John, Col. [h.Hannah],末蔓末, 末末. [ Sept.23,1763, a.72.GR]

Jonathan Abbott, s.Jonathan and Ruhamah,末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after Oct.23,1818]. [Aug.24,1820.GR]

Ruhamah, d.Jonathan and Ruhamah末蔓末, 末末 [rec. after May6,1816]. [Apr.10,1817.GR]

William, s.Job and Mary,末蔓末, 末末.

Whippel, ch.Lt. Job and Martha, Oct.4,1728.

Catren, w.John, Apr.1,1731, in 40th y.[Katharine.CR] [Katherine, w.Col. John.GR]

Sarah, d.Lt. Job and Martha, Oct.7,1733. [Oct.4.CR]

Hannah, d.Lt. Job and Martha, Dec.27,1733.

Samuel, s.Capt. John and Catern, Apr.1,1734, in 7th y.

Love, d.James and Martha, Aug.13,1735. [d.Ens.James, Aug.3.CR]

Anna, d.Lt. Job, Sept.8,1735.CR

Mary, d.James and Martha, Mar.4,1736-7. [Mercy, d.Ens.James.CR]

Samuel, s.Job and Mary, Nov.25,1736, in 21st y.[s.Job Sr.CR] [a.21.GR]

Stephen, s.Ens.James, July4,1740.CR

Martha, w.Dea.Job, Sept.14,1740.CR [a.49.GR]

Hannah, d.Maj. John and Hannah, June24,1741.

Mathew, s.Maj. John [and] Katharine, Aug.5,1741. [Matthew.CR]

Job Sr., Sept.9,1744.CR [ Sept.19, a.77.GR]

Mary, w.Job, Sept.7,1746. [wid.Job.CR] [a.65.GR]

Francis, s.John Jr. and Ruth, Feb.23,1749-50.

Susanna, d.Capt. James and Martha, Feb.24,1749-50.

David, A.M., s.James and Martha, Sept.29,1750, in 23d y., "deceased abroad.".GR

Benjamin, Mr., Jan.25,1754.CR [s.Dea.Job and Martha, in 25th y.GR]

David, s.Capt. James and Martha, Dec.29,1756.

Ruth, w.John Jr., Aug.13,1759, in 36th y.[Ruth (Bowman).GR]

Josiah, s.John and Sarah, Mar.15,1762. [Mar.5.GR]

Martha, w.Capt. James, July3,1762. [first, w.Capt. James, a.64.GR]

Job, Dea., Aug.9,1762, a.73.GR

Chary, w.Capt. James, Dec.16,1764. [Chary (Wellington), second, w.Capt. James, a.70.GR]

Lydia, d.Timothy and Lydia, Oct.23,1765.

Hannah, wid, Col. John, Apr.22,1769, in 74th y.

Ruth, w.Samuel, d.Stephen Davis and Elizabeth, Oct.21,1772, in 33d y.

Abigail, w.Capt. James, Feb.25,1773, in 77th y.[Abigail (Farmer), third, w.Capt. James, a.77.GR]

Susanna, w.Job, Mar.24,1775.

Samuel, Jan.26,1780, a.65.GR

Josiah [s.Ziba and Hannah], Nov.5,1780.

James, Capt. Apr.11,1783, a.86y.8m.[a.87.GR]

Mary, wid.Dea.Job, Dec.11,1783.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.28,1785.

Josiah, s.Solomon and Sarah, Apr.18,1787. [Apr.8.GR]

Job, Ens., s.Job and Susanna, Dec.22,1788, a.32y.6m.9d.

John, Dec.7,1789, a.69.GR

Rebekah, d.Samuel, Nov.27,1791.

Abigail, w.Capt. James, "formerly the wife of Mr John Meriam," Nov.15,1793, a.83. [fourth, w.Capt. James, "formerly the wife of Lieut. John Merriam," Nov.5.GR]

Timothy, Dec.3,1793, in 72d y.[a.72.GR]

Roger, first, s.John and Ruhamah, Nov.16,1794, a.16m.GR

Nathan, s.Timothy and Lydia, Dec.1,1794, in 27th y.

