.

Nabby, ch.Isaac and Betsey, Apr.26,1799.

Tile, s.Jeremiah and Rachel, Sept.30,1799.

Sarah, d.Elnathan and Polly, Apr.18,1800.

Huldah, d.Reuben and Lois, May16,1800.

Thomas R., s.Thaddeus and Zoa, Aug.20,1800.

Ivers, s.Jabez and Lucy, Dec.3,1800.

Mary, d.Elnathan and Polly, May3,1801.

Ephraim R., s.Isaac and Betsey, Aug.24,1801.

George A., s.Thaddeus and Zoa, Jan.17,1802.

Clarissa, d.Benjamin and Persis, July26,1802.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Betsey, Jan.10,1803.

Betsey, d.Elnathan and Polly, May10,1804.

Benjamin D., s.Benjamin and Persis, July15,1804.

Nabby, ch.Isaac and Betsey, Aug.24,1804.

Lois, d.Reuben and Lois, July9,1805.

Anna, d.Stephen and Sally, Sept.6,1805.

Leonard, s.Elnathan and Polly, Feb.17,1806.

Jonas, s.Jeremiah and Rachel, Aug.8,1806.

Liberty, ch.Abijah and Polly, Jan.19,1807.

Charles, s.Stephen and Sally, Jan.20,1808.

Betsey, d.Daniel and Rebecca, May16,1808.

Betsey R., d.Isaac and Betsey, May31,1808.

Zoa, d.Elnathan and Polly, June17,1808.

Persis C., d.Benjamin and Polly, Oct.9,1808.

Arvilla, d.Abijah and Polly, Nov.30,1808.

Nancy, d.Elnathan and Polly, June17,1809.

Harriet, d.Stephen and Sally, June16,1810.

William J., s.Benjamin and Polly, May30,1811.

Roxanna, d.Daniel and Rebecca, Nov.8,1811.

Susan S., d.Jeremiah and Rachel, Jan.23,1812.

Charles, s.Elnathan and Polly, Mar.28,1812.

Thomas C., s.Benjamin and Sally, at Weston, VT, July28,1813.

Stephen M., s.Stephen and Mehitable, June23,1814.

John, s.Benjamin and Polly, Aug.3,1814.

Esther C., d.Benjamin and Sally, Sept.13,1814.

Anna, d.Daniel and Rebecca, Feb.27,1815.

Otis, s.Benjamin and Polly, Nov.26,1815.

Ivers, s.David and Betsey, Nov.26,1816.

Mary J., d.Benjamin D. and Sally, Nov.28,1816.

Mary T., d.Benjamin and Sally, Nov.28,1816.

Laura J., d.Danial and Rebecca, Jan.16,1817.

John W., s.Jabez and Lucy, Apr.19,1818.

Henry W., s.Benjamin and Sally, Jan.17,1819.

Sarah M., d.Stephen and Mehitable, Sept.29,1819.

David L., s.David and Betsey, Nov.17,1819.

Zoa A., d.Benjamin and Sally, Feb.20,1820.

John W., s.Benjamin and Sally, May30,1821.

Luke W., S. Benjamin and Sally, Mar.30,1823.

Luke W., s.Benjamin and Sally, Mar.30,1824.

George, s.Stephen and Mehitable, Feb.16,1825.

Abraham G., s.Benjamin and Sally, Mar.10,1825.

Levi, s.David and Betsey, Apr.29,1825.

Hannah P., d.Horace and Hannah, Jan.1,1826.

Levi, s.Horace and Hannah, Aug.31,1827.

Lucy, d.David and Betsey, Oct.8,1827.

Betsey G., d.Benjamin and Sally, at Ashburnham, Nov.5,1827.

Eliza W., d.Francis and Mary, Jan.4,1829.

Benjamin H., s.Benjamin and Sally, at Ashburnham, Dec.23,1829.

Clara, d.Horace and Hannah, Dec.3,1830.

Sarah L., d.Benjamin and Sally, at Ashburnham, Feb.18,1831.

Oren, s.Horace and Hannah, Mar.26,1832.

Lydia A., d.Benjamin and Sally, at Ashburnham, June15,1832.

Nancy L., d.Benjamin and Sally, at Ashburnham, May31,1834.

Harriet C., d.Harriet and Hannah, Aug.8,1834.

Henry A., s.John and Sophia, July30,1837.

Susan A., d.William J. and Elvira, Oct.16,1837.

Charles G., s.Gilman and Mary, Oct.17,1837.

Sumner S., s.Horace and Hannah, May22,1838.

Mary C., d.Gilman and Mary, Sept.21,1839.

Erastus B., s.Gilman and Mary, Jan.12,1841.

George A., S. Horace and Hannah, Mar.2,1841.

Miran, s.Gilman and Mary, carpenter, Oct.2,1847.

Frederck Loring, s.Levi and Almira, carpenter, Feb.29,1848.

Mary E., d.Levi and Almira, May13,1850.

Waldo Gregory, s.Ivers and Harriet, carpenter, Aug.7,1850.

末末, d.Otis and Sarah, farmer, Aug.18,1852.

末末, ch.Uriah, farmer, Sept.11,1852.

Frederick, s.Ivers and Harriet, carpenter, Feb.15,1853.

末末, s.Otis, laborer, Sept.23,1858.

Hermon White, s.Oren and Fanny, mason, Nov.27,1858.

