TAYLER (Taylor)

Hannah, w. David, Sept. 5, 1744. [Taylor. CR]

TAYLOR (Tayler)

Eunice, wid. May 7, 1737, a. 80. CR [w. John, a 81. GR]

Nathan, s. David, Oct. 9, 1747. CR

Lucey, d. David, Oct. 9, 1749. CR


John Y., consumption, Apr. ––, 1842, a. 48.


Elizabeth, Apr. 6, 1839, a. 72. GR


James, b. Ireland "he said he had lived at Middleton in Connicticut was a Soldier in the Continental Army 4 or five Years. fell sick as he was traveling the Road at the house of Thaddeus Fitch the 17 day of April 1790 he Saith that he had two children at middleton in connicticut," Apr. 25, 1790, a. abt. 37.


Lucinda, d. Stephen and Philomela, Mar. 21, 1805. [consumption, Mar. 23, a. 8 m. CR]

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