BACAN (Bacon, Bakon)

George Edwin, s.George and Mary, heart complaint, Dec.18,1844, a.15y.2 rn. 8d.[Bacon, a.15.GR1]

BACON (Bacan, Bakon)

Anna, d.Jonathan and Elizabeth, Oct.8,1698.

Benjamin, Nov.27,1727. [a.39 [dup. abt. 39]GR1]

Josiah, Lt., Oct.14,1723. [a.abt. 45.GR1]

Mary, d.Benjamin and AbigaIl, Dec.28,1726.

Mary, w.George, Oct.20,1836, a.36.GR1

Michale Sr., Aug.13,1701.

Michal, s.Nathaniell and Judeth, Dec.30,1709.

Sarah, w.Michael, Aug.15,1694.

Stebbins Fisk, s.George and Sophronia G., Nov.15,1841. [Nov.5, a.1y.6m.GR1]


George Freeman, Feb.5,1846, a.4y.5m.13d.GR5

John, m., farmer, b. Bantin, Eng., s.John and Mary, water in the chest, Sept.15,1844, a.50y.7m.13d.[a.50.GR1]

BAKON (Bacan, Bacon)

Judeth [d.Nathaniell], Dec.30,1701.

Mary, d.Josia and Mary, Nov.16,1703.

Mary, d.Josia and Mary, Jan.8,1704-5.

Samuel, s.Josia and Mary, Apr.19,1719.


Abiga, w.Capt. Joseph "a native of Boston," Jan.7,1802, a.61.GR1


Abigail, d.Jonathan and Esther, Oct.20,1729.

Benjamin, s.Benjamin and Sarah, Sept.6,1749.

Charles Henry, s.Joel Jr. and Mary, May25,1837. [a.3y.4m.GR2]

Charlotte Fry, d.Joel Jr. and Mary, July14,1832. [a.2.GR2]

Clarissa, d.John and Clarissa, Oct.22,1814.

David, s.David and Sarah, Feb.13,1738-9.

Deborah, d.David and Sarah, Mar.22,1744.

Ebenezer, s.Jonathan and Esther, June11,1728.

Elisabeth, w.Samuel, Mar.31,1779.

Elizabeth, w.John, Sept.25,1803, a.72.CR1

Ellen, d.John and Clarissa, Sept.14,1825.

Ellen, d.Francis and Rachel Ann, brain fever, Sept.3,1843, a.6m.16d.

Francis, Sept.21,1805, a.23.GR1

Frank Standley, s.Francis and Rachel [dup. adds A.], brain fever [dup. inflamation of the brain], Feb.1,1849, a.7y.3m.6d.[dup. 7y.3m.2d.]

Henry, m., merchant, s.William and Susannah, consumption, June1,1846, a.53y.11m.5d.[a.54.GR1]

Jeremiah, s.John Jr. and Sarah, Feb.17,1741-2.

Jeremiah, s.Thomas and Sarah, Aug.3,1741.

Joel, Dec.26,1829, a.64.GR2

John Sr., Sept.25,1687.

John [dup. Baldin], s.John Jr. [dup. omits Jr.] and Sarah, Sept.10,1701.

John Sr., Apr.6,1736.

John, s.John Jr. and Sarah, Oct.24,1738.

John [h.Elizabeth], Dec.5 [dup. Dec.4], 1800, a.69.GR1

Jonas, s.John Jr. and Sarah, Feb.10,1734-5.

Jonathan, Feb.17,1735-6.

Joseph, s.John Jr. and Sarah, Mar.1,1739-40.

Joshua, s.Jonathan and Esther, July5,1727.

Langdon [dup. adds Williams], s.Francis and Rachel Ann, consumption, Oct.13,1845, a.6m.

Martha, d.John Jr. and Sarah, Dec.7,1736.

Mary, d.John and Mary, Feb.1,1658.MR

Mary, d.John and Mary, Aug.1,1659.

Mary Ann Whiting, d.Henry and Anne, Sept.末,1828. [[dup. Mary Anne Whiting] Sept.3 [dup., a.3]GR1]

Mary [dup., wid.Joel], Feb.4,1836, a.69.GR2

Oliver [dup., s.WiIliam and Susanna], Mar.15,1796, a.5y.6m.GR1

Phebe [dup. Phebee], d.John and Mary, Mar.24,1675-6.

Reuben [h.Sarah], May13,1807.

Rizpah, d.David and Sarah, May6,1749.

