Susanna, d.Michael and Elizabeth,末蔓末, 末末.

Sarah, d.Joseph and Rebeca, Feb.16,1730-1. [Feb.17.CR]

Briget, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Apr.20,1731. [Bridget.CR] [Breget, a.25.GR]

Elizabeth, w.Jonathan, Dec.16,1738. [Dec.15.CR] [a.67.GR]

Sarah, w.Mical, Apr.17,1745. [w.Michael.CR]

Nathan, s.Michael, Sept.7,1745.CR

Joseph, Nov.29,1747. [in 63rd y.GR]

Nathaniel, Dec.7,1747.CR

末末, inf.s.Samuel, Feb.24,1748-9.CR

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Catharine, June10,1748. [June13.CR]

Jesse, s.John and Elizabeth, Aug.21,1749. [Aug.25.CR] [Aug.26, a.19d.GR]

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Aug.26,1749.

John, s.John and Elizabeth, Aug.30,1749. [a.3.GR]

末末, inf.s.John, May8,1752.CR

Jonathan, Mr., Jan.12,1754. [a.82.CR]

Elizabeth, d.John and Elizabeth, Feb.15,1754. [in 4th y.GR]

Catharine, d.Benjamin and Catharine, Mar.5,1754. [Katharine.CR]

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Catharine, Mar.16,1754.

Rhoda, d.Benjmin and Catharine, Dec.9,1757.

John, May26,1760, in 44th y.

Rebekah, d.Joseph and Rebekah, Feb.20,1763.

Reuben, s.John and Elizabeth, May15,1775, in 18th y.[May22.GR]

Nathan, Aug.1,1775.

William, Aug.21,1775.

Abijah, s.John and Elizabeth, May1,1776, a.22.GR

Jesse, s.Benjamin and Esther, July17,1778.

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Esther, July18,1778.

Rebekah, wid.Joseph, Aug.24,1778, a.91y.1m.16d.

Reuben, s.Thompson and Martha, Dec.20,1785.

Oliver, ch.Oliver and Sarah, Apr.17,1787, a 11.GR

Iza, June6,1787, a.8.GR

Elijah, Sept.13,1788. [a.34.GR]

Catharine, w.Dea.Benjamin, July17,1791, in 74th y.[Katherine, July7, a.74.GR]

Benjamin, Dea., Oct.1,1791, a.78.

Oliver, May25,1794, a.54.GR

Sarah, first, d.Benjmin Jr. and Marcha, Sept.19,1799. [canker rash, Sept.17, a.5.CR] [ Sept.17.GR]

末末, w.Capt. Flag, consumption, June7,1800, a.30.CR

末末, youngest ch.Flag, Apr.7,1801, a.2y.6m., in Lexington.CR

Job Lane, s.Benjamin Jr. and Martha, Sept.9,1805. [hooping cough, a.14m.CR] [a.13m.22d.GR]

Amittai, w.Benjamin, Oct.10,1806, a.47y.8m.1d.[consumption, a.48.CR]

Octa, s.Thompson Esq. and Martha, July28,1811. [a.16y.3m.GR]

Warren, s.Jonathan and Abigail, Jan.28,1822. [a.6y.15d.GR]

Hannah, w.John, Sept.27,1823, a.70.GR

John, June7,1833, a.80.GR

Emma C., d.Clark and Emma C., Aug.16,1833, a.2m.4d.GR

Thompson Esq., Dec.4,1833, a.73.

Alonzo Bacon, s.Reuben Jr. and Ruth, Mar.26,1835.

Thompson, s.Thompson Esq. and Martha, Mar.19,1838, a.40.

Ruth, w.Reuben Jr., July19,1838, a.24.GR

Emily Frances, d.Elbridge and Louisa, Dec.31,1838, a.7.GR

Sarah, wid.Oliver, Jan.25,1841, in 94th y.GR

Emily Frances, d.Edward and Charlotte, affection of the spine, Oct.5,1845, a.2y.4m.

Frederick W., s.Warren and Lucy, cancer, Sept.5,1846, a.4y.4m.

Martha, [wid.] Thompson Esq., consumption, Feb.15 [dup. Feb.4], 1847, a.84. [Feb.13.GR]

Alice, d.John O. and Clara A., dropsey on the brain, Mar.5,1848, a.1y.5m.

Elbridge, m., s.Thompson and Martha, dropsey, Aug.31,1848, a.48.

Elbridge, s.Thompson, Aug.3,1849.


Elizabeth, Mrs., Jan.31,1736-7.CR [w.Freeborn of Beverly.GR]


Joseph, Dr., Jan.29,1777.


Daniel, Apr.7,1736.CR


Frederick, s.William and Helen A., cholera infantum, Aug.10,1848, a.5m.4d.


Sarah, wid., Jan.15,1739-40, a.95.CR


Samuel of Vermont, nervous fever, May1,1797, a.abt. 20.CR


Emma Louisa, b. Abington, d.Prescott J. and Eliza Ann, erysipilas, July20,1849, a.5y.3m.

Frederick, P., s.Prescott J. and Eliza Ann, erysipelas, Aug.28,1849, a.2y.8m.


Lucy, Oct.28,1838, a.64.GR


Isaac, b. Carlisle, s.Benjamin and Martha, typhus fever, Oct.26,1844, a.26.


末末, ch.Simeon, Aug.28,1807, a.1 hr.CR


Abraham, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Aug.8,1778.

Daniel Hartwell, s.Jeremiah and Sarah, Sept.4,1791, in 27th y.


Thomas, s.Rev. Nicholas and Lucy, May21,1750. [May25.CR] [May21, a.2y.11m.GR]


Mary, d.Francis and Sarah, Nov.20,1762.GR

Jonas, June5,1783, in 67th y.

末末, Mr., mortification, Dec.6,1797, a."above 70. ".CR


Joseph, Dec.23,1762, a.29y.1m.[Dec.25, a.30.GR]

末末, Dea.of Gerry, fever, Dec.24,1802.CR

John, s.Nathaniel and Ruth, Sept.12,1805. [ Sept.12,1803, a.5.GR]

Joseph, s.Nathaniel, dysentery, Sept.12,1805, a.5.CR

Betsey, w.Joseph, June30,1818, a.29.


Samuel, disease of the spine [and] consumption, May10,1847, a.49.


末末, ch.Charles, July末,1842, a.3m.


末末, d.Willard and w., Aug.10,1843, a.3m.

Willard, m., b. Concord, palsey, July25,1849, a.77y.11m.15d.

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