Grace Eva, d.Herbert B, and Ella A., painter, Jan.1,1877.


Agnus Amanda, d.Henry R. and Amanda, pail turner, Aug.16,1851.


Lydia, d.twin, Samuel and Lydia,末蔓末,1767.

Sarah, d.twin, Samuel and Lydia,末蔓末,1767.

Patience, d.Samuel and Lydia, Sept.28,1769.

Lydia B., d.John and Isabel, Dec.2,1815.

James, s.John and Isabel, Sept.5,1819.


Susan, d.Stephen and Eliza, Oct.4,1831.

Alfred Sylvester, s.Abram and Louisa, farmer, May8,1850.

Susan Estrella, d.John and Susan N., farmer, at Ashburnham, July20,1851.

Willie Osgood, s.Lyman, blacksmith, Nov.2,1855.

James Franklin, s.John and Susan, farmer, July2,1863.


James, s.Benjamin and Sibel, Feb.8,1785.


William Francis, s.Francis T. and Harriett Ann, farmer, Nov.27,1881.

Alice May, d.Francis T. and Hattie, farmer, Apr.12,1884.

Martha Abbie, d.Francis, t. and Hattie A., farmer, Dec.20,1886.

Joseph Winfield, s.Francis T. and Hattie A., farmer, Mar.17,1888.

Charles Henry, s.Francis T. and Hattie A., farmer, May23,1889.


Annie Russell, d.Cyrus, sea captain, May27,1860.


Sybel Gertrude, d.Franklin W. and Sarah M., merchant, July8,1886.


Catherine, d.Henry and Catherine, Dec.25,1767.


Joshua, s.Eleazer and Mary, Feb.26,1777.

Nathan B., s.Eleazer and Mary, Apr.27,1781.

Lydia, d.Eleazer and Mary, Nov.9,1782.

Joel, s.Eleazer and Mary, Aug.22,1784.

Nabby, ch.Eleazer and Mary, Feb.22,1786.

Mary, d.Eleazer and Mary, Dec.14,1787.

Ruth, d.Eleazer and Mary, Feb.6,1790.

David, s.Eleazer and Mary, May11,1794.

David, s.Nathan B. and Artinesia, May12,1817.

Seth C., s.Nathan B. and Artinesia, Apr.17,1819.

Elizabeth S., d.Nathan B. and Artinesia, Aug.26,1820.

Mary, d.Nathan B. and Esther, July末,1826.

John S., s.Nathan B. and Esther, Feb.20,1828.

Albert, s.Nathan B. and Esther, June17,1831.

Elestus R., s.Seth C. and Lucinda, Feb.3,1845.

L. Jane, d.Albert and Julia, farmer, Feb.6,1855.

Clara Auguata, d.Albert, farmer, Apr.27,1857.

Freddy Oswald, s.Albert and Julia, farmer, Feb.3,1860.

Willie Gardner, s.Abner, farmer, Apr.26,1863.


George S., s.Elnathan T. and Mary Ann, at Bristol, RI, Apr.6,1837.

George Gates, s.George S. and Mary E., clergyman, Sept.16,1871.


Elizabeth, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Dec.10,1779.

Molly, d.Asa and Elizabeth, Nov.5,1781.


Joanna, d.John and Abby Keating, laborer, Aug.17,1861.


William, s.William and Hannah, Jan.31,1795.

Joel, s.William and Hannah, Nov.6,1796.

Hannah, d.Willaim and Hannah, Dec.6,1799.

Sumner, s.William and Hannah, Jan.9,1805.

Sullivan, s.William and Hannah, Sept.2,1808.

Joel W., s.Joel and Hepzibath, June4,1826.

Elvira W., d.Joel and Hepzibath, Aug.7,1828.

Maria C., d.Joel and Hepzibath, Aug.21,1830.

Mary E., d.William and Hannah E., July9,1841.

William S., s.William and Hannah E., May24,1845.

Katie Maria, d.Joel W. and Abby, farmer, June4,1861.

Clara May, d.Wm.S. and Ella L.W., farner, June1,1877.

Ethel Marion, d.Wm.S. and Ella L., farmer, Apr.22,1879.

William Adams, s.Wm.S. and Ella L., farmer, July8,1882.


Susan, d.James and Susanna, at Reading, July25,1778.

Lydia, d.James and Susanna, at Reading, Feb.27,1781.

James, s.James and Susanna, at Reading, July22,1783.

Thomas, s.James and Susanna, June26,1788.

Hannah, d.James and Susanna, June29,1791.

Samuel, s.James and Susanna, Dec.25,1793.

Obed, s.James and Susanna, Mar.18,1796.

Phebe, d.James and Susanna, July4,1798.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Anna, June10,1816.

Mary, d.Samuel and Anna, Dec.10,1817.

James, s.James and Nancy, May20,1819.

Obed A., s.Obed and Mary Ann, June8,1822.

Mary E., d.Samuel and Anna, June21,1823.

Eliza A., d.James and Nancy, Sept.6,1823.

