PAGE (Paige)

Joseph Augustus, s.David and Eliza,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. Aug.24,1846].

Elizabeth, d.Christopher and Elizabeth, Oct.3,1731.

David, s."cort. " Nathaniell Jr. and Hannah, Apr.4,1740.

Timothy, $. "cor. " John and Rebackah, June11,1741.

Anna, d.Ebenezer and Dorothy, Sept.29,1760, in Lexington.

Rebekah, d.Ebenezer and Dorothy, June9,1763, in Lexington.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Dorothy, Mar.30,1765, in Lexington.

David, s.David and Abigail, Feb.7,1767.

John, s.Ebenezer and Dorothy, Feb.18,1767, in Lexington.

Joseph W., s.Timothy and Margaret, May16,1767.

Dolley, d.Ebenezer and Dorithy, Dec.11,1768.

Moses, s.Ebenezer and Dorithy, Sept.11,1770.

Lucy, d.Ebenezer and Dorithy, July11,1772.

Hannah, d.David and Abigail, Mar.11,1773.

Molley, d.Ebenezer and Dorothy, July24,1774.

Dorcas, d.Timothy and Margaret, Apr.22,1775.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Sarah, Oct.25,1775.

Sarah, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Sarah, May22,1777.

Joshua, s.Ebenezer and Dorithy, Jan.18,1779.

Benjamin, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.3,1781.

John, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.3,1781.

William, s.Ebenezer and Susana, Mar.19,1783.

Christopher, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec.10,1783.

Thomas, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, Dec.10,1783.

Moses, s.Ebenezer and Susanna, Oct.9,1784.

Ruhamah, twin d.Nathaniel and Sarah, May1,1788. [w.Jonathan Lane.GR]

Thaddeus, twin s.Nathaniel and Sarah, May1,1788.

Clariat, d.John and Esther, May4,1794.

Esther Bellamy, d.John and Esther, Feb.12,1796.

Almira, d.John and Esther, Dec.26,1797.

Araza, s.John and Esther, Aug.9,1800.

Cyrus, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, Nov.28,1801.

Larkin Pierce, s.Timothy and Isanna, Sept.24,1802.

Bellamy, s.John and Esther, Dec.5,1802.

Fidaliea, d.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, July9,1803.

Isaac Fitch, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, Aug.30,1805.

Louisa Howe, d.John and Esther, July17,1806.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, May16,1807.

Anna Pricellah, d.John and Esther, Apr.9,1808.

Sarah Eveline, d.Joshua and Sally, Aug.8,1808.

Isanna, d.Thomas Jr. and Betsey, Apr.12,1809.

Nathaniel, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, May3,1809.

Timothy, s.Lt. Timothy and Isanna, Dec.18,1810.

David, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, Sept.4,1811.

Benjamin, s.Nathaniel Jr. and Lydia, Jan.15,1814.

Sally Maria, d.Joshua and Sally, Nov.20,1814.

Samuel, s.Nathaniel and Lydia, May末,1816.

Moses, s.William and Lucy, May16,1816.

Mary Ann, d.Joshua and Elsey, Aug.12,1816.

Susanna Simonds, d.William and Lucy, June2,1818.

Daniel Harrington, s.Timothy and Isanna, Jan.4,1819.

Harriet Jane, d.Joshua and Nancy, June28,1823.

Susanna Simonds, d.William and Lucy, Oct.24,1823.

Asseneth Gault, d.Joshua and Nancy, Aug.20,1824.

Nancy Waterman, d.Joshua and Nancy, Apr.16,1826.

Susanna, d.Moses and Hannah, Apr.12,1828.

Lucretia, d.Joshua.and Betsey, Aug.25,1829.

Charles Parker, s.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Aug.31,1830.

Eveline Rebecca, ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Jan.19,1832.

Caroline Matilda, ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Sept.20,1833.

Henry Larkin [ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca], Jan.10,1836.

John Flint, ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Aug.24,1838.

John Henry, s.Silas W. and Betsey E., Aug.18,1839.

Sarah Augusta, ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Apr.4,1841.

Grovener Abijah, ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Aug.6,1842.

Henrietta, d.Cyrus and Susan E., May21,1843.

Isanna Harrington [ch.Larkin P. and Rebecca], Nov.16,1843.

末末, d.Larkin P. and w., Nov.16,1843

Benjamin Franklin, s.Benjamin and Mary, May28,1844

Cyrus Andrew, s.Cyrus and Susan E., June9,1845.

Warren, s.Cyrus and Susan E., June9,1845.

Eliza C., Aug.20,1846 [?].

William Edward, s.Larkin P. and Rebecca, Feb.23,1847.

Harriet Fidelia [dup. F.], d.Cyrus and Susan [dup. adds E.], Nov.13,1847.

