Mime, d.Zacheus and Polly, Sept.3,1778.

Benjamin, Dec.10,1779.

Sarah, w.Asa, Apr.5,1790.

Rebecca, w.Isaac, Jan.27,1795.

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Rebecca, Mar.10,1795.

Rebecca, d.Zacheus and Polly, May4,1795.


Nathan, s.Asa and Joanna, Feb.4,1801.

Patty, w.Zacheus, Feb.22,1801.

Kimball, s.Isaac and Sally, Jan.14,1820.

Sarah, Oct.21,1834.

Orra C., w.Asa Jr., Dec.27,1838.

Harriet E., May21,1843.

Harriet, d.James and Rachel, May20,1850.

J.M.E., d.Asa and Melinda, Aug.8,1850.Joanna

Betsey, w.Abel, Nov.25,1859.

Mary E., d.Horace and Hannah, Aug.5,1860.

Abel, widower, b. Lunenburg, farmer, s.Nathaniel and Elizabeth, of consumption, Mar.3,1864, a.74y.

Nancy, b. Townsend, d.Asa and Joanna, of phagedolnic ulcer, Dec.18,1878, a.81y.3m.21d.

Asa, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Asa and Joanna, of paralysis of brain, Nov.14,1879, a.74y.9m.

Melinda B., widow, b. Townsend, d.Noah and Betsy Hall, of paralysis, Nov.1,1882, a.77y.11m.6d.


James R., widowed, b. Ashburnham, stone layer, s.David and Susanna, of suicide, hanging by neck, May26,1870, a.71y.


Elizabeth, w.Benjamin, Sept.5,1800.

Levi, s.Benjamin and Elizabeth, July28,1816.

Betsey, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, July23,1820.

Benjamin, May11,1826.

Rebecca, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Aug.3,1826.

Suky, d.Benjamin and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1827.

Nancy, Oct.13,1830.

Richard F., b. Fitchburg, s.Benjamin and Augusta, of disease of the brain, at Fitchburg, Feb.17,1876, a.8m.27d.

Benjamin, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Benjamin and Betsey, of consumption of bowels, July25,1876, a.80y.

Rebecca F., widow, b. Ashby, d.John and Dorcas Foster, of pleurisy fever, Jan.14,1882, a.73y.6m.16d.


Dollie G., b. Ashby, school teacher, d.Daniel and Martha, of consumption, Mar.14,1885, a.24y.6m.6d.


Mary, w.Joseph, Sept.11,1818.

Sarah Ann, d.Jacob and Sarah, Jan.16,1822.

Mary Ann, d.Jacob and Sarah, Jan.24,1822.

Edward P., s.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.10,1838.

Russell, s.Jacob and Sarah, Nov.17,1838.

Joseph, June末,1840.

Francis A., ch.Jacob and Sarah, Apr.22,1841.

Jacob, July3,1841.

Joseph, Nov.19,1845.

Jacob, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Jacob and Sarah H., of bilious cholic, June6,1880, a.63y.2m.24d.


Sybil, w.Cornelius, Feb.20,1802.

Cornelius, Rev., July30,1824.

Eliza J., (w.) George W., Feb.17,1827.

Abigail, 2nd, w.Cornelius, Feb.23,1834.


Cephas, s.Cephas and Catharine, May29,1824.

Simeon, Apr.13,1833.

Cephas, May8,1851.


George, Apr.16,1861.

Nancy m., b. Townsend, dress maker, d.George and Diantha, June26,1865, a.19y.3m.14d.


Oliver, w, Oliver and Abigail, Oct.29,1785.

Abigail, w.Oliver, Dec.22,1792.

Eli, s.Oliver and Abigail, July5,1800.

Asa K., s.Elias and Hepzibath, Oct.7,1807.

Elias, s.Elias and Hepsibath, Nov.3,1808.

Lucy, d.Liberty and Lucy, Aug.22,1819.

Elias, Jan.28,1824.

Hepzibath, d.Liberty and Lucy, Dec.15,1826.

Oliver, Feb.27,1834.

Myron, s.Darius and Hannah, Mar.8,1834.