Lydia, d.James and Nancy, June2,1825.

Anna E., Samuel and Anna, Oct.13,1825.

Nancy, d.James and Nancy, Jan.27,1827.

Mary Ann, d.Obed and Lydia R.P., Aug.19,1828.

James, s.James and Nancy, Mar.22,1829.

Bradley, s.Bradley and Mary A., Aug.28,1830.

Lydia, J., d.Obed and Lydia R.P., Sept.28,1831.

Susan, d.James and Nancy, Oct.7,1831.

Franklin P., s.Bradley and Mary A., Oct.2,1832.

Thomas, s.James and Nancy, Dec.13,1833.

Sarah M., d.Obed and Lydia R.P., Feb.12,1834.

Calvin S., s.Bradley and Mary A., June5,1834.

John, s.James and Nancy, Mar.3,1835.

Nathan A., s.Bradley and Mary A., Nov.13,1836.

Sarah M., d.Bradley and Mary A., Feb.27,1842.

Sophronia E., d.Bradley and Mary Ann, June13,1844.

Abbe E., d.Bradley, farmer, Apr.13,1855.

Charles H., s.Bradley, farmer, Oct.12,1856.

Flora Louis, d.Bradley Jr., market man, Aug.26,1858.

Walter Morton, s.Bradley, market man, Jan.1,1860.

末末, s.Richard and Elizabeth F., mechanic, Dec.13,1860.

末末, s.Bradley and Abby, market man, Sept.18,1861.

末末, s.Bradley and Abbie, marketing, Apr.19,1863.

George Bradley, s.Franklin B. and Elvira R., farmer, May24,1868.

Katy Francis, d.Franklin B. and Elvira R., farmer, Aug.9,1870.

Frank M., s.Franklin B. and Elvira R., farmer, Aug.24,1871.

Hattie Blanche, d.Frank P. and Elvira R. (Page), farmer, Sept.13,1873.


Nancy, d.David and Lydia, farmer, Mar.10,1853.


Harriett, d.Skelton at Paul Whitcombs, Oct.3,1857.


David, s.David and Rachel, July7,1807.

David, s.David and Rachel, Sept.15,1808.

Ephraim, s.David and Rachel, Oct.2,1810.

Ira, s.David and Rachel, Oct.24,1813.

Levi B., s.David and Rachel, Oct.11,1816.

Harriet, d.David and Rachel, June15,1819.

Charles, s.David and Rachel, Dec.8,1823.

Mary Ann, d.David and Rachel, Aug.31,1827.

George E., s.Levi and Laura, July1,1841.

Elizabeth L., d.Lorenzo and Betsey, Mar.12,1844.

Emily E., d.Levi and Laura, July7,1844.

Charles A., s.Levi and Laura, July10,1846.

Elizabeth Gould, d.Alpheus and Nancy, blacksmith, Aug.27,1847.

Ellen C., d.Levi and Laura, Dec.14,1848.

Francis, s.Alpha and Nancy, July20,1850.

Myron, s.Alpha and Nancy, blacksmith, Feb.23,1854.

Jennie, d.Alpha, farmer, Sept.1,1861.

Arlette Maria, d.Alpha and Nancy F., blacksmith, May16,1865.

Nellie Laura, d.Levi and Eliza Ann, farmer, Aug.9,1865.

Edna Maid, d.Charles H. and Lizzie H. (Saddler), painter, Apr.3,1875.


Polly, d.Benjamin and Polly, at Townsend, Sept.14,1765.

Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Polly, at Townsend, Nov.10,1766.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Polly, Aug.15,1768.

Leonard, s.Benjamin and Polly, Feb.10,1770.

Elizabeth, d.Benjamin and Polly, Jan.16,1772.

Luther, s.Eleazer and Lucy, July27,1797.

Alfred, s.Eleazer and Lucy, May15,1799.

Lucy, d.Eleazer and Lucy, July30,1801.

Cyrene, d.Eleazer and Lucy, Oct.29,1804.

Eleazer, s.Eleazer and Lucy, Nov.4,1816.

Luther G., s.Luther and Susan, Oct.15,1821.

Susan A., d.Luther and Susan, Mar.17,1828

Betsey A., d.Alfred and Betsey R., Dec.15,1828.

John A., s.Alfred and Betsey R., July20,1833.

Ann J., d.Alfred and Betsey R., Dec.25,1834.

John G., s.Luther G. and Nancy, Apr.5,1849.

Ellery L. Channing, d.Luther G., farmer, Mar.2,1858.

Willis Gregory, s.Luther G. anmd Nancy E., farmer, June3,1865.


Joseph Edward, s.Jeremiah and Melinda, farmer, Sept.30,1867.

Mary Helen, d.Jeremiah and Ann, (Kennedy), laborer, June28,1869.


Adeline A., d.twin, Hobert and Lydia, Dec.28,1840.

Caroline A., d.twin, Hobert and Lydia, Dec.28,1840.