PAIGE (Page)

Luce, d.Christopher and Elizabeth, Feb.22,1733-4.

Thomas, s.Nathanel and Hanna, May5,1733.

John, s.John and Rebecca, Sept.2,1733.

James, s.John and Rebecca, May12,1735.

Hannah (Paig), d.Nathaneil and Hannah, May15,1736.

William, s.Nathanel and Hannah, Feb.19,1737-8.

Ebenezar, s.John and Rebecca, June3,1737.

Susanna, d."Cort. " John (Page) and Rebakah, Oct.21,1739.

Susanna, d." Cart. " Nathanil Jr. and Hannah, Jan.22,1742.

Nathanil, s."Cort. " John and Rebakah, June20,1742.

Rebakah, d.John and Rebakah, Aug.23,1743.

Christopher, s.Christopher and Susanna, Oct.29,1743.

Susanna, d.Christopher and Susanna, May17,1745.

Mary, d.John and Rebakah, July1,1745.

Abigal, d.Nathaniell Jr. and Hannah, Sept.5,1745.

Mary, d.Christopher and Susanna, Feb.20,1746-7.

Joana, d.John and Rebakah, June15,1746.

Sarah, d.John and Rebakah, June8,1747.

Job, s.Christopher and Susana, May31,1748.

Elizabeth, d.John and Rebakah, Aug.3,1748.

Susanna, d.Christopher and Susanna, Apr.7,1750.

Susanna, d." Co. " John and Rebekah, June12,1750.

Samuel, s."Cor. " John and Rebekah, Aug.1,1751.

Lucy, d.Christopher and Susanna, Mar.26,1752.

Mary, d.John and Rebekah, Oct.9,1753.


Clarissa Maria, d.Daniel (b. Billerica) and Mary, June2,1848.


Joseph Addison, s.Joseph and Rhoda, Jan.31,1808.

Sylvester, s.Joseph and Rhoda, June24,1810.

PEARCE (Pierce)

PENNAMAN (Penniman)

Prisa, d.Rev. Joseph and Hannah, Apr.22,1787.

PENNIMAN (Pennaman)

Hannah, d.Rev. Joseth and Hannah, Aug.11,1772.

Molly, d.Rev. Joseph and Hannah, Feb.18,1775.

Lucy, d.Rev. J. [and Hannah], Aug.7,1778.

Polly, d.Rev. J. [and Hannah], Oct.17,1781.

PERRY (Pery)

Asa, s.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.12,1754.

Micah, s.Thomas and Abigail, Dec.3,1759.

Thaddeus, s.Thomas and Abigail, Apr.13,1761.

Elizebeth, d.Thomas and Abigail, Sept.10,1766.

PERY (Perry)

Oliver, s.Thomas and Abigail, June11,1769.


Emma Elvira, d.Joseph and Drusilla, Oct.27,1846.

Lorenzo Fremont, s.Lorenzo and Susanna, Dec.19,1847.

Joseph Thomas, s.Joseph (b. Wilton, NH) and Dusilla (b. Hudson, NH), Nov.14,1848.


Joseph, s.Augustus and Ruth, Oct.22,1843.


Abigail Lawrence, d.William and Elizabeth, Jan.30,1831.

Zylpha, d.Daniel B. and Elizabith, Jan.15,1845.

Charles Alonzo, d.[sic] Daniel B. and Elizabeth, Mar.27,1847.

Daniel, s.Daniel (b. Waltham) and Elizabeth H. (b. NY), June1,1848.

Daniel Alonzo, s.Daniel (b. Waltham) and Elizabeth H. (b. NY), Aug.25,1849.

POLARD (Pollard)

Oliver (Polord), s.Oliver and Hannah, Jan.27,1736-7.

Dorety, d.Walter and Dorety, June23,1737.

POLLARD (Polard)

David, s.Walter and Dorrithy, Nov.22,1739.

Hannah, d.Oliver and Hannah, Nov.23,1739.

Jonathan, s.Walter and Dorrithy, Sept.21,1741.

Lucy, d.Ollever and Hannah, Jan.17,1742.

James, s.Walter and Dorrithy, Sept.14,1743.

Benjamin, s.Walter and Dorrithy, July18,1745.

Rebekah, d.Oliver and Hannah, May5,1746.

Sary, d.Walter and Dorrethy, June18,1747.

Lucy, d.Walter and Dorithy, Mar.2,1748-9.

Matthew, s.Oliver and Hannah, Dec.23,1749.

Bettee, d.Walter and Dorithy, Nov.12,1750.

Molley, d.Oliver and Hannah, June5,1752.

Olive, d.Walter and Dorithy, July12,1753.

Thaddeus, s.Walter and Dorathy, Apr.27,1755.

