Elias, Rev. [h.Mira Ann (Bigelow)], Apr.21,1811, in Wrentham.GR2


Abigail, see Nabby.

Nabby, d.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.8,1786. [Abigail.CR1]

Abigail, d.Asa and Mary, Dec.10,1803.

Amasa, s.William and Mehittabell [Mehetabel.CR1] Oct.4,1753.

Amos, s.Asa and Mary, Nov.7,1796.

Anna, d.Benjamin and Mary, Oct.28,1784.

Anne, ch.Benjamin, bp. Nov.21,1783.CR1

Asa, s.Benjamin and Rebecah, May19,1769.

Asahel, s.William and Mehittabell [Mehetabel.CR1], Mar.11,1756.

Benjamin, s.John and Mary, Oct.2,1720.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Rebecah [Mary.CR1], Apr.15,1756.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Mary, Mar.11,1779.

Benjamin, s.Asa and Mary, Oct.11,1792.

Caleb, s.Asa and Mary, Nov.14,1794.

Caleb, s.Asa and Mary, Dec.13,1808.

David, s.John and Phebe, May12,1777.

Dolly, d.John and Phebe, May1,1775.

Ebeneazer, s.Asa and Mary, June28,1801.

Hannah, d.William and Mehittabel [Mehetable.CR1], Feb.25,1748.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Rebeckah [Mary.CR1], Aug.19,1759.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Mary, Sept.13,1788.

Isaac, s.William and Mehittable, Oct.16,1746.

Isaac, s.Benjamin and Mary, Dec.17,1782.

John, s.John and Mary, Oct.28,1705.

John, s.John and Mary, Jan.26,1717-18.

John, s.William and Mehittable, Mar.22,1742-3.

John, s.John and Phebe, Sept.30,1770.

Joshua, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Mar.9,1765.

Lucy, ch.Benjamin, bp. Aug.26,1792.CR1

Lydia, d.John and Phebe, Oct.3,1779.

Patte, d.Benjamin and Mary, Apr.4,1777.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Feb.5,1711-12.

Mary, d.William and Mehittable, Dec.28,1744.

Molly, d.Benjamin and Mary, Jan.27,1776.

Molly, d.Benjamin and Mary, June11,1781.

Mary, d.Asa and Mary, Feb.2,1799.

Mehittabel, d.William and Mehittabel, Dec.3,1739.

Nathaniel, s.William and Mehittabel [Mehetabel.CR1] Jan.31,1751.

Phebe, d.John and Phebe, Dec.19,1768. [Weedham.CR1]

Rebeckah, d.Benjamin and Rebeck, Dec.14,1752.

Rebeckah, d.Benjamin and Rebeckah, Jan.7,1754.

Rhoda, d.William and Mehittabell, Apr.11,1758. [[dup. Rhodha] bp. Apr.9 [sic].CR1]

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Rebecca, Feb.7,1767.

Samuel, s.Asa and Mary, Aug.29,1790.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Rebecah [Mary.CR1], Feb.27,1758.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Rebeckah, May12,1762.

Varnum, ch.John, bp. June25,1782.CR1

Vernom, s.John and Phebe, Nov.18,1782. [Varnum.CR1]

William, s.John and Mary, July14,1713.

William, s.William and Mehittabel, Sept.4,1741.

William, s.John and Phebe, Dec.4,1772.


John, ch.Ichabod, bp. Sept.24,1752.CR1

John, s.John [John, written over Edward] and Elisabeth of Charlestown, bp. Sept.24,1752 N.S.CR1

NICKLES (Nicklis)

Anna, d.James and Margret, July25,1737.

Dorcas, d.James and Elenor, Jan.27,1764.

Elisabeth, d.James and Margret, Oct.20,1735.

Elisabeth, d.Robert and Esther, Oct.16,1750. [Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Nicklis.CR1]

Bette, ch.James Jr., bp. May20,1770.CR1

George, s.George and Martha, Dec.12,1746.

Hannah, d.James and Margret, Mar.4,1752. [Nicklis.CR1]

James, s.James and Margret, June19,1739.

James, ch.James Jr., bp. July, 15, 末末 [rec. after May20,1770] [dup. 1770].CR1

Job, ch.James Jr., bp. Aug.23,1772.CR1

John, s.Robert and Esther, June14,1744.

John, s.James and Margret, Apr.6,1745.

John, s.George and Martha, Apr.11,1751. [Nicklis.CR1]

John, s.John and Esther, Aug.30,1771.

John, ch.James Jr., bp. Aug.23,1772.CR1

Joseph, s.James and Margret, Oct.23,1742.

Margret, d.James and Margret, Apr.17,1747.

Martha, d.George and Martha, Oct.10,1756.

Martha, d.Robart and Ester, Feb.6,1758. [Nicklis, ch.Robert [dup., d.Robert and Esther].CR1]

Mary, d.George and Martha, Feb.19,1742.

Mary, d.Robert and Esther, June12,1753. [Nicklis.CR1]

Moses, s.William and Susanna, Jan.15,1792.

Paul, s.George and Martha, July10,1753.

Rebecah, d.James and Elenor, Jan.17,1766.

Roban, s.James and Margret, Dec.17,1740,

Samuel, s.George and Martha, Mar.12,1748.

Sarah, d.George and Martha, Mar.28,1744.

Sarah, ch.James Jr., bp. May20,1770.CR1

Stephen, ch.John, bp. Nov.13,1772.CR1

Stephen, s.John and Esther, Aug.1,1773.

Stephen, s.John, bp. Nov.13,1774.CR1

Susanna, d.William and Susanna, July16,1794.

NICKLIS (Nickles)

Margaret [dup. Margeret], ch.George, bp. Oct.21,1753.CR1

Martha, ch.George, bp. July11,1756.CR1

Samuel, ch.George, bp. May28,1749.CR1

Sarah [dup. Nicolas], ch.Robert [dup., d.Robert and Esther], bp. Oct.15,1749.CR1


Daniel, s.Joseph and Pbebe, May16,1775.


Annie J. [? m.] [Nov.末,1835].GR2


Elizabeth C.,末蔓末,1802.GR1

Jacob, Rev. [h.Hannah] [Feb.末,1764].GR1


Francis Vergnies, Dr., Sept.22,1809.GR2


Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, May29,1717.

Elisabeth, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Aug.17,1715.

Joshua, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Dec.17,1719,

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