Horace Nelson, s.Samuel L. and Hannah F., mason, Dec.9,1867.

John Henry, s.Henry A. and Marion A., mason, Aug.18,1870.

Flora Augusta, d.Henry A. and Marion A., mason, Aug.7,1872.

Sophia Elvira, d.Henry A. and Marion (Arthur), mason, Oct.4,1874.

John Henry, s.Henry A. and Marion (Arthur), farmer, Jan.9,1876.

Clarissa Chase, d.Henry A. and Marion, farmer, Aug.10,1878.

Gerrie Bowers, s.W.H.C. and Rose M., blacksmith, Nov.2,1880.


Tyra H., d.末末 and Laura, farmer, Oct.23,1867.


Rosey, d.Francis and Ellen, farmer, July23,1800.

Margaret, d.Francis and Ellen, farmer, Nov.6,1878.

John, s.Francis, and Ellen, farmer, July26,1882.

Patrick, s.Francis and Ellen, farmer, Mar.11,1885.


末末, s.J., farmer, Dec.末,1856.


Abigail, d.Jacob and Abigail, Mar.6,1775.


Ellen, d.Patrick and Mary Kelly, laborer, Jan.3,1870.

Mary, d.Patrick and Mary, laborer, Jan.29,1871.


Harriet Tryphena, d.Albert and Sarah E., scythe maker, May8,1863.


Lucretia, d.James and Hannah, at Townsend,末蔓末,1754.[Apr.9,1756 in Townsend records.]

Hannah, d.James and Hannah, at Townsend, Apr.4,1754.

Jonas, s twin, James and Hannah, at Townsend, Mar.3,1755.

Samuel, s.twin, James and Hannah, at Townsend, Mar.3,1755.

Lucretia, d.James and Hannah, at Townsend, Apr.9,1756.

Urania, d.James and Hannah, at Townsend, Jan.23,1758.

James, s.James and Hannah, at Townsend, Mar.11,1759.

John, s.James and Hannah, at Townsend, July13,1761.

Samuel, s.Jonathan and Mary, at Hopkinton, July11,1762.

Eunice, d.James and Hannah, at Townsend, July19,1763.

John, s.Jonathan and Mary, at Hopkinton, Feb.14,1764.

Calvin, s.James and Hannah, at Townsend, June18,1765.

Sally, d.Jonathan and Mary, at Hopkinton, Apr.9,1766.

Berzabel, ch.John and Beulah, at Southboro, Dec.8,1766.

Samuel, s.James and Hannah, May1,1767.

Hitty, d.Jonathan and Mary, at Hopkinton, June3,1768.

Sarah, d.John and Beulah, Nov.19,1768.

Luther, s.James and Hannah, Dec.10,1769.

Betsey, d.Jonathan and Mary, at Framingham, Mar.6,1770.

Ward, s.John and Beulah, Apr.11,1770.

Betsey, d.David and Betsey, Oct.30,1770.

Lovina, d.James and Hannah, Sept.17,1771.

Charlott, d.John and Beulah, Dec.17,1771.

Joseph, s.Jonathan and Mary, at Fitzwilliam, Apr.8,1772.

Molly, d.David and Betsey, July28,1772.

Anna, d.Jonathan and Mary, Feb.21,1774.

David, s.David and Betsey, June1,1774.

Jonathan, s David and Betsey, June28,1776.

Timothy, s.David and Betsey, Oct.2,1778.

Samuel, s.David and Betsey, Mar.20,1781.

Joel, s.David and Betsey, Feb.23,1783.

Rebecca, d.David and Betsey, May7,1784.

John, s.David and Betsey, May6,1788.

Betsey, d.David Jr. and Rebecca, at Lincoln, July5,1798.

John G., s.John and Hannah, Mar.10,1800.

Bethuel, d.David and Rebecca, Apr.19,1800.

Alvah, ch.David Jr. and Rebecca, June13,1802.

Cynthia, d.David Jr. and Rebecca, Mar.28,1803.

John, s.John and Hannah, Apr.1,1803.

Elvira, d.David and Rebecca, Jan.3,1805.

Albert, s.John and Hannah, Oct.21,1806.

Lucy, d.David Jr. and Rebecca, June25,1807.

Samuel, s.John and Hannah, Nov.10,1808.

George, a.John Jr. and Anna, Apr.4,1809.

William W., s.David Jr. and Rebecca, June8,1809.

Almira, d.John Jr. and Anna, Apr.8,1811.

Mary M., d.John Jr. and Anna, Nov.12,1813.

Samuel, s.John Jr. and Anna, Nov.20,1815.

Harriet N., d.John Jr. and Anna, Aug.1,1818.


Sultina, ch.Ezekiel and Dorothy, at Shrewsbury, VT, June28,1807.

Dorothy, d.Ezekiel and Dorothy, at Shrewsbury, Sept.26,1809.

Ephraim W., s.Ezekiel and Dorothy, Aug.21,1813.

James B., s.Ezekiel and Dorothy, Mar.3,1815.

Sarah S., d.Ezekiel and Dorothy, Feb.12,1817.

Mary L., d.Ezekiel and Dorothy, Jan.17,1819.

Lysander, s Ezekiel and Dorothy, Mar.10,1821.

Philander, s.Ezekiel and Dorothy, Nov.6,1824.

Ezekiel Jr., s.Ezekiel and Dorothy, June29,1829.

Solomom F., s.Lysander B. and Martha, Oct.6,1845.

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