Mary J., d.Darius and Hannah, Nov.24,1834.

Caroline, d.Darius and Hannah, Mar.7,1836.

George, s.Darius and Hannah, May9,1836.

Mary, w.Luke, Aug.16,1837.

Susan, d.Ezekiel, Nov.10,1845.

Lucy, d.Liberty and Lucy, Dec.末,1848.

Liberty, Apr.4,1851.

Cyrus, s.Liberty and Lucy, Oct.11,1853.

Amos, Nov.20,1857.

Susan A., w.John, Jan.1,1859.

Benjamin, Nov.9,1860.

Thomas, Nov.15,1860.

John, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Oliver and Rachel, Jan.17,1863, a.68y.4m.3d.

Sylvia, widow, b. Ashby, d.Henry and L. Wright, of lung congestion, Feb.15,1863, a.66y.

John, b. Ashby, farmer and cooper, s.Oliver and Sybil, Jan.17,1864, a.67y.

Luke, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Amos and Rebecca, of heart disease, Jan.26,1868, a.68y.11m.22d.

Charles, married, b. Ashby, farmer, mason, s.Elias and Hepsabeth, of pericarditis and dropsy, Mar.18,1875, a.73y.4m.

Luke, married, b. Ashby, carpenter, s.Thomas and Sylvia, of enteriris, Sept.13,1875, a.55y.4m.11d.

Albert, married, b. Ashby, carpenter, s.Liberty and Lucy, of apoplexy, Aug.13,1880, a.66y.10m.14d.

Emma, widow, b. Walingsford, VT, d.Almond and Elizabeth Bennett, of paralysis, Jan.25,1882, a.79y.6m.15d.

Pamela F., widow, b. Littleton, d.Lot and Pamela Fitch, of heart disease, Sept.26,1882, a.88y.6m.19d.

Elias W., married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Elias and Hepsibath, of neuralgia of the heart, Mar.15,1885, a.73y.10m.

Caroline, married, b. Ossipee, NH, d.William and Mary Hurd, of internal abcess, Dec.21,1887, a.73y.6m.16d.

Jane A., widow, b. Cohassett, w.Elias W., d.David and Mary Cushing, of valvular heart disease, May27,1888, a.80y.3m.3d.

Eunice, married, b. Williamstown, VT, w.Cecil, d.Constant and Eunice Shepherd, Jan.22,1889, a.61y.8d.

Liberty, widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Liberty and Lucy, of brights disease of kidney, at Franklin, NJ, Jan.27,1889, a.70y.10m.6d.


Israel, Mar.18,1813.

Mary, w.Joseph, Nov.23,1819.

William, s.Joseph and Mary, Dec.末,1819.

Nahum, ch.Joseph and Mary, Jan.9,1820.

Sarah, w.Silas, Jan.26,1845.

Sherman, s.Lewis and Laura, July3,1853.

Elbridge, s.Lewis and Laura, July30,1853.

Mary G., w.Silas, Feb.4,1858.

Joseph, Oct.26,1858.

Mary A., d.Silas and Lucy, Apr.24,1862.

Silas, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Israel and Sarah, of heart complaint, May14,1863, a.77y.1m.17d.

Anna, b. Ashby, d.Silas and Emily A., of putrid scarlet fever, Feb.22,1873, a 2y.10m.14d.

Florance, b. Ashby, d.Silas and Emily A., of cholera, Oct.14,1875, a.9m.23d.

Olive, married, b. Groton, d.Joseph and Hannah Wright, of dysentery, Aug.16,1876, a.60y.

Abbie, b. Ashby, operative, d.Silas and Emily, of convulsions, Jan.8,1882, a.18y.5m.9d.

Silas, married, b. Ashby, carpenter, s.Silas and Lucy, of heart disease, Sept.19,1885, a.69y.2m.

Lewis, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Silas and Lucy, of consumption, Jan.16,1890, a.70y.20d.


Jane H., d.Oliver and Hannah, Feb.19,1799.

John, s.John and Hannah, Feb.19,1799.

Waterman, s.John and Hannah, Apr.8,1804.

Polly, w.Waterman, July14,1833.

