Hannah E. [w.Joseph J.],末蔓末,1810.GR2

Henry Atwood, s.Joseph J., carpenter, and Hannah [H.E.GR2], June20,1848.

Joseph J. [h.Hannah E.],末蔓末,1811.GR2

Maria, d.Joseph J. and Hannah [H.E.GR2], Dec.14,1839.

Susan, d.Joseph J. and Hannah, Apr.19,1842. [Susan M., ch.J.J. and H.E.GR2]

SANDERS (Saunders)

Abigail, d.John Jr. and Hanah, June1,1733.

Abigail, d.David and Abigail, Oct.11,1744.

Nabbe, d.John and Salle, Sept.7,1780.

Allice, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Aug.14,1798.

Amos, s.John Jr. and Hannah, Aug.20,1731.

Amos, s.Amos and Esther, Apr.7,1764.

Andrew, s.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Mar.3,1827.

Anna (Saunders), d.Amos and Esther, July22,1774.

Anna, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Feb.9,1796.

Anne, d.David and Abigail, Jan.27,1765. [Anna.CR1]

Asa, s.Ebenezer and Martha, July4,1788.

Benjamin, s.John Jr. and Hannah, July10,1730.

Benjamin, s.David and Abigail, Sept.18,1755.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Feb.12,1785.

Charles Henry, s.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, May20,1825.

David, s.John Jr. and Hannah [dup. Hanah], Apr.14,1716.

David, s.David and Abigail, Feb.22,1745-6.

David, s.David Jr, and Molly, Nov.28,1773.

Ebenezer, s.Obadiah and Mary, July20,1743.

Ebenezer, s.David and Abigail, Jan.11,1754.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Patte, Apr.5,1783.

Ebenezer, s.Ebenezer and Patty, Dec.10,1786.

Edwin, s.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Feb.22,1829.

Elisabeth, d.James and Elisabeth, Feb.5,1735-6.

Elisabeth, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Jan.9,1769.

Elizabeth, ch.Benjamin, bp. Nov.3,1776.CR1

Esther, twin d.John Jr. and Hannah, Jan.17,1722-3.

Esther, d.James and Elizabeth, May6,1748.

Esther, d.Amos and Esther, Jan.11,1759.

Ezra, s.David Jr. and Molly, May1,1772.

Fanny, d.Benjamin Jr, and Mary, May7,1791.

George, s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Feb.14,1800.

George, s.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, June16,1817.

Hannah, d.John and Mary, Mar.27,1674.

Hannah, d.John Jr. and Hannah, Apr.16,1718.

Hannah, d.James and Elisabeth, June7,1741.

Hannah, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, June17,1778.

Hannah Maria, d.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Oct.8,1839.

Henry, s.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Dec.23,1787.

Jacob, s.James and Elisabeth, July20,1746.

James, s.John and Mary, Sept.14,1684.

James, s.John Jr. and Hannah, July26,1710.

James, s.James and Elisabeth, Sept.2,1739.

Jemima, d.Amos and Esther [Ester.CR1], Aug.7,1762.

Joanna, d.James and Elisabeth, Sept.30,1737.

John, s.John and Mary, Feb.16,1677-8.

John, s.John Jr. and Hannah, Apr.2,1707.

John, s.James and Elizabeth, Aug.9,1751.

John, s.John and Salle, July31,1775.

John, s.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Mar.23,1819.

John Henry, s.John, laborer, and Almira, Nov.9,1844.

Jonas, s.John Jr. and Hannah, Feb.23,1725-6.

Jonas, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Nov.25,1765.

Jonas, ch.Benjamin, bp. Nov.3,1776.CR1

Jonathan, s.David and Abigail, Dec.3,1747.

Jonathan, s.David and Abigail, Dec.3,1751.

Joshua, s.David and Abigail, Apr.1,1762.

Joshua, ch.Joshua, bp. Nov.26,1786.CR1

Judith, d.David and Abigail [Mary.CR1], Aug.16,1757.

Lucy, d.Amos and Esther, Sept.6,1760.

Lydia, d.Solomon and Lydia, May16,1777.

Lydia Ann, d.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Jan.26,1816.

Lydia Ann, d.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Apr.13,1823.

Martha Sanders [ch.Ebenezer M. and Lydia],末蔓末, 末末 [rec. between ch.b. Feb.22,1829, and ch.b. Oct.8,1839]

Patte, d.David and Abigail, Oct.28,1759. [Patty.CR1]

Patte, d.Ebenezer and Patte, Oct.2,1784.

Martha, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, June1,1794.

Mary, d.John and Mary, June24,1672. [June25.MR]

Mary, d.John and Mary, Oct.29,1680.

Mary, d.John Jr. and Hannah, June10,1708.

Mary, d.Obadiah and Mary, July27,1748.

Molly, ch.Solomon, bp. Aug.21,1785.CR1

Polly, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Aug.24,1786.

Mary, d.Jonas and Hannah, Jan.31,1787.

Polly, ch.John, bp. Aug.18,1794.CR1

Obediah [dup. Obadia], s.John Jr. and Hanah [dup. Hannah], Dec.4,1712.

Phebe, d.Solomon and Lydia, Apr.9,1782.

Rachel, twin d.John Jr. and Hannah, Jan.17,1722-3.

Rebeckah, d.James and Elizabeth, Jan.27,1755.

Rispah, d.Benjamin Jr. and Mary, Dec.10,1789.

Samuel, s.Amos and Esther, Sept.23,1769.

Sarah, d.John Jr. and Hannah, Feb.5,1720-1.

Sarah, d.James and Elisabeth, May16,1744.

Sarah, d.David and Abigail, Nov.6,1749.

Sarah, d.Amos and Esther, Nov.11,1767.

Sarah, d.John and Salle, Mar.5,1778.

Sarah Abigail, d.Ebenezer M. and Lydia, Feb.24,1821.

Sybil, see Sibbel.

Sibbel, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, June27,1771.

Sybil, ch.Benjamin, bp. Nov.3,1776.CR1

Solomon, s.Obadiah and Mary, Aug.31,1745.

Solomon, s.Solomon and Lydia, Apr.5,1780.

Sumner Sanders [ch.Ebenezer M. and Lydia], 末末 [rec. between ch.b. Feb.22,1829, and ch.b. Oct.8,1839]

Susanna, d.Obadiah and Mary, Apr.5,1751.

Timothy, s.Amos and Esther, Mar.27,1766.


Jane, d.Isaac C., shoemaker, and Eliza I., Oct.25,1844.

SAUNDERS (Sanders)

Assenath, d.Jemima, July28,1790.