Lucy Goodhue, d.Bourn and Maria A., printer, at Pascoag, RI, Mar.23,1880.


Ezra, s.Amos and Mary M., Mar.15,1818.

Desire S., d.Amos and Mary M., Dec.9,1819.

Flora Hartwell, d.Henry E. and Julia A, express man, June4,1860.


Charles Augustus, s.Alvah A. and Elisa Ann, tub and pail turner, Dec.1,1866.

末末, d.Alvah A. and Elisa Ann, manufacturer, June20,1868.

Freddy, s.Alvah, a.and Elisa Ann, turner, Aug.27,1872.


Adaline Augusta, d.Stephen and Lydia A., farmer, Oct.12,1847.

Elizabeth D., d.Stephen, farmer, Nov.13,1854.

Lydia Maria, d.Stephen and Lydia N., farmer, Oct.22,1856.

Marietta, d.Stephen, farmer, Aug.9,1858.


Lura Rhoda, d.Charles A. and Abbie A., farmer, Apr.23,1890.


Charles Arthur, s.John E. and Urania, farmer, Dec.23,1863.


John B., s.Noah and Sally, Oct.10,1823.

Sarah A., d.Noah and Clara, Sept.11,1832.


Sarah, d.Thomas and Betsey, Nov.11,1767.

John, s.Abel and Susanna, Dec.15,1788.

Abel, s.Abel and Susanna, Apr.1,1796.

Isaac, s.Abel and Susanna, Feb.3,1800.

Thomas, s.John and Abigail, Mar.5,1815.

Sally, d.Curtis and Sally, Aug.30,1820.

John, s.Isaac and Tila O., Nov.20,1821.

Sarah A., d.Isaac and Tila O., July6,1828.

George Francis, s.John and Elizabeth, farmer, May11,1848.

Sarah Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, farmer, Sept.14,1850.

Elizabeth Louise, d.Augustas and Ellen H., laborer, July16,1870.


Sarah, d.Walden and Rachel, Jan.20,1773.

John L., s.Daniel and Martha, at Groton, Sept.26,1775.

Polly, d.Walden and Rachel, at Raby, Oct.14,1775.

Daniel, s.Walden and Rachel, at Townsend, Nov.8,1777.

Jonathan C., s.Daniel and Martha, Mar.5,1778.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Martha, June21,1780.

John, s.Walden and Rachel, at Raby, July17,1780.

Ebenezer, s.Walden and Rachel, at Raby, Feb.7,1783.

Patty, d.Daniel and Martha, May14,1783.

John, s.Walden and Rachel, May30,1785.

Samuel, s.Walden and Rachel, Dec.14,1787.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Sally, Nov.5,1791.

John, s.John E. and Dorcas, June23,1792.

John, s.John and Dorcas, Apr.14,1795.

Samuel, s.John E. and Dorcas, July9,1797.

Jonathan, s.John E. and Dorcas, July25,1799.

Dorcas, d.John E. and Dorcas, May25,1802.

Earl, s John E. and Dorcas, Apr.28,1805.

Betsey, d.John E. and Dorcas, May1,1808.

Edmund P., s.John E. and Dorcas, Nov.7,1812.

Leonard Dart, s.Ai and Harriet, millwright, June8,1851.


Homer, s.Asa and Rhoda, Dec.9,1800.

Sumner, s.Asa and Rhoda, Mar.6,1804.

Sumner, s.Homer and Susan, Feb.1,1829.

Asa S., s.Homer and Susan, May17,1832.

Delia A., d.Homer and Susan, Mar.25,1840.


末末, s.James M. and Maria A. (Godfrey), farmer, Oct.28,1868.


John E., s.James and Margaret, laborer, Feb.5,1852.

Stephen, s.James and Margaret, laborer, Apr.5,1853.

Mary Ann, d.James and Margaret, laborer, June19,1854.

James Henry, s.James and Margaret, laborer, Feb.11,1856.

Margaret, d.James, laborer, Oct.21,1858.

Katie Ellen, d.James and Margaret, farmer, June21,1861.

Bridget, d.James and Margaret, farmer, July17,1863.


Sarah J., d.Nathamiel and Sally, Dec.8,1815.

Martha W., d.Nathaniel and Sally, May13,1817.

Nathaniel O., s.Nathaniel and Sally, Apr.30,1819.

Eliza A., d.Nathaniel and Sally, June17,1821.

Julius A., s.Nathaniel and Sally, June7,1823.

Benjamin D., s.Nathaniel and Sally, May20,1826.

Phebe C., d.Nathaniel and Sally, Aug.10,1828.

John W., s.Nathaniel and Sally, June10,1829.

Mary J.R., d.Nathaniel and Sally, Apr.25,1835.


Thomas, s.Thomas and Rebecca, at Westford, Mar.27,1790.

Susanna B., d.Thomas and Rebecca, at Westford, July5,1793.

Ede F., ch.Thomas and Rebecca, at Westford, Aug.2,1795.

Patty, d.Thomas and Rebecca, May4,1797.

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