ABBOTT (Abbot)

Abigail, d.Oliver and Abigail, Sept.14,1714.

Abigail Elizabeth, d.Ephraim and Abigail, Oct.30,1798.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Betsey, Apr.22,1796.

Beriah, s.Oliver and Joanna, Apr.1,1759.

Blaney, s.David and Huldah, Oct.25,1772.

Catherine, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Oct.12,1832.

Clarissa, s.[sic] [dup. d.] James, bp. Mar.13,1808.CR1

Daniel, s.James, bp.末蔓末, 末末[rec. between Apr.22,1798, and Nov.30,1800] [dup. Apr.22,1798].

Daniel, s.James and Mehitable, May23,1797.

David, s.Joshua and Dorcas, Apr.27,1729.

David, s.David and Hannah, June5,1760. [Abbott.CR1]

David, s.David and Huldah, Dec.18,1770. [Abbott.CR1]

Dorcas, d.Joshua and Dorcas, Nov.6,1724.

Dorcas, d.Oliver and Joanna, Dec.19,1764. [Abbott.CR1]

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Joshua and Rebeckah, Dec.7,1719.

Elizabeth, d.Oliver and Abigail, Feb.4,1779.

Betsey, d.Benjamin and Betsey, Jan.1,1795. [Betsy.CR1]

George, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Mar.6,1835.

Hannah, twin d.Joshua and Rebeckah, Aug.28,1717.

Hannah, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, Oct.10,1735.

Hannah F., w.Nathan,末蔓末,1795.GR2

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Betsy, Nov.16,1797.

Hannah, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, July27,1827.

Henry, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, May1,1831.

Huldah, w.David, Oct.15,1733.GR1

Isaac, s.James, bp. Nov.30,1800.CR1

Isaac, s.James, bp. July15,1804.CR1

James, s.James, bp.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.22,1798, and Nov.30,1800] [dup. Apr.22,1798].

James, s.James and Mehitable, June2,1793.

Jeremiah, s.Nathaniel, Nov.4,1709, in Andover.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Hannah.Aug.24,1738.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, July20,1745.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, Aug.11,1748. [bp. Aug.7 [sic] [dup. Aug.14].CR1]

Jeremiah, s.David and Prudence, May18,1776. [s.David of Andover.CR1]

Joanna, d.Oliver and Joanna, Apr.15,1753.

Joanna, d.Oliver and Joanna, July24,1755. [Abbott.CR1]

John, s.Joshua and Rebeckah, May5,1713.

John, s.James, bp. May4,1806.CR1

Joseph, s.James, bp.末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between Apr.22,1798, and Nov.30,1800] [dup. Apr.22,1798].

Joseph, s.James and Mehitable, May8,1795.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Dorcas, Oct.28,1722.

Joshua, s.Joshua and Sarah, Nov.2,1747. [Abbott, s.Joshua Jr.CR1]

Joshua, s.Oliver and Abigail, July29,1772.

Louisa, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, July13,1836. [Abbott.GR2]

Lydia, d.Joshua and Dorcas, June26,1732.

Lydia, d.Oliver and Joanna, July11,1754. [Abbott.CR1]

Lydia, w.Nathaniel Stevenson [July末,1792].GR2

Mary, twin d.Joshua and Rebeckah, Aug.28,1717.

Mehitable, d.James, bp. Feb.24,1799CR1


Oliver, s.Joshua and Dorcas, Mar.26,1727.

Oliver, s.Oliver and Joanna, Dec.1,1756. [Abbott.CR1]

Oliver Whiting, s.Oliver and Joanna, Dec.5,1757. [Abbott.CR1]

Oliver Farmer, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Aug.22,1826.

Rachel Ann, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Mar.25,1829. [Abbott.GR2]

Rebeckah, d.Joshua and Rebeckah, Mar.27,1711.

Rebecah, d.Jeremiah and Hannah, July13,1741.

Rebecca [dup. Rebeccah], d.George, bp. June24,1781.CR1

Samuel, s.George and Rebecah, Nov.2,1779.

Sarah, d.Joshua and Rebeckah, Feb.24,1714-15.

Sarah Elisabeth, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Mar.10,1839.