Mary K. [? m.],末蔓末,1802.GR2


Nathaniel, s.Nathan, bp. Aug.7,1757, in Wilmington.CR1

Susannah, d.Nathan, bp. Jan.29,1748, in Wilmington.CR1


Jennette Elizabeth, d.William, manufacturer, and Susan, Mar.25,1847.

Margaret Clark, d.William and Mary, May23,1841.


Mary, d.Robert and Mary, Feb.21,1691.

Robert, s.Robert and Mary, Apr.13,1688.

William, s.Thomas and Mary, Jan.21,1689-90.MR

William, s.Robert and Mary, Jan.31,1689.

SHEAD (Shed)

Ebenezer, s.Zacharia and Liddia, Mar.14,1695-6.

Hannah, d.Zachariah and Hannah, Dec.23,1705.

Joseph, s.Zacharia and Liddia, Oct.26,1698.

Josiah, s.Zachariah and Hannah, Aug.18,1703.

Liddia, d.Zacbaria and Liddia, Dec.18,1693.

Prudence, d.Zachariah and Hannah, Feb.13,1707-8.

Rachall, d.Zachariah and Hannah, Feb.17,1713.

Silence, d.Zachariah and Hannah, May9,1710.

SHED (Shead)

Abial, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Feb.13,1747-8. [Abihail, d.Capt. Benjamin and Elisabeth.CR1]

Abigail [dup. Abigaile], d.Daniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Jan.3,1677-8. [Abigail.MR]

Abigail, d.Nathan and Mary, Apr.12,1709.

Abigail, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Feb.1,1732-3.

Abigail, d.Daniel and Abigail, Sept.7,1739.

Abigail, ch.Benjamin, bp. Feb.28,1748.CR1

Nabby, ch.Joseph, bp. July17,1785.CR1

Agnus, d.Zechary and Ann, Sept.9,1690.

Albert, s.Daniel and Sarah, Jan.29,1838.

Allice, d.Daniel and Abigail, Sept.2,1757.

Allice, d.Reuben and Sibbel, Dec.2,1773. [Alice.CR1]

Allice, d.Joseph and Rebecah, Apr.14,1775. [Alice.CR1]

Asa, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Sept.1,1745.

Benjamin, s.John and Sarah, Aug.5,1696.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Abial, Dec.17,1727.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin Jr. and Kezia, Sept.13,1756. [[dup., s.Benjamin and Keziah] bp. Sept.12 [sic].CR1]

Benjamin, s.William Jr. and Susanna, Oct.12,1770.

Benjamin, s.Joseph and Rebecah, June24,1780.

Bennoni [dup. Benoni], s.John and Sarah, June11,1684. [Benoni.MRCR1]

Bethiah, see Bathiah.

Bathiah [dup. Bethiah], ch.Benjamin [dup., d.Benjamin and Bethiah], bp. June6,1760.CR1

Daniel, s.Daniel Jr, [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Feb.27,1672.

Daniel, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Jan.11,1692.

Daniel, s.Nathan and Mary, Oct.20,1710.

Daniel [dup. Danill], s.Daniel Jr. and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecka], Jan.7,1713-14.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Abigail, Dec.5,1741.

Daniel, s.Reuben and Sibbel, June26,1771.

Daniel, ch.Reuben, bp. Sept.27,1772.CR1

Daniel, s.Reuben and Sibbel, Apr.4,1776.

Daniel, s.Zacheus [Zaccheus.CR1] and Mirriam, July15,1786.

Daniel, s.Daniel and Martha, Jan.2,1824.

David, s.Benjamin Jr. and Kezia [Bethiah.CR1], Mar.19,1759.

Dennis, s.Joseph and Rebecah, July6,1783.

Dorothy [dup. Dorithy], d.Daniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Feb.22,1687-8. [Dorothy.MR]

Dorothy [dup. Doritha], d.John and Sarah, Jan.14,1691. [Dorrothy, Jan.11.MR]

Ebenezer, s.Zechary and Ann, Dec.29,1683. [Ebenezar.MR]

Ebenezer, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.3,1735-6.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], d.John and Sarah, Jan.7,1681-2. [Elizabeth.MR]

Elisabeth [dup. Elizebeth], d.Nathan and Mary, June18,1703.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Benjamin and Abial, Jan.11,1725-6.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.John [dup. Jr.] and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], Nov.17,1726.

Elisabeth, d.John and Martha, Feb.25,1758. [Elizabeth.CR1]

Betsy, d.William and Elizabeth, Mar.27,1779.

Esther, d.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Feb.4,1738-9.

Esther, ch.John [dup. Jr.], bp. Nov.26,1786.CR1

Eunice, see Unice.

Unice, d.Daniel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Mar.19,1664-5. [Mar.1.MR]

Experience [dup. Experiance], d.Daniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Jan.29,1679-80. [Experience.MR]

Gardnen, s.Zaccheus and Miriam, Mar.9,1807. [Gardner.CR1]

George, s.Reuben and Sibbell, Feb.28,1778.

Hannah, d.Zackary and Ann, Mar.11,1678-9.

Hannah, d.Daniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Feb.13,1681-2. [Hanna.MR]

Hannah, d.John and Sarah, Mar.23,1693-4.

Hannah, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Aug.4,1722.

Hannah, d.Samuel [Samuell.CR1] and Hannah, Apr.18,1761.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Mar.20,1766.

Jacob, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Aug.2,1726.

Jacob Johnson, twin s.William and Elisabeth, Feb.28,1777.

James, s.Zachary and Ann, Mar.13,1681.

Jemimah, d.John and Sarah, Jan.18,1698.

Joanna, d.Benjamin and Abial, Jan.27,1729-30.

John, s.John and Sarah, July6,1687.

John, s.Nathan and Mary, Sept.6,1699.

John, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Oct.17,1720.

John, s.Benjamin and Abial, June1,1722.

John, s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], May3,1725.

John, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Jan.27,1731-2.

John, s.John and Martha, Mar.7,1760.

John, s.Zaccheus and Mariam, Aug.9,1798.

Jonathan, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Oct.29,1728.

Jonathan, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Aug.26,1743.

Joseph, s.Benjamin and Elisabeth, Feb.9,1740-1.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Abigail, July15,1746.

Joseph, s.Daniel and Abigail, Oct.13,1751.

Kezia, d.Benjamin Jr. and Kezia, May25,1760.

Lavina, d.Zaccheus and Miriam, Oct.24,1800.

Louisa, d.Zaccheus and Miriam, Dec.10,1804.

Lovisa, d.Zaccheus and Miriam, Apr.8,1810. [Louisa.CR1]

Lucy, d.John and Martha, Mar.6,1762.

Lucy, d.John Jr. and Rachel, Nov.23,1789.

Maria, d.Thomas and Martha, Nov.16,1822.

Martha, d.John and Martha, July19,1756.