Rizpah, July29,1841, a.50.GR1

Samuel [dup. Samuell], s.Jonathan and Mary, July22,1705.

Samuel, Jan.8,1797.

Sarah, d.John and Sarah, Sept.13,1729.

Sarah, wid.John Jr., Feb.9,1741.

Sarah, w.David, Apr.21,1750. [in 36th y.GR1]

Sarah [w.Thomas], June16,1761. [w.Ens.Thomas, a.79y.3m.9d.GR1]

Solomon, s.David and Sarah, Apr.17,1750.

Solomon, s.Benjamin and Sarah, June21,1758.

Susanna [dup. Susanah], d.John and Mary, Sept.8,1675. [Susannah.MR]

Susanna, w.William, Sept.14,1773.

Susanna Wilson [dup., w.William], Apr.末,1801, a.48.GR1

Susanna, Mar.11,1803, a.18.GR1

Tamer, d.John Jr. and Sarah, Jan.1,1743.

Thomas, Ens., Dec.12,1747. [a.75.GR1]

Thomas [s.William and Mary], June12,1796.

Thomas, Aug.28,1811, a.31.GR1

Ursle, d.David and Sarah, Feb.7,1741-2.

William, Dec.21,1762.

William Jr., Sept.20,1798, a.20.GR1

William, Apr.末,1802, a.54.GR1


Lucy [dup., w.Stephen], Apr.27,1805, a.45.GR2

Olive, w.Stephen, d.John Whiting and Olive, dysentary, Sept.2,1848, a.77y.11m.20d.

Stephen [dup. [h.Lucy]], Aug.16,1811, a.55.GR2


Alexander Thompson, s.Isaac Jr. and Elisabeth, Oct.24,1813.

Anna, Nov.20,1815, a.34.GR3

Anna [dup., w.Lt. Isaac], Nov.23,1819, a.68.GR2

Isaac Jr., Maj., Oct.8,1819, a.36.GR2

Isaac, Lt., May8,1820, a.70.GR2

Moses, Nov.4,1761. [[h.Elizabeth] drowned.GR3]

Moses, s.Moses and Elizabeth, Sept.9,1778, a.21.GR3

Richard, s.Moses and Elisabeth, Aug.25,1762.


Joseph, Oct.14,1824, a.52.GR2

Rachel I., b. Boston, d.Josiah and Olive, scarlet fever, Jan.13,1849, a.10y.11m.

BEARD (Bearde)

Andrew [h.Mary], Jan.8,1717-18.

Esther, housewife, b. Wilmington, w.Benjamin, d.Isaac Beard and Rebecca, liver complaint, Aug.23,1846, a.77y.6m.10d.

Isaac, Oct.11,1805, a.70.GR1

Rebecca, Mrs., Feb.19,1834, a.67.GR1

BEARDE (Beard)

Joseph, twin ch.John and Sarah, Aug.5,1768.

Mary, twin ch.John and Sarah, Aug.7,1768.

Sarah, w.John, May31,1769.


Simon, July7,1666.


Adolphus, Nov.11,1833, a.24.GR1

Ann, ch.William and Lydia A., Sept.26,1834, a.3.GR1

Catharine [dup. Catherine] A., d.William and L. Ann, July22,1846, a.12 [dup., a.2, sic]GR1

Emma A., ch.William and Lydia A., Sept.25,1840, a.2.GR1

Isaac, Dec.15,1816, a.56.GR1

Jeremiah, May22,1819, a.55.GR1

John, s.John and Mary, Mar.18,1713-14.

John, Apr.10,1750.

John, July27,1756.

Joseph, Sept.11,1828, a.63.GR1

Maria, May7,1848, a.41.GR1

Mary, w.John, May7,1748.

Mary, w.Lt. Samuel, Mar.5,1811, a.83.GR1

Mary M. [dup. omits M.], d.Joseph and Rhoda, scarlet fever, Mar.9,1848, a.2y.8m.[Mary Mansfield.GR2]

Mehitabel, w.Joseph, June7,1794. [Mehiteble, a.28.GR1]

Rebecca [dup. Rebeckah] [dup., w.Simon], Mar.3,1814, a.87.GR1

Rhoda, d.Jeremiah and Mary, May5,1817. [a.2y.3m.GR1]

Samuel, Lt., Mar.26,1807, a.90.GR1

Sarah [dup. Blanshard], d.John and Mary, June8,1711.

Sarah, d.John and Mary, Apr.16,1713.

