Joseph, s.Samuel and Esther, May9,1747.


James [dup. Gaphany], s.Bryant, laborer, and w.Apr.17,1845.


Dinah [? m.] [Apr.末,1778]GR2


Johnson, s.Ebenezer, bp. May13,1750, in Hampstead, NHCR1


Mary, w.John, bp. Nov.末,1838.CR2




末末, second, d.William Jr. and Sally, Feb.20,1799.

末末, seventh, d.William Jr. and Sally, Nov.9,1814.

Abigail Harriet, d.William Jr. and Sally, Jan.22,1808.

Abigail Harriet [dup. Harriot], ch.William [dup. Jr.], bp. Aug.18,1811.CR1

Amira, d.Joseph and Sarah, Feb.26,1804.

Elisabeth, d.William Jr. and Sally, Oct.8,1805.

Elizabeth, ch.William [dup. Jr.], bp. Aug.18,1811.CR1

Frederic Eugene, s.Josiah B., farmer, and Mary, Apr.11,1848.

George (Geason), s.Joseph and Susanna, Mar.8,1809.

Hannah, d.William and Mary, Dec.10,1760.

Henry Josiah, s.Josiah B., farmer, and Mary, Mar.17,1847.

Isaac Bacon, ch.William [dup. Jr.], bp, Sept.8,1816.CR1

Joseph, s.William and Mary, Feb.5,1768. [[h.Sarah (Cook)]PR2]

Joseph, s, Joseph and Sarah, Aug.4,1800.

Josiah Bacon, s.William Jr. and Sally, July13,1816.

Louisa, d.William Jr. and Sally, Feb.3,1812.

Lucy, d.William and Mary, Mar.21,1776.

Lucy, ch.William, bp. July7,1782.CR1

Mary, d.William and Mary, Aug.17,1758.

Mary Ann, d.William Jr. and Sally, Apr.13,1803.

Mary Ann, ch.William [dup. Jr.], bp. Aug.18,1811.CR1

Rebecah [dup. Rebecca], d.William and Mary, Dec.10,1765.

Ruth, d.William and Mary, May2,1770.

Sarah, d.William and Mary, Aug.13,1772.

Sarah, d.William, bp. Oct.10,1773.CR1

Sarah, w.Joseph,末蔓末,1778.GR1

Sarah, d.William Jr. and Sally, Aug.1,1797.

Sarah, ch.William [dup. Jr.], bp. Aug.18,1811.CR1

Sarah, d.William S., farmer, and Mary [dup. adds B.], July13,1843キ

Susanna Walker, d.Joseph and Sarah, Nov.2,1807.

William, s.William and Mary, Aug.21,1756.

William, s.William and Mary, Feb.13,1763,

William, s.William Jr. and Sally, Jan.11,1801.

William Segar, s.William Jr. and Sally, Nov.1,1809.

William Segar, ch.William [dup. Jr.], bp. Aug.18,1811.CR1


Benjamin Bowlend, s.Charles and Isabella, June1,1822.

Charles, s.Thomas and Lucy, 末蔓27,1793. [bp. Jan.9 [dup. June9], 1793.CR1]

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Isabella, July16,1815.

Clara, w.Charles [ Sept.末,1803]GR1

Clara Ann, d.Charles and Clara, Feb.20,1832.

Betsey, d.Thomas and Lucy, Jan.26,1795. [Betsy.CR1]

George Wales, s.Charles and Isabella, June30,1824.

Isabella Henrietta, d, Charles and Isabella, Feb.23,1817.

John Theodore, s.Charles and Isabella, June4,1819.

Lucy, d.Thomas and Lucy, Oct.6,1787.

Lucy, ch.Thomas, bp. Aug.22,1790.CR1

Mary, d.Thomas and Mary, Nov.30,1754.

Mary Elizabeth, d.John T., shoemaker, and Mary Ann, Jan.3,1845.

Miranda [dup. Mironda], d.Nathan [dup. Nathaniel], bp.末蔓末, 末末 [dup. July27,1817]CR1

Nancy, d.Thomas and Lucy, June28,1789. [w.Haslet Mackay.GR1]

Nancy, ch.Thomas, bp. Aug.22,1790.CR1

Nathaniel, s.Thomas and Lucy, July3,1791.

Susan Ellen, d.Charles and Clara, Feb.15,1834.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Mary, Dec.9,1756.


Charles Edward, s, John J., farmer, and Eliza A., Nov.17,1847.

Edward Augustus, s.John J., farmer, and Eliza A., Mar.7,1844.

Edwin Augustus, s, John J., farmer, and Eliza [dup. adds A,], Apr.3,1846.

Emeline Louisa, d.John J. and Eliza A., Feb.2,1841.

George Frederic, s.John J. and Eliza A., Oct.2,1839.

John James, s.John J. and Eliza A., Sept.1,1837, in Dedham.

John James, ch.Capt. John J., bp. July7,1839.CR1

Sarah Antoinette, d.John J. [Capt. John J.CR1] and Eliza A., Sept.9,1838.


Abraham, twin s.Abia and Mary, Feb.28,1692.

Abraham, s, Abia and Mary, Apr.7,1696.

Mary, twin d.Abia and Mary, Feb.28,1692.

Rabecca, d, Abia and Mary, June24,1689. [Rebecka Jarton, d.Abraham and Mary.MR]

Sarah, d.Abia [Abraham.MR] and Mary, Mar.22,1688.


Jeremiah, s.James and Mary, Sept.3,1769.


Deborah, w.Jacob,末蔓末,1784.GR4


Amos [h, Martha (Fowler)], Aug.14,1834.GR2

Braviter, s.Braviter and Elisabeth, Mar.23,1760.

Jonathan, s.Braveter and Bethyah, Jan.3,1754. [ch.Braviter [dup., s.Braviter and Bethiah]CR1]

Joseph, s.Braveter and Bethyah, July1,1744.

Lucy Ann, d.William, yeoman, and Abigail, Sept.24,1849.

Mariah Richardson, d.William, yeoman, and Abigail, June25,1847.

Mary, d.Braveter and Bethyah, Oct.29,1745.

Timothy, s.Braveter and Bethyah, Feb.25,1747-8. [ch.Braviter [dup., s.Braviter and Bethiah]CR1]

Timothy, s.Braveter and Bethyah, Mar.28,1752. [ch.Braviter [dup. Grey, s.Braviter and Bethiah]CR1]


Mary Elizabeth, d.Abel, teamster, and Martha, Jan.21,1845.


Ann Augusta, d.Moses P., cordwainer, and Lucy, July22,1843.

Caroline E., d.Moses P., farmer, and Lucy, Aug.20,1845.


Elizabeth, d.Georg and Elizabeth, June28,1679.

Jonathan, s.George and Elizabeth, June22,1683.

Ruth, d.George and Elizabeth July4,1681.

William, s.Georg and Elizabeth, Nov.11,1677.

William, ch.Georg and Elizabeth, June28,1679.MR


Patrick, s.Patrick, laborer, and Mary, Jan.22,1844.


Frederick [h.Mary H. (Crosby)],末蔓末,1795.GR2

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