Martha, ch.John [dup. Jr.], bp. June3 [dup. June8], 1788.CR1

Martha, d.Zacheus [Zaccheus.CR1] and Miriam, Mar.23,1790.

Martha, d.Thomas and Martha, Dec.1,1817.

Martha, d.Daniel and Sarah, May24,1841.

Mary, d.John and Sarah, Dec.7,1689.

Mary, d.Nathan and Mary, June22,1697.

Mary, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Sept.23,1724.

Mary, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, June19,1741.

Mary, d.William and Mary, July4,1743.

Molley, d.William Jr. and Susanna, Nov.3,1766. [Molly.CR1]

Molly, ch.Joseph, bp. July17,1785.CR1

Miriam, d.Zacheus and Miriam, July17,1792. [Meriam, ch.Zaccheus.CR1]

Nathan, s.Daniel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] [Mary.MR], Feb.5,1668.

Nathan, s.Zechary [Zechariah.MR] and Ann, Oct.26,1687.

Nathan, s.Nathan and Mary, May23,1695.

Nathan, s.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Nov.15,1718.

Nathan, s.William and Mary, June1,1736.

Nathan, s.William Jr. and Susanna, Apr.30,1763.

Nathan, ch.William, bp. Oct.19,1766.CR1

Nathaniel Hill, William Jr. and Susanna, July6,1764.

Nathaniel Hill, ch.William, bp. Oct.19,1766.CR1

Priscilla [dup. Prissilla], d.Nathan and Mary, Aug.2,1705.

Prudence, d.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.4,1769.

Rachel, d.Samuel and Hannah, June26,1765.

Rachel, d.John Jr. and Rachel, Jan.24,1786.

Rebeckah [dup. Rebeca], d.John and Sarah, May21,1685. [Rebecka.MR]

Rebeckah, d.Benjamin and Abial, June5,1720.

Rebeckah, d.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Feb.17,1728-9.

Rebeckah, d.Daniel and Abigail, Mar.27,1744.

Rebeckah, d.Daniel and Abigail, May13,1754. [Rebecca.CR1]

Rebeckah, d.Samuel and Hannah, June19,1763. [Rebecca.CR1]

Rebecah, d.Joseph and Rebecah, Oct.19,1773. [Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah].CR1]

Reuben, ch.Daniel, bp. May29 [dup. July3], 1748.CR1

Reuben, s.Daniel and Abigail, July27,1748.

Reuben, s.Reuben and Sebbell, Nov.24,1780.

Reuben, s.Sibyl, bp. Aug.11,1782.CR1

Rhoda, d.John and Martha, Feb.18,1764.

Rhoda, d.Zacheus [Zaccheus.CR1] and Mirriam, Apr.28,1788.

Richard, s.Daniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, July21,1671. [July20.MR]

Rufus, s.Zaccheus and Miriam, Oct.26,1802.

Ruth, d.Daniel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Ruth, Aug.20,1684.

Ruth, d.Nathan and Mary, June7,1701.

Samuel [second dup. Samuell Shead], s.Daniel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth, second dup., s.Danill and Elisa], Aug.13,1660. [Samuel, s.Daniel and Elizabeth.MR]

Samuel, s.Benjamin and Abial, Mar.5,1731-2.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.10,1759.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Hannah [s.Hannah, wid.CR1], Nov.1,1768.

Samuel Eastman, twin s.William and Elisabeth, Feb.28,1777.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah Nov.3,1678.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Abial, Mar.4,1723-4.

Sarah, d.Nathan Jr. and Hannah, Apr.13,1731.

Sarah, d.John Jr. and Elisabeth, July6,1734.

Sarah, d.Benjamin and Abial, June5,1735.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Hannah, Oct.8,1767.

Sally, ch.Joseph, bp. July17,1785.CR1

Susanna [dup. Susan], d.Daniel and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Dec.28,1662.

Thomas, s.William and Mary, June10,1738.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Hannah, Aug.17,1775.

Thomas [Jan.末,1786].CR1

Thomas Richardson, s.Thomas and Martha, Oct.14,1819.

William, s.Nathan and Mary, Aug.28,1707.

William, s.William and Mary, Sept.19,1734.

William, s.William Jr. and Susanna, Sept.13,1768.

William Gardner, s.Zaccheus and Miriam, July10,1808.

Zaccheus, s.John Jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.28,1738.

Zaccheus, s.John and Martha, Feb.14,1766.

Zacheus, s.Zacheus and Miriam, July7,1794. [Zaccheus, ch.Zaccheus.CR1],

Zechariah, s.Zachariah and Ann, Apr.21,1685. [Zechary, ch.Zechariah and Ann.MR]

Zoa, d.Zacheus [Zaccheus.CR1] and Miriam, Aug.3,1796.

SHELDON (Shildon)

Deborah, d.John Jr. and Deborah, May16,1698.

Deborah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.23,1723.

Ezra, Apr.25,1791.GR2

Hannah [dup. Hanah Shildon], d.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Deborah, Aug.18,1700.

Jane, w.Oren [Jan.末,1827].GR2

John [dup. Shildon], s.John and Mary, Apr.24,1660.

John [dup. Shildon], s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Deborah, July29,1691.

John, s.Samuel and Sarah, Nov.27,1729.

Mary [dup. Shildon], d.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Deborah, Oct.18,1692.

Mary, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.1,1721.

Prudence, d.Samuel and Sarah, Aug.31,1732.

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecker], d.Samuel and Sarah, July28,1727.

Samuel [dup. Shildon], s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Deborah, Apr.9,1694.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Sarah, Jan.9,1725-6.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Oct.6,1719.

Sallie [? m.], Aug.5,1791.GR2

Sarah Malvina [? m.], Sept.4,1816.GR2

SHILDON (Sheldon)

Deborah, d.John and Deborah, May16,1695.


Joshua W. [June末,1831].GR2


Helen Rogers, d.Hervey P. and Susan, Feb.6,1842.

Henry Barrett, s.Hervey P. and Susan, Apr.21,1840.

Pollard Rogers, s.Hervey P., farmer, and Susan, Jan.28,1844.

SIMES (Symes)

Betsy, w.Peleg,末蔓末,1770.GR1

Judith, w.Stephen,末蔓末,1736.GR2

Stephen [h.Judith], Jan.23,1729.GR2

SIMONDS (Simons)

Benjamin, s.William and Sarah, Feb.11,1720-1.

Judith, d.William and Sarah, Mar.12,1726-7.

Martha, w.Thomas, Sept.27,1833.GR2

Rebecca [? m.], Mar.末,1795.GR2

Rebecca, w.末末, [Mar.末,1795].GR2

Sarah, d.William and Sarah, Mar.25,1724.

Thomas [h.Martha], July30,1826.GR2

William, June11,1828.GR2

SIMONS (Simonds)

Elizabeth, d.William and Elizabeth, Nov.26,1705.