Silence, d.Oliver and Joanna, July21,1760.

Silent, s.Oliver and Joanna, May13,1761.

Sophronia, d.James and Mehitable, Dec.7,1791.

Sophronia, d.James, bp. Apr.22,1798.CR1

William, s.Jeremiah and Hannah, July21,1746.


Amos, Aug.24,1788.GR4

Edward Amos, s.Amos and Susan, Nov.25,1839.

Susan Dodge [? m.], May18,1804.GR4

Susan Mary, Apr.17,1830.GR4


Allice, d.Henery and Deborah, Mar.17,1694.


Abigail, d.Thomas and Abigail, June3,1773.

Abigal, d.Jeremiah and Abigal, Oct.19,1776. [Abigail.CR1]

Americus, s.Jeremiah, bp. Apr.末,1786.

Americus, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Mar.18,1787.

Anna, d.Thomas and Abigail, Nov.26,1774.

Charles H., s.Joseph and Jane, Oct.30,1808.

Charles Henry, s.Joseph, bp. Apr.29,1810.CR1

Charles H., s.Edwin H. and Mary J.,末蔓末,1841.GR2

Cornelius Erasmus, s.Ezra and Nancy, Oct.30,1820.

Dorcas, d.Thomas and Abigail, June1,1780.

Edwin Henry, s.Henry and Eliza E., Aug.27,1818.

Eleanor, see also Elona

Eliza Minerva, d.Henry and Eliza E., Apr.21,1822, in Wilton, NH.

Elisabeth, d.Samuel [dup. Jr.], bp. Oct.9,1768.CR1

Elona Melvina, d.Henry and Eliza K, Apr.19,1824, in Lyndeboro, NH.

Ezra, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Sept.23,1791.

Ezra Leonidas, s.Ezra [Capt. Ezra.CR1] and Nancy, May23,1823.

Henry, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, July20,1793.

Hosley P., s.Joseph and Jane, Aug.5,1812.

Jeremiah, s.Jeremiah and Abigal, Aug.12,1778.

John, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Jan.5,1798.

Joseph, s.Thomas and Abigail, Jan.31,1777.

Martha Calwell, d.Henry and Eliza E., Mar.16,1830. [w.William Bohonam.GR2]

Mary, d.Samuel and Sarah, Sept.30,1768.

Polly, d.Jeremiah and Abigal, Mar.28,1782. [Molly.CR1]

Becca, d.Jeremiah and Abigal, Apr.15,1780.

Samuel Rogers, s.Jeremiah and Abigail, Nov.5,1783.

Sanford Eaton, s.Henry and Eliza E., Mar.28,1828, in Lyndeboro, NH.

Sophia, d.Zadock [Zadoc.CR1] and Sarah, Nov.1,1809.

Zadock, s.Thomas and Abigail, Feb.3,1770. [Zadoc.CR1]


Mary Bates, d.William G., blacksmith, and Mary H., Nov.22,1847.


Ellen, d.John and Hannah B., Oct.1,1834.

Emely, d.John and Hannah B., Nov.1,1832.

Frances, d.John and Hannah B., Jan.3,1831.

Lucy Ann, w.末蔓末, 末末 [May末,1806]GR1

Mary Greene, d.John and Hannah B., June22,1829.


Asa, s.Robert and Martha, Mar.29,1768.

Bette, d.Robert and Martha, June19,1771.

Jesse, s.Robert and Martha, July9,1763.

Jesse, s.Robert, bp. Nov.3,1765.CR1

John, s.Robert and Martha, Aug.21,1765.

Samuel, s.Robert and Martha, Feb.2,1774.

Sarah, d.Charles, bp. Nov.3,1765.CR1


Elizabeth, w.Samuel,末蔓末,1800.GR1


Sarah, d.Stephen and Rebecca, Apr.11,1821.


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.9,1736.

Mary, d.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.12,1734.


Susan Ella [dup. Alla], d.Seth R., blacksmith, and Susan C., Apr.16,1845.


Michael, s.George, silk dyer, and Sarah, Apr.14,1844.


Ebenezer B. [h.Levina (Currier)] [father of Warren],末蔓末,1808.GR2

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