Rebecca, w.Jeremiah, June20,1834.

Oliver C., s.Oliver L. and Mary, Oct.18,1838.

John, Mar.24,1840.

George, May25,1840.

Hannah, Sept.18,1844.

Augustus, s.Augustus A. Sept.30,1847.

William A., s.John A. and Mary A., Sept.30,1847.

Joseph, Dec.27,1850.

Charles M., s.Oliver L. and Mary, Sept.9,1853.

Fannie, d.Francis S. and Mary E., May10,1859.

Eliza, w.Ashel, Apr.28,1860.

Micah, married, carpenter, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, of heart disease, Apr.20,1867, a.72y.

Polly, b. Ashby, d.John and Hannah, of cancer, July11,1871, a.74y.

Polly L., married b. Fitchburg, d.David and Lucy, Whitemore, of dropsy, Jan.18,1872, a.80y.5m.22d.

Elvira A., married, b. Ashby, d.Joel and Hepzibeth Sheldon, of disease of liver, Jan.31,1872, a.43y.5m.23d.

John, widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s.John and Hannah, of pneumonia, Dec.14,1872, a.82y.1m.14d.

Lillian F., b. Ashburnham, d.William A. and Frances E., of congestion of lungs, Feb.19,1876, a.11m.17d.

Edwin J., married, b. Gardner, s.Joel and Patty, of consumption, Oct.8,1880, a.51y.6m.14d.

Francis L., b. Gardner, farmer, s.Joel and Patty, of consumption, Jan.21,1881, a.53y.9m.2d.

Alton F., b. Derry, NH, s.William F. and Frances E., of epistaxis, Aug.17,1881, a.2y.5m.26d.

Malvin C., b. Townsend, s.William F., and Frances E., heart disease, Oct.18,1881, a.6m.11d.

Harriet N., widow, b. Gardner, d.Joseph and Nancy S. Whitney, of leucocythemia, Sept.5,1882, a.53y.4m.20d.

Aaron, married, b. Fitchburg, farmer, s.Aaron, of ulceration of bowels, Dec.5,1882, a.73y.7m.5d.

Sophia F., widow, b. Fitchburg, d.Asa and Vashti Farwell, of old age, May18,1887, a.89y.6m.7d.

Pamelia, married, b. Hubbardston, w.Horatio, d.Stephen and Pamelia Frost, of goitre, June11,1888, a.70y.5m.9d.

Mary, married, b. Waltham, w.Oliver L., d.Josiah and Mary Whitney, of old age with dropsy, July5,1888, a.91y.9m.21d.


Isaac, s.Jonah and Mehitable, Nov.8,1805.

Jonah, Feb.20,1812.

Sarah, w.Paul, at Boston, Mar.26,1832.

Silas, July3,1841.

Jonah, Aug.7,1841.

Ellen A., d.Paul Whitcomb, Feb.12,1843.

Perez D., s.Charles W. and Mary Ann, Feb.6,1853.

Arad, Nov.20,1857.

Charles W., married, b. Marlboro, NH, tub turner, s.Silas and Louisa, of accident, Nov.13,1882, a.52y.6m.13d.


Mary Aurelia, b. Ashby, d.William F. and Alice, of heart malformation, Dec.17,1863, a.1m.17d.


Louisa, d.Lemuel and Sarah, Sept.14,1803.


James, s.Silas and Patience, Mar.2,1795.

Samuel, s.Silas and Patience, Mar.9,1795.

Josiah, Col., Jan.24,1806.

Samuel, s Isaac and Susanna, July3,1807.

Josiah Jr., Sept.4,1818.

Lemuel, Mar.14,1826.

Myron, W., s.William and Fanny, Oct.29,1826.

Rebecca, w.Jonas P., June18,1838.

Polly, w.Josiah, Aug.24,1841.

Harriet F., d.William and Fanny, Nov.27,1841.

Josiah, Dec.25,1842.

Harriet B., w.J.N., Feb.5,1843.

George S., s.David and Charlotte, Nov.10,1849.

David, s.Isaac, Oct.6,1853.