Joseph, s.William and EHsibith, July17,1712.

Rebeckah, d.William and Elizabeth, Apr.30,1710.

William, s.William and Elizabeth, Nov.4,1707.


Sarah, wid.James Marshall,末蔓末,1785.GR4


Agnes, d.Alexander and Mary, Oct.11,1722.

Alexander, s.Alexander and Mary, Nov.25,1728.

Caroline Elizabeth, d.Thomas and Betsey, Jan.3,1802.

Elizabeth Rogers, d.Thomas and Betsey, Feb.1,1806.

Betsy [dup. Betsey] Kittredge, ch.Thomas, bp. Oct.19,1815 [dup. 1817].CR1

Betsey Kittredge, d.Thomas P. and Betsey, Nov.13,1815.

Hannah Richardson, d.Thomas P. and Betsey, Mar.12,1812.

Isaac Kittredge, s.Thomas P. and Betsey, June9,1821.

Joseph, s.Alexander and Mary, June27,1730.

Loizia Phillips, d.Thomas and Betsey, Sept.22,1803. [Louisa Philips.CR1]

Mary, d.Alexander and Mary, Aug.23,1724.

Sarah Rogers, d.Thomas and Betsey, Oct.6,1808.

Susanah, d.Alexander and Mary, June25,1726.

Thomas, s.Thomas and Betsey, Feb.1,1811.

Thomas Nelson, s.Thomas P. and Betsey, Jan.12,1818.

Thomas, ch.Thomas, bp. Oct.15,1820.CR1


Abigail, w.David Sanders, Oct.14,1722, in Woburn

Alexander Hill, ch.Azubah, bp. Sept.30 [dup. Sept.31], 1811.CR1

Charles, ch.Azubah, bp. Sept.30 [dup. Sept.31], 1811.CR1

Clarissa, d.John and Dorcas, Dec.5,1811.

Clarissa, ch.John, bp. Nov.14,1813.CR1

David Abbot, s.John and Dorcas, Nov.13,1799.

Francis, s.Richard and Lydia, Apr.24,1787.

Harvey, ch.Azubah, bp. Sept.30 [dup. Sept.31], 1811.CR1

James, s.Richard and Lydia, July2,1790.

John, s.Richard and Lydia, July5,1774.

John, s.John and Dorcas, July20,1798.

Joshua, s.Richard and Lydia, May1,1772.

Josiah, s.Richard and Lydia, Apr.25,1781.

Julia, d.John and Dorcas, Dec.20,1805.

Julia 2d, d.John and Dorcas, Jan.15,1808.

Lavina, d.John and Dorcas, May1,1804.

Lucretia, d.John and Dorcas, Dec.4,1802.

Lucy Hill, ch.Azubah, bp, Sept.30 [dup. Sept.31], 1811.CR1

Lydia, d.Richard and Lydia, Feb.15,1770.

Richard, s.Richard and Bethiah, June11,1746.

Sally, d.Richard and Lydia, Dec.14,1783.

Sewl, see Suel.

Suel, s.John and Dorcas, Feb.24,1801. [Sewal.CR1]

Silas, s.Richard and Lydia, Feb.21,1778.

SPALDING (Spaulding)

Abel [h.Harriet (Blood)],末蔓末,1798.GR2


Amos, Dea., Dec.23,1739, in Chelmsford.GR2

Benjamin, Dea.[h.Sarah (Warren)] [May末,1795].GR2

Benoni, s.Asa and Anna, Dec.18,1760.

Caroline J. [? m.], Jan.15,1838.GR2

Ellen Mary, w.Langdon S. Ward, Feb.21,1831.GR2

Francis Mason [ Sept.末,1836].GR2

Harriet A. [? m.],末蔓末,1836.GR2


John Boardman [June末,1832].GR2

Lucy A.,末蔓末,1841.GR2

SPAULDING (Spalding)

Aby, d.Benoni and Lydia, Aug.15,1796.

Abby Ann, d.Jacob, farmer, and Mary Ann, Feb.5,1846.

Abraham, s.Benoni and Lydia, May16,1800.

Albert Fletcher, s.Jacob and Mary Ann, Jan.14,1841.

Andrew Josiah, s.Sampson and Susanna, Sept.21,1823.

Anna, d.Asa and Anna, Nov.12,1751.

Anna, d.Benoni and Lydia, Feb.11,1793.

Asa [dup. Spalding], s.Benoni [dup. Benoney] and Rebeckah, May26,1729.

Asa, s.Asa and Anna, Sept.19,1755.

Asa, s.Benoni and Lydia, June25,1790.

Asa, s.Thomas and Prudence, Aug.28,1805.

Asa, s.Jacob, farmer, and Mary Ann, Aug.23,1843.

Benjamin [dup. Spalding], s.Benoni [dup. Benoney] and Rebeckah, Apr.29,1725.

Benjamin, s.Benoni and Lydia, Oct.24,1802.

Benjamin Adams, s.Sampson and Susanna, Jan.20,1815.

Benoni, ch.Asa, bp. Feb.1,1760.CR1

Benoni, s.Benoni and Lydia, Oct.10,1794.

Edward [dup. Spalding], s.Benoni [dup. Benoney] and Rebeckah, May8,1727.

Edward, s.Thomas and Prudence, Mar.26,1803. [Dea.Edward [h.Olive], Mar.28.GR2]

Edward [ch.Dea.Edward and Olive], June17,1841.GR2

Edwin Sampson, s.Sampson and Susanna, Feb.18,1826.

Eliza J., w.Thomas [Nov.末,1837].GR2

Eliza, d.Jacob and Mary Ann, Aug.27,1839.

Ella Agnes, d.Abel [Abel Jr.GR2], farmer, and Julia Ann, July5,1849.

Enoch, s.Edward (Spalding) and Susanna, Nov.29,1761.

Esther, d.Asa and Anna, Oct.1,1767.

Hannah, d.Benoni and Rebeckah, Aug.3,1735.

Hannah, d.Thomas and Prudence, July25,1801.

Hannah, d.Sampson and Susanna, July20,1812.

Isaac, twin s.Benoni and Lydia, June26,1809.

Isaac Warren, s.Jacob and Mary Ann, Aug.15,1837.

Jacob, s.Edward and Susanna [Susannah.CR1], May19,1756.

Jacob, twin s.Benoni and Lydia, June26,1809.

Joanna, d.Benoni and Rebeckah, Oct.11,1736.

Julia A., w.Abel [Nov.末,1819].GR2

Leonard, s.Jacob, farmer, and Mary A., Jan.2,1849.

Lydia, w.Benoni,末蔓末,1768.GR2

Lydia, d.Benoni and Lydia, Sept.20,1791.

