ABBOT (Abbott)

Mary and Daniel Parker, Aug. 4, 1774.

Moses Jr. and Alise [Alice. MR] Stearns, Dec. 1, 1786.

Mary and William Webber, May 10, 1791.

Allice and Simon Davis, June 3, 1806.

ABBOTT (Abbot)

Hannah of Andover, and John Lane, Mar. 16, 1732, in Andover.

Sarah and Isaac Stearns, Feb. 11, 1747-8. [Abbot. MR]

Moses and Mary Hill, Apr. 15, 1755, in Charlestown.

Elizabeth and Abijah Cutler, Dec. 9, 1756. [Elisabeth Abbot. MR]

Bette and Oliver Reed Jr., May 18, 1786. [Betty Abbot. MR]

Allice and Stephen Lane, May 1, 1806. [Abbot. CR]

Lucy S. and Timothy Kinsman, Mar. 16, 1809.

Oliver R. and Mary Ann Wilson, Nov. 17, 1825.

Oliver R. and Mary Ann Buttrick, June 24, 1827.

Ruth E., Mrs., and Augustus Pierce, Nov. 15, 1835.

S. Caroline and Seth H. Austin, Feb. 13, 1842.


Nathaniel [Nathanael. CR] of Worcester, and Mrs. Martha Whitmore, Dec. 10, 1751.

Abel B., Dr., and Susan Merriam, Apr. 25, 1841.

ALLEN (Alline)

Reuben and Rusa Fairbanks, June 4, 1795, in Dedham.

Sally and Benjamin Parker, June 28, 1801.

ALLINE (Allen)

Rebeckah and Franklin Butters, Nov. 17, 1819.


James S., 28, of Waltham, s. Thomas and Charlotte of Rockingham, VT, and Clariot P. Munroe, July 26, 1848.


Thomas G., 58, b. Boston, of Boston, s. Gibbs and Hannah of Boston, and Mary M. Tuttle, wid., Oct. 12, 1848.


Seth H. and S. Caroline Abbott, Feb. 13, 1842.

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