Walter, s.Walter and Dorathy, Aug.21,1757.

末末, s.Jonathan and Sarah, Dec.11,1762.

Molle, d Jonathan and Mary, July3,1765.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Mary, Aug.26,1766.

James, s.James and Molley, Dec.23,1766, in Chelmsford.

Samuel, s.David and Pattee, May18,1767.

Lydia, d.Jonathan and Mary, June21,1768.

Pattee, d.David and Pattee, Jan.23,1769.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Mary, May10,1771.

Susanna, d.David and Pattee, Mar.18,1772.

Oliver, s.Oliver Jr. and Mary, Nov.7,1778.

Jane, d.Oliver and Mary, Nov.24,1780.

Obed, s.Oliver and Mary, Oct.18,1783.

Mary, d.Oliver and Mary, Dec.29,1787.

Jonathan, s.Obed and Hannah, Oct.31,1810.

Josiah, s.Obed and Hannah, June27,1813.

Jacob Osgood, s.Obed and Hannah, Jan.10,1816.

Hannah Elizabeth, d.Obed and Hannah, Jan.1,1818.

James, s.Obed and Hannah, Jan.24,1820.

Rachel Antenette, d.Oliver and Rachel L., Mar.3,1835.

Caroline Rebecca, d.Oliver and Rachel L., Aug.20,1837.


Molly, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Apr.23,1743.

Bethiah, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Nov.18,1744.

Israel, s.Joseph and Bethiah, Sept.2,1746.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Bethiah, Sept.6,1748.

Jemima, d.Joseph and Bethiah, July8,1750.

Desire, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Feb.11,1752.

Edith, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Mar.1,1754.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Sept.29,1756.

William, s.Joseph and Bethiah, July7,1759.

Lydia, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Sept.15,1761.

Oliver, d.Joseph and Bethiah, Dec.2,1765.

Joseph Mulliken, s.Asa and Mary, Nov.24,1819.

Mary Rebecca, d.Asa and Mary, Aug.25,1821.


Sherman Stearns, see George Warren Preston.

Marshall, s.Dr. Amariah and Hannah, June5,1792.

Hannah, d.Dr. Amariah and Hannah, Jan.8,1795.

Amariah, s.Dr. Amariah and Ruhamah, June21,1798.

Ezekiel Warren, s.Dr. Amariah and Ruhamah, July8,1800.

Ezekiel Warren, s.Dr. Amariah and Ruhamah, Dec.24,1802.

Harvey Newton, s.Dr. Amariah and Ruhamah, June21,1806.

Lovice Matilda, d.Dr. Amariah and Ruhamah, Feb.19,1809.

Elbridge Warren, s.Ezekiel Warren and Lucy Minerva, Nov.8,1824.

Lucy Maria, d.Ezekiel and Lucy M., Dec.11,1826.

George Warren, s.Ezekiel W. and Lucy Minerva, Feb.28,1828, "permitted to take the name of Sherman Stearns Preston by an act of the Legislature at there January Session 1841 and will hereafter be known by the name of Sherman Stearns Preston Born Janury [sic] 28 1828. "


Aaron, s.Aaron (Prisst) and Martha, Sept.14,1781.


末末, s.William and Susan, Feb.14,1845.


Elizabeth, d.Robert and Elizabeth, Mar.4,1819.


Israel, s.Israel and Sarah, Mar.20,1723 [1722-3, written above].

Benjamin, s.Israel and Sarah, Aug.2,1725.

Jonathan, s.Israel and Sarah, July16,1727.

Sarah, d.Israel [dup. Israil] and Sarah, June29,1729.

Elizabth, d.Israel and Sarah, July18,1731.

Zarant, s.Dea.Israel and Sarah, Sept.2,1733.

Mary, d.Dea.Israel and Sarah, Nov.18,1735.

Bredget, d.Israel and Sarah, Feb.11,1737.

John, s.Israel Jr. and Sarah, Apr.23,1750.

Mary, d.Jonathan and Hannah, Nov.18,1750.

Elizabeth, d.Israel Jr. and Sarah, July28,1753.

Israel, s.Israel Jr. and Sarah, Apr.27,1755.

Daniel, s.Israel Jr. and Sarah, Oct.4,1759.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Eunice, Aug.21,1762.

Israel, s.Israel Jr. and Elizabeth, Aug.12,1785.

Elijah, s.Elijah and Lucey, Feb.16,1804.

Lucy Adaline, d.Elijah and Lucy, Oct.21,1807.

Jonas, s.Jonas and Hannah, Oct.23,1811.

Samuel Hartwell, s.Jonas and Hannah, Mar.23,1813.

Lucy Desire, d.Jonas and Hannah, Nov.11,1817.

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