Job, June11,1796, a.79. ["suddenly with cramp in his stomach,", a.78.CR]

Lydia, d.Timothy and Lydia, July13,1796, a.24y.5m.27d.[consumption.CR]

Hannah, w.Samuel, Sept.29,1796, a.57y.20d.[jaundice.CR]

James, Jan.4,1799. [sore in his throat, a.73.CR]

Enoch, s.Solomon and Sarah, Oct.11,1799. [nervous fever, a.6y.and abt. 8m.CR]

末末, ch.Jonathan, canker rash, Jan.9,1800, a.5y.9m.CR [Rollin, s.Jonathan and Hannah, a.4.GR]

末末, ch.Jonathan, canker rash, Jan.15,1800, a.7m.CR [Elizabeth, d.Jonathan and Hannah.GR]

Abigail F., d.Solomon and Sarah, July17,1800. [dysentery, July18, a.16m.CR] [Abigail French.GR]

末末, ch.Jonathan, suddenly, May20,1801, a.6m.CR [Myra, d.Jonathan and Hannah, May2, a.5m.GR]

末末, ch.Fanny, "suddenly.Canker in the bowels." June26,1801, a.8m.CR

Lydia, wid.bilious fever, Aug.4,1801, a.72.CR [wid.Timothy, Aug.31.GR]

Luke, fever, Aug.27,1801, a.33.CR.GR

Samuel, bileous colic, June26,1802, a.65.CR

Isaac, s.James and Mary, May24,1803. [consumption, a.37.CR] [Nov.24.GR]

Daniel, s.Solomon and Sarah, Oct.3,1803. [dysentery and canker in bowels, a.3.CR]

Abner, s.John, dysentery, Aug.9,1806, a.20.CR [s.John and Ruhamah, Aug.9,1826, a.21.GR]

Gracy Foster, d.John and Ruhamah, Nov.16,1806, a.30.GR

末末, w.Samuel, complicated complaint, Sept.19,1807., a.69.CR

John, mortification, Feb.22,1808, a.61.CR [a.62.GR]

Johnathan, Mar.4,1808, a.44. [consumption.CR]

Galen, s.Eliab and Anna, Nov.21,1811, a.7m.GR

Solomon, Mar.23,1812, a.56.GR

Job, s.David and Molly, Nov.15,1814. [a.26.GR]

末末, "Mrs.Josiah," Sept.21,1815, a.28. [Mr. Josiah S.GR]

Josiah Stearns, s.Josiah and Amelia, Sept.22,1815. [Josiah S., only ch.Josiah and Amitia, a.21m.GR]

Ruhamah, w.John, Apr.30,1817, a.63.GR

Molly, w.David, Dec.12,1820, a.50y.6m.GR

Sarah, w.Solomon, Aug.13,1825. [a.69.GR]

Laura Ann [d.Oliver W. and Catherine], Apr.26,1834.

James, Oct.20,1836, a.83.GR

Solomon, Feb.1,1837, a.80.GR

Phebe, w.David, July8,1838, a.65.GR

Henry Francis, s.Oliver W. and Catherine, May1,1841.

Catherine W., w.Oliver W., July30,1841.

Andrew, s.Job and Mary,末蔓末,1842.

Andrew, "Abcess within," May末,1842, a.22.

David, Sept.10,1842, a.83.GR

Anna, b. Waltham, w.Eliab B., d.Jotham Welington and Priscilla, dysppsy, May28,1844, a.67. [May30.GR]

Henry, s.Abner B. and Lydia, suicidal hanging, Dec.5,1847, a.16.

Molly, w.James, old age, Feb.16,1848, a.96. [wid.James, a.96y.7m.GR]


Mary, w.Jonathan, cancer, Dec.3,1846, a.69.


Philip, drowned in Concord River, Apr.16,1746.CR


Esther, b. Lexington, w.Ward, dysentery, Oct.29,1848, a.47.

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