Francis, s.John E. and Harriet, Dec.10,1856.

Rebecca, Dec.3,1859.

Theodore, s.John E. and Harriet, May1,1861.

Frank, b. Ashby, s.John and Urama, of croup, July8,1865, a.1y.5d.

Eliza, married, b. Great Falls, NH, d.James Cross, of consumption, Sept.27,1867, a.25y.4m.29d.

Zimri, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Isaac and Susanna, of suicide, insanity, May23,1875, a.67y.10m.21d.

Harriet, married, b. Boston, d.David and Mary Cushing, of pericarditis, July11,1875, a.71y.8m.

Charlotte, widow, b. New Ipswich, NH, d.Simeon and Elizabeth Blanchard, of bronchial catarrh, Nov.4,1877, a.85y.2m.19d.

Nancy, widow, b. Ashby, d.Elnathan and Mary Lawrence, of erysipelas and dropsy, at Ashburnham, Apr.12,1880, a.70y.9m.25d.

John B., widower, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Josiah and Mary, Aug.26,1882.

Lewis M., b. Ashby, farmer, s.David and Charlotte, of heart disease, June4,1885, a.66y.3m.

Grace, b. Ashby, d.Auren J. and Mary, May21,1886, a.1d.

Lizzie, married, b. Ashby, d.Oliver L. and Mary Wheeler, of tubercular, phthisis, July13,1887, a.49y.11m.11d.

Fanny, married, b. Marlborough, NH, w.William, d, William and Jael Lincoln, of partial paralysis, Aug.5,1888, a.84y.10m.10d.

David M., widower, b. Clarendon, VT, lumberman, s.Richard and Janette, of kidney disease, May26,1889, a.78y.


Alfred C., married, farmer, of cirrhosis of liver, May19,1871, a.57y.4d.


Peter E., Mar.31,1859.


Mary, d.Rufus and Vashti, Feb.19,1792.

William H., s.Marshall P., Aug.31,1831.

Rufus, Oct.27,1837.

Vashti, w.Rufus, Nov.27,1838.

Eugene H., s.Ivers and Amanda, Oct.8,1851.

Ivers, s.Josiah and Susan, June7,1862.

Asa, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Rufus and Vashti, of cancer, May29,1865, a.87y.1d.

Susan F., married, b. Ashby, d.Edmund and Abigail Hind, of consumption, Mar.28,1868, a.70y.5m.1d.

Sally, widow, b. Ashby, d.Benjamine and Lucy Wellington, of old age, Dec.19,1872, a.89y.11m.26d.

Mary B., married, b. Joffrey, NH, d.Jesse and Phebe Butters, of hepititis and lung congestion, July31,1874, a.50y.4m.

Josephine A., married, b. Roxbury, NH, d.Ivers and Harriet Flint, of double pneumonia, Sept.20,1876.

Susan, married, d.Nahum and Judith Benjamin, of heart disease, Apr.12,1877, a.65y.8m.12d.

Josiah, widowed, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Rufus and Vashty, of old age, Aug.18,1879, a.87y.3m.19d.

George P., married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.John R. and Sarah, of typhoid fever, Dec.14,1881, a.24y., 4m.8d.

John B., widower, b. Boston, mechanic, s.Peter and Tamer, of old age, Feb.23,1882, a.78y.6m.13d.

Nancy, widow, b. Bergennes, VT., d.David Catharine Erwin, of pneumonia, Dec.31,1889, a.90y.1m.8d.


David, married, farmer, s.David and Cloe, of pulmonary disease, Oct.14,1864, a.73y.7m.6d.

Mary, widow, b. Reading, d.Ebenezer and Susan Burton, of dysentary, Aug.8,1865, a.74y.7m.26d.


Robert, Feb.19,1858.


Carline C., d.Alexander, and Tila, Dec.22,1822.

Francis, ch.Joshua and Rebecca, Aug.末,1825.

Jacob P., Dec.26,1840.

Henry C., May28,1842.

Alexander T., s.Jacob and Rhoda, Dec.4,1850.

Hannah S., Dec.23,1853.

Frederic, s.Joshua, June13,1858.