Martha Rebekah, d.Sampson and Susanna, June21,1819.

Martha, d.Edward and Olive, Sept.27,1833.

Mary, d.Benoni [dup. Benone] and Rebeckah, Apr.16,1718.

Mary, ch, Joseph, bp. Mar.28,1784.CR1

Mary Herrick, d.Sampson and Susanna, Sept.1,1807.

Mary, d.Edward [Dea.Edward.GR2] and Olive, Nov.28,1831.

Mary, d.Jacob and Mary Ann, Sept.27,1832.

Minot Gardner, s.Jacob and Mary Ann, Mar.16,1834.

Olive, d.Benoni and Lydia, July3,1805. [w.Dea.Edward Spaulding.GR2]

Olive, d.Edward and Olive, Oct.20,1825.

Rachel, d.Benoni and Rebeckah, Jan.3,1731-2.

Rachel, d.Asa (Spalding) and Anna, Nov.8,1764.

Rebeckah [dup. Spalding], d.Benoni [dup. Benoney] and Rebeckah, Aug.20,1722.

Rebeckah, d.Asa and Anna, Dec.31,1753.

Rebeckah, d.Asa (Spalding) and Anna, Aug.12,1758. [Rebecca [dup., d.Asa and Susanna].CR1]

Rhoda, d.Edward (Spalding) and Susanna, Nov.27,1758.

Sarah, d.Edward (Spalding) and Susannah, Feb.13,1767.

Sally, d.Benoni and Lydia, Apr.30,1798.

Sarah Joan, d.Sampson and Susanna, July21,1821.

Sarah, d.Jacob and Mary Ann, Aug.7,1835.

Sybil, see Sibbel.

Sibbel, d.Asa (Spalding) and Anna, Jan.13,1763. [Sibyl.CR1]

Sibbel, d.Thomas and Prudence, Feb.14,1808.

Sybil, d.Edward and Olive, July11,1828.

Simeon, ch.Joseph, bp. Sept.29,1782.CR1

Susanna, d.Edward and Susanna, Mar.18,1753. [Susannah.CR1]

Susanna Eliza, d.Sampson and Susanna, Sept.26,1810.

Thomas, s.Asa and Anna, Dec.25,1770.

Thomas, s.Edward and Olive, June22,1835.

Warren, s.Benoni and Lydia, Feb.9,1807.

SPRAGUE (Sprake)

Aaron, s.Timothy and Azubah, Dec.4,1793.

Allice, d.Timothy and Azubah, Mar.14,1797. [Alice.CR1]

Betsey, d.Timothy and Azubah, Dec.16,1798.

Betsy, ch.Timothy, bp. Feb.16,1800.CR1

Harriot [dup. Sprake], ch.Levi, bp. May15,1803.CR1

John, s.Timothy and Azubah, Jan.3,1790.

Levi, ch.Samuel, bp. Nov.8,1772.CR1

Levi, ch.Levi, bp. Sept.19,1813.CR1

Mary Pope, ch.Levi, bp. June25,1809.CR1

Paschal [dup. Sprake] ch.Levi, bp. May15,1803.CR1

Rachel, ch.Timothy, bp. Nov.15,1795.CR1

Sally, d.Timothy and Azubah, Feb.6,1786.

Sally, ch.Timothy, bp. Dec.7,1788.CR1

Timothy, s.Timothy and Azubah, Feb.12,1788.

William, s.Timothy and Azubah, Jan.22,1792.

SPRAKE (Sprague)

Anna, d.Samuel and Anna, Oct.30,1777.

Ann, d.Nicholas Jr. and Elisabeth, Apr.27,1732.

Anne, d.Nicholas [Nicolas.CR1] "Ters" tertius and Margaret, Feb.13,1756.

Benjamin, s.Nicholas Jr. and Sarah, Dec.28,1752.

Benjamin, ch.Nicholas [dup., s.Nicolas Jr. and Sarah], bp. July14,1754.CR1

David, s.Nicholas Jr. and Sarah, May5,1763.

Dorcas, d.Nicholas Jr. and Elisabeth, Dec.7,1730.

Elisabeth, d.Nicholas [dup. Jr.] and Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], June20,1727.

Elisabeth, d.Nicholas "Ters" tertius and Margaret, June16,1758. [Elizabeth [dup., d.Nicolas 3d and w.]CR1]

Betsey Stoneman, d.Levi and Sally, Oct.9,1788. [Betsy Stoneman Sprague.CR1]

Betsy, d.Levi and Sally, Aug.4,1797. [Sprague.CR1]

Elizabeth, d.Levi and Sally, Aug.3,1805. [Sprague.CR1]

Hannah, d.Nicholas "Ters" tertius and Margaret, Mar.14,1764.

Harriot, d.Levi and Sally, Jan.3,1800.

Henry Dorr, s.Levi and Sally, Aug.23,1803. [Sprague.CR1]

Isaac, s.Samuel and Judith, Nov.10,1762.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Rhoda, Mar.9,1791.

Isaac, s.Isaac and Rhoda, Apr.23,1794.

John, s.Nicholas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], June2,1724.

John, s.Nicholas Jr. and Sarah, Apr.26,1759.

John, ch.Nicholas [dup., s.Nicolas Jr.], bp. Aug.31,1760.CR1

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Judith, June10,1752.

Jonathan, s.Samuel and Judith, Aug.20,1756.

Judith, d.Samuel and Judith, May20,1754.

Judith, d.Levi and Sally, July7,1795. [Sprague.CR1]

Levi, s.Samuel and Judith, Aug.10,1766. [[h.Sally (Symes)]GR2]

Levi, s.Levi and Sally, Feb.5,1792. [Sprague.CR1]

Levi [s.Levi and Sally], Sept.16,1810.

Margaret, d.Nicholas [Nicolas.CR1] "Ters" tertius and Margaret, May22,1754.

Mary, d.Nicholas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], May27,1728.

Polly, d.Isaac and Rhoda, Sept.3,1789.

Mary, d.Levi and Sally, Aug.15,1807.

Nicholas, s.Nicholas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Dec.29,1722.

Nicholas, s.Nicholas "Ters" tertius and Margaret, Sept.1,1761.

Oliver, s.Samuel and Judith, Aug.15,1758.

Oliver, s.Samuell and Judith May29,1771. [Sprague, ch.Samuel.CR1]

Pascal, s.Levi. and Sally, Sept.27,1801.

Rebecca, d.Nicholas "Ters" tertius and Margaret, Apr.14,1768. [Rebecah [dup. Rebeckah] Sprague.CR1]

Rhoda, d.Isaac and Rhoda, Oct.22,1792.

Samuel, s.Nicholas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Feb.26,1725-6.

Samuel, s.Samuel and Judith, Sept.9,1750.