Sarah, wid., housewife, d.William Stickney and w., paralysis, Mar.9,1846, a.69. [w.Francis, Mar.10.GR1]

Simon, Apr.20,1796. [a.70.GR1]

Sophia, d.Jeremiah and Mary, June22,1816. [a.12y.7m.GR1]

Susanna [dup., d.Isaac and Ruth], Feb.19,1796, a.2.GR1


Hannah, Sept.29,1683. [Blodget.MR]


Mathew, m., farmer, b. England s.Mathew and Elizabeth, paralysis, Dec.28,1844, a.90y.2m.17d.[Matthew, a.90.GR1]


Maria L. [dup. Bohonan] [dup., w.Benjamin S.], Feb.21,1842, a.26.GR2


Abigail, w.Capt. Josiah, Nov.5,1771. [d.Benjamin Tompson Esq. and Alice [dup. Allice], a.49.GR1]

Abigail T., d.Benjamin and Silence July31,1826, a.26.GR1

Abigail [dup. only, d.Harriet S. Rowe, wid.], Mar.26,1835, a.6y.11m.GR1

Benjamin, Nov.26,1835, a.82.GR1

Elisabeth, w.William, Mar.28,1740.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Abigail, Dec.16,1753. [dup., d.Capt. Josiah and Abigail], a.7.GR1

Hannah, wid.Capt. Jonathan, Oct.16,1765, a.85.GR1

Hannah, w.Samuel, June1,1779.

Hannah, w.Josiah Jr., Nov.1,1823. [w.Capt. Josiah, a.71.GR1]

Harriet Silence, d.Jonathan S. and Hannah, Jan.12,1841, a.16. [Jan.1 [dup. Jan.12]GR1]

Jane, d.Jonathan S. and Hannah, Oct.13,1834, a.22.

Jeremiah, May26,1796, a.18.GR1

Jonathan, Capt., Feb.12,1744-5. [Feb.16, in 70th y.GR1]

Jonathan, Feb.21,1804.

Jonathan, Apr.末,1829, a.78.GR1

Joseph, s.Capt. Josiah and Abigail, Mar.11,1772. [a.20.GR1]

Josiah, Capt., father of Capt. Josiah, Apr.20,1794, a.75.GR1

Josiah, Capt., s.Josiah and Abigail, Nov.17,1824. [a.76.GR1]

Kata, d.William and Priscilla, July12,1788.

Maria, see Moriah.

Moriah, w.Capt. Josiah, Sept.29,1787. [Maria, d.Rev. Caleb Trowbridge, a.56.GR1]

Martha, w.Capt. William, Feb.25,1797. [a.82.GR1]

Nancy, w.Joseph, Apr.25,1824, a.26.GR1

Priscilla, w.Dr. William, Mar.21,1834. [a.85.GR1]

Samuel, Mar.2,1828, a.74.GR1

Sarah, d.Josiah and Abigail, July4,1766. [[dup., d.Capt. Josiah and Abigail], a.10.GR1]

Sarah, w.Samuel, Mar.20,1838, a.84.GR1

Silence, w.Benjamin, Oct.16,1803. [d.Maj. Jonathan Stickney, a.45.GR1]

William, Capt., Sept.16,1799, a.91.GR1

William Sr., Dr. [h.Priscilla], Nov.17,1820. [a.76.GR1]


Benjamin, Capt. [h.Isabella], June23,1812, a.43.GR1

Isabella, w.Capt. Benjamin, Nov.2,1812, a.39.GR1


Lucy, b. Tewksbury, wid.Abel, phthisic, Mar.31,1845, a.93y.10m.20d.


Abigail, ch.John and Hannah, Jan.11,1670[-1] [Brackett.MR]

Bathshaba, ch.John and Hannah, Apr.24,1673. [Bathsheba Brackett.MR]

Bethia, d.Peter and Elisabeth [dup. Elizabeth], Mar.25,1675. [Brackett.MR]

Elizabeth, s.Peter and Elizabeth, Mar.11,1670-1.

Elizabeth [dup. Elisabeth], w.Peter, Nov.30,1686. [Elizabeth.MR]

Hannah, w.John, May9,1674.

John, s.John and Ruth, June24,1676.

John Sr., Mar.18,1686.

John, s.John Eliot "reputed father" and Hannah Bracket, Dec.1,1686.

Jonathan, s.Peter and Elisabeth, Mar.11,1670-1. [Brackett, s.Peter and Elizabeth.MR]

Sarah, wid.Peter, Apr.18,1718.


Richard, Sept.15,1776.