Tila O., w.Alexander T., Apr.17,1860.

Augustus H., May31,1860.

Daniel, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Joshua and Rebecca, Mar.26,1863, a.45y.10m.24d.

Abram C., married, b. Lancaster, farmer, s.Solomon and Rachel, of heart disease, July23,1863, a.67y.4m.16d.

Lucy, widow, b. Ashby, d.Silas and Lucy G. Wetherbee, of fever, Dec.28,1865, a.47y.9m.3d.

Rebecca, widow, b. Ashby, d.Asa and Mary Kendall, of chronic rhumatism, June14,1868, a.78y.9m.9d.

Charlotte W., married, b. Townsend, d.Joel and Charlotte Conant, of typhoid fever, Oct.15,1870, a.55y.4m.

Charles E., b, Ashby, s.James A. and Maria L., of constipation & meningitis, Nov.26,1873, a.3y.1m.20d.

George, married, b. Harvard, farmer, s.George and Hannah, of cerebral apoplexy, Sept.12,1876, a.64y.7m.12d.

Frank A., b. Ashby, s.Lysander b. and Carrie A., of asphyxia, Apr.20,1877.

Carrie A., married, b. Ashby, d.Hovert and Lydia Spencer, of albuminuria, Apr.24,1877, a.36y.3m.26d.

Lucy G., b. Ashby, d.Silas and Lucy G., of consumption, June19,1878, a.19y.11m.10d.

Stedgman, widower, b. Lancaster, mason, s.William and Lucy, carcenoma of the stomach, Nov.9,1878, a.74y.8m.

末末, s.Arthur and Henrietta, stillborn, May3,1886.

Charles A., b. Ashby, s.Lysander B. and Ellen H., of infantile debility, Aug.12,1888,1ス d.


Frank G., b. Bath, ME, farmer, s.Francis and Alice, of inflammation of the bowels, Dec.23,1877, a.21y.5m.13d.


Abigail, w.Abel, Mar.5,1786.

Jesse, s.Abel and Elizabeth, Dec.1,1801.

Achsah, widow, b. Townsend, d.David and Elizabeth Richardson, of pneumonia, Oct.29,1865, a.80y.7m.9d.


Asa, s.Andrew and Abigail, Mar.2,1793.


Betsey, s.Casshena and Betsey, Aug.30,1812.

末末, w.David, Oct.7,1840.

Eliza A., d.C.W., May26,1846.

Grace, widow, b. Waltham, d.Moses Silvermore, of old age, Nov.16,1879, a.93y.10m.11d.


Frederick C., s.Samuel and Mary C., Sept.3,1849.

Lucy, widow, b. Ashby, d.Benjamin and Lucy Kendall, of pneumonia, at Pepperell, Aug.18,1877, a.79y.5m.9d.


Betsey, Mar.18,1798.

Sally, Feb.27,1799.

Joseph, June6,1830.

Harriet, Dec.28,1830.

Sarah, w.Levi, May1,1837.

Daniel, s.Joseph and Anna, Dec.13,1847.

末末, w.John, Jan.6,1848.

Levi, s.Ai and Betsey, Dec.5,1848.

Nancy, w.Joseph, Aug.5,1856.

Ai, Aug.19,1860

Anna, May28,1862.


John, married, b. County Kerry, Ireland s.Dennis and Mary, of consumption, June14,1873, a.67y.


Betsey, d.Henry Jr. and Betsey, June26,1794.

Ezekiel, s.Stephen and Sarah, Nov.22,1794.

Eunice, d.Abel and Sybel, July15,1800.

Nancy, d.Abraham and Polly, July1,1803.

Eunice, d.Abel and Sybil, Sept.12,1803.

Sybil, d.Abel and Sybil, Sept.12,1803.

Lucy, d.Abel and Zilpha, Jan.3,1810.

Joseph, s.Abel and Zilpha, Feb.11,1810.

Abel, s.Abel and Zilpha Jan.11,1811.

Rebecca, d.Henry Jr. an d Betsey, Oct.6,1813.

Oliver, May15,1820.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Arvilla, Apr.10,1823.

Henry Jr., Oct.18,1825.