Samuel, ch.Samuel [dup., s.Samuel and Ruth], bp. July7,1754.CR1

Samuel, s.Samuel and Anna, Mar.4,1779.

Sarah, d.Nicholas Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], June15,1729.

Sarah, d.Nicholas [Nicolas.CR1] Jr. and Sarah, Jan.15,1755.

Sarah, ch.Samuel, bp. Nov.1,1760.CR1

Sarah, d.Samuel and Judith, Oct.29,1761.

Sarah, d.Samuel and Judith, Oct.27,1768.

Sally, d.Levi and Sally, Sept.13,1793. [Sprague.CR1]

Silence, d.Isaac and Rhoda, Jan.25,1796.

Solomon, s.Samuell and Judith, Sept.22,1760.

Solomon, s.Samuell [Samuel.CR1] and Judith, Sept.19,1764.

Solomon, s.Isaac and Rhoda, Sept.11,1797.

Susanna, d.Nicolas "Ters" tertius and Margaret, June11,1770. [Sprague [dup., d.Nicholas Jr.]CR1]

Susanna [d.Levi and Sally], Jan.6,1813. [Susannah Sprague.CR1]

Thomas, s.Levi and Sally, June11,1790. [Sprague.CR1]

STEARNES (Stearns, Sterne, Sterns)

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Sarah, May10,1754. [Stearns.CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Samuel and Hannah, June20,1751. [Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth] Stearns.CR1]

Hannah, d.Samuel and Hannah, Oct.3,1752. [Stearns.CR1]

Isaac, s.Isaac and Sarah, June13,1750. [Stearns.CR1]

Lucy, d.Edward and Lucy, Mar.24,1756. [Stearns.CR1]

Nathaniel, s.Samuel and Hannah, Mar.29,1754. [[dup. Nathanael] Stearns.CR1]

Sarah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Apr.1,1756. [Stearns.CR1]

Sarah, d.Josiah and Sarah, Sept.12,1756. [Stearns.CR1]

William, s.Isaac and Sarah, Aug.4,1752. [Stearns.CR1]

STEARNS (Stearnes, Sterne, Sterns)

Abel, s.Thomas and Bette, Apr.9,1765.

Abigail [dup. Abigaill Sternes], d.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Aug.22,1691. [Abigail Sterns, [d.] John and Elisabeth.MR]

Abner, s.Edward and Lucey, July9,1766.

Abner, s.Abner and Anna, Apr.1,1797.

Adeline, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Feb.24,1825.

Albert Thomas, s.Abner and Anna (second w.), Apr.23,1821.

Albert, s.Charles and Lorinda, Jan.19,1835 [sic, see Leander].

Alden, s.Charles and Lorinda, June17,1840.

Alfred, s.Charles and Lorinda, June10,1837.

Allice, d.Isaac and Allice, July21,1737.

Allice, d.Thomas and Bette, Apr.30,1762. [Alice [dup., d.Thomas and Elisabeth].CR1]

Allice, d.Edward and Lucey, Aug.13,1764.

Allice, d.Samuel and Hannah, Mar.4,1770. [Alice.CR1]

Benjamin, s.Isaac and Sarah, Sept.12,1757.

Barnard, s.John and Mary, Nov.23,1815. [Bernard.CR1]

Calvin, s.Charles and Lorinda, Mar.17,1836.

Calvin, s.Charles and Lorinda, June10,1842.

Catherine, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Mar.14,1817.

Catherine, d.Jonathan and Eliza, Apr.6,1824.

Charles, s.Jonathan and Betty, Oct.31,1806.

Charles Henry, s.Charles and Lorinda, May1,1828.

Chancy, s.Charles and Lorinda, Aug.11,1838.

Clarissa, d.Jonathan and Betty, Apr.12,1810.

Clarissa, d.Charles and Lorinda, Mar.23,1841.

David, ch.John, bp. June10,1781.CR1

David, s.Jonathan and Betty, Jan.15,1800.

Dorinda, d.Jonathan and Betty, May4,1808.

Eckley, s.Timothy and Sarah, June12,1805. [Eckly.CR1]

Edward, s.Edward and Lucy, Jan.10,1761.

Edward, s.Edward and Lucey, June25,1768.

Elijah, s.Isaac and Allice, June15,1735.

Elijah, s.Edward and Lucy, May2,1770.

Elijah, s.Samuel and Hannah, Mar.29,1774.

Eliza Ann, d.John and Mary, Oct.4,1808.

Eliza Ann, d.Jonathan and Eliza, June22,1826.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elisabeth [dup. Elizebeth Sternes], d.John and Elisabeth, Sept.23,1677.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], d.Samuel Jr. and Rachel, Apr.3,1722.

Bette, d.Thomas and Bette, Dec.28,1751. [Betty [dup., d.Thomas and Betty], bp. Dec.27 [sic].CR1]

Elisabeth, d.Isaac and Sarah, Sept.15,176 [rec. after ch.b. Sept.8,1765]. [Elizabeth, bp. Sept.20,1767.CR1]

Emely, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Sept.2,1826. [Emily, w.Rufus Farwell.GR2]

Esther, d.Isaac and Sarah, Apr.13,1749.

Esther, d.Jonathan and Eliza, Oct.30,1827.

Franklin, s.John and Mary, Jan.25,1802. [[h.Sally L.]GR4]

Franklin, ch.John, bp. Apr.7,1805.CR1

Gardner, s.Jonathan and Eliza, Aug.9,1837.

George Edwin, s.Charles and Lorinda, Apr.13,1831.

Hannah [dup. Sternes], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Aug.末,1696.

Hannah, d.Sarah Wilson, June8,1795.

Harriet, w.Joseph [Aug.末,1801].GR2

Henry Augustus, s.Abner and Anna [second w.], Oct.23,1825.

Henry, s.Jonathan and Eliza, Aug.7,1833.

Isaac [dup. Isacke Sterne, second dup. Isaack Sternes 2d], s.John and Mary, Dec.23,1661. [Isacke Sterne.MR]

Isaac [dup. Isaack Sternes], s.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], May1,1689. [Isaac Sterns, s.John and Elisabeth.MR]

Isaac [dup. Sterns], s.Isaac [dup. Isaack] and Mary, Aug.21,1701.

Isaac, s.Thomas and Bette [Betty.CR1], Dec.31,1753.

Issachar, s.Samuell and Hannah, Apr.3,1767. [Issacher, ch.Samuel.CR1]

Joanna [dup. Johanah Sternes], d.John and Joanna [dup., d.Lt. John and Johannah], June24,1697.

Joanna [dup. Sterns], d.John [dup. Jr.] and Esther, July29,1724.