Dorcas, housewife, w.Henry, d.Joseph Danforth and Dorcas, paralytic, Feb.10,1847, a.56y.10m.15d.[a.57.GR1]

Henry, Apr.15,1826, a.35.GR1

Samuel, May2,1818, a.60.GR2

BROOKES (Brooks)

Mary, w.Timothy, Sept.15,1680. [Brooks.MR]

BROOKS (Brookes)

Mary 2d, d.Timothy and Mary, Jan.14,1670.

Mary, d.Timothy and Mary, July2,1670.


Benjamin, s.Jonas and Lydia, Aug.30,1825.

Elisha, widr., farmer, s.Thomas and Lydia, consumption, July29,1849, a.69y.19d.

Elizabeth, see Elisabeth.

Elisabeth, d.Josiah and Hanah, Apr.3,1755.

Elizabeth, w.Samuel, farmer, brain fever, Dec.23,1843, a.60y.1 rn. [Elizabeth 2d, Dec.22.CR3]

Esther, d.Samuel and Mary, Feb.17,1744.

Esther, d.Thomas and Ester, Sept.9,1752.

George, Capt., Sept.28,1738. [Browne, a.71.GR1]

George, s.Samuel and Mary, July20,1746.

Hannah, w.Josiah, Dec.15,1737.

Hannah, d.Josiah and Hannah, Apr.23,1759.

Hannah, Sept.6,1839, a.74.GR2

Hannah, wid., d.John Hill and Hannah, old age, Nov.24,1849, a.84y.6m.27d.

Isaac [dup. Isack], twin s.George and Sarah, Jan.23,1702-3.

Isaac, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.2,1797.

Isaac, s.Samuel and Elizabeth, Aug.4,1812.

James, twin ch.George and Sarah, Dec.1,1698.

John, twin s.George [dup. Georg] and Sarah, Dec.12,1699.

John, s.Thomas and Esther, Mar.1,1768.

Joseph, s.Joseph and Mary, Mar.23,1721-2.

Joshua, s.Samuell and Mary, Feb. or Mar.末,1757, in Scignecto.

Josiah, s.Josiah and Hannah, Mar.10,1762.

Josiah, May3,1785.

Margret [dup. Margaret], Feb.6,1830, a.71.GR2

Mary, twin ch.George and Sarah, Nov.19,1698.

Mary, w.Samuel, Nov.17,1758. [w.Lt. Samuel, a.52.CR1]

Mary, w.Josiah, Feb.20,1772.

Nathaniel, Mar.7,1829, a.71.GR2

Olive, d.Jonas and Lydia, Sept.12,1825.

Rachel, w.Thomas Jr., Feb.18,1790.

Sabre, s.Jonas and Lydia, Feb.6,1833.

Samuel, Lt., July6,1779. [a.78.GR1]

Samuel, Mar.26,1790, a.56.GR1

Samuel, Oct.16,1834, a.72.CR3GR2

Samuel, m., farmer, b. Carlisle, s.Samuel, gravel, May29,1843, a.66y.2m.22d.[Samuel 2d.CR3]

Sarah, d.George and Sarah, Sept.26,1704.

Sarah, w.Lt. [dup. omits Lt.] George, Feb.27,1717-18. [Browne, a.50.GR1]

Sarah, d.Samuel and Sarah, Dec.9,1795, a.35.GR1

Susan C., housewife, w.Dr. Thaddeus, d.Josiah Crosby and Betsey, consumption, June28,1845, a.36y.2m.14d.[a.36.GR1]

Susanna, d.Samuel and Sarah, Nov.23,1793, in 27th y.GR1

Susanna, d.Samuel and Elizabeth, Apr.12,1818.

Thaddeus Howe, Mar.11,1838, a.4.GR1

Thaddeus, Dr. [h.Susan C.], Sept.28,1839, a.37.GR1

Thomas, twin s.George [dup. Georg] and Sarah, Dec.12,1699.

Thomas, s.John and Susanna, Oct.14,1718.

William, s, William and Mary, Apr.7,1724.


Charles, merchant, b. Rutland Worcester Co., s.George and Hannah, dysentary, Aug.29,1847, a.65y.11m., at McLane Hospital.


Anna, d.Samuel and Anna, Apr.26,1765.


Mary, Mrs., Nov.13,1740, in Lexington.


James Sr., Irishman, Mar.20,1681.


Susan Ann, housewife, b. Weston, w.Samuel, d.George Lyman and Sukey, consumption, Jan.4,1846, a.27y.9m.9d.

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