Oliver, s.Samuel and Lydia, May9,1828.

Elvira H., d.Abel and Zilpha, Jan.14,1832.

Henry, s.Isaac and Arvilla, Mar.21,1832.

Lovina, w.Elijah, July3,1832.

Samuel, Dec.18,1836.

Mary B., d.Isaac and Arvilla, June2,1837.

Samuel Jr., Sept.1,1837.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Lydia, Sept.2,1837.

Betsey, w.Henry, July18,1844.

Hannah, Dec.15,1845.

Nancy, d.Abel and Zilpha, Oct.末,1846.

Susan, Mar.15,1847.

Levi S., s.Elijah and Lovina, Nov.29,1847.

Henry M., s.Francis W. and Caroline, Feb.27,1849.

Marcellus B., s.Isaac C. and Lydia C., Mar.26,1850.

Ellen M., d.Timothy and Lucy, at Fitchburg, Mar.18,1851.

Abel, Mar.15,1852.

Elijah, s.Abel, May31,1853.

Timothy S., s.Elijah, and Lovina, Oct.16,1853.

Mary A., d.John and Mary Jane, Sept.11,1854.

Emma, Mar.14,1859.

Alfred, s.Laban W. and Adaline, Apr.19,1861.

Charles H., s.Henry S. and Georgianna, Sept.24,1862.

Zilpha, w.Abel, Oct.22,1862.

Edward, married, b. South Headley, engineer, s.Justus and Abigail, at Billerica, Sept.11,1863, a.55y.8m.

Sarah P., widow, b. Boston, d.Eunice Manson, of lung congestion, Dec.15,1863, a.71y.

Caroline L., married, b. Nelson, NH, d.Henry and Lydia, Jan.4,1864, a.40y.11m.18d.

Sophronia, b. Westford, d.Levi and Rhoda, of stomach cancer, at Lowell, Jan.4,1864, a.67y.2m.25d.

Isaac, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Abel and Hannah, of disease of arteries, May25,1864, a.69y.

Lewis G., b. Ashby, mechanic, s.Elijah and Lavina, Oct.8,1866, a.54y.

Fred Orlando, b. Ashby, s.Amasa and S. Lizzie, of lung fever, Sept.14,1867, a.22m.5d.

Henry Bangs, b. Ashby, s.Charles H. and Joanna, of congestion of brain, Oct.8,1867, a.2m.21d.

Joanna, married, b. Dennis, d.Henry and Rebecca H. Wang, of consumption, Oct.16,1867, a.30y.6m.

Arvilla, widow, b. Ashby, d.Oliver and Lucy Kendall, of heart disease, dropsy, June23,1874, a.74y.9m.

Georgianna, married, b. Newton, d.George W. and Caroline Page, of pneumonia, Mar.23,1882, a.45y.1m.23d.

Mary Jane, married, b. Arlington, d.William and Hannah Clark, of dropsy, May8,1882, a.61y.8m.21d.


Betty, w.Abijah, Mar.20,1784.

Abel, s.Abijah and Betsey, July3,1798.

Isaac, s.Abijah and Betsey, Oct.29,1802.

Abijah, Nov.24,1804.

Isaac, s.Stephen and Lucinda, Mar.27,1805.

Martha, w.Abijah, Jan.12,1814.

Betsey, w.John, June22,1815.

John, May9,1816.

Andrew O., s.John and Betsey, Dec.19,1817.

Abigail, d.Abijah and Betsey, July11,1818.

Isaac, s.Stephen and Lucinda, May3,1828.

Lucinda, w.Stephen, Sept.12,1838.

Francis, ch.Stephen and Lucinda, Sept.3,1846.

Francis, s.Francis and Sarah M., Dec.19,1846.

Stephen, Apr.30,1852.

Eunice P., at Brooklyn, NY, Apr.25,1857.

Charles, s.Stephen and Lucinda, Apr.30,1862.

Stephen, married, b. Ashby, farmer, s.Stephen and Lucinda, of paralyses of kidneys, Feb.13,1868, a.62y.11m.2d.


Ebenezer, Dec.30,1836.

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