John [dup. Sternes], s.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Jan.22,1679-80. [Sternes, ch.John and Elizabeth.MR]

John [dup. Sternes], s.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Nov.25,1686. [Sternes, s.John and Elizabeth.MR]

John [dup. Sterns], s.John [dup. Jr.] and Esther, May27,1718.

John, s.Isaac and Allice, May25,1731.

John, s.Thomas and Bette [Betty.CR1], Nov.21,1759.

John, s.Isaac and Sarah, Sept.18,1765.

John, ch.John, bp. June21,1778.CR1

John, s.Timothy and Sarah, Sept.15,1794.

John Owen, s.John and Mary, Aug.3,1805.

John Billings, s.Franklin, farmer, and Sally [dup. Sarah] L., Feb.13,1845.

Jonathan, s.Isaac and Allice, June16,1729.

Jonathan, s.Samuell [Samuel.CR1] and Hannah, May9,1758.

Jonathan, s.Jonathan and Betty, Sept.6,1798.

Joseph, s.Samuel and Hannah, June27,1763.

Joseph [h.Harriet] [July末,1796].GR2

Josiah, s.John and Esther, Jan.20,1731-2.

Josiah, s.Samuel and Hannah, May16,1760.

Judith, d.Nathaniel and Sarah, Nov.6,1820.

Leander, s.Charles and Lorinda, Nov.20,1834 [sic, see Albert].

Lorenzo, s.John and Mary, May13,1813.

Lucretia Ann, d.Franklin and Sarah L., Jan.25,1842.

Lucy Ann, d.Charles and Lorinda, May18,1829.

Mara, d.Samuel Jr. and Rachel, July1,1728.

Martha, d.Charles, farmer, and Lorinda, Dec.12,1843.

Mary [dup. Sternes], d.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth] July23,1684. [Sterns, ch.John and Elizabeth.MR]

Mary [dup. Sternes], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], June18,1692.

Mary [dup. Sterns], d.Isaac and Mary, Jan.26,1702-3.

Mary, ch.Isaac, bp. Nov.1,1760.CR1

Mary, d.Isaac and Sarah, Oct.25,1761.

Molly, d.Samuel and Hannah, Apr.12,1765.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Dec.28,1803.

Mary, ch.John, bp. Apr.7,1805.CR1l.

Mary, d.Charles and Lorinda, Oct.28,1833.

Miriam [dup. Sterns], d.Isaac and Mary, Aug.5,1705.

Nathaniel [dup. Sternes], s.John and Mary, Nov.30,1663. [Sternes.MR]

Obed, s.Isaac and Sarah, Oct.2,1770.

Obed, ch.Timothy, bp. Apr.5,1800.CR1

Obed, s.Timothy and Sarah, Mar.21,1801.

Oliver, s.Isaac and Alice, July5,1733.

Onslow, s.John and Mary, Feb.2,1807.

Onslow, s.John and Mary, Aug.30,1810.

Otis, s.Jonathan and Betty, Aug.20,1804.

Prudence, d.Samuel Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Rachel, Mar.30,1724.

Rachel, d.Samuel Jr. and Rachel, June6,1720.

Rachel, d.Edward and Lucy, Nov.3,1758.

Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca Sternes], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Apr.23,1689. [Rebecka Sterns, d.Thomas and Rebecka.MR]

Rhoda, d.Thomas and Bette [Betty.CR1], Mar.17,1756.

Samuel [dup. Samuell Sterne, second dup. Samuel Sternes], s.John and Mary, Sept.3,1659.

Samuel [dup. Sternes], s.John and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Jan.8,1693-4.

Samuel, s.Samuel Jr. and Rachel, June1,1726.

Samuel, ch.Samuel, bp. Apr.1,1750.CR1

Samuel, ch.Samuel [dup., s.Samuel and Hannah], bp. Sept.28 [dup. Sept.14], 1755.CR1

Sarah [dup. Sternes], d.John [dup. (Sterns)] and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Mar.21,1681-2. [Sterns, ch.John and Elizabeth.MR]

Sarah [dup. Sternes], d.Thomas and Rebeckah [dup. Rebecca], Apr.27,1694.

Sarah [dup. Sterns], d.Isaac and Mary, Mar.26,1704.

Sarah, d.Isaac Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Allice, Dec.10,1726.

Sarah, d.Isaac and Sarah, Aug.3,1759.

Sarah, d.Thomas and Bette, Nov.11,1767.

Sally, d.Timothy and Sarah, Sept.21,1790. [Salla, ch.Lt. Timothy and Sarah.GR1]

Sarah, w.Nathaniel,末蔓末,1794.GR2

Sarah, d.Timothy and Sarah, July8,1798.

Sally L., w.Franklin,末蔓末,1801.GR4

Sarah Abbot, d.Timothy and Sarah, Feb.27,1803.

Sarah, d.Jonathan and Eliza, Oct.17,1829.

Sarah Olive, d.Franklin and Sarah L., Mar.23,1837.

Sarah Maria, d.Franklin and Sarah L., Apr.17,1838.

Sewall, s.Timothy and Sarah, Sept.21,1796. [Sewal.CR1]

Simeon, s.Edward and Lucy, Apr.17,1772.

Simeon, ch.John, bp. June2,1776.CR1

Solomon, s.Edward and Lucy, May12,1757.

Solomon, ch.Samuel, bp. Sept.23,1764.CR1

Susan I. [? m.],末蔓末,1830.GR4

Susanna, d.Edward and Lucey, Dec.19,1762.

Susanna Hunstable, d.Royal and Esther, Apr.7,1825. [Susannah Hunsdale, d.Royal dec'd and Esther.CR1]

Thomas [dup. Sternes], s.John and Mary, Dec.6,1665. [Sternes.MR]

Thomas, s.Isaac Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Allice, Feb.12,1724-5.

Timothy, s.John and Esther, Aug.15,1737.

Timothy, s.Isaac and Sarah.Sept.25,1763.

Timothy, s.Timothy [Lt. Timothy.GR1] and Sarah, Sept.8,1788.

Timothy, s.Timothy and Sarah, Nov.12,1792

Timothy, s.Timothy and Sarah, Jan.23,1810.

William, s.John and Esther, Dec.11,1733.

William, s.Isaac and Allice, Jan.15,1738-9.

William Bowman, s.Charles and Lorinda, Aug.14,1832.


Royal, s.John Steel and Sally Tyler, Oct.20,1788.

STEPHENS (Stevens)

Ephraim, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.20,1722.

Esther, d.Joseph and Elizabeth, Nov.17,1718.

Jonathan, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Jan.28,1714-15.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Elizabeth, Oct.17,1720.

Nancy, d.Simeon and Mariah, Sept.13,1782. [Nanne Stevens.CR1]

STERNE (Stearnes, Stearns, Sterns)

Isack [dup. Isaac Stearns, second dup. Isaack Sternes], s.John and Mary, Apr.17,1658. [Isacke Sternes.MR]

John [dup. Sternes, second dup. Stearns], s.John and Sara [dup. and second dup. Sarah] [Sarah.MR], May "the seconde weeke," 1654.

STERNS (Stearnes, Stearns, Sterne)

Benjamin [dup. Stearns], s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, Nov.21,1729.

Edward [dup. Stearns], s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, May9,1726.

Esther [dup. Stearns], d.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, Nov.9,1716.

Ester 2d [dup. Esther Stearns], d.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, June6,1720.

Isaac [dup. Stearns], s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Esther, June16,1722.

Lydia [dup. Stearns], d.Isaac and Mary, Feb.21 [dup. Apr.21], 1707.

STEVENS (Stephens)

Aaron, s.Simeon and Mariah, Nov.28,1779.

Asa, s.Simeon and Mariah, Dec.27,1771.

Dorcas, d.Simeon and Mariah, May31,1771.

Fitz-Henry, ch.Josiah, bp. Aug.5,1827.CR1

Hannah Amanda, ch.Josiah, bp, Apr.1,1827.CR1

John, ch.Josiah, bp, Apr.1,1827.CR1

Judith Richardson, ch.Josiah, bp. Aug.5,1827.CR1

Simeon, s.Simeon and Mariah, Apr.1,1775.

Theodore, s.John, bp. May20,1750, in Andover.CR1

Thomas Lawrence, ch.Josiah, bp. Aug.5,1827.CR1


Anna, w.William [Nov.末,1784].GR2

William [h.Anna] [Oct.末,1780].GR2

STICKNE (Stickney)

Abigail, d.Abraham and Abigail, July12,1731.

Abraham, s.Abraham and Abigail, Nov.28,1733.

David, s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.5,1731-3.

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Mary, Jan.2,1730-1.

Jonathan, s.Daniel and Mary, Aug.17,1736.

Mary, d.Daniel and Mary, Jan.11,1738.

STICKNEY (Stickne)

Abigail, d.William Jr. and Abigail, Mar.6,1770.

Anna, d.William and Anna, Mar.3,1734-5.

Anna, d.William and Anna, Mar.9,1745-6.

Anna, d.William [Dea.William.CR1] and Hannah, May17,1751.

Anna, d.Eleazer and Martha, Oct.14,1767.

Anna, d.Eleaser and Martha, Oct.29,1768.

Anna, d.William Jr. and Abigail, May3,1774. [Anne.CR1]

Ann, d.David and Kezia, June18,1772.

Benjamin, s.William and Anna, Mar.3,1738-9.

Benjamin, s.William and Hannah, Oct.28,1752. [ch.Dea.William, bp. Oct.27 [sic].CR1]

Benjamin, s.Eleazer and Martha, Apr.4,1772.

Benjamin, s.Eleazer and Martha, July3,1775.

Benjamin, s.William Jr. and Abigail, Dec.27,1780.

Daniel, s.David and Kezia, Oct.7,1765.

David, s.David and Kezia, Nov.19,1770.

Eleazer, s.William and Anna, Aug.30,1740.

Elisabeth, d.William and Anna, July23,1737.

Elizabeth, d.William Jr. and Abigail, May31,1772.

Hannah, d.David and Kezia, Dec.26,1768.

Isaac, s.William Jr. and Abigail, Oct.12,1782.

Jeremiah, s.Daniel and Mary, May12,1741.

Jeremiah, s.Eleazer and Martha, Apr.9,1781.

John, s.William [Dea.William.CR1] and Anna, Mar.29,1748.

John, s.William Jr. and Abigail, Aug.30,1778.

Jonathan, s.David and Kezia, July29,1775.

Joseph, s.William [Dea.William.CR1] and Hannah, Feb.29,1756.

Joshua, s.Eleazer and Martha, July26,1770.

Joshua, s.Eleazer and Mary [sic, ? Martha], Feb.7,1813.

Martha, d.Eleazer and Martha, Apr.9,1763.

Mary, d.Eleazer and Martha, Oct.28,1764.

Mary, d.David [David Jr.CR1] and Kezia, Jan.3,1767.

Rachel, d.Daniel and Mary, Apr.1,1746.

Rhoda, d.Eleazer and Martha, May17,1773.

Rhoda, d.Eleazer and Martha, June15,1777.

Rhoda, d.Eleazer and Martha, Jan.10,1779.

Rispah, d.Eleazer and Martha, Sept.28,1785.

Samuel, s.William and Anna, Dec.21,1731.

Samuel, s.Eleazer and Martha, Feb.7,1766.

Sarah, d.Daniel and Mary, Aug.15,1743.

Sarah, ch.Dea.William [dup., d.Dea.William and Hannah], bp. Mar.31,1754.CR1

Sarah, d.William and Hannah, Mar.31,1755.

Sarah, d.William Jr. and Abigail, July30,1776.

Silence, d.Jonathan and Silence, Aug.13,1758.

Silence, ch.Jonathan, bp. July17,1763.CR1

William, s.William and Anna, Mar.2,1729-30.

William (Sticke), s.William and Anna, Aug.27,1733.

William, s.William and Anna, Apr.3,1743.

William, s.William Jr. and Abigail, June16,1768. [Willian [dup. William], ch.Dea.William.CR1]

William, s.Eleazer and Martha, June22,1783.


Hannah, d.Hezekiah, bp. Nov.11,1753, in Andover.CR1


George Washington, s.Ebenezer and Lucy, Oct.9,1824.

John Adams, ch.Ebenezer and Lucy H., bp. May15,1830.CR2

Lucy Ann Elisabeth, inf.d.末末, bp. Nov.12,1826.CR1

Lucy Ann Elizabeth, ch.Ebenezer and Lucy H., bp. Jan.19,1834.CR2


Catherine, d.John P. and Catherine, Jan.5,1816 [sic, see John P.]

Elizabeth Greenough, d.Thomas and Ann, Mar.27,1795.

Elizabeth Greenough, ch.Anne [dup. Anna], bp. June2,1799.CR1

John Parker, s.Thomas and Ann, Apr.13,1793.

John Parker, ch.Anne [dup. Anna], bp. June2,1799.CR1

John P., s.John P. and Catherine, Sept.8,1816 [sic, see Catherine]

Jonas S.,末蔓末,1821.GR1

Sarah E., w.Jonas S.,末蔓末,1820.GR1


Esther M., Sept.3,1821.GR4


Martha [? m.],末蔓末,1796.GR4


Rebecca, w.Thomas, Sept.14,1793.GR1

Thomas [h.Rebecca], Dec.14,1790.CR1

SYMES (Simes)

Sally, w.Levi Sprake,末蔓末,1768.GR2

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